Exclusive | Wendy's Husband OTHER WOMAN GAVE BlRTH on Wednesday Mar. 20, 2019 (Details)

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Rebia Jones
Rebia Jones - 2 months ago
I'm on my way around there as I'm typing I live 3 blocks away and I have time today .....
Jai’Len Josey
Jai’Len Josey - 2 months ago
Shea Williams Yes, its dangerous, but not illegal. The hospital did not release medical information. And, the patient has to inform the hospital that they do not want any details released. Anyone can call the hospital and get general details like room numbers and if the person is an actual patient.
Evadney Lollis
Evadney Lollis - 2 months ago
Get the proof!
Evadney Lollis
Evadney Lollis - 2 months ago
Wendy, what goes around comes around! Karma is for real 😳
Evadney Lollis
Evadney Lollis - 2 months ago
Rebia, you’re funny. Hurry!!😆😆😆
Esther Farris
Esther Farris - 2 months ago
@jazmin that receptionist did nothing wrong. Public hospital public info thats it
Jathleen Adams
Jathleen Adams - Month ago
OMGOODNESS... I hope you didn’t get the operator fired😮
Jathleen Adams
Jathleen Adams - Month ago
You said the name of the hospital correct.. I’m from philly
C B - Month ago
Jesus I love you. 💕
REEZY SCORPIO, - Month ago
Your skin looks lighter
Free-Lee - Month ago
Nina finna be fired!!!!
Naomi Thomas
Naomi Thomas - Month ago
Hey Taaha
Mercedes Schmidt
Mercedes Schmidt - Month ago
“ I don’t care if ya’ll call CPS “. Jajajajajajaja.... Jajajajajajaja 😂😂😂😂........
Miss DeLe
Miss DeLe - Month ago
This video will be used against court tbh this is in retrospect
Zed MaMa
Zed MaMa - Month ago
😂29:31 he was getting paid in 🍆... TASHA 🤣👏🏿
Carmen Anjari
Carmen Anjari - 2 months ago
It is Avian! He did a show with Tasha K
Carmen Anjari
Carmen Anjari - 2 months ago
Is it Avian?
Angel Beals
Angel Beals - 2 months ago
I use to want to be a blogger, but this is the reason I can NOT! This is too low for me, calling the hospital to get a scope, by a woman who is pregnant herself, just seems very low, disturbing & disgusting! No one has morals or boundaries anymore & it’s disturbing 😢
Sirius McCalop
Sirius McCalop - 2 months ago
Aye, I'm in Philly I would've done it for you! You should've put a message in the bottle! LOL
Sylvia Lawson
Sylvia Lawson - 2 months ago
Tara Rhinehart
Tara Rhinehart - 2 months ago
Just Agree
Just Agree - 2 months ago
My first time watching this show i thought tasha was loud an obnoxious but she be on POINT with everything i watch everyday😂
KeySo Real
KeySo Real - 2 months ago
Yay ! U never know who is a wino who be dropping wine ...on all the celebs
QueenCoCoaMocha - 2 months ago
I keep falling asleep on thos woman😪😴😫😫😫 What kind of ASMR IS DUSS???
Mvungane Sami
Mvungane Sami - 2 months ago
Good God! If someone wanted to finish me up in the hospital, they can do it in a spit second. That's very scary wow!!!
Sheila Pierre
Sheila Pierre - 2 months ago
The fact that Tasha is not cancel after releasing Sharina's hospital and room # tells me a lot about her stans I hope noone ever does that to any of you
Constance Banks
Constance Banks - 2 months ago
Tasha, keep up the great work. Can you find out where Wendy got that white coat and where did you get those grapes for Aveon's interview?
Sheri Adelman
Sheri Adelman - 2 months ago
Your so cute prego and im so happy for you and your husband!!!! Your my fav and YouTube would be boring without you!!!! Simpin some coffee cause im a recovering addict!!!! Clean for 5 yrs now!!!!
Maxine Carter-Carillo
Maxine Carter-Carillo - 2 months ago
DM me I have a great P.R. for you sis! IG @maxstory . I got you sis!
