I Accepted the Worst Customer Service Returns - Company Loyalty

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Lexi Lemons
Lexi Lemons - Day ago
After having worked in customer service I question why anyone would make a game like this but then again I also feel like all of these things probably happened to someone and that's the entire point of the game lmao 🤣😭
Louis Steyn
Louis Steyn - Day ago
You would think there would be a flat no return policy on condoms due to the potential tampering
Vannah Snuffles
Vannah Snuffles - 2 days ago
Long-term wife...
The_Lag Master
The_Lag Master - 2 days ago
"Do not blend genitals, its un-hygenic"
Nudedragon - 2 days ago
it says do throw at buses... that's their recommendation
Hopperstanly - 3 days ago
Daniel Greer
Daniel Greer - 4 days ago
Was it me or did Broseph of the Brocean actually look like Vince from Slap Chop/Sham-WOW? And Gray didn't call that out! What kind of world are we living in!?
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie - 5 days ago
Retail job life is meaningless, init
Avallac'h - 5 days ago
"8 minute battery live 5 hour charge time" lol
theaviationknowitall 22
No joke, I saw a guy go to customer service with _only one slice_ of a cake and ask for a refund.
*The person behind the desk accepted it.*
Maritsa Sigaran Barajas
You make me feel better when I’m sad, guess what I am rn..
Kyra Zimmer
Kyra Zimmer - 6 days ago
i like how your score was about twice as high as soon as you stopped paying attention to the game :'D
Ansley Anderson
Ansley Anderson - 7 days ago
L_ DiB12
L_ DiB12 - 10 days ago
Hahaha i got a trojan condom ad right before this..
Awottbacon - 11 days ago
Why is there not even 1000 comments
Mel Sevigny
Mel Sevigny - 11 days ago
I think the game broke Gray
Dylan De Beer
Dylan De Beer - 11 days ago
"Refund Comlpete"
Ava Marie
Ava Marie - 11 days ago
I find the best games from you
TheGreenSamurai - 11 days ago
Gray: It wasn't mispackaged your just high on illegal crystal meth
Me: there's legal crystal meth?
bella garcia
bella garcia - 7 days ago
Well I believe he’s a Floridian so 😂 Maybeee?
Nathan Asher
Nathan Asher - 7 days ago
All crystal meth is legal if you have the balls
Wes Luke
Wes Luke - 12 days ago
welcome to the workforce
Causality Merges Constantly
Hundred boxes in a cart? That’s just the normal amount of junk laying around in the back of stores
Luis Armando
Luis Armando - 12 days ago
You sound like the demon from Disenchsnted
EnderZ13 - 12 days ago
Props on the Community Abed reference #sexycat
EnderZ13 - 13 days ago
Props on the Red Dwarf Kryten reference! ^_^ #smeghead
Oceanic Blue
Oceanic Blue - 13 days ago
“The only game where you have to explain to a customer why you’re not allowed to take a return for a half used pack of condoms
It’s Company Loyalty”
*No... That’s just life*
TimeLapse Queen
TimeLapse Queen - 13 days ago
Any other Welshies notice the “Esgusodwch fi?” In 5:05
Hanro50 - 13 days ago
"It was made after shot gunning 12 shots of whisky"
DecimusYna - 13 days ago
That goddamn typo, oof.
Justin Puyear
Justin Puyear - 14 days ago
Who else drinks Four Lokos?
FoxyPlayGamesPL FPGPL
FoxyPlayGamesPL FPGPL - 15 days ago
At The start i know why is it like that, (i think) someone got wrong coordinates
In JS if you create your ellipse the y and x are the center of it, but if a rectangle the x and y define the top left corner of it
This could be the case with text here
Ghannon Gray-Edel
Ghannon Gray-Edel - 16 days ago
It's 2019. My friend still has an iPhone 4 XL.
IDJ SMILE - 16 days ago
So the score just say 69 and 420
Marie - 17 days ago
refund COMLPETE!
Nugget - 17 days ago
Instead of refund complete it says refund comlpete lol
logawinner - 18 days ago
I posted this because I felt like it, 1 In the beginning Yahuah created Heaven and the Earth. 2 Then Earth was wandrous and bare and darkness was with the surface of the great depth then the spirit of Yahuah hovered over the water. 3 And Yahuah said, "There beith light" and there was light. 4 Then seith Yahuah the light that it was good, then
i1_Dr1FteR_11 - 18 days ago
the Nicholas Cage one is without a doubt a reference to Abed in Community
Leah Howler
Leah Howler - 18 days ago
I've seen a frozen turkey that had been cooked and was "too dry" accepted as a return.
Shana Lee
Shana Lee - 18 days ago
Did anyone else get the community reference?
Haha Abed trying to figure out if Nick Cage is good or bad.
Depth Perception
Depth Perception - 18 days ago
A man is BROKEN and his name is Gray
Nadya-Catherine Ismail
Nadya-Catherine Ismail - 18 days ago
sprklvel - 18 days ago
Just getting driven to school n you casually see Nicholas Cage on his bike with his shopping, casual Tuesday morning
We love living in the south of england
August RempelEwert
August RempelEwert - 18 days ago
4:01 I think that's the same kind of hearing protectors that I use to avoid sensory overload when I'm watching a movie.
Oweninatior Bob
Oweninatior Bob - 19 days ago
“It was made promptly after shotgunning 12 beers”
Bear 4
Bear 4 - 19 days ago
More people playground dammit ..... figured out what I’m doing yet???
Abbey Anglade
Abbey Anglade - 19 days ago
Gray just confirmed he goes raw. A true Florida man 😍
xinferis chief
xinferis chief - 19 days ago
Just wrote an essay over A&P...
BLUTentaSpy - 19 days ago
Did anyone else notice ... comlpete?
Dusty Fox
Dusty Fox - 19 days ago
It's not an accurate representation of retail unless after you've closed the game it suddenly reopens and you have 3 more customers that need to be served right away.
ColeYote - 19 days ago
I think that might be the other kind of POS software.
docette2015 - 20 days ago
Brosiedon does not care for actually putting his text in the word balloons. Brosiedon is only here to make bro jokes and to hand you your pink slip. Seriously, getting stung by the bee mad scientist probably is the preferable fate here. I don't blame you for taking three of the hats in a row. :p
Vinny Skum
Vinny Skum - 20 days ago
Retail PTSD triggered... *bangs head against keyboard* fitdiydkgckhckhckgx
Amite - 20 days ago
As someone who has worked in customer service, I can confirm that some people are really this insane, especially over coupons & returns. The world would be a better, less soul crushing place if everyone was conscripted to work in customer service at least once in their life.
Marcus Rhodes
Marcus Rhodes - 20 days ago
There is actually a person who got yolo tattooed on their arm, just can’t remember the name
Chicken Permission
Chicken Permission - 20 days ago
This is litterally my job. "The sauce was on the bottom of the burger and not the top. I want a full refund for all 3 meals". I work at a office for a food delivery service.
NPC#789132 - 20 days ago
play the game lmao
Scytar - 20 days ago
Oh so my life
Nitokris, The Blackpilled
At the Walmart I work, they'll accept anything to be returned. Lipsticks worn down to the nub, mouldy bread, broken glass, items from Target... Customer service doesn't care because they just dump them onto those of us stocking on the sales floor. Processing claims is beneath them.
Jacob Coates
Jacob Coates - 20 days ago
I like how the raptor jesus was based on the buddy jesus from Dogma.
Filip Zuk
Filip Zuk - 20 days ago
0:24 oh
UberKrassMann - 21 day ago
this game is a paradox. it looks like it's had a lot and no work put into it at the same time....
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