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Nandini Thammaiah
Nandini Thammaiah - 2 hours ago
Yes Tati, love it when you go in detail and explain. Its so much more comforting and clear. Also a yes to a budget brushes video. Lotsa love always.....Nan
Татьяна Романенко. Просто Вкусно и Полезно!
Невероятно, макияж- и сразу же шикарная девушка! Просто чудеса творит косметика!
Lorraine Fancher
Lorraine Fancher - 11 hours ago
Liked the format
Julia Hannon
Julia Hannon - 16 hours ago
Yasssss! So proud to be a woman 👏🏼
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez - 20 hours ago
I would love to see you do a back to basics tutorial! Love watching all your vids but it’d be nice to switch it up with a basics refresher :) like why contour, basics of building your eyeshadow, why use primer, applying makeup etc.
Molly Butler
Molly Butler - Day ago
What is this music? I could listen to her talk all day but adding this music is even more soothing!
Gia Loren
Gia Loren - Day ago
can u make an affordable skincare routine video? pls like this comment so tati can see it
Ariel - Day ago
damn, tati is still relevent?
Felicia F
Felicia F - 2 days ago
Tati breezes through palettes that others struggle with. So, I appreciate her showing her technique.
Felicia F
Felicia F - 2 days ago
Elf fades on me before I even make it out the door.
Woof Woof
Woof Woof - 2 days ago
I always say "Satin" as "Satan" and I always thought that I was the only one, LMAO.
Emily Delana
Emily Delana - 2 days ago
I was totally looking for a palette with a yellow bc I love the sunset type look and almost got this one. I love elf but glad I choose a different one
Alex Young
Alex Young - 2 days ago
Never too long ❤️😍
Misty Butterfly
Misty Butterfly - 3 days ago
I love that everyone skin is different because I love this foundation it makes my skin look so great
Karen Coy
Karen Coy - 4 days ago
I am changing my make up thanks to you
SUSAN FLEMING - 4 days ago
Please do a video on affordable brushes. Also, what shade of Loeal infallible do you wear? I like it when you do a "glow" by "glow"
Bianca Larae
Bianca Larae - 4 days ago
Is it just me or has she lost some weight??
marie K
marie K - 4 days ago
Thank you for sharing the number and brand of the brushes you are using for different parts of the look, that helps a lot. I also appreciate you doing more of a tutorial style makeup application. You are like the main tuber I watch and I love how you do your makeup so I appreciate you explain in more detail what you are doing in the application of eye makeup and also why you do it, can you do this with your face technique as well .. explain why you contour or highlight etc where you choose to , to help others understand how to achieve a look for their face shape. Thanks Tati. Your my fave.. :)
Libby Evans
Libby Evans - 5 days ago
Tati yeeeeees!!! Girl absolutely! One more time for the people in the back!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌
The Dimond Family
The Dimond Family - 5 days ago
Subscribe to our channel 📸📸
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris - 6 days ago
Boooo swatches are not everything and I really wanted to see you use that pallet
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris - 6 days ago
Your title should say that you're doing elf makeup
Natacha - 6 days ago
Yeah the brush video good idea 😊
Natacha - 6 days ago
Can you do a video with people sending you the most ridiculous dms like questings or someting? 😁😁 i think that would be funny 😁
Courtney Patrick
Courtney Patrick - 6 days ago
Love this whole look!!
Gabriella Rodriguez
Gabriella Rodriguez - 7 days ago
Love the explanations!
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez - 7 days ago
Your hair and shoulder pad shirt is giving me a beautiful Martisha vibes
Marija - 7 days ago
Can you do a video on Artdeco products?
Darcee Pilarski
Darcee Pilarski - 8 days ago
You go GIRL WOMAN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KKat773 - 8 days ago
You look stunning!
Lauren Mccluskey
Lauren Mccluskey - 8 days ago
Love this format! Love you! And I love this look, you look stunning 😍
Alejandra Riojas
Alejandra Riojas - 8 days ago
I love Tati but am i the only that got annoyed with this video.. we all know she love and use high end products but ELF isn't that bad as she makes it seem.