Maxine Carter-Carillo
Maxine Carter-Carillo - 2 months ago
Patricia Simpson
Patricia Simpson - 2 months ago
Avian .
GREENE CRYSTAL - 2 months ago
Ellen Turner
Ellen Turner - 2 months ago
Tasha K, you are the Boss Lady of Bloggers.
Krystal Mattella
Krystal Mattella - 2 months ago
Damn Tasha you need to replace Wendy..Cause you got more dirt on everyone than anyone
ramelep - 2 months ago
TASHAK —— you DON’t PLAY 💚💚💚.. just be getting Alllllll the grapes 🍇.
Mzs.Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Lies marijuana
Mzs.Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Ughhhhhh annoying
MsVichy MS MSc BA
MsVichy MS MSc BA - 2 months ago
Tasha, your videos are entertaining. But, when you stated that you called her room and said what you said, that is poor judgement. She just gave birth, and in bed recuperating. It's a real delicate time of life. I hope people will give you the privacy that you need. I hope you create a team that can be a wise and prudent sounding board, when it comes to something like calling a woman's room after she just gave birth. That's a form of harassment. It crossed the line. Of course, calling the hospital to find out the details is fine. But, you called the room. Tasha, think about the business aspect of blogging too.
MsVichy MS MSc BA
MsVichy MS MSc BA - 2 months ago
Tasha, your hair. Please don't hide your forehead anymore. Trust, your side sweep is fab!
Maria HernandezJonesPhoto
Maria HernandezJonesPhoto - 2 months ago
love your show
Iam Silvie
Iam Silvie - 2 months ago
Men are usually messy. That's why they are caught and when they THINK they are getting away with it.... They aren't. We know. WE. KNOW! Wendy has known ALL along, now. All along.
kukuakukua - 2 months ago
That nurse who gave away the room and patient's bed number should be in a serious trouble for HIPAA violation
Tia Lavender Smith
Tia Lavender Smith - 2 months ago
Tontu is too cute! Hope I spelled her name right!!!
Tray L
Tray L - 2 months ago
Guess you called it on wendy 🤔🍷
Rhianna A.S
Rhianna A.S - 2 months ago
Don't think you would like anyone to blast out the hospital you're going to be at giving birth... but here you go... interesting ethics.
FBI - 2 months ago
I really can’t get enough of this channel.
shecanonlybeher Thomas
shecanonlybeher Thomas - 2 months ago
Tasha is so annoying I can’t take it. Have you not learned anything from Wendy’s life when you tear ppl down going up you must cross those same ppl coming down. Can one of you tubers talk about changing lives for the better. This world is so fucked up ppl will do anything for money like you really get off on tearing ppl down I pray the court system shut you up and shut you down🤦‍♀️
Magnetic Source
Magnetic Source - 2 months ago
love you Tasha K
hillsunshine43 - 2 months ago
Wendy Wendy Wendy she has Sooooo much info!!!! What's up? Omgoodness that Sharina is a mess. I need some WINE right now...I cant keep a Damn bottle around helloooooo! What????Wendy got some side guys? And she should...
123 456
123 456 - 2 months ago
Wonder when Wendy will address this mess!
Deniesha Clowers
Deniesha Clowers - 2 months ago
I don’t understand why ppl hate you though 😂😂😂
Tawanna Boles
Tawanna Boles - 2 months ago
He just messed Wendy up if u wanted another women let the one go and let her be happy men need to stop freaking over this women. Wendy ain't no stupid women they no before anyone their man is a cheater. I will love it if she comes out to tell her own story and be truthful about her own life. Kevin hurt her shoulder I no that myself as a batter women, covering up for x man due to I was scared.
