Full Size Run Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Juan Barragan
Juan Barragan - 16 hours ago
Some explain the old lady lmao I’m dead too halarious
Analie H
Analie H - Day ago
By far the most interesting episode haha.
rich.johnj - Day ago
matt welty whaatttt not even show jordan 1,s some love cmon whitey fix your stupid hat and go catch chickens..8.s are favorets to half the world. he should be impeached from the shoe game and i do watch sole collecter his show. trinadad got real game he dresses like a collecter
MidCityChamp - 2 days ago
That nigga Trinidad James has top 10 jewelry in the game. I’m just throw that out there...
Chris Farley
Chris Farley - 4 days ago
Welty is a clown how u don’t like any Jordan’s weirdo contrarian
PhenomRon - 4 days ago
So bro what's the shopping with complex behind the scene get down ? They get it for sale or free lowkey?
Mineski Pembo La Funyeta Rizal Makatol Makati 1208
So another subscriber here fron Philippines
KiN CAMELL - 8 days ago
Antonio Beynum
Antonio Beynum - 9 days ago
James is not funny he be trying hard as fuck to make a mafucka laugh . An the fool with that thick as pedophile mustache arrogant as fuck , yeah DON or whatever TF that pussycat is but other bro is just a wiredo
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor - 9 days ago
Love you so much mr. Trinidad James drip swag👍🏿😍💖💧😎👟🧥👓👖🧦👑😚🧢👏🏿👍🏿👟🧦🕶
Bryce Hoffman
Bryce Hoffman - 9 days ago
What is weltys hat called
miles mcdonough
miles mcdonough - 13 days ago
Joe an dick
Texas Highsider
Texas Highsider - 13 days ago
One day somebody will go sneaker shopping n don’t even mention Jordan or entertain Jordan talk
kane Saunders
kane Saunders - 22 days ago
Fuck those idiots....
Stefan Bae
Stefan Bae - 23 days ago
Ik im late but someone please just be that welt dudes friend or wife bc I was genuinely creepd by his shit
Ian Samuels
Ian Samuels - 27 days ago
Yo this was top 5 funniest episode of this show on god 😭😭😭
アレックス - 28 days ago
dad treating his boys
Dylan Fuentes
Dylan Fuentes - Month ago
Brendan Dunne looks like a young version of Dr. Phil without the bald spot.
Punkfez92 - Month ago
The fact that Trinidad picked the flea markets ughh! You have fantastic taste good sir!
taguinerd - Month ago
I subscribed. I love the chemistry (or lack there of)
BalladOfTheSalad - Month ago
Henri k
Henri k - Month ago
«They dont give you an inch..... pause»
Calvin VIE
Calvin VIE - Month ago
Can someone give me the ID of Brendans Nike t-shirt? Thanks
XenoVsTheWrld - Month ago
Damn Trinidad fell off. he still getting money but I mean
Munch! - Month ago
i'll never forget waking up on a saturday morning in college and trinidad james was meditating on my couch. that's the energy I needed that day.
Rich Homie Sean
Rich Homie Sean - Month ago
Props to Trinidad for paying for his boys
Jmac062 - Month ago
8:23 shoutout Portland ! East bank esplanade
Jmac062 - Month ago
This has got to be my fav episode so far.
Anapatra Ubolchart
Anapatra Ubolchart - Month ago
I thought Trinidad James was broke
Garbage Day Productions
i lost my shit at Ms. Guthrie, a dream moment come true
WhenInROME - Month ago
Fuck you Ms.Guthrie
Jair Salgado
Jair Salgado - Month ago
just subd
Luki - Month ago
Mustache guy is so short hehe
Lust Garden
Lust Garden - Month ago
ahahahaha his jumpshot
soft punk
soft punk - Month ago
FSR are undercover cops
Quack duck
Quack duck - Month ago
7:21 look like my phone service
Cyana Renee
Cyana Renee - Month ago
Diego Puijk
Diego Puijk - Month ago
Anyone know what the nike shirt Brendann is wearing is called? Fits perfect with throwback future sneakers
Sense The Villen
Sense The Villen - Month ago
Bro this happened?
Bobby Lit
Bobby Lit - Month ago
I don't know but those guys are mad weird
soft punk
soft punk - Month ago
they're undercover cops
knowwe - Month ago
wow how did i miss this??
ICY Y - Month ago
Who’s Joe...?😭
peewii - Month ago
The editor made the video 20x better
CartsMU - Month ago
what is the pink and blue shirt the short guy is wearing?
CXADOW311 - Month ago
Is Trinidad even balling like that?
Mario Milano
Mario Milano - Month ago
Joe la puma goes sneaker shopping with fsr team
Mario Milano
Mario Milano - Month ago
Brad hall goes sneaker shopping
Silverio Vega
Silverio Vega - 2 months ago
After watching all episodes of FSR and becoming fan of the show, I had to come back and rewatch this video like 3 times so I could get all the jokes 😂😂😂
Ps. Give FSR editor a raise, not only let him co host live videos
alee sid
alee sid - 2 months ago
Love the memes
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor - 2 months ago
Love you Mr Trinidad James 💖😍👍🏿🙌🏿👏🏿👑😙👟💵💸😀👏🏿
Carter Strong
Carter Strong - 2 months ago
1:29 aye I have thise
Swank Scott
Swank Scott - 2 months ago
The collab is long over due
Geranamooo Senna
Geranamooo Senna - 2 months ago
Welty Spezials aka the AyyHaaa’s
Geranamooo Senna
Geranamooo Senna - 2 months ago
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak - 2 months ago
*Don DeMarco DeMarco*
geniuz g
geniuz g - 2 months ago
Love this episode, looks like Joe was really himself on this one lol, they was trolling each other hard lmao
Hired Help X
Hired Help X - 2 months ago
Ehhh Ha!!!
John Kirby Vegamora
John Kirby Vegamora - 2 months ago
damn its fun! i love them
J Lifestyle
J Lifestyle - 2 months ago
The intro was everything!
Trev Lesh
Trev Lesh - 2 months ago
Can someone tell me what the mustach guy is wearing that shirt is sick
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