Is the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Really So Special?

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JAIME E BURGOS S - 6 hours ago
Nice video my friend as all you have.
Do you know about the trail tech gps?
Mark Bosch
Mark Bosch - 6 hours ago
You are epically good at making these mundane bike reviews outstanding. Great work as always Team F9.
Lexx1976 - 7 hours ago
I wait for the Honda 650 (-800..?) Africa Twin with 175 kg and 95 hp.
Paul R Davison
Paul R Davison - 7 hours ago
Crap, just bought a KLR650.... LOL
A no fluff, just the facts with some humor video.
You should get a free T7 and a percentage for every bike sold with this great video.
MICK O'hara
MICK O'hara - 8 hours ago
Another wonderful video. Intriguing, informative and entertaining. If youtube needs a 'yardstick' for excellence, this channel provides. I'm not given to dishing out praise, gushing tributes leave me cold, but must contribute here. It's all put together beautifully and every issue is visibly underpinned by research.
Brilliant. Consistently brilliant.
Kriss - 8 hours ago
I seriously can't believe how you think the KTM 790 Adventure looks uglier than the Tenere, that thing is hideous
Amichai Drucker
Amichai Drucker - 8 hours ago
Such cinematic shooting, beauty full!
Tortuga Verde
Tortuga Verde - 8 hours ago
I've had 2 KLR 650 bikes in my time, among others. Now that the T7 has Ryan's blessing, I'll dream of finding one used a few years down the road. And someone to ride with. My philosophy? T.W.O. = Two Wheels Only. Also a great motorcycle mag. I miss riding.
Yorkshrlad - 8 hours ago
Wonderful! Just another perfect video from the two man team - thank you!
Eric Bowling
Eric Bowling - 8 hours ago
Hey, if the whole video is in 21:9 or whatever the cinematic aspect ratio is, you don't need to add black bars.
DR6 Fiddy
DR6 Fiddy - 9 hours ago
Winds of change you say? It’s a pretty slow blow at 3 years though.
Supernielsen - 9 hours ago
You are simply the best at explaining basically everything.. :)
kurt osborne
kurt osborne - 11 hours ago
Probably the best vid on this bike I have seen
John van Zelm
John van Zelm - 13 hours ago
Now let's put some Mosko Moto Bags on it and make a video.
Gary Crook
Gary Crook - 13 hours ago
Frane Z
Frane Z - 14 hours ago
I was waiting for him to say how much he loves it. 😊
Aussies did a disertation on suspension, Lolo Cochet vandalizes it through Africa, but Ryan sumed up the bike in eight minutes. Perfect.
Brgnalf81 - 14 hours ago
If you're so keen on adventure riding, you should know companies like AJP, CCM, .. etc. AJP PR7 destroys the t7 in almost all aspects, except marketing and big company perks.
s4socrates - 16 hours ago
Some names to choose from... Eva, Aurora, Aura
bogART - 18 hours ago
i hate you ryan!!! now im an absolute addict to your videos!!!
Daniel Gill
Daniel Gill - 21 hour ago
well done sir.
Thomas Mcnamara
Thomas Mcnamara - 21 hour ago
I’m going to be honest I don’t give a shit about this bike and only clicked on it because it’s f9 but holy shit this video contains the best cinematic sand imagery I think o have ever seen on youtube. This video is to f9 what f9 is compared to other motorbike youtubers
Joanna - 21 hour ago
F9 starts with the negatives Me: Oh he's gonna love this bike, isn't he?
Gatorbobinc - 21 hour ago
Ryan. Thank you and your filmmaker partner for all these great videos. Love every thing about them.
Joanna - 21 hour ago
The best bar none, great review - thanking you kind Sir (but i still fancy the KTM!)
Alpha Force
Alpha Force - 21 hour ago
Seems like a definite maybe.
NHDualrider - 22 hours ago
Good video with some interesting technical details. Will be interesting to see how the bike is received once more widely available in New England. The KTM 790 seems to be the hot bike around here among hardcore adventure riders with a lot of experience.
Paul Sephton
Paul Sephton - 22 hours ago
John Mowris
John Mowris - 23 hours ago
What upgrades would you do to get rid of the imperfections?
skaraborgcraft - Day ago
Making all the other reviews seem like total bollocks! Good to get th actual low down on whats what, even if i dont want one. Keep them coming F9 rocks
Jake's Adventure Canada
Waiting for the one I ordered in may. Should be in beginning August. In getting inpatient
Donald Doan
Donald Doan - Day ago
Storyline/product information/production values/writing = best powersports videos ever!!
jay - Day ago
Cheers Ryan and team. Next level. No fluff , content that so many others either neglected or didn't bother with. Thank you for the facts once again. Yamaha deserves success with this bike.
my life as mick
my life as mick - Day ago
Making me want to pull out the old 1990 xt600
Yo Joe
Yo Joe - Day ago
Kamloops terrain!! I've been waiting for this video forever! Best video you can watch on YT about this bike by far. Thanks F9
simmapallen - Day ago
I was reading Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally and went exited...😄 your vids anyway.👍
Leonardo Louro
Leonardo Louro - Day ago
48/52 weight distribution?! OH MY...
Spit that morale out
That was very Clarkson of you my dude. Bravo.
Tina De roodt
Tina De roodt - Day ago
Somebody give this Guy a free bike damn your vidéos are another level opose to any other vlogger
cedrick samaniego
cedrick samaniego - Day ago
I've been thinking about bike 2 lately..
stephen born
stephen born - Day ago
The best bar none, great review - thanking you kind Sir (but i still fancy the KTM!)
fahad al-askar
fahad al-askar - Day ago
Holy shit that production quality tho
cvetox 69
cvetox 69 - Day ago
Just tested one, definately getting one... Good review!
