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Mariana Garcia
Mariana Garcia - 3 hours ago
The twin on the left looks scary 😶
Shana Kelly
Shana Kelly - 4 hours ago
The Gene's are strong in this family... holy wow!! Aside from the twins looking so much like Tati ,all three sound alike. Lol
Carrie Leonard
Carrie Leonard - 4 hours ago
i just wanna know how you did your makeup 😂 i’m in love with it
veronmartins - 4 hours ago
Wtf they’re literally triplets this is so trippy
Lindsay Reddick
Lindsay Reddick - 4 hours ago
“How did you know I was coming for you?”
“We just knew”
What movie was that? It’s so familiar but, I can’t for the life of me remember the title
Sadie Plans
Sadie Plans - 4 hours ago
I loved this! It was so fun to watch you guys!
eya maalej
eya maalej - 5 hours ago
They're like triplets
LD tv
LD tv - 5 hours ago
Lady Aimosh Gaming
Lady Aimosh Gaming - 5 hours ago
“I don’t use primer coz I’m lazy”.
Girl, me too! XD
Cynthia Fu
Cynthia Fu - 5 hours ago
wow you guys look the same lol kinda 😂😂😂
Hafsah Subhani
Hafsah Subhani - 5 hours ago
Wait are they triplets ?
Summer Ingram
Summer Ingram - 5 hours ago
Tati getting right in front of her sisters and interrupting them ruined the video.
Sandy Bugay Professional Hair & Makeup Artistry
Wow love your content. Drugstore and high end
ficklexfreckle - 5 hours ago
Omg i was so disturbed i thought it was tati editing herself in the thumbnail 3 times and then they moved and i was like...SHE'S PART OF A TRIPLET??!
7Seven7 - 5 hours ago
They all look alike *o*
portocolombo27 - 6 hours ago
Are you triplets though??
Anubha Bhardwaj
Anubha Bhardwaj - 6 hours ago
I wish I had 3 sisters so that when you go through a breakup, you have someone to pull you out from that situation
Femke Feenstra
Femke Feenstra - 6 hours ago
Catrice has a great dupe for Tarte primer
Khánh Huyền
Khánh Huyền - 6 hours ago
I have a strong confusion watching this video 😅
Viktoria Kadetova
Viktoria Kadetova - 6 hours ago
Great video! Tati, what is on your eyes ?
Gâteaux beauté
Gâteaux beauté - 6 hours ago
om gg i thought it waSnT reAl
linthia. Q
linthia. Q - 7 hours ago
Twin sisters? I did not know this literally surprised
Jemma Hello
Jemma Hello - 7 hours ago
The cheekbones and jawline of all of them wow 😍
Angelcake1371 - 7 hours ago
Maybe because I use to be a twin but I could tell you guys apart right away. One has a longer face than the other. One has more pronounced cheek bones.but regardless you all are beautiful
Nabila Azalia
Nabila Azalia - 7 hours ago
oh my god logan is like the cutest ever ugh cant get enough of him saying "so puurrdyy"😍❤
that beanhead jennifer
that beanhead jennifer - 7 hours ago
I have never been more confused in my entire life
Mecah Ilah
Mecah Ilah - 9 hours ago
The best video ever Lmao!
bianca jimenez
bianca jimenez - 9 hours ago
😮 😮😮😮😮💜💜💜💜
Alexis Terrance
Alexis Terrance - 9 hours ago
Tati x3??? = this
Humairaa Nawab
Humairaa Nawab - 9 hours ago
Is it weird that they both look really different to me? But they sound almost the exact same
sheryl jonas
sheryl jonas - 9 hours ago
Oh gosh twins(looks like triplets in this scenario) creep me out especially when they are identical
kelley chiang
kelley chiang - 9 hours ago
Didn't get much technique info out of this video. Camera work was awful. Tati's head was alway in the way. All 3 sisters are annoying so it must come from the parents
Milk Toast
Milk Toast - 9 hours ago
Tati’s mom really knows how to Ctrl-C Ctrl-V
sabbb xvii
sabbb xvii - 9 hours ago
There was once a time i thought that my name, sabrina, was very unique and uncommon. Smh hahaha
Mimi Bieber
Mimi Bieber - 9 hours ago
Alma Mendez
Alma Mendez - 9 hours ago
the bonding you guys had
toxxicbeautyx - 9 hours ago
5:05 the creepiest thing about that picture is all the girls look alike
DM -
DM - - 9 hours ago
Haha!! It's just... Ha-Ha 😁
ه - 9 hours ago
I love how excited they are😍
soundtoear - 10 hours ago
Gene pool
Polina Popova
Polina Popova - 10 hours ago
Loooove this video 😍
Greasy Kpoop
Greasy Kpoop - 10 hours ago
Can I buy some vitamins :)
Niall the Potato
Niall the Potato - 10 hours ago
I thought you're triplets.