Daydreamer9692 - 2 months ago
I have ZERO idea why this keeps coming up in suggested videos and I don’t know when I’ve heard ANYTHING as ridiculous as this if ever. This yelling woman is completely CLASSLESS and anyone who thinks calling a hospital like that is ok has a very low IQ and even lower morals. Apparently, some people claim to be so outraged that the new mother is the other woman but it’s ok for this one to put her hospital AND the room on the internet??? We don’t know what the hospital’s personal rules are. Maybe the switchboard didn’t technically break laws by divulging information but perhaps it’s an internal policy that nice lady might have broken while simply trying to be helpful. What if she’s reprimanded for that? Black people always talk about how other races treat them but really—HOW DO YOU TREAT EACH OTHER??? Wow! This is all so sad.....🤦‍♀️
MsNaturale Michelle
MsNaturale Michelle - 2 months ago
Tina - 2 months ago
I'd love to see Wendy's side pieces from over the years..
Alexander Tan
Alexander Tan - 2 months ago
Wendy is a real woman? I thought she was a trans all along!
Connie El Abridi
Connie El Abridi - 2 months ago
Alexander Tan me too for a long time !
Seke22 - 2 months ago
Congrats hon with your bundle of Joy.
Blooberri - 2 months ago
So now Kevin’s messing with the male wedding singer? 😱. Who is surprised by this news? Absolutely no one 🤔 We’ve known from the jump he’s got love for the 🍆 😂
Karmen Mizbiznnus-Vincente
Focus was on her addiction and show n no husband time. I pray Wendy gets her 🙏 act together and divorce him period!!! He's probably her trigger to use 🤔
New Nana
New Nana - 2 months ago
Keep your sources secret, we need their information!!
Denise Danielle
Denise Danielle - 2 months ago
I love you
charlene mitchell
charlene mitchell - 2 months ago
Your the only information i believe👍
S B - 2 months ago
That side chick is ugly!
Rana Stevens
Rana Stevens - 2 months ago
I'd beat the taste buds out of his mouth, If i were Wendy!
Mr and Mrs Beaulieu
Mr and Mrs Beaulieu - 2 months ago
Just found you. You are quite entertaining. Cheers from Canada.
Rana Stevens
Rana Stevens - 2 months ago
Kevins outfit suitable,..Hes a damn SNAKE!
Rehema Banks
Rehema Banks - 2 months ago
He has a type she looks like a younger Wendy
MsNaturale Michelle
MsNaturale Michelle - 2 months ago
I think Wendy was prettier and more substantial
misscritique66 - 2 months ago
Aveon Falster
Cree  Ewing
Cree Ewing - 2 months ago
I Love You TK.. I Want You To Check With Your Atty Regarding Your Medical Info Regarding Baby's Marijuana Intake.. May Be A HIPAA Violation.. Please Check It.. Be Careful Sis😇
butterfly9274 - 2 months ago
It’s Sad that nobody gave you credit TASHA about this story they just stole it and reported it as if they were the first😌
CVDean6 - 2 months ago
This lady who willingly got pregnant by a married man, that is your problem, you care for it.
Mary Motherofgod
Mary Motherofgod - 2 months ago
Send her some condoms to the maternity ward 😂
Mary Motherofgod
Mary Motherofgod - 2 months ago
U tell the truth RUTH LOL😹😹😹
Star Flames
Star Flames - 2 months ago
You need an audience
Mary Motherofgod
Mary Motherofgod - 2 months ago
Tasha K 😻😻😻
Jose Palomo
Jose Palomo - 2 months ago
You are!!!! Real talk!!! Your resources been good but I only watch you cuz you always cover everything I wonder about. What you tell me is strong or hear from you is good. Hahahahah!!!!
Jose Palomo
Jose Palomo - 2 months ago
ooooh!!! Panama City Florida !!! Palm Beach, Florida!!!
Abelardo Guerrero ( R&B singer PM sings Happy Birthday to Wendy Williams-Hunter )
You the best!!!
Jen Joseph
Jen Joseph - 2 months ago
She's so adorable ,LMAO..
Mission Missions
Mission Missions - 2 months ago
The same taboo THT got Wendy going crazy is going to bite U in the but also , just a matter of time. U act retarded
Like so excited over ppl pain.
If U turn down the volume U look like a real NUT CASE.
Varna gonna knock hard an loud. I’ll be watching 🤓
diana lewis
diana lewis - 2 months ago
Sloppiness all over this video. Her worst yet. Must be the pregnancy.
