Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

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JU DE - 2 hours ago
Koler Kombucha
Koler Kombucha - 2 hours ago
Robertjr82 - 2 hours ago
Plot twist: At the very last moment, when all seems lost... a beam of light will shine down from the heavens, people will gaze in awe at the spectacular sight, some claiming it’s the lord of light, when none other than Thor himself, along with rocket and groot, appear in a shroud of glory to defend the realms of men.
Just google it
Just google it - 3 hours ago
What if Littlefinger shows up at the end and takes the spot as the man behind all this mess, his death was pretty casual on my opinion.
I mean is game of thrones it's not likely that it will have a happy ending.
Austin-Joseph Hothouse
Austin-Joseph Hothouse - 4 hours ago
Just like Half-Life 3 Am I Right?
Maïté Tanguay
Maïté Tanguay - 4 hours ago
I've been ready all my life for a "wtf ending"....
gamer - 5 hours ago
They could just make it so ALMOST everyone is wiped out, but a few of mankind make it out. That could be the spin-off focus.
It'sMeHere Yo
It'sMeHere Yo - 5 hours ago
It's not a freaking fiery if it's how you think it should end you idiot clickbait and by the way don't freaking compare this with Lord of the Rings
It'sMeHere Yo
It'sMeHere Yo - 5 hours ago
It's not good as lord of the reins what is wrong with Society what is wrong with this planet this is why God is not with us anymore it's not better I'm telling you holy hell is not better I'm telling you it's not better you can go kill yourself man this is crazy
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
I can't wait till Daenarys dies. That will be the most satisfying part of the series.
SPAZ - Hour ago
Daenerys is no less than Cersie.
D Le
D Le - 6 hours ago
The Night King is coming to cleanse the land of sins
merclove - 6 hours ago
Spoiler Alert -- Arya died at the House of Black and White and warged into Nymeria (thus the Nymeria getting an army of wolves together) and Arya/paidtheprice is a faceless man setting up her kills in Winterfell? Or was it all a red herring in season six and seven to give a non purpose background for a non carried out story that will probably never be written by R. Martin?
Gracken - 6 hours ago
There was several times while watching this I had to remind myself we're talking about Game of Thrones, not IRL
KO Star
KO Star - 6 hours ago
KO Star
KO Star - 6 hours ago
I agree
Shooter of Knees
Shooter of Knees - 7 hours ago
Lillian Hochstein
Lillian Hochstein - 7 hours ago
I love all of you're theories!
K. Beam
K. Beam - 7 hours ago
i thought lady olenna killed joffrey not baelish
The Dank Ages
The Dank Ages - 7 hours ago
Well, i mean there is still the other half of the world if westeros dies out
C K - 8 hours ago
"what is dead may never die" When you realize they have been hinting the ending whole series, Greyjoys will rule as they already are "dead" as night king's army. Plot twist.
Danny Pressley
Danny Pressley - 8 hours ago
Jon Snow put his pride aside. He pledged his loyalty to the mother of dragons to save his people. 👀 morally, it seems that he is the reset the people need?
Bianca Haines
Bianca Haines - 9 hours ago
Do Heroes
Brendan Cribbs
Brendan Cribbs - 9 hours ago
I've always felt that this will be how the show ends. The only king in the show that is not fighting to win the throne will be the one that succeeds in taking it.
Benjamin Britsch
Benjamin Britsch - 9 hours ago
The failure of womens institutions
Marlen Fehrmann
Marlen Fehrmann - 9 hours ago
The fact with Daenerys breaking the wheel is so true! This inconsequence of her is just making it worse. I mean since she's in Westeros all she did was killing her enemies. Lately, she's so obsessed with the Throne that she would even give up her love to Jon
Neo S
Neo S - 9 hours ago
I'm 10 mins into the vid, and it is hardly about season 8 or how it should end, just recap :(
Coder Pup
Coder Pup - 5 hours ago
Concidering the video came out before season 8 im not suprised it doesnt mention it. You got to look to the past to predict the future.
KobeMikes - 10 hours ago
Game of thrones is a metaphor for global warming
Marlen Fehrmann
Marlen Fehrmann - 10 hours ago
Wonderfully cutted video!
coco is browsing
coco is browsing - 10 hours ago
is game of thrones not low key about climate change...
