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Jen M
Jen M - 3 days ago
I do get irked a little when people say all one brand- and noone EVER (noone) does ALL one brand, but I totally get your reasons. That makes me much more understanding toward everyone. But also, does anyone out there ONLY use one brand of makeup ever? I pretty much use only drugstore, but I use tons of brands. I don't even stick with one eyeshadow palette. Even if I got everything at the dollar store (Dollar Tree, not dollar general - I could probably use all Believe if I had to), but with Dollar tree even, I would be using different brands. But it is nice to see how one brand works together. I hope y'all are doing well. Not ssing a lot of youtube or Instagram from you, and maybe you are just taking a break, which is nice, but miss you!! - especially watching you make drugstore products work for a glam person. I don't know why people think only high end is worth it, but I am saying that as someone who hasn't used high end, so I don't see the allure. When I really go all out playing with makeup, my hubby has mentioned that my face looks greasier with it (I asked), so I did invest in the powder foundation that was used at my wedding because it was the only comfortable foundation I have ever used and its over 20.00 (the Aveda mineral one). i did try 1 cheaper one, but I don't have the funds to try out everything, so I went ahead and got one while it was on sale. If i knew of better at a better price, that didn't itch and smother me (I like my skin to breath), and possibly was mineral based but not loose (I really think that was what worked about this one) I'd try it. I've tried a tinted moisturizer, but after that comment, I haven't been able to bring myself to use it. I usually don't wear anything like that, but if I wear a lot of eyeshadow, and being 45, I am finding I need a little something to address the lines that show up more when I play with other things. I really prefer skin care to help the look of my skin and makeup for fun- and not let myself getting into the trap of creating another version of myself. (This is turning into a ramble, I apologize). I spent years trying to be ok with myself and then got sick and aged rapidly and didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Thats why I got to playing. It allowed me to be creative and just play with colors and learn to love this person (well, still not actually there yet), in spite of the health and the look changes it caused. Anyway, Love your channel and have learned so much! Many many blessings!!
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - 23 days ago
i would take that as a compliment that they think you are scripted but yes it is gross how they assume a man must be involved. love ya tati!
Creatures Pictures
Creatures Pictures - Month ago
I'm a filmmaker, I get booked because of my reel, yet people question my process all the time. I rarely saw this happening to male coworkers. One time a client went one step too far, he consulted another filmmaker, a friend of his family, to "help me" (I didn't ask for help, didn't need it) because he was "a middle aged man" therefore would know better. I literally have been doing this for more than 10 years, which might be more than that guy! lol Also if I had been a middle aged man, my work would never have been questioned. but I'm a baby face blonde lady so I must not know...
Britt Alex
Britt Alex - Month ago
I've heard that elf's blending brushes are really hit or miss so maybe the rest of that set in the beginning could hahe been decent despite the first one not
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis - Month ago
Omg I can’t believe you don’t use ELF mascara just because it irritates your eyes, can’t you sacrifice your eyes for the viewers 🤣🤣 jk of course we understand!! You only get two precious eyes! Gotta treat them right 😊 love ya! Stay well!! 💕
Tammy Eaton
Tammy Eaton - 3 months ago
Morphe has patchy mattes. I would be inclined to try the Elf in the smaller palettes. You’re a really great resource for people who want to be educated about their makeup. You, Elle Leary, Risa and Allie Glines are my go-tos.
Angela Cable
Angela Cable - 3 months ago
Would love to see u bring it up close and personal can't tell a thing from that distance,thanks love ur videos
Marlaya Eastman
Marlaya Eastman - 3 months ago
Please make a drugstore best brush video =D
Stuti Pandey
Stuti Pandey - 3 months ago
the silver in the elf palette is fire
Michelle Bolieiro
Michelle Bolieiro - 3 months ago
"yay shoulder(slight pause)... Puff"
LMAO so funny 😂
Stephanie G
Stephanie G - 3 months ago
Why do people on YouTube with perfect skin insist on full coverage foundations? Like what are you covering? Literally nothing lol
paigeandjohn - 3 months ago
Okay, well the Tatcha primer is $52 and the E.L.F. primer is $8. Is anyone expecting them to perform the same?
