Colorful Eyeliner | Spring & Summer Makeup Tutorial

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K A - 5 months ago
I miss this jaclyn....
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - 9 months ago
Caylee Marilyn
Caylee Marilyn - 11 months ago
She literally doesn’t even look like the same person compared to now😂
Ben Flowers
Ben Flowers - 11 months ago
One of my favorite eye looks you’ve done!!!!!
Sara Bailey
Sara Bailey - Year ago
So this is probably a little far fetched and dramatic of me. But I love you and your inspiring personality so much. You have honestly inspired me to love make up, myself and to be confident. You’re doing your 12 days of Christmas and I couldn’t wish more to be apart of that. I would cry for days if I was a winner of anyone of the days. Just do have something form you. Collections of yours that I haven’t been able to purchase because I am a college student. By no means do I want this to count as my entry but it would even just mean the world to me to get a response from you. Through twitter or email
I literally deactivated my Instagram just to be in the give away. I love you so much!!! Haha this is so far fetched.
Lauren Lyons
Lauren Lyons - Year ago
ggrrlll..... 2 years ago... And people should know... When you realllllllllllly love a brand or product... Of course you're going to push it... And talk about it... Because you stand by that brand and or products.... Keep doing you ggrrlll.... 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Rose Bush
Rose Bush - Year ago
Do the largest wing you can she says......Ah there are people out there with hooded lids you know?
Amanda - Year ago
Watching this 2 years later because I’m missing you so much. ❤️
china lee
china lee - 2 years ago
Your personality is amazing I enjoyed watching this video even more !
Amy Gabriel
Amy Gabriel - 2 years ago
What eyeliner brush do you use??? I feel like my eyeliner is never that sharp
Iralda Knoblich
Iralda Knoblich - 2 years ago
I personally like the sigma E06 and E10
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - 2 years ago
this is my favorite makeup look youve ever done by far. i always go back and watch it!
Baileigh Cherry
Baileigh Cherry - 2 years ago
sooooo freaking beautiful
Jennie Tran
Jennie Tran - 2 years ago
please do more of these tutorials, Jaclyn!! I love these fun & different look!!!
Samantha Hoag
Samantha Hoag - 2 years ago
Does anyone know a good dupe for the colourpop Lippie Stick in BFF it;s been discontinued
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace - 2 years ago
Back to the pre Shape Tape era, it's hard to remember a time before it
Molly Godlewski
Molly Godlewski - 2 years ago
Am I the only one that still wants the sea foam and yellow look?
Shannon Davies
Shannon Davies - 2 years ago
the brow pencil was rubbish for me, didn't give me much pigment and the actual product fell out if the pencil /:
Coca Cola
Coca Cola - 2 years ago
Love it! Ha, I'm almost like a year late, but whatever!
gigi kean
gigi kean - 2 years ago
Eliana Wieder
Eliana Wieder - 2 years ago
does anyone know what brush she used for the eyeliner? I've been going through all her videos trying to figure out what this brush is but she never says
allison muszynski
allison muszynski - 2 years ago
please help me out what brush does she use to contour With....????? love u jacattack
Deidra Wallace
Deidra Wallace - 2 years ago
Emily Hilgeman
Emily Hilgeman - 2 years ago
her eyebrows look really good in this video, also meroco looks really good blended on the lower lashline 💜😍
taylorgracexo - 3 years ago
I wanted this eyeliner so bad but I'm pretty sure it was limited edition 😭😫 if anyone has ANY dupes then PLEASE let me know I'm dying to recreate this 😍😍
Sophie C
Sophie C - 3 years ago
I've done a yellow liner look!!
Candice Hill
Candice Hill - 3 years ago
Totally needing the turquoise with yellow liner look 😍
saira ramlochan
saira ramlochan - 3 years ago
you always have the best jewelry, i literally can't stop looking at your necklace!
Kah entre Nos
Kah entre Nos - 3 years ago
jaclyn could you record a video showing your set up, lights, camera, mirror etc.
emily pena
emily pena - 3 years ago
ruth o' hara
ruth o' hara - 3 years ago
think this is my fave look ever!
Tina Asen
Tina Asen - 3 years ago
hey i love you but you r speaking too fast it s make me headattakc, pls just calm down littlebiwith speacheasss, slowwww downnnnn pls
Jenifer Mortimer
Jenifer Mortimer - 3 years ago
Anyone know which shade ABH Brow definer Jaclyn uses?
Yanitza Jones
Yanitza Jones - 3 years ago
I have a question, what do you use to talk in the video while you are recording yourself doing your makeup? Like a voice over, or microphone(:
Zahrah Aliyah
Zahrah Aliyah - 3 years ago
Love this look! So much fun and different!
Maria Kunnel
Maria Kunnel - 3 years ago
Hey Jaclyn! Could you do a christmas or fall version of this look? Love your videos!
Dimitra Ioannidou
Dimitra Ioannidou - 3 years ago
The most beautiful summer look jack ! Thank you for that glow
Yesenia Hernandez
Yesenia Hernandez - 3 years ago
You are such an inspirational person❤️ thank you for filming your videos because thanks to them I have been able to get through some things that life has thrown my way. May God keep blessing you for having such a beautiful soul.😍😘❤️
Reynel Andrew de Quiroz
Reynel Andrew de Quiroz - 3 years ago
the moment she spoke until the video end I was laughing so fucking hard it literally hurt my stomach ... xD this girl speaks so freaking fast . xD did not really expect her to be like this crazy .. so fun to watch ... 😂😂😂 im dying ..
J Lynn
J Lynn - 3 years ago
Your hair make me think of posh spice!!
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