Kane Brown - Good as You

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Linda Chilcott
Linda Chilcott - 13 hours ago
Beautiful 🥰
Chelsie Dickerson
Chelsie Dickerson - 17 hours ago
Josslynn Crabtree
Josslynn Crabtree - 19 hours ago
My mom loves this don't g
Tess Oerkfitz
Tess Oerkfitz - Day ago
Goals though 😍
karen josette
karen josette - Day ago
❤️❤️❤️ can never get over this song!
Lorrie whitley
Lorrie whitley - Day ago
love this song, never leave a love you unsaid,,,never...
Zailetsplay and Biggz87x Fan
Hey I love u. So much I want to see u right know come in my life I love u so much I want to marry u ok💦💦💗💗💗💗💘✅‼️
Karyme Arzate
Karyme Arzate - Day ago
Lee Ann
Lee Ann - Day ago
I am at least 1000 of these views.
Julie Glenn
Julie Glenn - Day ago
Babe I love you so much!!!!(Tyler)❤️ And your the man I want you to be don’t want to change anything about you!!!!😍
Tina Leeth
Tina Leeth - Day ago
I want that too
Dark Bishop
Dark Bishop - 2 days ago
This is trash... I can name over a hundred REAL country singer's that are better. (BTW this Pop not Country there no steel or fiddles)
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The Groovy Guitar Dude - 2 days ago
For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how :)

- Standard Tuning - Capo 1st Fret -

- Chords Repeated Through Entire Song -
G, Am, C*, G

- Strum Pattern for Each Chord -
Strum ↓ ↓ (x2) for each chord

* For the C chord, we will strum ↓ ↓ ONCE, then play this "picking/strum" pattern:
G| 4 2
B| 3h5 3 0 0
e| 0 0

Repeat this chord progression with that little picking pattern after the C chord through the entire song!

Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)
Charles Larson
Charles Larson - 2 days ago
i like the music
Reese Penner
Reese Penner - 3 days ago
Her dress is 2 die for!!!!
Melissa lopez
Melissa lopez - 3 days ago
Carmen Oshunrinade
Carmen Oshunrinade - 4 days ago
This video is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗
Scott Mehr
Scott Mehr - 4 days ago
your my 3rd favorite singer this is my 2nd favorite song
Ellen Lopez
Ellen Lopez - 4 days ago
The way he looked at her when you walked down the isle 😩❤️
bransta81 - 5 days ago
Was this his real wedding?
Makenna Gratz
Makenna Gratz - 5 days ago
love it #love the songs
Janet Perez
Janet Perez - 6 days ago
I just love this song because it makes me sad.
L'Esprit de l'Alliance
L'Esprit de l'Alliance - 7 days ago
Pop/gospel singers in Belgium, l'Esprit de l'Alliance gospel ;-)
Teresa Hughes
Teresa Hughes - 7 days ago
Love the song
Bethany Wright
Bethany Wright - 7 days ago
Oh my gosh. His reaction to seeing her come down the aisle is so pure and sweet.
Tyler - 8 days ago
New fav mgtm❤️💚
Ryan Cabigas
Ryan Cabigas - 8 days ago
Zach Lavine?
Graison Covington
Graison Covington - 9 days ago
This guy lived in my town 🙏🏽amazing song
Helena Hetlage
Helena Hetlage - 9 days ago
Kane brown you have the best singing voice ever
Katie Smith
Katie Smith - 9 days ago
I love you😘
To Be Honest
To Be Honest - 10 days ago
He doesn't have any black friends? I wish the video was more inclusive, he's biracial 2:21
We black folks are also country
Shoes - 6 days ago
@To Be Honest why does it matter what race his *friends* are? Just because he's biracial means that he has to have biracial friends? Now that is racist
Bethany Wright
Bethany Wright - 7 days ago
+To Be Honestlolololol oh sweetie. I'm not even remotely racist. You don't know me at all. I feel sorry for how racist YOU are, because you obviously have some serious hatred for white people. Hope you can get that taken care of. God bless.
To Be Honest
To Be Honest - 7 days ago
+Bethany Wright free of charge
To Be Honest
To Be Honest - 7 days ago
+Bethany Wright White fragility: things are better if Black people would not talk, not be black. Anything Black makes you uncomfortable; you took the time to comment after all. Read "Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States" by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.
Bethany Wright
Bethany Wright - 7 days ago
+To Be HonestI'm aware that he is biracial. However, this is not a video about race. This is a video for a romantic song. That's it. Everyone crying about race is just looking for something to be upset about. Hope you have a nice day as well.
Dom Surdock
Dom Surdock - 11 days ago
best song ever
Renato Moraes Santos Moraes Santos
Very good !!!
MorningGlory - 11 days ago
I love this one better than the second one, it suits the song better.
TIMOTHY MURPHY - 11 days ago
Ní Mhaoilbhríde
Ní Mhaoilbhríde - 11 days ago
Once you get name that's it
Darlene Boling
Darlene Boling - 12 days ago
I actually like the other video better with a boy loving his mother. Just sayin.💯
Lisa Ryman
Lisa Ryman - 12 days ago
Niyah. Mckinney
Dee Harris
Dee Harris - 12 days ago
I don't care I like this song. 😎👍
I'm still here B.H.
Teresa Edwards
Teresa Edwards - 12 days ago
He sure hit the jackpot marrying her, she is gorgeous!
Meghan Mitchell
Meghan Mitchell - 12 days ago
good job
Florence Poni
Florence Poni - 13 days ago
So beautiful and intimate much love from Australia♥️♥️♥️
Tommie Jaramillo
Tommie Jaramillo - 13 days ago
Love this song
Candice Powers
Candice Powers - 13 days ago
Congrats you are not like a lot of the other dudes out there much love. And your wife is beautiful
Shamekah Fisher
Shamekah Fisher - 13 days ago
People sit and beat around the bush just say you don’t like his music because he ain’t white and represents the country you’re accustomed to .. guess what black People invented country music 😊 sleep well
angela wood
angela wood - 13 days ago
I like the other video for this song.
M DAYEL - 13 days ago
Love this song. He's an awesome entertainer and person. Beautiful voice.
Todd Shipman
Todd Shipman - 13 days ago
vanessa - 13 days ago
tomorrow, tonight the rest of my life i wanna be the man you want me to be, so starting right now girl tell me everything you need. YESSSSSSS amazing song
Chittesh Sham
Chittesh Sham - 13 days ago
Sorry not country enough
Esha Ahmed
Esha Ahmed - 14 days ago
Nice song....kane u so talented mob love all the way from kenya
Jordan Ace
Jordan Ace - 14 days ago
Congrats Brother. I saw your video when you talked about being married for 1 month, and just know you can do a million more. I've been married for 20 years & I only wish that I would have heard what is in this video that I put the link to, enjoy & God bless
Molly Littmann
Molly Littmann - 14 days ago
This is such a beautiful song and video! Ugh his wife is gorgeous!! Beautiful couple. 🙌🏻😍
bahama mama55
bahama mama55 - 14 days ago
My number 1 couple.
Chill Sister
Chill Sister - 14 days ago
Luv you so cool you are amazing hahah
Dana Edgins
Dana Edgins - 15 days ago
hey i love you
Didi Claire
Didi Claire - 15 days ago
Added to my marriage/love list. Thanks Kane!
F Joseph Gonzales
F Joseph Gonzales - 15 days ago
*As good as you...but I love the song just the same!!
thereal shookith