Andrea Murphy
Andrea Murphy - 2 months ago
Colombo ain't got nothing on you sis.. all hail the queen... I see your talk show coming through
Deb Kozusnik
Deb Kozusnik - 2 months ago
I love Wendy! No matter what folks opinion is about her marital problems, there is (imo) no other talk show host as beloved as our Wendy Williams! How you doin Wendy? You are respected & we all care about your well being. You've made my saddest days a bit lighter because you're the best friend in my head. xxx
Chelsea-Alana - 2 months ago
I don't care what anyone says about Wendy Williams, at the end of the day she's a LEGEND ! From over 25 years in this game (Gossip, Talk Shows, whatever you want to call it) a lot of these bloggers would not be able to do what they do and go off if Wendy was not that off the wall, say whatever type of chick she was back in the 90's on the radio and now on television. Her personal life being exposed is def. a karma but honestly the drugs and alcohol addiction is where I draw the line for humor. We only value you people when they die and I don't want that for Wendy. Pray for her recovery and a good lawyer to get this ninja the hell away from her !!!!!
Carolyn Grant
Carolyn Grant - 2 months ago
Congrats on your new bundle of joy. I enjoy your show keep it coming...
mzladyt1959 - 2 months ago
Keven Hunter Speaks Out on Page Six on March 22,2019! Check it out!!!
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M - 2 months ago
flowers LMAOOO
free meow
free meow - 2 months ago
omg lol when you said he like to f m in the *ss I was playing your vid in my office the ladies were all scandalized ha ha
Dablkwid0w2008 - 2 months ago
On top of everything else the negroid ghei too
Demonica Roberts
Demonica Roberts - 2 months ago
DAAAAAMMMMMN! In my Chris Tucker voice. Tasha you are dropping bombshell after bombshell.
Divine Commerce
Divine Commerce - 2 months ago
All is so well in Hunterville it gained a new citizen 🤣. Welcome Wendy Sharina Side Chick Jr 🙌
Vanda Alexander
Vanda Alexander - 2 months ago
You look beautiful pregnant...no puffiness, etc.
niya dhupia
niya dhupia - 2 months ago
Stop repeating the stupid tape you like ok super stupid
May Boyd
May Boyd - 2 months ago
ALL C N I C U - 2 months ago
Poor Wendy I feel sorry for her these black men have some dues to pay people saying some hateful things about Wendy but she wouldn’t have a job of dishing the trash on people if we didn’t tune in and black women all of us has been fucked over by a black man in this day in time and ladies all men cheat all men so remember that when you use fuckery to hurt another women
Deirdre Gaskin
Deirdre Gaskin - 2 months ago
That hospital was not very conscious of security. Up here in Bergen County they won't tell you doodly-squat which is a good thing.
Michele Brown
Michele Brown - 2 months ago
Love the Off The Wall jacket cover in the background. ❤️
Tiffany Garner
Tiffany Garner - 2 months ago
Kevin has on the same shades in both pics tho. 10 yr old pic??🤔🤔🤔
Tracy ODONNELL - 2 months ago
You are real lolol just joined
Ashley Ramsey
Ashley Ramsey - 2 months ago
Tasha you are the best! I am praying for you that more doors open but most importantly you need a TV show on a major network.
MyMy Haley
MyMy Haley - 2 months ago
Watch what you talking about! Karma will find you and your family...
cathy trifeletti
cathy trifeletti - 2 months ago
NYC in the house
AJay Sanders
AJay Sanders - 2 months ago
WAYMENT I thought they not suppose to give out the room number or etc chileeeeee😩💀😂
Asia Ginns
Asia Ginns - 2 months ago
She sexy as hell. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Cadillac Smith
Cadillac Smith - 2 months ago
Just messy
L-Nicole Isaac
L-Nicole Isaac - 2 months ago
I watch you a lot, but publicly disclosing her child’s place of birth, is crossing the line. Calling the hospital for her room number, calling her personal room phone makes you a stalker and is harassment
Christie7 Hammon4
Christie7 Hammon4 - 2 months ago
Inspector Tasha K.👮🏾‍♀️👀😎
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