A.J. Hinch, Jeff Luhnow suspended by MLB, fired by Astros

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Courtney Gibson Jr
Courtney Gibson Jr - 4 months ago
AJ and Luhnow: “we only suspended for one year,, what’s the worst that could happened?”
Jim Crane: “YOU’RE FIRED”
The B
The B - 5 months ago
Im a Giants fan and even im Red Hot that the Dodgers were cheated
Salvatore Monarca
Salvatore Monarca - 5 months ago
have all player return their player off bonus
Courtney Gibson Jr
Courtney Gibson Jr - 5 months ago
Jim Crane knew the whole scandal
C M - 5 months ago
The current punishment is designed to be window dressing. It couldn't be weaker of a punishment. They obviously didn't take it seriously enough to prevent this again. They're going to keep on cheating for years and that's wrong.
C M - 5 months ago
Remember with 1919 Black Sox, that Commissioner said all those that bet on a game or sat together where betting on baseball occurs where it's not promptly notified to management shall be banned.
Oliver Medina
Oliver Medina - 5 months ago
Boycott Crane Worldwide - 3PL Logistics owns by Jim "Mr. Impact" Crane.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 5 months ago
The punishment is harsh? This dude sounds in on it on the media side.
kickn-aDead-cat - 5 months ago
What about all the bonus money those players got? So they cheat win the World Series then get rewarded for it?
Take #19
Take #19 - 6 months ago
It’s pretty interesting that the 2 most analytics driven clubs have both been caught cheating.
jonknee 5
jonknee 5 - 6 months ago
They cant/wont take away their series win, fine. But make sure theres a nice big fat asterisk next to it in the history books so ppl down the line can know what occured.
AOL warez
AOL warez - 6 months ago
this dude michael is such a transparent MLB shill. YIKES
Amado Almanzar
Amado Almanzar - 6 months ago
Band astros for life from MLB 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 I bet 5k on the last game 😟🥵🥵🤬
GhostDrummer - 6 months ago
So you’re saying the Penn State scandal, where those players who were not involved in that child pedophile case but were just playing on the field, had all of their wins wiped off the books was ok, but punishing grown ass men for participating in a major scandal in the majors is wrong...you guys are disgusting! Every player on the astros knew what was happening...whether they actually used the cheats or not, they knew it was illegal. That alone should be cause for fines, wins vacated, and suspensions, if not lifetime bans.
FoxStang Gabe
FoxStang Gabe - 6 months ago
MLB has no balls
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan - 6 months ago
No, they don't hand the Yankees or the Dodgers the 2017 title. I don't think anyone has been calling for that. But they definitely should have vacated the 2017 title. It should be wiped from the record books, the Astros should have to return the trophy, and neither the team nor any of the players should have it listed on their records. I think the biggest travesty is that no players are being punished, at least not officially(it did cost Beltran his new managerial job, but that didn't come from the league). MLB might have to do something about that, however. Word going around is that players from other teams are PISSED. At least one pitcher said he'd rather face a guy who's juicing than a guy who knows every pitch that's coming.
Fool's Play
Fool's Play - 6 months ago
I agree with Don.
The fine is a joke. A $15-$20 million fine that works against the salary cap is a start. Investigating the players is essential. Hinch and Luhnow knew !! There is NOTHING that a team does that a manager doesn't know.
Neil Ray
Neil Ray - 6 months ago
They need to punish the players
JBrian B
JBrian B - 6 months ago
Shame on mlb commissioner for not having the cojones to impose a lifetime ban on hinch and Ludlow. When you look at the history of mlb scandals similar to this have lead to such bans , its crazy to see how money n politics have influenced america's pasttime
Colby Custer
Colby Custer - 6 months ago
I love the Stros being so hated.....everybody in LA and NY PISSED......HA!!!HA!!!
Grasshopper - 6 months ago
As a Rangers fan I can't stand the Astros and they do act like their crap doesn't stink. I don't know the guy on the left but what does he want to do? Set the stadium on fire??
xraysjb - 6 months ago
CHEATING!!! There will always be cheating in baseball until the MLB commissioner Brings the hammer down on players, managers, General managers and trainers. Cheaters should have there contracts terminated immediately. Players have to loss millions of dollars for them to understand they did something wrong. Terminate the players contract and have them apply for reentry to the league after 3 years. You have to hurt the players financial situation.