thereal shookith - 16 days ago
1:03 how is that but so low?
Chelsea Mathis
Chelsea Mathis - 16 days ago
love you kane brown
Chelsea Mathis
Chelsea Mathis - 16 days ago
love you kane brown
annie lynn davidson
annie lynn davidson - 16 days ago
I love all of your songs. your the best singer in the word
Ĕjąý Wīllįąms
Ĕjąý Wīllįąms - 16 days ago
Dude did you know that you're my favourite country singer? I love your songs so much. Respect to all those Kane Brown fans! ❤🔥
Shane Crandall
Shane Crandall - 17 days ago
Can we all agree racism is only alive because of a$$holes! This guy is light skinned black and killing the COUNTRY charts and loved by all! C'mon y'all lets get together and love each other!
Ben Hazlett
Ben Hazlett - 8 hours ago
Being the light brother. Nice 🔥💜
Evens and Ermine Cajuste
Evens and Ermine Cajuste - 20 hours ago
You right my friend. Black and white always make beautiful kids. I really like the mixture color. Just Amazing.
Billiejean Coleman
Billiejean Coleman - Day ago
+Albert Moore true, but his father is mixed with African American as well. (;
Charles Larson
Charles Larson - 2 days ago
yeah the artist is really good
Booner Payton
Booner Payton - 3 days ago
Shane Crandall talor
IS GONNA BE A HIT - 17 days ago
Chesney Estep
Chesney Estep - 17 days ago
Can you come back to Kentucky
R Phillips
R Phillips - 17 days ago
WOW one if not the BEST Song I have heard in a long time, I cant hear it enough
TaBrina Ramos
TaBrina Ramos - 18 days ago
Some people can dream right.
John Doran
John Doran - 18 days ago
One of the worst songs!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Emma Jensen
Emma Jensen - 18 days ago
Could this song get any better?
Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray - 18 days ago
Thought we had a chance. That was last night. Not today
Nigel choy
Nigel choy - 18 days ago
I love his voice perfect
tameikareal - 19 days ago
Beautiful!!!! God bless you two!!!
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia - 19 days ago
This song will play at my wedding for sure. I am now a Kane Brown fan !!!
Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray - 19 days ago
I sent you that song. It's our song. Right?
Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray - 19 days ago
Everyday with baby.
Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray - 19 days ago
I just want you with me with you. Never leave I love you left unsaid. Life. You're all I need.
Gracie Jones
Gracie Jones - 19 days ago
Love it
Bibiana Pizano
Bibiana Pizano - 19 days ago
I honestly don’t support this but I guess I’ll support it 😂😂 jk congratulations favv♥️
Rhayne N
Rhayne N - 20 days ago
Say hi to Mrs.Brown for me Kane !
default user
default user - 20 days ago
This reminds me of the worst decision I ever made. Cheers!
Laurie Suntheimer
Laurie Suntheimer - 20 days ago
Jowey Make
Jowey Make - 20 days ago
Congratulation Mr & Mrs Kane Brown. May you have a wonderfull Life.
Amy Polish
Amy Polish - 20 days ago
I love u
Haley Stacy
Haley Stacy - 21 day ago
She is beautiful. They are so lucky to have each other
Brittany Reid
Brittany Reid - 21 day ago
Wow Kane Brown
S2_Vii - 21 day ago
Omg this video is too cuteee
Stephanie Castilleja
Stephanie Castilleja - 21 day ago
Is he black?
Alex King
Alex King - 21 day ago
Hey iam subscribed and i love you a i am adicted to you and you and katylen are cute you are a. Hansome boy or husband and i would love to see you but i cant because i dont have the money to fly to see you and in june i wont be here and your wedding is very cute and you and kateylen are so beatiful and i just want to hug yoi because i have been going through alot and when i listen to you make it all better and when i am made because when iam made i just want to just hit a car and go to jail
Abbie Plasters
Abbie Plasters - 21 day ago
I went to your consert
Matt Shonibare
Matt Shonibare - 22 days ago
Well, he stood to his word, from his other song "What's Mine is Yours" to "Good as You". Props to Kane Brown. The next song should be about the Up coming baby, should be "As beautiful as You".
omccallister6 - 22 days ago
Can't wait to have this as my wedding song surprise her with this I know my baby gonna be by my side 😘😍😘💋💋💋💯💯💯💯💯😍😘😍😘😍😘
Kelly Heller
Kelly Heller - 22 days ago
Love this song never gets old
OOF DOLAN - 22 days ago
I like this song
Gina Freitas
Gina Freitas - 22 days ago
Kane Brown is on Fire 🔥 day one ☝️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🎇🎆❣️❣️😉❣️❣️❣️❣️😉
Christal Anderson
Christal Anderson - 22 days ago
Every one wants this not that gets this
David Davidson
David Davidson - 22 days ago
Wow! How nice. Didn't know this young lady was the love of your life brother? She's a beauty! Hold tight to her man. Be jealous and vigilant always with your lady love my man. God bless.
Eric White
Eric White - 22 days ago
How sweet
Mint Kim
Mint Kim - 22 days ago
He got such beautiful wife!
claudia garcia
claudia garcia - 23 days ago
Para mi el country sonaba a payasito de rodeo. 🤣😂😂🤣. Kane canta baladas muy bonitas.
Ryan Amberson
Ryan Amberson - 23 days ago
You go Kane 🤘
Christopher Bagley
Christopher Bagley - 23 days ago
You are a very wicked good singer
Christopher Bagley
Christopher Bagley - 23 days ago
I love ya kane
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