Kristi Trimble
Kristi Trimble - 4 months ago
Self tanner on the palms? Ugh.....
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales - 4 months ago
A great make up artist will make do with any make up brand. It is that art that matters. You look scary in that smokey eye. Your are too pale for a smokey eye. You look like a clown with sultry smokey eyes. Only few can pull it. Like Bridgette Bardot. Sorry
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales - 4 months ago
you are sad. This will always be a man's world. I don't care what you say. It will always be a man's world for me.
Zara Zohl
Zara Zohl - 4 months ago
I absolutely loved how much you explained and showed me how you were doing things, I know that a lot of people have heard and seen it all before, but just as many haven't, i for one love learning new things and learning how to do it better than what I do now, so keep them coming 💗💗💗you're a wonderful teacher ❣️💞💟💓
alicia pisciotta
alicia pisciotta - 4 months ago
Can you do a video on how to do your eyeshadow to flatter your eye shape?
Stephanie Cliver
Stephanie Cliver - 4 months ago
She’s giving Victoria Beckham vibes
Telsey - 4 months ago
Your makeup is always so flawless! Love it!!
Andrea T
Andrea T - 4 months ago
I have this Elf palette and it’s actually wonderful
Ashley Thornton
Ashley Thornton - 4 months ago
I’ve never tried any elf products but I’m definitely going to try a few!
Se Taylor
Se Taylor - 4 months ago
I love your videos! Where did you purchase those beautiful stack rings?
Hudsen LeRoy
Hudsen LeRoy - 4 months ago
The elf mascara is a definite no 😬
Tammy Eaton
Tammy Eaton - 4 months ago
I tried some elf mascara and honestly I was not impressed. For a brand of this supposed to be a little bit higher end or drugstore they just don’t really make it at least not in mascara.
I don’t even know
I don’t even know - 4 months ago
Elf does have more lashes now that are amazing they are “cleaner” if that’s a good to explain them.
Casey Winchester
Casey Winchester - 4 months ago
My favorite pallet I’ve had those colors work so much better when applied with brushes.
Mikapo - 4 months ago
Please, don't use mink lashes anymore🙏 You're such an educated and kind lady, please reduce this kind of animal derived products. The poor minks die so horrible and tortured...
Carol Kittner
Carol Kittner - 4 months ago
Video idea: half the face with cheap brushes half the face with tested favorites!
paradoxicalhawk 01
paradoxicalhawk 01 - 4 months ago
Tati at the beginning: 💃💃🕺🕺🖐✋👌👍
Leslie Sanders
Leslie Sanders - 5 months ago
Me again.......p.s. I used to get asked if I was a showgirl ( I’m tall.) I thought it was funny. I was like nope, I run the cosmetic dept at Savon/Osco Drugs!
Leslie Sanders
Leslie Sanders - 5 months ago
Tati I’m 57 and Ive never worn false lashes! When I was young ( 20’s, 30’s ) people used to ask me all the time if my lashes were real. I always worked in cosmetics, selling, never a makeup artist. Now I need false lashes and I have no idea where to start, meaning what to use. I have some already, but I’d love to hear from a pro like you which ones are the best for beginners. Can you help me? XOXO Leslie in Vegas
Emma Whitehead
Emma Whitehead - 5 months ago
can you pleassseee do a video on the BEST drugstore brushes??? wouldn’t go to anyone else for makeup recommendations.
kayla autry
kayla autry - 5 months ago
I wish she would have swatched vibrant in the 18 hit wonders pallet
Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson - 5 months ago
Been doing my eyes first for years! Brow powder - touch of glimmer in the inner corner - liner (black or brown black shadow with an angled brush) - crease - lids (working from the outer corner, dark to light and blend, blend, blend) - puffy hooded eye so no shimmer under brow, a pale, matte taupe instead. I'm 66, still love makeup and your approach to the industry along with your observations and commentary. You project confidence rather than manic ego.
kait schoen
kait schoen - 5 months ago
tati you should try different elf lashes. not the white box, black box. they are much more bearable than that white box!
