Pokemon vs Fallout! Who's Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires

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Nathan Coomber
Nathan Coomber - 2 hours ago
I'm curious to see if the vault hunters from the borderlands series would rank on the list. There wouldn't really be anything to stack the price against that I can think of so it would be tough.
Tenneson Burnout
Tenneson Burnout - 6 hours ago
I mean, back then, mercenaries get most of their money from loot or corpses of animals. So being paid that much (while it's still dumb that witchers get paid literally crap for killing a lycanthrope.), the price of the skin would still pay far more amount than the wages of said job.
Braden Reily
Braden Reily - 9 hours ago
Austin:131000 words
Me: that's a one shot my friend
Megan Shuler
Megan Shuler - 9 hours ago
Oooh yeah the father of capitalism.
Probably Josh
Probably Josh - 10 hours ago
Oh no, now we wait 7 more months for part 3
Gregory Reynoso
Gregory Reynoso - 10 hours ago
Let's get this bread!
Tarif The Random Life
Tarif The Random Life - 10 hours ago
Austin: Says he will do the mystery character who is a little less then MINECRAFT a little later in the video
Also Austin: Proceeds to end video before he talks about the characters he said was right before Minecraft.
Tarif The Random Life
Tarif The Random Life - 11 hours ago
9:08 Is when the video ACTUALLY starts.
Karsten - 13 hours ago
Aaah yes tahts the song ive been waiting for that opera is like music to my ears... well its music so that would make sense but but you know what i mean
Safiya Mukhamadova
Safiya Mukhamadova - 20 hours ago
Here's a different idea for when you next feel like pulling out each hair on your head one by one: How much work does your character have to do to get a net of 2,000 calories worth of food per day after subtracting all the calories burned obtaining that food?
OJD Creative
OJD Creative - Day ago
Pleeeeeeeeese stop playing that song in the background.....
CluelessEvil - Day ago
Austin, You are one of my favorite science people.
Now reading the Wealth Of Nations and learning a lot of the underlaying elements of modern economics :)
Neil B
Neil B - Day ago
Literally five minutes of economics theory, then 5:05 lol Oh yeah, that's what I'm watching
George Marionerd
George Marionerd - Day ago
What about Aston Wyndham in Octopath traveller?
Zocker13 LP
Zocker13 LP - Day ago
i didn't understood a single word. but im probably just an idiot
Alex Nicholson
Alex Nicholson - Day ago
If you skip to 7:01 it says p**n prodused
Velouria Whitford
Velouria Whitford - Day ago
Um... is this on the wrong channel
Mitsurugi2424 - Day ago
These adds in the middle of the video are getting annoying. Go on with that crap, I need to hear about the value of CORN!!!
Lion vs Thatcher
Lion vs Thatcher - 2 days ago
Habenera is the music in the background of when he says DEAR-
Christian Emerson
Christian Emerson - 2 days ago
WOOOOOW. He can't even be bothered to redo Luigi and Mario's money counts. Honestly, by this method, they should be taken out entirely.
Seamus Emery
Seamus Emery - 2 days ago
Thr Pins
Thr Pins - 2 days ago
Plz dont ever leave us Austin I cant get enou6of your videos
Plat3Braum - 2 days ago
What game was at 2:45?
Lawrence Calablaster
Lawrence Calablaster - 2 days ago
This is just going to turn into an endless rabbit hole of Austin correcting himself.
Милица Кирякова
Hello. I'm coming with one idea about the pokemons. My idea is that latios and latias are part of the eeveelutions. Because of the eon ticket and the fact that they finish with eon too. And it's that from me. I'm sure you can do the other thing from now on.
Ginger Felt
Ginger Felt - 2 days ago
Question you’ve talked about every fanfic catcher but how is in ennared
Helen Harding
Helen Harding - 2 days ago
HEY WE LEARNED MERCANTILISM JUST THIS WEEK IN SCHOOL AWESOME 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 👍
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson - 2 days ago
Wait, why are we not taking productivity into account? Farming in Fallout is vastly more primitive than real life!
Are you sure logging isn't more efficient in Skyrim? It's my go-to income supplement, has absolutely minimal downtime, only requiring the travel time to the head logger, and can be easily calculated with this weird new time efficiency method
The Paper Empire
The Paper Empire - 2 days ago
Suhail Salem
Suhail Salem - 3 days ago
wow he doesnt know what archaeology is they find fossils
Penitence - 3 days ago
Did anyone else see Geralt wearing blackface in TW3 footage at aroun 4:10? That sure was weird to see.
angelo lopez
angelo lopez - 3 days ago
It hasn't gotten epic yet??