Owen Walker
Owen Walker - 10 hours ago
Everyone just sat on their hands. Except for Jamie Lannister, he just sat on his hand.
MrSmallANDLoud - 11 hours ago
I would love the night king to win.
Aron Gatt
Aron Gatt - 11 hours ago
I thought little finger was involved with the death of John Arryn and not the Lannister’s
Aliven reads
Aliven reads - 11 hours ago
Well its not only me that thought this to be the only logical ending. The white walkers probably will win.
Joseph Armes
Joseph Armes - 11 hours ago
Burn them all.
Hikaru Midomiya
Hikaru Midomiya - 11 hours ago
AS it EVER occurred to you that not every damn name ends in EES ! Lord VARYS, not VAREES, ViSERYS (ISS) NOT Viserees.. JEEZ, haven't they said their names enough time for you to get it ? If you're screwing up name pronunciations, I'm curious how you must call Jason Voorhees ? Jason Vor-HIS ? Vor HISSSS ? Vo'r'he's ?
Hikaru Midomiya
Hikaru Midomiya - 11 hours ago
KFC comes out the winner ! The Iron Throne will be be occupied by the Ghost of Col. Sanders !
Ryan Schenk
Ryan Schenk - 12 hours ago
There is a reason the wiggling pictures of the show's characters are overlapping the scenes from the show. It's MatPat's editors' attempt to foil YouTube's copyright bots. Smart and sadly necessary to avoid takedown requests and copyright strikes for what is clearly fair use protected under current US copyright laws.
Chelsea Keniston
Chelsea Keniston - 12 hours ago
Lysa and Littlefinger poisoned Jon Arryn, not the Lannister’s
NAGIUXS - 12 hours ago
But wait.....those who cooperated are dead
Bryson Presley
Bryson Presley - 12 hours ago
Lannisters did not poison Jon Arryn. That was Lysa.
dejan - 13 hours ago
Little Finger win ------ 100%
Andy Unit
Andy Unit - 13 hours ago
But hey, it's just a theory, a game (of thrones) theory. Thanks for watching.
Eric Stenberg
Eric Stenberg - 14 hours ago
Little finger and lysa killen john Arryn just saying....
Isaac Varela
Isaac Varela - 14 hours ago
The many face god kills Arya , the golden company are all ex valerians , the ice king is Brandon the builder , Jon snow kills him , the golden company betrays cersi , and the biggest plot is Tyrion is the true heir to the iron throne as he is the son of the mad king it was his mother that they raped ThAts why his so called father hated him , they lied and supported Robert in his rebelión thanks guys read the books
Chrono mancer
Chrono mancer - 14 hours ago
Renly is a better king than stannis?
Renly was a good politician but stannis along with jon arryn practically run the 7 kingdom when robert was king while being a much better battle commander and more duty bond than renly?
Did you even watch the show
ThatOneGuy - 14 hours ago
Everybody dies. Everybody. Accept it.
Garcia Andre
Garcia Andre - 15 hours ago
Man you should be a famous Director. Well done
Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis - 15 hours ago
spot on
Universal Cute Girl
Universal Cute Girl - 15 hours ago
Who will win me: ok
Who will die me: wth
oskar porter
oskar porter - 16 hours ago
Hate to break it to you but the Lannister’s didn’t kill Jon Arryn. His wife and littlefinger did.
Siddharth Nair
Siddharth Nair - 16 hours ago
The white walkers should win, the spin off show should be about how the WW civilization progresses. They become a spacefaring civilization and start destroying galaxies. I shouldn't be awake till 2 AM
Ari Mitsopolous
Ari Mitsopolous - 18 hours ago
Pride is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason
Nick Lastnamelol
Nick Lastnamelol - 18 hours ago
Ghost should sit on the Iron Throne
Breadfan - 19 hours ago
Dani's dragon appears at her window, and speaks dothraki in Drogo's voice "remember ... eat the heart ...". She then eats Jons heart and Drogo comes back alive. You would think that it was over, but then... the zombie mountain gets her in the back. Cercei is here and saved the kingdom. Woop. Bringing on the super bowl of the Hound, Drogo, Mountain, and Brienne. The show couldn't end in any other way.