Jam Fam
Jam Fam - 5 months ago
The rainbow pallet is actually pretty good they work better after you use them for a while and they work better with a brush
Sabrina G
Sabrina G - 5 months ago
I love you Tati thanks for your positive vibes 😍
vgamer456 - 5 months ago
I don't know if Tati's gone over this (and this is NOT to drag her, don't get it twisted-), but makeup (and nail polish, Cristine has gone over this as well) sometimes have batch issues. So something that works well for a lot of others, and doesn't work for you (for instance , like lack of pigment), could be the result of batch issues or inconsistencies.
Madison McCarthy
Madison McCarthy - 5 months ago
We’re gonna go there. Yas Tati!!!!! 💀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Caitlin O'Rourke
Caitlin O'Rourke - 5 months ago
I always read satin as satin🤷‍♀️
You know what me to❤️
Jam Fam
Jam Fam - 5 months ago
I read this in two different ways
Emily Ballew
Emily Ballew - 5 months ago
😂😂😂 when she drops the primer and whispers “Satan” Lol cant contain my laughter
So good Tati! So good!
emm pyette
emm pyette - 5 months ago
Stop! Holy smokes, girl I just now realized your using a Snow White mirror 😯😍 how are we the same person!! Lol. this is amazing, not only can I myself rock this set my daughters would love Elf, so affordable so well made! Huge fan! Xoxo
Nymphadora Tonks
Nymphadora Tonks - 5 months ago
look like a godess
S 1214
S 1214 - 5 months ago
That foundation smells like Raid to me. And I live in Florida, so the smell of Raid of course makes me immediately think of cockroaches. I found the foundation in Marshall’s and decided to try it because it was so cheap. But gosh it smells awful!!
Archy Girl
Archy Girl - 5 months ago
Tati, what do you spray on your brushes to sanitize them? (and thank you for all the great videos!)
Olivia Naylor
Olivia Naylor - 5 months ago
im high as a kite and this song made me feel sad like homesick for a place i had known in another life
Donna Reiss
Donna Reiss - 4 months ago
u were high.
leelee w
leelee w - 5 months ago
You look like Kate Beckinsale and yes that's a good thing
Fabulous Zed
Fabulous Zed - 5 months ago
love the video so much
Violet - 5 months ago
I think you're more cool toned than you think the cool colors look good on you 😻😻not to say warm colors look bad. It leads me to think your more neutral
Shadow Oblivion
Shadow Oblivion - 6 months ago
15:16 *whispers* 'satan?'
me when a slight inconvenience occurs
Mariam .A
Mariam .A - 6 months ago
Tati you Ned to consider the price like the porless face primer is a fraction of the price of the tacha one
Latachia _2
Latachia _2 - 6 months ago
I like this type of video,,,,
Jamee Fitzpatrick
Jamee Fitzpatrick - 6 months ago
I would love it if you reviewed the new elf eyeshadow palette "hautte chocolate eyes - everything nice" and the new cannabis Sativa collection. I love all your elf reviews. also, I'm a yes to the bushes under $50 update.
Annie CRSilva
Annie CRSilva - 6 months ago
I buy both pallets and you're so right, I only use the neutrals and shimmering shadows of the colourful pallet
Ashlie Fleig
Ashlie Fleig - 6 months ago
Tati, how about a challenge? Full face using only 99¢ store brushes!
TINArryes XOXO - 6 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this eye look !
aubreeanna martz
aubreeanna martz - 6 months ago
You should try the lighter shade in that elf primer infused blush. I think it’s called cheeky and is a light peach color that applies beautiful. The darker shades for some reason are patchy but the other one is really good.
Julie palmer
Julie palmer - 6 months ago
When you allow someone to really upset you - all you do is give them power. Try not to care. Its not relevant anyway sou why waste energy?