Elissa Shults
Elissa Shults - 8 days ago
*whispers “satan”* xD I laughed so hard lol
Lindsey Juszczak
Lindsey Juszczak - 8 days ago
I super love the Elf Flawless Finish Foundation and 16HR Camo Concealer. Everytime I wear it I get compliments.
Manjot Kaur
Manjot Kaur - 9 days ago
Always Love your eyeshadow tutorials
Celia Parks
Celia Parks - 9 days ago
Wow. I love the dark shadow on you.
Patsy Hay
Patsy Hay - 9 days ago
Omg at the end when your hair was done You looked like a goddess xx
Amanda Clanton
Amanda Clanton - 9 days ago
I love everything you do Tati 💕😘
Keep these videos coming!!
Debby - 9 days ago
Love it! (the makeup & the shirt!)
Vicki Wolters
Vicki Wolters - 9 days ago
Yes a brush video please!
Melinda Joy
Melinda Joy - 9 days ago
getting halloween vampy vibes from Tati today, but beautiful as always!
KayKay2513 - 9 days ago
Ugh it always takes so long for the newer Elf products to come to Canada. 🙍‍♀️
Cherokie Carter
Cherokie Carter - 9 days ago
God I loooovvve the cool tone look sooooo much more then warm I just feel like it’s so sexy and beautiful and you look great Tati
Kris Ryals
Kris Ryals - 10 days ago
Like the long try ons ⚡ and would love to see an affodable face brush kits video 💖
Sway Tree
Sway Tree - 10 days ago
I know the feel of "She's good so there must be a man behind it". Currently my company has a client from middle east and me and my male colegue wejt there to do a training. For 2 days I was explaining things and people were like: "Huh?" and when my friend was literaly repeating what I said everybody sudenly understood! Wtf? We had a laugh on it but still this hurts somewhere deep inside.
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw - 10 days ago
I love the way you’ve been doing your concealer recently, I’ve always struggled with concealer looking really unnatural on me but using a small amount like this and blending it out makes it much nicer 😊
Mashal Ahmed
Mashal Ahmed - 10 days ago
Love this look and the detailed explaining! 😍
Video on affordable makeup brushes yes please 🙋🏻‍♀️
Christy Woods
Christy Woods - 10 days ago
Oh noooo not boring smoky neutral eye.Tati I think You should have tried it on the lid!!!You should know better than anyome swatches dont count.they are to show color only ,its how they apply to the eye.ill watch a different cideo of yours.
Christy Woods
Christy Woods - 10 days ago
We like something other than Tati shadows sometime.
Sabrina Garst
Sabrina Garst - 10 days ago
Please do the brush video!
NerdyGRL - 10 days ago
Tameka Green
Tameka Green - 10 days ago
You go girl fight the good fight and take no prisoners.
-Êćlîpś Šłêępš-
-Êćlîpś Šłêępš- - 10 days ago
Dare u to do all yellow makeup
Carol B 1412
Carol B 1412 - 10 days ago
Tati, you are so incredibly beautiful. Xxx
Samantha G
Samantha G - 10 days ago
At the beginning her eyes look like a bruise omg that’s what scares me of some eyeshadows. And in the end it looked so dam good
Nadine Flores
Nadine Flores - 10 days ago
One of my favorite youtubers,love watching your videos and your personality. You should do a video of a full face of L.A. girl with their new fierce eyeshadow palettes.
jetson10100 - 10 days ago
Watched the first 3 mins. of the video, you dismiss a palette based on switching on your arm?? Right, you're dismissed.
Angelica - 10 days ago
I like when you explain about the application process, I appreciate that 😁
HollyMcB79 - 10 days ago
I really liked that you explained all the steps necessary to get a KILLER eye looked. Tati, you KILLED it with this look! Also, I LOVE the ELF flawless finish foundation, and I mention it to prove your point that all skin is DIFFERENT. Thank you for your honest reviews and tutorials...we'd be lost without you 💋
MissTuky Official
MissTuky Official - 10 days ago
What's going on with the palm of your hands?? Seems darker than your actually skin colour 🤔🤦‍♀️😅😂
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