The2wat Swatter9
The2wat Swatter9 - 6 months ago
The Astros punishment will be losing when they can’t cheat anymore. Let’s see how Altuve and Bergman hit when they don’t know what’s coming. It’s gonna be hilarious. Everyone is gonna talk sooo much shit about them when their numbers fall. Lol
Dayne Wilson
Dayne Wilson - 6 months ago
Everybody is crying over sign stealing. They still had to hit the ball (no easy task) and the fielders didnt field the ball for an out. Cheating (sign stealing) both teams still had to play fundamental baseball.
Rich Hedtcke
Rich Hedtcke - 6 months ago
Astros win 83 games in 2020. Miss playoffs.
Rich Hedtcke
Rich Hedtcke - 6 months ago
OK, MLB missed an opportunity to wedge the Players Union. MLB should have pitted the Players Union against it self.  Made Players Union defend the cheaters and poop on the honest players. Outcome: What good is the players union if you don't cheat?
Ari MF Shapiro
Ari MF Shapiro - 6 months ago
World Series for only $5 million??? Any owner would pay it in a heartbeat.
Rick Robitaille
Rick Robitaille - 6 months ago
Send the whole Houston Astros organization right back to the fucking stone age..get them the fuck out of MLB and void all records of them cheating fucks..
shannocvirek - 6 months ago
I hope the Astro’s get stripped of their title and that they tank this upcoming season.
あなたの はは
あなたの はは - 6 months ago
They whole team of players should be suspended without pay and the organization should have to forfeit next season. Period.
toag - 6 months ago
20-25 teams in the leagues would gladly pay this penalty if it meant a world series win first.
D C - 6 months ago
Old school SMU fans know exactly what punishment to dole out
L.A. Garza
L.A. Garza - 6 months ago
Slap 👋🏻 on the wrist.......F#*k the Astros!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Battane
Stephen Battane - 6 months ago
Every team is probably doing this on some level. Houston did it like retards
Mr.Carl.228 - 6 months ago
I think everyone should try spinning this degree of thought regarding player punishment...... If he was the commissioner what would Donald Trump do? I think those players would be complete toast regardless of the union....
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez - 6 months ago
Where's Nolan Ryan?..
Luke Regan
Luke Regan - 6 months ago
Opposing teams and pitchers should sue the Astros organization and players. they lost out maybe on championships, endorsements, bonuses, contract negotiations, etc
Dave DiCerbo
Dave DiCerbo - 6 months ago
Ban for life like Pete Rose is what's needed. This is worse than Pete Rose betting on his own team
oldnew newold
oldnew newold - 6 months ago
5 millions for a WS that why the owner don’t care.
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez - 6 months ago
So no player gets a punishment for being involved in using technology to steal signs but,you would get suspended for using steroids? What a joke,disappointed
Expfighter ExpScout
Expfighter ExpScout - 6 months ago
AND another reason I haven't watched the MLB since the BAROIDS BONDS era!
alizarin - 6 months ago
sorry but what the astros did was a lot worse then what the patroits did and besides baseball is an american past time unlike football, its a lot different, baseball is something most males have played in their younger days, its a lot more perosnal than football, the fans will not let the astro's players live this down, the astro's players like bregman, altuve, correa, springer etc are FUCKED for a long long time. this is a LOT WORSE than the patriots hahaha, its not even the same.
To Release is To Resolve
To Release is To Resolve - 6 months ago
Players need to get their asses fined heavily. and the Astros championship should be removed. Of course the MLB won't remove it because they hope several decades later this is all just forgotten about. The MLBPA if they had balls would make sure those cheating players get fined, if I was a player that wasn't part of the cheating Astros I'd be pissed.
Alex Hern
Alex Hern - 6 months ago
MLB IS A JOKE. I bet if fans stood home instead of going to the park they'd take this seriously. Yeah i'm done with bb
kime hunt
kime hunt - 6 months ago
There is no fix for this. What a disaster. The best solution I have is to reinstate Pete Rose and let him in the Hall where he belongs. Doesn't have anything to do with the Astros, but if these clowns were allowed to win a world series pulling this crap Pete deserves his due.
Kenneth Salyers
Kenneth Salyers - 6 months ago
Ban them all for life
Linda Santangelo
Linda Santangelo - 6 months ago
Welcome to the hall of Shame Houston Astros
joreist - 6 months ago
They shouldn’t be allowed to play for 1 year ! N give up the championships
Matt - 6 months ago
I can't wait for the investigation of what Beltran did for the Yankees as a special advisor in 2019.