jen8606 - 10 hours ago
Wait! I had no idea your sisters were the twins from the x-files...massive geek moment here. AMAZING!! .... beautiful makeup too...🤣
Shiloh Stephens
Shiloh Stephens - 10 hours ago
Dude.. The thumbnail has me tripping
Eunice Chen
Eunice Chen - 10 hours ago
OmG triplets 🤭
Dollface8985 - 10 hours ago
Im getting Tales From the Crypt vibes from these 3 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stacey Wesley
Stacey Wesley - 11 hours ago
Do a video with the twins of you doing their make up based on their personalities!
Kieu Anh To
Kieu Anh To - 11 hours ago
I looked away and could not tell who was talking. Like who was tati and who was erika who was sabrina....
Linda James
Linda James - 11 hours ago
❤️❤️❤️👍 Babies are So Cute&Precious 😊🤗 hugs
Texas Lady😊
Rima Wetik
Rima Wetik - 11 hours ago
wow.... im confused
Audrey Kate
Audrey Kate - 11 hours ago
might as well be triplets wow you guys lol so alike ❤️
Emily An
Emily An - 11 hours ago
They did such a good job in x-files - so creepy, so good! I loved this video!
mejiii _
mejiii _ - 12 hours ago
I didn't know u had twin sisters😍
Emily An
Emily An - 11 hours ago
This is so weird they all look the same
Jennifer Caneda
Jennifer Caneda - 12 hours ago
Such a great video! Love the looks!!! You three are so cute all together!
Pauly Y
Pauly Y - 12 hours ago
Oh my god
Simone Gustafson
Simone Gustafson - 12 hours ago
Im I the only one who noticed that Tati keeps INTERRUPTING 😂
Sara - 13 hours ago
They are all so stunning but Erika’s face stands out to me, idk how to put it in words but she’s so so pretty to me ❤️ her eyes maybe? Like the shape is so feminine and proportionate.
Nathalie Perez
Nathalie Perez - 13 hours ago
I thought Tati was a twin with the one that was recently on her channel, then I was like why they are triplets and I’m like what cause they are not dang they all look alike
j - 13 hours ago
You guys are so sweet and have such a great relationship! i wanna meet your parents ahahaa
Sara - 13 hours ago
I love Tati and her family so much more now! I didn’t even know that was possible!
Nst Bst
Nst Bst - 13 hours ago
tati wtf i'm so shook right now
Confident Grace
Confident Grace - 13 hours ago
LOVING the 11:11 mention in the beginning of this video! I’m 11/11 and find most days I see 11:11 both times in the day, without effort.
Cocoandme 12
Cocoandme 12 - 13 hours ago
Just imagine how fun it would be as 3 sisters living together!!!
I’m an only child 😅
Katyayani Nath
Katyayani Nath - 13 hours ago
*Omgosh didn't the one on the right look exactly like the one on the left.*
j - 13 hours ago
Lauren Heath
Lauren Heath - 13 hours ago
I'm sketched out rn
Lauren Heath
Lauren Heath - 13 hours ago
This is so weird they all look the same
zvezdapadalica15 - 13 hours ago
They did such a good job in x-files - so creepy, so good! I loved this video!
Mia - 13 hours ago
First 10 seconds are what I think their entire childhood was probably like. Twin parents are angels that deserve calorie free pizza.
Sarah Dyck
Sarah Dyck - 13 hours ago
How many siblings do you have?
Roxy Reading
Roxy Reading - 13 hours ago
hmm... can’t decide which ones prettier. yk they kinda look the exact same.. oh wait they’re twins!😂
L. Davis
L. Davis - 13 hours ago
I also love all the swatches on Tati's arm. It's her personal Bob Ross pallet. But so much better.
Sarah Dyck
Sarah Dyck - 13 hours ago
I literally thought that there was three of you!
Yasmine Safwan
Yasmine Safwan - 13 hours ago
Freaking out about the twin thing ah so cool
Yasmine Safwan
Yasmine Safwan - 13 hours ago
I’m dead serious
adriana guzman
adriana guzman - 13 hours ago
The phone story is so funny and crazy at the same time lol
Sheena's - 14 hours ago
Beautiful Family ❤️
L. Davis
L. Davis - 14 hours ago
I need brrrrushes.....You have like 500 brushes right here. She has like these brushes. She has these brushes. And these brushes. And these brushes...
Devora Gray
Devora Gray - 14 hours ago
Wow, she totally dropped X Files music! Love it.
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell - 14 hours ago
i never knew you had twin sisters WHAT
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