ADV TYUN - Day ago
Ryan, have you checked the new air bag vest from Klim the Ai-1?
peter nedermann
peter nedermann - Day ago
OK, jaws officially dropped. I clicked along the lines of "OK, I like the guy, so what the heck...but what on Earth can he say about that bike that hasn't been said 100 times before"....well, as it turns out, I underestimated him :) Great review man, thank you for keeping your content awesame! :)
Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson - Day ago
Really great review. The construction had me taking notes.
mazurekkamil1 - Day ago
Who directs your videos? Spiellberg? Great job as usual.
Benji Byte
Benji Byte - Day ago
Man.. a die-hard all-terrain all-weather rider to the bone
Jimena Gulla
Jimena Gulla - Day ago
So Yamaha spent 3-4years on the frame but didn't include a bolt on sub frame? How many rally bikes use the cp2 engine? "Crickets chirping) sorry Ryan, I don't buy the elaborate physics course on how the higher counter shaft pushes the front end down, but yet it's woefully soft suspension allows one to "float" the front end over obstacles, great production values as always, I'm gonna now go for a ride on my turd.
Scrambler Krush
Scrambler Krush - Day ago
Defiantly the best technical review of this bike...I was looking forward to something that could go head to head with the KTM690 Enduro though....that and those endless “teasers” wore my interest down....never mind!
vierdecromagnon - Day ago
illizard8 - Day ago
The effort you put into this makes the effort I put into everything seem... pathetic
carfactorycustoms - Day ago
went to the opening of the ténéré 700 and i thought it looked and sounded pretty cool
Hector - Day ago
Only channels I watch videos in 480p
1 Ronnie and Barty
2 Fortnine
Paolo Romano Torquati
Thank you 🙏
Sumil Sinha
Sumil Sinha - Day ago
Your editing puts network television to shame. Incredible work!
Noufal Tariq
Noufal Tariq - Day ago
This channel has become so awesome over the years, that is what i call Growth. Keep it coming, one of the best places to be in YT
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Day ago
Well done babish?
D - Day ago
Hey Ryan, I'm keen to see you do a review on the SWM Superdual if you get the opportunity. I'll give you mine to test if you ever get down to Aus.
ssamorfati - Day ago
There is no better review of the T7 out there. Dry wit mixed with a genuine mechanical and rider review - thank you FortNine from out here in Oz.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Day ago
hours at 65-70 mph?
Rick Vann
Rick Vann - Day ago
That weak ass suspension kills it for me. Think about when it's loaded up... come on Yamaha this has been a known issue.
Aleks - Day ago
Honda Transalp is even more special :)
Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors - Day ago
I love this channel but please don’t rush out and buy this bike without test riding it. It is good on the dirt but not so good on the highway. The engine is underpowered and very vibey at 100kph, gear box is notchy and the wind screen does a terrible job of wind protection. Once you test ride the triumph tiger 900 the issues with the T7 will be glaring.
Jon c
Jon c - Day ago
0:17 is it really pronounced like that? I always thought it was YAH-MUH-HAH
Dieter MacPherson
Dieter MacPherson - Day ago
Do we get a letterkenny Canada day special again :D
Davfon23 - Day ago
Another quality bike video. Thank you greatly Ryan. Would there be a 2nd Part, or even 3rd... 4th ??? I would love to see a further comparisson against the 790 adv and the africa twin. Any way this about the 5th time I watch this video hehe. Unfortunately, here in Costa Rica the Teneré is not as affordable as it supposed to be, over $15k
Bigirish Yeti
Bigirish Yeti - Day ago
I'm sorry this dude is just too creepy
Dzon Smit
Dzon Smit - Day ago
i've heard that this video is directed by david lynch :)
4tasmic - Day ago
I just got off work and slammed 4 beers. This could be the greatest review I've ever watched 🤪
QQtomo - Day ago
Bravo 👏 could very well be the best review on youtube ever
Al - Day ago
As usual, excellent review with awesome (dry) humour!
Martin F
Martin F - Day ago
He if you want a see what a Tenere 700 can do . I invite you to take a look at this 2 French guys going south Africa 16000 milles on a Tenere 700 . They have 9 episodes with it . pushing the T700 to the Max . you gone a like it . but it's in French ( ) Kap 2 cap
More Bad Ideas
More Bad Ideas - Day ago
nice work on that uphill!
luigiseventyseven - Day ago
What an amazing video! Congrats.
Glenn Fryer
Glenn Fryer - Day ago
Always a flawless production.... love the bike ....
MotoTerra - 2 days ago
This bike looks sick and seems to be pretty damn good. I only have one question. How is it on the freeway? If it takes a wile to get to the dirt will I be ready to kill my self after two hours at 65-70 mph?
Robson Enduro
Robson Enduro - 2 days ago
no, it's not that special after all when you look closer.
richmotion - 2 days ago
I was looking for "road" testing the Tenere 700. But when F9 came up, I knew I would not find anything better on youtube. I appreciate the work that goes into these videos, lots of research and creativity. Thanks a lot!
tifacoba - 2 days ago
I think you could have sold that video to yahma for 1$ per view after them paying for the production cost.
simo mancini
simo mancini - 2 days ago
SPOILER: yes, it is.
Rummi - 2 days ago
nice review
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