Worst Reviewed Food Mystery Wheel Challenge & How To Eat Weird Foods Like a Taro Pancake

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Fred Compalas
Fred Compalas - 30 minutes ago
I feel disgust ewwwww 🤢
Rahim Kay
Rahim Kay - 31 minute ago
You guys shold try Malaysia and Sabah food its realy yummy
GamingWithAngelina GWA
GamingWithAngelina GWA - 58 minutes ago
Aw, no Cambodian food:-(
Well, I think next time maybe.
akumatik calcrc
akumatik calcrc - Hour ago
Omg lol 😝 so funny 👍🤮🤢this is discusting🤢🤮
Park The Kar
Park The Kar - Hour ago
Good thing that they bought a $700 blender
Galaxy Editz
Galaxy Editz - 2 hours ago
Can I have the rest of the spicy noodles :0
Majesty. Davis
Majesty. Davis - 2 hours ago
Dakota Films
Dakota Films - 3 hours ago
Worst reviewed Mexican food
PonyBPup - 3 hours ago
Stinky tofu and tripe soup are also really good
PonyBPup - 3 hours ago
Century eggs are sooooo goooood tho
Beauty By T'Niel
Beauty By T'Niel - 3 hours ago
santiago aa
santiago aa - 4 hours ago
Albatross Panda
Albatross Panda - 5 hours ago
Gamer.TV. Gamer.TV
Gamer.TV. Gamer.TV - 5 hours ago
You have to eat that egg in thai sause​
Tilipia is normal to eat for us filipinos
Meredith Goodrich
Meredith Goodrich - 5 hours ago
Who also felt sick after watching this?🤢

Like if you felt sick!👇🏻
Cynthia Houseal
Cynthia Houseal - 3 hours ago
I Did
Luca Barsotti
Luca Barsotti - 5 hours ago
Looks delis
Dee Cooper
Dee Cooper - 6 hours ago
that is nasty
Cashman Autrey
Cashman Autrey - 6 hours ago
So nasty but funny
Cindy Ledford
Cindy Ledford - 6 hours ago
Escargot is actually really good 🐌🐌
re'lin banks
re'lin banks - 7 hours ago
Text worst to 81800
Marguereite Flynn
Marguereite Flynn - 7 hours ago
Collin is lucky
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - 8 hours ago
how are these places still open
redfalcon nuggets
redfalcon nuggets - 8 hours ago
U have to take off the skin of the weißwurst before eating it
Brigita Hauptman
Brigita Hauptman - 9 hours ago
Can you do something with Slovenia
Dalia Karam
Dalia Karam - 9 hours ago
1 like =1 pray for the key brothers
Jemma Ramlakan
Jemma Ramlakan - 9 hours ago
Keyper Squad 4ever!
glitcherboycolor246 - 9 hours ago
Rylie Hawthorne
Rylie Hawthorne - 9 hours ago
Calamari tastes good
Mo Goudy
Mo Goudy - 9 hours ago
Garrett Kuller
Garrett Kuller - 10 hours ago
You should do this challenge again except for do the best food
CrystalSwordGM - 10 hours ago
guys why did you do this i feel bad :(
Dianna Leflore
Dianna Leflore - 10 hours ago
Keper Squad
Catherine Sizer
Catherine Sizer - 10 hours ago
Lobster mac and cheese is soooo good if its from a good resteraunt.
Lucky The Unicorn
Lucky The Unicorn - 10 hours ago
Apparently, frogs taste like chicken...
Get Racc'd
Get Racc'd - 11 hours ago
Devan= Three TWOOHOO 15:53
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin - 11 hours ago
You should eat Greek food!!!
Fouad Sekkiou
Fouad Sekkiou - 11 hours ago
Im mexican and i alredy eat a cricet
Guillermo Torres
Guillermo Torres - 11 hours ago
Emmy Jae Games
Emmy Jae Games - 12 hours ago
My mom went to a restaurant before and ordered fish. She got the full fish. The waiter saw her face and asked what was wrong. She said, “I can’t eat that, it’s looking at me.” The waiter chopped off the head right in front of her. Needless to say, she didn’t go there again 😂
jason la
jason la - 12 hours ago
Collins : OMG there’s a bone in it
Me:city boys 🙄
jason la
jason la - 12 hours ago
I tried the tripe thing and it’s actually really good and that’s because my mom makes it
yt potato
yt potato - 12 hours ago
I cant stop laughing😂😂😂
Abhinav Daka
Abhinav Daka - 12 hours ago
i love talapia fish, but we get it cut and we cook it and then we remove the bone as we eat
Slime Queen
Slime Queen - 13 hours ago
I feel SO bad for Devan and Collin!!