Bold n Brash
Bold n Brash - 3 days ago
If you’ve already mentioned this in this vid or the previous one I apologize or if it won’t even hold a candle to the ones currently listed but I started thinking about it today, what about LEGO Games? I think the Max cap in most of them is 4B but in some like Lego Indiana Jones 2 you can have over 100B and keep going, but I’m not sure how much each stud would be worth converted to our currency
Aagahim - 3 days ago
Adam Smith was completely and utterly wrong. the worth of something is not the worth of the work put into it to make it or extract it, it's the market value. Something is worth something when someone else wants it and is willing to pay with something to get it. Labor theory of value destroyed countries, it was the main argument in marxist theory of economics. which was WRONG!!!!!!!!!
Aagahim - 3 days ago
Corn is way WAY more valuable in fallout than in any game with more corn than fallout. not only because it's less common, but because food is scarce and everyone needs it to survive. menawhile gold is worthless if you starve to death, so you are willing to trade a gold watch for some caps which you'll use to buy corn and food. and not a lot.
kevin volkel
kevin volkel - 3 days ago
Here's an idea. How deadly is the batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight?
JaRi - 3 days ago
What I got from this video: bla bla blabityblabla bla cliffhanger
Ivn Rgn
Ivn Rgn - 3 days ago
Hey Austin, since you have pokemon in your mind lately, could you talk about this pokemon that has been bothering me, it's Cosmoem and it's said to have a height of 0.1meters yet weighting 999 kg being the heaviest pokemon ever. I'm definitely not good at physics or science in general but i just feel like there's something wrong about it. If it's actually normal then nvm all this
Quinzark - 3 days ago
a lot of assumptions are made in this .... why should the US value of time be the same in games given it's not the same in other countries on this world? China for eg...
Banana Man
Banana Man - 3 days ago
I’m rooting for botw honestly
Charizardfan1000 - 3 days ago
YourAverageLink - 3 days ago
Could you do how much Joker could earn in Persona 5 with the method of confusing bosses in Mementos for money?
Ala Mnouchi
Ala Mnouchi - 3 days ago
Make Theory about tabs totally accurate battle simulator
Lemon Sauce
Lemon Sauce - 3 days ago
I saw warframe in there
Great Estonia
Great Estonia - 3 days ago
Where is Mat
SirCheeseKnight - 3 days ago
One piece of wheat isn't 20 emeralds. 20 pieces of wheat is one emerald
Anjelle m
Anjelle m - 3 days ago
Do a SCIENCE episode on terraria. Maybe the Hermes boots.
Rigalic Reign
Rigalic Reign - 3 days ago
While I completely understand everything that's going on here all I can think about is now how hungry I am for corn... Damn it I need corn!
SommerwurstHD - 4 days ago
But marios coins can be found everiware how Dose He make more than poor lugi
SommerwurstHD - 4 days ago
Finally the good one
Dominic Schrom
Dominic Schrom - 4 days ago
Do a Borderlands theory
Kohaku 312
Kohaku 312 - 4 days ago
i cold get about 150600 for 24 hour real world day
Kohaku 312
Kohaku 312 - 4 days ago
i cold get more emerald but i don't want my word dead as lag
Solkair Nightfall
Solkair Nightfall - 4 days ago
How much are metal shards worth from Horizon Zero Dawn
demon r slender
demon r slender - 4 days ago
mat pat I did math on a game and it has over 689.6 m in just a few items and that's not counting the other in game currency I will have a link  https://www.roblox.com/games/1537690962/Bee-Swarm-Simulator?refPageId=f786fb3f-25fb-47fb-ae0d-ecdb92051229
Eman Catic
Eman Catic - 4 days ago
Feminist: in What world is A dollar worth 66 ¢!?
Me: 10:15
Nelia Orr
Nelia Orr - 4 days ago
This isn't MatPat....
RANDOM GAMING - 4 days ago
austin, whats the name of this music. i forgot the name
Zwinkey - 5 days ago
"you can accrue 377,325,000 emeralds in your career"
raid farms: allow us to introduce ourselves
jurassic gamer
jurassic gamer - 5 days ago
Alejandro Ponce
Alejandro Ponce - 5 days ago
Oh my heart skipped a beat when I saw some warframe material there, Austin xD
Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil
but 1 emrald in micraft is worth around 9 golden ingnots to a villager are you telling me gold is wortless? quil
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