Harden Calls Game In Oakland | NBA on TNT

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ouch1226 - 3 days ago
Shaq obviously a Harden hater and a die hard fan of Warriors, see how he interrupt Chuck while he delivers his appraisal to Harden.
Nicolas Shepherd
Nicolas Shepherd - 8 days ago
And Harden does play D.. enough said
Anthony Mayes
Anthony Mayes - 8 days ago
JH balln
TMN Team MuChalie Network
Nice vid.. also Jamal Murray ankles gone.. I would have got up and fouled him too for embarrassing me like that.🤣🤣 https://youtu.be/9M6j1UXQMJM
Loves Lunatics
Loves Lunatics - 8 days ago
Yeah. Too bad NBA is fixed
Abdinoor Duale
Abdinoor Duale - 8 days ago
Clemson just best Alabama 44-16
AdamTheTiger - 8 days ago
If you are reading this, I hope you have or had an AWESOME day 😊 AdamTheTiger 🐯
F8 KAT - 8 days ago
Regular season means nothing facts this dude chokes in the playoffs.
Jibri Usher
Jibri Usher - 9 days ago
Someone is doping
*Do it in the playoffs James. Lol*
JL - 9 days ago
@02:36 Proves Kenny is dumb "It's over one guy" yeah, it's called defense.
Miracle Wilson
Miracle Wilson - 9 days ago
Greg Dees Alpha movies
Herbalizer28 - 9 days ago
Anyone else tired of skinny guys flexing their muscles when they convert an And1 ? It's not that impressive ..Particularly in this era..
Make America Great Again
MrFlacko! ART
MrFlacko! ART - 9 days ago
Just throw dem bows Barkley💪
terence sims
terence sims - 9 days ago
GSW have some comp for the play offs
Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton - 9 days ago
Clint capella better be an all star this year 🤷🏾‍♂️
Myagi - 9 days ago
Welcome to the, NBA Harden pays the refs and the GS does the same. @nba get your sheeet straight. Your close like our president that$$$$ talks than hard work
Gregory Santilli
Gregory Santilli - 9 days ago
G.F.O.T Greatest Flopper of all-Time=Harden
William BlakeII
William BlakeII - 10 days ago
Kenny be talking just to talk! "How do they know he was watching that game." Shut tf up lol. We all know they were watching the game especially CP3! Stop tryna be mr. Smartass all the time! Lol u got lucky to play with the Greatest center ever in Hakeem!
dbritton89 - 10 days ago
Chuck said 2-3 reggie said 1-4
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 10 days ago
Hello, Humans. " I never lose sleep over my enemies. It's my friends that keep me awake."
~Carmine Falcone(Gotham TV Series)
raffpants618 - 10 days ago
the idea that theyb don't double him every play is amazing. truely shows you how no cares about defense. nba is almost unwatchable
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat - 10 days ago
Clint Capella playing like a 100+ million dollar contract player, while Otto Porto Jr (once had potential) and Chris Paul walking around with 100+ mil contracts. Crazy.
the business handler
the business handler - 10 days ago
40 points 35 travels a game no defensive and he has the ball in his hands 99 percent of the game
truth hurts
truth hurts - 10 days ago
44% fg shooter = nothin special
Beanfiddle - 10 days ago
Hardin out here putting up 2K numbers lol
Black Film Guild
Black Film Guild - 10 days ago
These people are idiots... Lebron is MVP if you have a choice to select a player on your team your 1st pick is not Harden. He shoots the ball 50 times a game. shoots 30 percent from three most games.
James Harden
James Harden - 7 days ago
You sound like a media fan not nba fan
S Le
S Le - 10 days ago
harden's a regular season player he will be subpar in April/May
Im Confused
Im Confused - 10 days ago
i would pay to watch this game blindfolded with REGGIE may man commentating!!!
Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn - 10 days ago
It's an extra challenge to deal with refs like them.
AL N MC BEE - 10 days ago
Clay was WIDE OPEN FOR THE LOB! Capella was caught having to make a decision between 2 defenders. Big ups TO THE BEARD, But GS state Defense is and has BEEN SUB PAR!