JLC - 6 months ago
I tried Elf product and my face broke out & I’m 60😱
Abigail Porter
Abigail Porter - 6 months ago
Loved the format, love a good chatty video Tati lovely!! Fabby stuff!! xXx 💜💙💜
Melisandre Flame
Melisandre Flame - 6 months ago
you posted this on my birthday!!
Meagan Newton
Meagan Newton - 6 months ago
“I love today’s eye look and I’m going nowhere” literally me😂😂
Aline Thomas
Aline Thomas - 6 months ago
this is my favorite format of videos 🖤🖤🖤
ellie :3
ellie :3 - 6 months ago
Tbh this was a brutal review. Like I get that she didn’t enjoy the products, but usually she is a little easier on drugstore brands.
S 1214
S 1214 - 5 months ago
Why though? Why does she or anyone need to go easy on a product? I’m sick of all the tip toeing around just saying something sucks for fear of offending someone or hurting their feelings. The more brutal the more authentic IMO.
Steph ASMR
Steph ASMR - 6 months ago
yes to the brush video please
Arnella Vizcaino
Arnella Vizcaino - 6 months ago
I find myself "Swatching a la Tati Style" with just about everything make up now. Such a difference. Thank you Tati!
Erin Fong
Erin Fong - 6 months ago
Bre Loftin
Bre Loftin - 6 months ago
The lashes look and feel like plastic to me kiss lashes look more like human lashes in my opinion
Klara Doubravska
Klara Doubravska - 6 months ago
Badass Tati!!! The pay gap and other issues women face in their regular work life is just so dissapointing and exhausting... thank you for commenting on that! ;) you are really a huge inspiration ☺️
Diane Greiner
Diane Greiner - 7 months ago
Love the explanations! Thank you!
MrAshtonone - 7 months ago
lol - it is sad - "they always look to the man", reminds an experience my husband and I had when I went out to buy a car for myself and we decided to look at several different models. The first dealership we stopped at, we were walking the lot looking at what was in stock and were approached by a salesman within minutes. I put my hand out expecting the normal introductions and he bypassed me shook my husband's hand and did not acknowledge my existence. It was one of those "okay, really, I see how this is going to go" moments, and I spoke up and proceeded to let the guy know I had some questions about an SUV I was interested in. Again, he completely dismissed me and said I should let my husband handle the big purchases of the household and continued to address my husband and asked what brought him in that day. I am certain he did not expect the answer he received when my husband said: "you are speaking to the wrong person, my wife is the one looking for a vehicle and she is the one with the money". The look on the salesman's face was priceless. He turned to me and I said " I was interested in the black SUV but my husband thinks you are quite condescending and I should take my business elsewhere and I am inclined to agree. Thank you, for your sage advice. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully it made everyone laugh on a dreary morning (raining here in Chicago).
Zahra K
Zahra K - 4 months ago
MrAshtonone excuse me where can I get a husband like that
MzClementine - 7 months ago
Well men are now taking over woman’s sports! They are not woman, you can take hormones... you can’t hack off you 🍆 you can grow your hair out and wear dresses. You can change your name! But they will never be a woman! Nope 👎🏻
Audrey Daugherity
Audrey Daugherity - 7 months ago
KC Morris
KC Morris - 7 months ago
This look gives me a lot of Victoria Beckham & Kate Beckinsdale vibes, very beautiful. Love your hair up like that.
Anisha Soman
Anisha Soman - 7 months ago
Nanci Kaesemeyer
Nanci Kaesemeyer - 7 months ago
LOL, everything she didn't like I love; everything she loved I didn't like. Overall, I thought she looked great.
misha case
misha case - 7 months ago
I love you Tati! You are way too much of a dork (in an amazing/real way) for this to be “scripted” especially by a man lol!
Whitney Smith
Whitney Smith - 7 months ago
Who run the world??? GIRLS ✊🏻
Tulip - 7 months ago
i own both of those 18 pan palettes, and i adore them, especially for their price tag.... but, every product has a flaw or possible production error. my Opposites Attract palette wont completely latch shut for example, if i close it and turn it upside down the lid flops back open. all depends on your luck i guess🤷🏻‍♀️
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy - 7 months ago
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