I Accepted the Worst Customer Service Returns - Company Loyalty

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Whats sleep?
Whats sleep? - 10 days ago
The red dwarf refrence tho!
cosmic derpface
cosmic derpface - 17 days ago
This game's timer is too strict.
Snadwich The Dumb
Snadwich The Dumb - 18 days ago
It took me a while to realize what was wrong with the thumbnail
Dilsah Altuntag
Dilsah Altuntag - 19 days ago
5.46 she looks like Beelzebub from Good Omens.
Katie B
Katie B - 25 days ago
Oh my gosh as someone who works retail in the customer service department this actually is somewhat accurate.
Maya Bauer
Maya Bauer - Month ago
“The only game where you have to explain why you can’t return a half-used box of condoms”
I came to the right place
MaddieHerondale - Month ago
At least Gray wants to save endangered animals...😂😂😂
Bunny - Month ago
This is so my life every day at work 🙃
DragonGold - Month ago
fux yourself (help yourself :D)
cityraildude - Month ago
The only game where you have to explain why you can't return a half used box of condoms. I could imagine that this happens in real life. Some customers really are that stupid
eertikrux - Month ago
6:31 SBR in a nutshell
Asper Wolf
Asper Wolf - Month ago
Josny13 - Month ago
There better be a "Zero fux given" joke in there.
Tweek Ludwig
Tweek Ludwig - Month ago
I got a Trojan condom ad from this video.
Gray what have you done-
Sypher Z
Sypher Z - 2 months ago
This is just a regular day in retail
Alexis Potts
Alexis Potts - 2 months ago
Me at 1am watching your videos even tho I should be sleeping...eh who needs sleep anyways
Era - 2 months ago
Demonization Corporation😂
DarienDragonFox - 2 months ago
My question is, who tf buys a single resistor?
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 2 months ago
That date on the Nicolas cage is my birthday
Arielle Hackel
Arielle Hackel - 2 months ago
Soooo.... life simulator for me
EliteDarkPikachu - 2 months ago
The sale software is windows 9
Slender Man.
Slender Man. - 3 months ago
"What kind of blender doesn't blend ice?" Nutribullet.
Mari I'mBored.
Mari I'mBored. - 3 months ago
My dad has a very... "High quality" blender. It can't blend ice. It struggles with everything... But no it's "the best he's had"
Toe bean enthusiast Beth
Toe bean enthusiast Beth - 3 months ago
The robot was a rip off kryten a robot character from a British sci-fi sitcom show in the 80/90s called RED DWARF
Sally Face
Sally Face - 3 months ago
Is it just me or does the chocolate guy look like coach from left 4 dead 2
Ashley Rene
Ashley Rene - 4 months ago
1:40 ... Wtf is up with your manager? He just turned into a spazmatic diva on crack! 😂
original robi
original robi - 4 months ago
When he was doing the intro I screamed "You mean like real life?"
Gustav Kuriga
Gustav Kuriga - 4 months ago
Resister is an actual piece of equipment. That's the joke.
Johan Fredriksson
Johan Fredriksson - 4 months ago
Purex is a brand of laxative in Sweden. Looks like chocolate so some have made the mistake.
Jonas Lott
Jonas Lott - 4 months ago
sends back condoms because they are all the wrong size
Systematic Barometer
Systematic Barometer - 4 months ago
I really dig the character design, especially buddy raptor Christ from dogma
The Playlister
The Playlister - 4 months ago
It’s not even refund complete 😂😂😂
Rage on Athens
Rage on Athens - 4 months ago
"Get fuxxed" 😂
Noa Sylus
Noa Sylus - 4 months ago
Jokes on the devs, Purex is a brand of fabric softener. You wouldn't want to use a condom made of Purex
Nok and No-e's Corner
Nok and No-e's Corner - 4 months ago
Isn’t the cross between Justin Timberlake and the Ninja Turtles Vanilla Ice?
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis - 4 months ago
Justin Timberlake or maybe Kevin Federline LOL
Unsettling_YT - 5 months ago
It said DO throw at busses
Angelica Schyler
Angelica Schyler - 5 months ago
The p was actually just the flipped d
Brakarot - 5 months ago
The Nicholas cage picture made me laugh and shoot milk out of my nose 😂

🤔I haven’t had milk in over a week though 😳
Alyssa Wachman
Alyssa Wachman - 5 months ago
Im having tjmaxx trauma flash backs 😭😭
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim - 5 months ago
that company predicted the COPPA law !