Free Walker
Free Walker - 10 days ago
If it was Lebron, Skip could say Austin saved him
Baseball Con
Baseball Con - 10 days ago
Watch my video
Edilberto Lopez
Edilberto Lopez - 10 days ago
They're baseball referees or umps somebody batted the ball so hard towards the parking lot and kd saved it while being in the locker room
Kodjo Swole
Kodjo Swole - 10 days ago
Can we all agree that at this point nobody can fully guard James Harden???
Ed Neverwifeer
Ed Neverwifeer - 10 days ago
Hard to slow harden when he gets groovy like that
2fast4ulsr - 10 days ago
The refs just don’t care anymore
GAPESOUND - 10 days ago
DBSuper brought me here
Gerardo Ayala
Gerardo Ayala - 10 days ago
No one cares about basketball, soccer is much better 👌⚽
jdfodio - 5 days ago
Says the person commenting on a basketball video. 🏀
android boi
android boi - 10 days ago
wheres Michael Jordan?
Non of yo Business
Non of yo Business - 10 days ago
The real king james
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson - 10 days ago
i hate the foul calls James Harden gets but lets be honest, he was MVP now two seasons in a row. Give this man his trophy
TLuke DRake
TLuke DRake - 10 days ago
Sit down boi

Oh wait....
homiefromfl - 11 days ago
Can we please stop pretending Klay is a top (or the best) 2-spot defender in the league?? He's clearly not.
athanasia columbus
athanasia columbus - 11 days ago
As Sheed Wallace would say "Ball Don't Lie"!!!
athanasia columbus
athanasia columbus - 11 days ago
The World loves Harden when he beats the Warriors!!
DraMeek - 11 days ago
Draymond must've been cloned and replaced... it's ridiculous how off he is....
Kelly C
Kelly C - 9 days ago
Jazzsoul 60
Jazzsoul 60 - 11 days ago
That may be the one that will make Draymond leave the Warriors.
Morris Owusu
Morris Owusu - 11 days ago
Refs doing the birdbox challenge 😂
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay - 11 days ago
Same old same old. Playoffs start and Harden goes M.I.A😆
James Harden
James Harden - 7 days ago
Yeah while averaging 30 in the playoffs
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay - 11 days ago
MVPs don’t take such a dumb shot at the end of regulation.
Not sure what to name this channel
wildbillcb STjohn
wildbillcb STjohn - 11 days ago
Don't doubt the beard dude
GamingWith Jon
GamingWith Jon - 11 days ago
Kobe is still playing right... I'm just joking don't abuse me
Donald Hammond
Donald Hammond - 11 days ago
Mvp race:
1: Harden
2: Lebron
3: Giannis
4: Embid
5: Curry
Leo Angelo
Leo Angelo - 11 days ago
Game of the year so far.
Kris Wit it
Kris Wit it - 11 days ago
Can we bring hand checking back?
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay - 11 days ago
Kristopher Cotton no, they will continue to overpay them while making the sport easier. 🤫
Ri Ph
Ri Ph - 11 days ago
Dick Thickley
Dick Thickley - 11 days ago
Annunzio Mantovani
Annunzio Mantovani - 11 days ago
The Affordable 3D Interactive Hearing Aid Project !
Bri F
Bri F - 11 days ago
Looks like a college game.
TheVargasShow - 11 days ago
That green jacket 🧥 bruh too talented to come out the house looking like a green skittle.
jo84891 - 11 days ago
I'm sorry but I'm not convinced that James Harden is all that the numbers say. He has the most limited offense of any all star in history. He can do either a crossover, step-back 3 pointer or depend on the refs for almost 30 free throws in a game (he shot 27 free throws on Tuesday). He has MAYBE had one defensive stop in his entire career. I can't let that go. You can't be an all time great and be ONLY a one way player. He takes no less than 25 shots a game NOT INCLUDING THE REF GIVING HIM A MILLION CHANCES AT THE LINE. OVERRATED
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay - 11 days ago
jo84891 NBA markets points now. Harden would be a 20ppg player in the 90s. He thrives in this soft era tho.
bigmac5066 - 11 days ago
Obviously it was James Harden night no doubt but you've to give credit and pay respect to Rivers and Capella.
e1luk - 11 days ago
capela quietest 29/21 lol
Gaia Moseu
Gaia Moseu - 11 days ago
Inside the ni🅱️🅱️a 😂
Carson dickey
Carson dickey - 11 days ago
This shouldn’t be on trending.