James Bash
James Bash - 19 hours ago
Um 5:30 u said the Lannisters poisoned Jon Arryn when it was actually Littlefinger.
Karen Loewy
Karen Loewy - 19 hours ago
Lannister’s didn’t poison the hand, it was Lisa Tully and Little Finger
Hannah Price
Hannah Price - 20 hours ago
What about the prophecy about azor ahai? Who'll bring about an eternal summer and was born amidst smoke under a bleeding star etc. This sounds like a cop out ending tbh, makes the whole series feel irrelevant if they did it; I'm surprised so many people like this. But this is just my opinion, feel free to add any thoughts
Lina Langemark
Lina Langemark - 21 hour ago
Honestly, I've just been guessing and guessing all these different scenarios for what would happen, and none of them come out truly satisfying. But if the Night King were to just kill everyone, I would find peace with that.
Mackinze Heald
Mackinze Heald - 21 hour ago
The thing that makes me believe this the most is how the show itself is with the white walkers. The plot lines that involved them at first(the deserter in ep. 1, the one jon and ghost killed at castle black, etc.) were very short lived and never really seemed like it was one of the plots that seemed as important as others. The show itself has downplayed the White Walkers and not shown the real danger that is coming with Winter, until the very end. The final seasons of the show we see more and more of the Walkers, more of the destruction they are causing. It's not until it all has a "too little too late" feel to the plot line that they start being seen as a real threat. I 100% agree with Matpat here. The White Walkers winning is the ending that feels right, the one that does the story justice.
Andrei - 22 hours ago
21 Minutes fora fucking idiot theory! OMG
Akira Vader
Akira Vader - 22 hours ago
Westeros just need ☭ and it will balance
Gabrielle Tuttle
Gabrielle Tuttle - 22 hours ago
The Lannister’s didn’t kill Jon Aryn, Petyr Baelish had Liza Aryn (Cat’s sister, Jon Aryn’s wife) poison him to start up the hatred between the Lannister’s and the Stark’s
Super Cartoon Universe
Super Cartoon Universe - 22 hours ago
When watching episode 2
Jon will probably tell Dany " Is your people's survival more important than your pride" . :)
Ars - 22 hours ago
The Night King can easily fly to the ruins of old Valyria and resurrect a few hundred Dragons into his army...So stupid of the writers to have given him the ability to fly at this point
Gary Kidd
Gary Kidd - 22 hours ago
The Lannister’s didn’t kill the hand of the king at the beginning.Was it not Little finger and Kats sister who poisoned him?
Chevifier - 23 hours ago
I mean a spin off series can just be the events before the show began so your theory is very much viable
Chevifier - 23 hours ago
Dynaeres dies Jon gets dragons and becomes the true king...Fin
amdneels - 23 hours ago
The karmic debt is the children who created the white walkers died...not to be “that guy” but you got a few points right but just overhauled a lot of themes and just went with the most trendy fan theory in a long winded video
Veto Carleone
Veto Carleone - 23 hours ago
You yourself don't understand the show. Why should you have opinion about how it should end? Lannisters didn't kill John arryn. Llittlefinger did.
Fox sniffing flower
wasn't it olenna tyrell that killed joffery? not balish?
sam - 5 hours ago
littlefinger helped her kill joffrey
JoseATurner - Day ago
Dude gets WAY too many facts wrong. Can't even enjoy the video. Lost all respect for Film Theory.
Kai Monarch
Kai Monarch - Day ago
Jon Snow is Aegon Trargaryen and has incest with Daenerys
Games 4 Days
Games 4 Days - Day ago
The mad king went mad from bran going back and whispering to him, telling him to burn the bodies. He was talking about the whites. But just like hodor he went crazy.
yen xion
yen xion - Day ago
I just skip to the ending.
Culture of Melodie
Culture of Melodie - Day ago
Mhmm....Night King turning Craster male kids.Why ?Perhaps valar morgulis after all.Killing all men.Only Craster male kids will live on and few women to reproduce, so humanity resets.:-))
Jeff Eff
Jeff Eff - Day ago
Anyone who is worried about "who wins the throne" needs to get their head adjusted for the point of the entire series.