I have at least 10 yt accounts Pls help me
I wish I had a sound effects machine so I could randomly have that horror movie sound effect play and emphasize my point
Emotional Grayce
Emotional Grayce - 5 months ago
I'm sorry but I have used spleens body changed her colors and named her tumor
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez - 5 months ago
Hmm looks like an accurate retail game
Zi - 5 months ago
Tunç Aydoğdu
Tunç Aydoğdu - 5 months ago
Uta Atu
Uta Atu - 5 months ago
Raptor Jesus with the body of Buddy Christ. Nice.
Koriander Yander
Koriander Yander - 5 months ago
Customers are ridiculous
Bindingofash - 5 months ago
The manager is a frat house leorio from HunterxHunter
Annika FW
Annika FW - 5 months ago
Ok now wtf
brody - 5 months ago
I guess my school got ear muffs from a gun shop or firing range hope no lead from the bullet on them
Really in elementary school it look exactly. Like those ear muff
Visionary Gamer
Visionary Gamer - 5 months ago
That looks like Internet Explorer as a computer
Laura Parks
Laura Parks - 5 months ago
gucci community reference
NTron 420
NTron 420 - 5 months ago
The manager look like if Beetlejuice settled down into a job... 🤣
Dimitrije Demenski
Dimitrije Demenski - 5 months ago
goddammit i am LOVING the art in this game!
Echumi - 5 months ago
Sad to hear that Kryten became a meth addict. Although I do wish him the best trying to return that resistor.
Flip - 5 months ago
Condoms really
Witchy Poo
Witchy Poo - 5 months ago
Who doesn’t want look at Nicholas Cage every day? He’s legit one of my favorite actors for all the reasons you’re expecting
TheQuark6789 - 6 months ago
2:21 Windows DOS XD
Dark Fox Vora
Dark Fox Vora - 6 months ago
5:20 so Yukako wasn't shot by the Stand Arrow
Jacob Friedman
Jacob Friedman - 6 months ago
"We're playing the only game where you have to explain to a customer why you can't accept a return of a half-used box of condoms... it's..."
The game of life?
IrationalPom - 6 months ago
2:50 "I have to buy a box of these now 'just to see'"
Beverly Kell
Beverly Kell - 6 months ago
I just started watching and following you recently and I love you. Grats. I'm addicted.
BioticTurtle - 6 months ago
No offence but his video was as boring as tar
Dion, Angel Sumbad
Dion, Angel Sumbad - 6 months ago
That.. that manager guy.. is that who I think is? The Shamwow guy???
the lesser evil
the lesser evil - 6 months ago
The manager looks like vince (the slap chop guy)
B0neCh3wer - 6 months ago
Bruh the girl with living hair was speaking Welsh, feels good to have our language recognized!
Ryan Sheffield
Ryan Sheffield - 6 months ago
Brosidion is michal Timberlake
Gina the Cookie
Gina the Cookie - 6 months ago
Well, if you're gonna buy a shampoo called LAZARUS, don't come complaining that your hair is alive when it's in the name.
RJ Kellogg
RJ Kellogg - 6 months ago
"more condemns damnit" -graystillplays
Pillsnpie Gaming
Pillsnpie Gaming - 6 months ago
LOL most epic name ever Brosoidon of the Brocean
mason - 6 months ago
DieHiovanie - 6 months ago
Is nobody going to mention that "Refund Comlpete" typo?
ravenclawtom - 6 months ago
as someone who works retail, all this seems legit and normal at this point
Petr Stuchlý
Petr Stuchlý - 6 months ago
Wow they didn't even try Photoshopping the Purex logo properly even though it would have been a five minute job. 🤣🤣🤣
M Glover
M Glover - 6 months ago
I died when the turtle guy came in, idk why
me me
me me - 6 months ago
me me
me me - 6 months ago
Lexi Lemons
Lexi Lemons - 6 months ago
After having worked in customer service I question why anyone would make a game like this but then again I also feel like all of these things probably happened to someone and that's the entire point of the game lmao 🤣😭
Louis Steyn
Louis Steyn - 6 months ago
You would think there would be a flat no return policy on condoms due to the potential tampering
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