Eddie Moat
Eddie Moat - 11 days ago
Travis J
Travis J - 11 days ago
Thx Sam Presti.
Moe Anthony
Moe Anthony - 11 days ago
Harden and that fit work tho.
Walter Welch
Walter Welch - 11 days ago
Just had to flop on that last 3
Struk Money
Struk Money - 11 days ago
Say it again Chuck!! 5:50
It's called"No Defense"😂😂😂
Tee 357
Tee 357 - 11 days ago
I honestly think Houston would've been in the finals last year, if Paul didn't get hurt.
LG3 - 11 days ago
Shaq - "He's playing super unbelievably" 😂😂
mattmaceo - 11 days ago
I wanna hear a postgame interview with the baseline ref 😂😂😂🤣
VTony Vicente
VTony Vicente - 11 days ago
NutellET Channel
NutellET Channel - 11 days ago
-i can write like this-
NutellET Channel
NutellET Channel - 11 days ago
NutellET Channel
NutellET Channel - 11 days ago
NutellET Channel
NutellET Channel - 11 days ago
Wildfire - 11 days ago
Harden should shut his mouth about calls tbh... that dude is literally the most disgraceful player in the league for getting calls he shouldn't get
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell - 11 days ago
on the drive when he hooks the defenders arms into contact makes me angry, or when he bumps into defender with his elbow deliberately then flops. League should make it a foul to flop like in Soccer
NoTrueYachtsman - 11 days ago
Klay Thompson was wide open for the lob at 3:50 lol
Sim ?
Sim ? - 11 days ago
Please try to make this make sense... because this is inexcusable! The refs need to be put on blast & have their names out there so every body can know who they are!
Waui Boy Reyes
Waui Boy Reyes - 11 days ago
JAMES HARDEN!!! mwahahaha!
ash tag
ash tag - 11 days ago
What should happen : REFS should be sent packing to D League
What will happen : REFS will officiate this years NBA FINALS
Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole - 11 days ago
MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt - 11 days ago
Curry out here acting like the GOAT evertime he makes a 3!. sitting at 5 for 15! for the game.... Meanwhile Harden straight up DESTROYS without making a face haha love it
Harden mvp
Kenneth Rodgers
Kenneth Rodgers - 11 days ago
LeBron James is the only player in history that has played that all the way through the finals and through the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.....But not as many points
? ?
? ? - 11 days ago
Jordan ? 37 ppg in a championship season ?
Ross Banter
Ross Banter - 11 days ago
Warriors uniform looking a lot like the Lakers
Nexus Tidal
Nexus Tidal - 11 days ago
The cell game? 😉
Aaaal !
Aaaal ! - 11 days ago
Big Dumb, aka Shaq, adds zero value to this ensemble.
Suspence - 11 days ago
Charles Barkley is a Communist Rascist.
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay - 11 days ago
Suspence he’s not a white liberal.
Seth Roliins 86
Seth Roliins 86 - 11 days ago
Zebras on 🔥
TheOtherGuy021 - 11 days ago
Something tells me that this year’s western finals would be between the Lakers and the Rockets
sergiomorfo - 11 days ago
The moral of this game: "BALL DON'T LIE!".
JandT LivingLife
JandT LivingLife - 11 days ago
Paul Matilukuro
Paul Matilukuro - 11 days ago
And can people just stop this "the refs were trying to help the warriors" bullcrap. We know the refs do a lot of dumb stuff at times, but not the help the teams. Let's just enjoy the performance that both teams put up.
Paul Matilukuro
Paul Matilukuro - 11 days ago
I am a warriors fan but Dayum son, harden went beast. I sure hope the warriors get their game together and become as good as they used to be. generally, amazing effort from both teams.
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