the new iOS 14 broke my iPhone...

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luiz escanan
luiz escanan - 7 hours ago
its normal because it only beta version
MØDERN GAMER • 6 years ago
Me watching this midway while downloading the update unable to stop it
The Smiling Strawberry
The Smiling Strawberry - 8 hours ago
YAYY HAPPY 1 million subscribersss!!!
Janell Martinez
Janell Martinez - 8 hours ago
zachary willfond
zachary willfond - 8 hours ago
To fix it if u can’t use apps or unlock it or power it off click the volume up button and then the lower button the quickly hold just the power button it will force ur phone to shut down
russell cavender
russell cavender - 8 hours ago
Interesting video 📱
Kaila The Playa
Kaila The Playa - 9 hours ago
Can we talk about how she scared me because I have an IPhone 11 Pro
Kaila The Playa
Kaila The Playa - 8 hours ago
woiour loin good for you.
woiour loin
woiour loin - 8 hours ago
My phone is better then hers
David Empire
David Empire - 9 hours ago
I'm running the iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and WatchOS 7 betas on my main devices and they're all running as smooth as before.
woiour loin
woiour loin - 8 hours ago
it’s beta it’s gonna act up it won’t be perfect, it’s a testing process not jail break what do ever
Wasi Syed
Wasi Syed - 9 hours ago
Sarah that wallpaper came with iOS 13 and the exposure thing as well and the braces was there for memoji and also the 4K and all of that comes with the phone my father has an iPhone 11 and has iOS 13 4K comes with the cameras
Keeping up with the Cuz
Keeping up with the Cuz - 9 hours ago
Ya that’s why I’m waiting for the real one
Camelia Ochoa
Camelia Ochoa - 9 hours ago
Done avocado of the month
Moloko Mokgosi
Moloko Mokgosi - 10 hours ago
M C - 10 hours ago
Why you talking like you asking questions ????
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 10 hours ago
I live in Houston and still haven’t got the update
Emma Villescas
Emma Villescas - 10 hours ago
Spoiled Brat
Kaelyn Coker
Kaelyn Coker - 11 hours ago
You should by one cent items off amazon do like room decor and random stuff that will be so cool
rosie mae bailey x
rosie mae bailey x - 12 hours ago
are you being serious it doesn’t come out in the uk till september
Kairi Rodriguez (2021)
Kairi Rodriguez (2021) - 12 hours ago
Angel Riz
Angel Riz - 12 hours ago
It did not break your phone
Slayedbyliyah - 12 hours ago
You just now saying something
Addison hodges
Addison hodges - 13 hours ago
Android can search up emojis and they can put a screen in side of screen too and we can FaceTime while doing something else
Sereenasyiem 03
Sereenasyiem 03 - 13 hours ago
Sarah can you please giveaway some iPhone please I'm a big fan of you and the sanchez squad i love your content❤️
Sarah Malanecki
Sarah Malanecki - 13 hours ago
it’s beta it’s gonna act up it won’t be perfect, it’s a testing process not jail break what do ever
Richard Solorzano
Richard Solorzano - 13 hours ago
My phone is better then hers
MoonlightGrande - 13 hours ago
android users been having all of these features lmao 😂
Naksh Bansal
Naksh Bansal - 13 hours ago
How to install
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 13 hours ago
If u download iOS 14,it is cool but it will lag a lot and will become slower
Blxnked _
Blxnked _ - 14 hours ago
I have the update my phone has been working pretty good soo yeah
Hailey08 - 14 hours ago
this didn't break your phone. why are you making apple look bad with clickbait?
Abdul Karim
Abdul Karim - 14 hours ago
Click bait only
Isaiah PD
Isaiah PD - 14 hours ago
that isn't the new wallpaper
lory zere
lory zere - 14 hours ago
un poco loco JAJAJA ❤️
RyanStation - 14 hours ago
I uninstalled it from my phone 2 days ago
Willy Doeu
Willy Doeu - 14 hours ago
I’m trying to get gacha life 2 on my iPhone so I’m tryna find IOS apps so I can get it I think that’s how it works right?
LauraLee Tv
LauraLee Tv - 15 hours ago
The I used is actually making my phone work better .. also from the link I used you can update your phone from better which means if you keep it until the next update after ios14 you could update it from the beta .. and when you update it your phone will not be in beta. Like mine is amazing
Ak_1034 - 15 hours ago
I’m a beta tester, it’s really cool.
nicola delvecchio
nicola delvecchio - 15 hours ago
name of the final song?