K Laz
K Laz - 6 months ago
You cant cheat using signals unless the batters are in on it too. Can the entire team. Punish all the guilty, not just the fall guys. PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, is no longer sporting. W.W.E., you've got company.
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn - 6 months ago
They are gonna get booed out of every single stadium they go to lol i cant wait especially Yankees and Dodger games
HEMP IS NOT POT - 6 months ago
and as for cheating in a money system that's par for the course, but how do you think the Yankees won 27 titles... cheating. of course bc its NY the most corrupt city on earth
HEMP IS NOT POT - 6 months ago
i bet MLB disbands bc nobody will go to the games, imagine opening day in houston and boston...and when these teams play in LA,,,, remember what they did to the SF fan...... this is one way to keep boston and astro fans out of Dodger stadium,,,, lol,, boo's and riots, vengeance revenge and violence at Dodger stadium, hey red sox and astros come on over, we got something for you...
HEMP IS NOT POT - 6 months ago
you have to cheat to BEAT LA......boston just like the celtics. and houston\TX just like JFK and the moon landing
Joe H
Joe H - 6 months ago
Pete rose still not in the HOF
Jim Hendleman
Jim Hendleman - 6 months ago
Fuck the Astris from top to bottom!!!!! Take away their championship, including the World Series and their Leagues' championship!!! H
MrConrad1950 - 6 months ago
No titles, no trophies, no rings, Astrus by every players name.
Jarrett Voorhees
Jarrett Voorhees - 6 months ago
Stupid how the Players Association wants to protect the Astros players from being punished. But doesn’t care about the players that were directly and indirectly affected by the astros cheating.
PUNKem733 - 6 months ago
How the fuck you gonna win a WS, and not keep your manager? lol
Roberto Cruz
Roberto Cruz - 6 months ago
Somewhere in the world Pete Rose is smiling
Roberto Cruz
Roberto Cruz - 6 months ago
The owner of the Astros had no knowledge of the cheating... THE LIE DETECTOR DETERMINES THAT IS A LIE!!!
John S Rous
John S Rous - 6 months ago
The link between the Dodgers, Red Sox and Astros is Alex Cora. He played for the Dodgers in the early 2000's.
R McElhaney
R McElhaney - 6 months ago
Hinch and Luhnow deserved to be suspended and fired. Sign stealing is against MLB rules.
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood - 6 months ago
You can get the cheater players because they ALL sign a Morality Clause in their contracts.
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood - 6 months ago
I am, " red hot "!
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood - 6 months ago
Not Enough. Take your Dirty Flag down Astros. Joke penalties shame on you MLB.
FunkEcrime - 6 months ago
Players = guilty by association
FunkEcrime - 6 months ago
I don't understand how none of these players are getting in trouble! they were the ones that were actually doing the cheating.. 2017 mlb chumps
arthur wiebe
arthur wiebe - 6 months ago
hopefully they die soon
luckyjessie1 - 6 months ago
Some people are not getting how much hurt this has caused. Yes, you have the fans that put their complete trust in baseball so they can escape for 3 hours when their team takes the field, but how about the sports casters and writers that feel duped? How about the former players that are always wondering if they left it all on the field, and what could have been? What about the opponents like you guys mentioned? The hurt and subsequent damage is resonated throughout the baseball world, and not everyone is understanding to what magnitude that actually is manifesting itself as. I have spent the day in a daze, bouncing from despair to feeling hope in retribution. But everytime I jump on the net to see this for my own eyes, the despair comes back, because I don't know if baseball will ever mean the same thing to me and my family.
jok mars
jok mars - 6 months ago
5 million for a chip...they`ll just find a sneakier way to cheat if you ask me...
David Meyer
David Meyer - 6 months ago
Good..They should be punished, banned and maybe even hanged.. They should be ashamed of themselves.. Literally took 2 potential WS appearances and titles from the Yankees and probably the Dodgers..This is a despicable thing to do in any sport.. If you have to cheat, you obviously do not have faith in your team..
Eli Jun
Eli Jun - 6 months ago
What a beautiful day for Yankees! Now Cora is next!