Illier1 - Day ago
Odds are a few people survive but not many. I wouldn't be shocked if everything North of Kings Landing isn't killed off and the survivors just have to recover.
Eva Matos
Eva Matos - Day ago
The White Walkers are Climate Change
nosirrah 42069
nosirrah 42069 - Day ago
A new challenger has appeared...

I is no one no one at all
What about the people who decide to serve under the night king like to become disloyal and go to the night king and (somehow) convince him they are of good use maybe he will spare them (or kill them and turn them into white walkers)
DarknessAndDeath - Day ago
Comment I love this theory, and it makes so much sense. Even thought I'm hoping arya, bran, jon, danereys, jaime suvve
socra7es - Day ago
Is it just me or do the white walkers seems like a bit of a metaphor for climate change
TheRealDanBond - Day ago
I hope this happens and point blank they say that the white walkers were a climate change analogy. It’s sad, but I think it will actually start a large conversation.
Derin Alev
Derin Alev - Day ago
I don't agree with this theory. There are so . many characters in GoT who are on a right path, like Jon, Brienne, Jaime and Tyrion. It would be a disservice to their arcs if the show were to end like that. Also it would be a nihilistic end to the story and George RR Martin repeatedly said that he wasn't a nihilist. I believe the human's will persevere over the dead. How? That I don't know.
Trepimero - Day ago
Bro, did you even watch the show?
Crystal Carroll
Crystal Carroll - Day ago
I honestly think Dany will (if she ain’t already) become the Mad Queen and will die by the same man who killed the Mad King. Jamie Lannister 🤞🏻🤦🏻‍♀️
ChaCha Schimmer
ChaCha Schimmer - Day ago
I like Theon though....😅
ChaCha Schimmer
ChaCha Schimmer - Day ago
Are things ever hot for the Greyjoy’s?
Huntersmoonx Grim
Huntersmoonx Grim - Day ago
Thanos wins.
Luke Mehaffey
Luke Mehaffey - Day ago
Παναγιώτης Πιστιόλας
The knight king want to get the 3eyed Raven ( or Bran) to combine the magic power, he dont mind if he lost or win the battle against human race... reveals that he had a sacred holly purpose, re-timing GOT World, all from the beggining, with the same very very first peoples, flora and Fauna on GOT global earth, As a new fresh random start, Recalibrating the course of humanity again, deleting the memories of that life to begin a new one. With the hope that humanity will not do the same mistakes again. For example, imagine viewing GOT Seasons (1 to 8 season) with alternate course of destiny , luck and fate.... ( thats why we will read the book for alternate history, and thats why the readers will see the movie for alternate way of fate....greetings from Greece...sorry for the spoil.)
Not human Alien
Not human Alien - Day ago
I feel like they should kill of dynerys (idk how to spell her name) and give her and awesome death like she realizes her insanity and has her dragons set her on fire
Valeria A
Valeria A - 3 hours ago
Fire cannot kill a dragon
Eric Essington
Eric Essington - Day ago
John Aaron was poisoned by littlefinger, not Jaime or cerci
Tas Kobo
Tas Kobo - Day ago
Tullys still alive haha
K Kundera
K Kundera - Day ago
What. The Lannisters didn’t poison Arryn...Littlefinger did. Are you paying attention to the show?
Sleezy Sleaze
Sleezy Sleaze - Day ago
I have a feeling that Jon Snow is going to survive the war and being the last male heir of the throne, Dani is going to murder him. Even though she loves him, she made it clear that it’s her destiny to rule the iron throne 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lori Lynch-Senter
Lori Lynch-Senter - Day ago
Sorry, but LittleFinger did not kill Geoffrey. It was Olena Martell that poisoned him.
jamako - Day ago
Oh, no worries for Martin. Since Season 5 the show gave us plenty of reasons to read the books anyways. GoT after Season 5 is a great example for the difference between good and great writers.
Aurjay - Day ago
19 minutes to get to the topic at hand.
MichaTheLight - Day ago
Haha you really believe that you (probably US citizen) in a democracy. This joke makes my day.
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