Dana Higgins
Dana Higgins - 15 hours ago
DONE! YAY! You insire me sooo much!
matilde afonso
matilde afonso - 15 hours ago
I have it on my phone and it’s also glitching a lot
Raegin Aldrich
Raegin Aldrich - 15 hours ago
I have a Samsung and it can do the YouTube thing
isa Rosse
isa Rosse - 15 hours ago
''how apple made me look stoopid''
Khaled Ali
Khaled Ali - 15 hours ago
am i only one who think that ios 13 is better and apple copied all the features from android ??!!!!!
Beth Wolfford
Beth Wolfford - 16 hours ago
WECANBT - 16 hours ago
I would ❤️ to be avocado 🥑 member of the month
Yeet Lol
Yeet Lol - 16 hours ago
Oh god I have it rn
Life With Idasha
Life With Idasha - 16 hours ago
iPhone has always copied android in every way but for some reason iPhone get all the credit
Jessica Green
Jessica Green - 16 hours ago
thereallegend 216
thereallegend 216 - 16 hours ago
I messed up my last phone by using the iOS 13 beta so I wouldn’t advise downloading a ios beta update
Fatimah Khalid
Fatimah Khalid - 16 hours ago
Lol wait I've had an android for forever and Apple just said "Hmm, since we've run out of ideas, let's just use some widgets that Android has had for litterally FRICKEN YEARS."
Emman Añasco
Emman Añasco - 17 hours ago
I thougt sarah grace broke her iphone when sarah prank becca then becca drop sarah's iphone in the pool and in past 3 days its getting broken and it fixed
Sarah Purnell
Sarah Purnell - 17 hours ago
The update gives the government full access too your iCloud
Zike.terranova - 17 hours ago
Wouldn’t recommend, it made my phone freeze, not receive calls, not able to click apps, can’t turn it off or on. still isn’t fixed atm
Dyrah Cafarelli
Dyrah Cafarelli - 17 hours ago
Pheonny sarge
Pheonny sarge - 18 hours ago
Me; have iphone because of the camera Also me;oops still ugly
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - 18 hours ago
Girls home screens: inspirational quotes Boys home screens: w i d e pUtIn
hmckevin - 18 hours ago
That is why they recommend NOT INSTALLING in your personal phone
Elizabeth Alter
Elizabeth Alter - 18 hours ago
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - 18 hours ago
Androids can do all of this
ThatKidMiguel -
ThatKidMiguel - - 18 hours ago
Imagine not being jail broken lol
Madisyn Shedd
Madisyn Shedd - 18 hours ago
Windows XP
Windows XP - 19 hours ago
I have iOS 14
Kxxly - 19 hours ago
Sofia Baldridge
Sofia Baldridge - 19 hours ago
bigboi - 20 hours ago
its not meant for non-developers
Cherish Blaze
Cherish Blaze - 20 hours ago
Can the iOS 13 break your iPhone?
Ellie Placencia
Ellie Placencia - 20 hours ago
I love the update but your battery runs out FAST
Claudia Russell
Claudia Russell - 21 hour ago
"avacado member of the month giveaway"
I love your channel!
Ana’s YouTube
Ana’s YouTube - 21 hour ago
She was gonna say Siri too
gabrei briones
gabrei briones - 22 hours ago
Addie Watching
Addie Watching - 22 hours ago
The people who downloaded iOS 14 is it good and did it broke your phone?!
Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green - 22 hours ago
I literally have some of these updates on my IPAD
Nutella Indonesia
Nutella Indonesia - 23 hours ago
Androids can do all of this
Leah Delgado
Leah Delgado - 23 hours ago
Girl you just messed up your phone everyone is supposed to wait for your settings to send you the update because the one that’s in your settings is just a link and it messes up your phone and that’s why everyone’s phone is getting messed up because of iOS 14
Guechsiv so
Guechsiv so - 23 hours ago
Wait why isn’t Sarah have tik tok
Jy'i Ottley
Jy'i Ottley - 23 hours ago
How do you delete
Turtorials And more
Turtorials And more - 23 hours ago
I downloaded it I didn’t change is it because I’m on a iPad
Luca Spicher
Luca Spicher - 23 hours ago
she clickbaited us
Emmanuel Rojas
Emmanuel Rojas - 23 hours ago
Emely Arechiga
Emely Arechiga - 23 hours ago
Same my phone is lagging
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