Derek Alvarado
Derek Alvarado - 6 months ago
2017: banging a trash can
2018: buzzing wristbands
2019: vibrating butt plugs
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon - 6 months ago
The Astros cheated as well in the 2019 alds and alcs
Hubert Chung
Hubert Chung - 6 months ago
Go Astro’s!!!! Screw the Dodger’s
Va Cool
Va Cool - 6 months ago
F#ing A right the Nationals knew what they were up to!!..& if not,even BETTER!!..Love my Nats as much as anything!..You can take my job&my wife....Go Nats!!!!
ondaslab - 6 months ago
I WANT MY SLAW!! - 6 months ago
Oh please. Tainted championship my ass. A win is a win. Nobody will care about the specifics years from now. All they will care about is who won.
Dj Moe N Dj Latino Entertainment DJ
If the astros organization n the players have dignity they should return that trophy and rings
Dj Moe N Dj Latino Entertainment DJ
The players should get punished too for getting involved on cheating
Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan - 6 months ago
I am shocked AJ Hinch did not say to the Yankees, "Sure we are cheating, whats yer problem?"
David Quintero
David Quintero - 6 months ago
John Ocampo
John Ocampo - 6 months ago
5 mil? They had the opportunity to really lay down the law and make an example out of them, now the game just took a hit in the credibility department. Players should of been ban too, roids increase youre stats knowing what pitches are coming every damn throw increases youre stats so how come roid users get time off the field and actually cheating the game does not?
Big Blue Elo80
Big Blue Elo80 - 6 months ago
Be Careful everyone Houston fans are getting mad and being tough guys in the comment section lol they know they look stupid right now and their team is a joke don't pay those trolls no mind they talk tough behind their phone or computer but we all know how trolls are plain and simple the Astros cheated deal with it !
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia - 6 months ago
MLB is a joke !! Strip the Astros & Red Sox of their title !!! Scandalous Cheaters !! All they get is a slap on the wrist !! Sooooo scandalous !!!!!
Brian Hiedeman
Brian Hiedeman - 6 months ago
They need to blur out the catchers signs from any camera that can show their signs.
Brian Hiedeman
Brian Hiedeman - 6 months ago
I would give the team the death penalty for one year. You cheat you don't play a single game for a year. You do it again, you lose two years. MLB needs to take a stand on this crap. The NFL won't. But other leagues will see how much damage you can do to a team they will try to do the same. The New England Patriots have spied on teams twice and nothing came of it. The Patriots find ways to cheat each year. Any player that is still playing on other teams, get one year suspensions. They should strip the WS titles, and leave the championship vacated. All teams they played in the regular season all get added wins to their records. I am a Twins fan myself so really Houston and Boston are of no real significance to me.
Dave Evelyn
Dave Evelyn - 6 months ago
They take away Olympic Gold Medals . Take away the Championship.
Wil Crawford
Wil Crawford - 6 months ago
As a Astros fan this whole thing sucks as a life long fan and we suffered from a long history of sucking 100 lose seasons lost a World Series and now when we finally win one we did it as cheaters... even when we win we lose...
Gabriel Sandoval
Gabriel Sandoval - 6 months ago
The solution is simple. You vacate the title. That is a huge deterrent for future cheaters.
The cheating players should face at least half a year suspension.
I don’t care for the fine. That’s bullshit. If anything, take away $100 mil from their future cap which will affect their ability to sign players.
El Bicho
El Bicho - 6 months ago
Beltran has to be fired
yankeeluver100 - 6 months ago
Funny to think the Astros lost all their home games in the 2019 World Series.
El Bicho
El Bicho - 6 months ago
Michael Kay says that MLB did a great job, because he knows the Yankees are next.
El Bicho
El Bicho - 6 months ago
The MLB went way soft on the Astros.
GSRider - 6 months ago
If firing the GM is not a deterrent then what the hell do they do? To say it is not enough doesn’t answer the question. It just creates more questions. WTF do you want? Dissolve the franchise???
alex zee
alex zee - 6 months ago
So I guess... All you need to win a world series is to pay 5 million dollars, and give up a few draft picks. Also sacrifice a few jobs.
Duke DeMatteo
Duke DeMatteo - 6 months ago
Come on Don....what are you gonna do? Take their championship away, suspend Verlander or Bregman? MLB did what they should have.
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless - 6 months ago
Vacate the Astros Championship and Red Sox 2018 title as well.
HY Park
HY Park - 6 months ago
I expect some good MLB crowds to be banging some trash cans whenever an astros is at bat.
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