Michelle Woodby
Michelle Woodby - 13 hours ago
Devan gets *all* the *bad stuff*
Delaney Delcampo
Delaney Delcampo - 13 hours ago
Marcea Sin
Marcea Sin - 13 hours ago
Collin you now the fish you eat is called tilapia not talapia and is common in the philippine
Madison Dunphy
Madison Dunphy - 13 hours ago
Escargot snails I had then there good
Robert Royal
Robert Royal - 14 hours ago
the worst
Dan Townley
Dan Townley - 14 hours ago
I love you 🤟 so much
Ghael Gemir Dumaraos
Ghael Gemir Dumaraos - 15 hours ago
the tilapa the right spelling is tilapia from our country pgilippines its so good
Mary Kemp
Mary Kemp - 15 hours ago
Taro pancakes are originated in Hawaii, made from the taro root.
Iris Ware
Iris Ware - 15 hours ago
Escargot is snail
gacha night wolf
gacha night wolf - 15 hours ago
How much blenders have you broke
Izuma - 15 hours ago
At the first one I was eating eggs and spit them out😂😂
Grace smith
Grace smith - 16 hours ago
Im from thailand so..to me thai food is good.
Scarlett Hill
Scarlett Hill - 16 hours ago
Kyper squad
Keane Yeoh
Keane Yeoh - 16 hours ago
Mordecai and Rigby from regular shows anyone ??
Heather Harmon
Heather Harmon - 17 hours ago
I should do a best rated restaurants u guys deserve it
Heather Harmon
Heather Harmon - 17 hours ago
Sorry I ment to u should do one Collin and devin
Heather Harmon
Heather Harmon - 17 hours ago
Same jere
A Person Named ZTX
A Person Named ZTX - 17 hours ago
Actually the chinese food are actually nice to chinese people like us. We like to eat spicy mala kind of food and intestines.
Chorie Rall
Chorie Rall - 17 hours ago
Slik wirms
Sophie Pilling
Sophie Pilling - 18 hours ago
Roshean Meguillo
Roshean Meguillo - 19 hours ago
Funny Cutie HD
Funny Cutie HD - 19 hours ago
hey can you eat Philippine food that is sinugba baboy
Kazimir Joshi-Godrez
Kazimir Joshi-Godrez - 21 hour ago
Poo cat
Kazimir Joshi-Godrez
Kazimir Joshi-Godrez - 21 hour ago
chantel leigh
chantel leigh - 21 hour ago
Keyper squad
Ethan Moffitt
Ethan Moffitt - 21 hour ago
Worst to 81800 I love you guys your the best Youtuber ever
Silke Marriott
Silke Marriott - 22 hours ago
keper sqad
The Youtuber Cousins
The Youtuber Cousins - 22 hours ago
Collins Talapia has no bones it is called "tinik" because it is from the Phillippines and i live in the Phillippines
Edan Asmamaw
Edan Asmamaw - 22 hours ago
Try Bahrainy food in part two
Abby k
Abby k - 23 hours ago
Keyper squad
Felix Li
Felix Li - Day ago
Eat the worst hamburgers!!!
Dinosaur_Gaming77 Toxic_playz
Ewwwwww silk worms and snails 🤮
Not gonna lie the lobster looked pretty good
lhene escarmosa
lhene escarmosa - Day ago
Ceffel Ann Guerrero
Look at devans reaction when he drinks the worst smothe heh
DaSwagKid Shanar
DaSwagKid Shanar - Day ago
Devan:im about to eat dog breathe as food its gonna be ruff
Oliver claflin
Oliver claflin - Day ago
9:34 I'm gonna eat DOG breath but in food this is gonna be RUFF like if you get it
KimberlyandLuna - Day ago
You guys are the best!!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Karla Jimenez
Karla Jimenez - Day ago
Y'all know that tripe soup is a Mexican soup and I love that soup P.S. it called menudo
Yasmine Tineo
Yasmine Tineo - Day ago
OHHHHH BOI lol u guys r so funny
Kingston Finley
Kingston Finley - Day ago
Keyper squad
Cintia Marisa Mascarenhas
U should have done Portuguese food which is delicious and its my culture
Sozlyn Love
Sozlyn Love - Day ago
if you think they should do a 5 star food challenge give this comment a like :3
Bridgette Hienz
Bridgette Hienz - Day ago
I'm German!!!offensive!!!
E Burgos
E Burgos - Day ago
Squid ink pasta is the beeeest... just not like that
Maina Simoneau
Maina Simoneau - Day ago
Yeet and Fleet kepersqad
Katrina Li
Katrina Li - Day ago
Collins and Deven I Dare you to eat Chinese food
Nicholas - Day ago
Do worst reviewed foods gummy vs real style
Autumn Rieman
Autumn Rieman - Day ago
I Love Your videos
Retin Osunde
Retin Osunde - Day ago
Keyper squad
Zhang hao
Zhang hao - Day ago
Just saying I love eating jelly fish noodle :3 lol
Jennifer Luiz
Jennifer Luiz - Day ago
Collins: I think I've heard of head cheese before like I think it's cheek meat.
Grace Tang
Grace Tang - Day ago
im Chinese, and personally, i felt like both of the chinese foods looked AMAZING
Joanne Bain
Joanne Bain - Day ago
is it just me who toghut that devan was 15/16 but he is 21 about to be 22
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler - Day ago
You should try lobster legs and butter sauce its SO GOOD!
Terri Sinclair
Terri Sinclair - Day ago
Keyper squad
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