Worst Reviewed Food Mystery Wheel Challenge & How To Eat Weird Foods Like a Taro Pancake

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Sleep R.i.p xxx
Sleep R.i.p xxx - Hour ago
4:51 creeper
nikol Tenorio
nikol Tenorio - 3 hours ago
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - 3 hours ago
I am so sorry for drinking that smoothie
Tina Hatchet
Tina Hatchet - 5 hours ago
Keeper squad 🤪🤪😜
Vasco Gomes
Vasco Gomes - 8 hours ago
Eat the. Mac and cheese
JustRandomGuy ;-;
JustRandomGuy ;-; - 9 hours ago
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - 9 hours ago
Gordon Ramsey mode activated.
Sassy Unicorn 09
Sassy Unicorn 09 - 10 hours ago
"That's what the trampolines are"🤣🤣🤣
GeneralFluff - 10 hours ago
Keyper squad
Nirmal Mehatary
Nirmal Mehatary - 10 hours ago
Keeper squad
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 11 hours ago
Keyper squad
Jennifer Jeannie
Jennifer Jeannie - 11 hours ago
Keyper squad
Nutan Dey
Nutan Dey - 13 hours ago
Imagination Wolf Shayney
Imagination Wolf Shayney - 14 hours ago
Onion soup and escargot are THE best foods on here
_jessica_ _plays_
_jessica_ _plays_ - 14 hours ago
i didnt know other countries has different taste like chinesse
_jessica_ _plays_
_jessica_ _plays_ - 14 hours ago
the tapila is an indonesian food collin and i think devan has mexican food
Uni hurghadian girl
Uni hurghadian girl - 14 hours ago
Yau Chou
Yau Chou - 14 hours ago
The channel should be called "the key bros" because while Collins was drinking a delicious smoothie Devan was drinking a disgusting one. Also Devan is in all of these videos apart from the colabs
Uni hurghadian girl
Uni hurghadian girl - 14 hours ago
I feel so bad
Emma ay
Emma ay - 16 hours ago
I am german
Farlie Ruslando
Farlie Ruslando - 16 hours ago
I dare you eat indonesian best food
Master Creations
Master Creations - 17 hours ago
Bethony Gramza
Bethony Gramza - 17 hours ago
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Bethony. She made a video of trying out the worst reviewed foods. Then she died. The end! OK MOM OK DAD YOU CAN GO BACK TO BED NOW
김광호 - 18 hours ago
the japanese beans are suppose to be stringy
Helen Zuñiga
Helen Zuñiga - 19 hours ago
Talapia is an famous fish in Philippines
seung in eom
seung in eom - 21 hour ago
It is Devan not Devon
Mike Carey
Mike Carey - 22 hours ago
Do Irish or Scottish food please
Gamer Bot
Gamer Bot - 22 hours ago
Tilapia is a fish in the Philippines!

It’s so good but thanks for trying my favorite food!
Funtime Moxy
Funtime Moxy - 23 hours ago
I love escargot
Blade Gamer
Blade Gamer - Day ago
Keyper squad
UniqueOrn - Day ago
Devon: *eats escargot* AhHhHhH!! ItS sPiCy!!
Me: maybe because it has garlic on it?
MrKnowItAll RBLX
MrKnowItAll RBLX - Day ago
Collin had the best foods lol
toñito Ventura
toñito Ventura - Day ago
Willi Burgemeister
Willi Burgemeister - Day ago
12:36 shaboob
George Martin
George Martin - Day ago
Please do this again!
Lola Sharon
Lola Sharon - Day ago
😁😂 davans eating crickets and snails
Anaya Tucker
Anaya Tucker - Day ago
tessanne roberts
tessanne roberts - Day ago
Do sour food vs sweet
Arctic Destroyer 1.0
I was eating while watching this... Hehe I’m sick
Deathman Jk
Deathman Jk - Day ago
10:25 I died
😂😂😂😂😂 😵😵
Scott Seldon
Scott Seldon - Day ago
I can’t believe you guys are eating bad food and I’m eating McDonald’s
Luo Chris
Luo Chris - Day ago
This is how many times they said "ohhhhhh"

Luo Chris
Luo Chris - Day ago
2.24 - 2.26 Devan: * sounds like a sheep * baaaaaaaaaaaa🐏
DP - Day ago
Keeper squad
seung in eom
seung in eom - Day ago
Anyways I'm a boy
seung in eom
seung in eom - Day ago
Devan howled like a wolf
Rahni White
Rahni White - Day ago
All i have to say is why😔
Rachel Mallard
Rachel Mallard - Day ago
At 1:40 a card fell off
Rachel Mallard
Rachel Mallard - Day ago
Not that 1:04
Seraphine Omari
Seraphine Omari - Day ago
for pancakes 100 stars
Seraphine Omari
Seraphine Omari - Day ago
Dren Alps
Dren Alps - Day ago
Try a filipino food its the best
Mimi Hammer
Mimi Hammer - Day ago
Why was almost all the food they ordered spicey??
Cookie Cookie
Cookie Cookie - Day ago
At 3:10 What the hell is a freaking tarantula doing in ur toxic Sushi?!
Jamin galan
Jamin galan - Day ago
The talapia is food of filipinoss
scotty martin
scotty martin - Day ago
I tried but I couldn't 😿😿
scotty martin
scotty martin - Day ago
People who love Devan and Collins key
Gilbert Aquino
Gilbert Aquino - 2 days ago
Hey collins i am little bit angry to you cause im a filipino and i love tilapia not talapia
Adam Stanton
Adam Stanton - 2 days ago
Mohamud Shire
Mohamud Shire - 2 days ago
BABY BEAR - 2 days ago
Eat a rotten pizza
Russell Elder
Russell Elder - 2 days ago
Kaela Klassified
Kaela Klassified - 2 days ago
wow im bad at trying new things
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera - 2 days ago
I ate at Arby's now mommy do you need to go to the toilet 15 times
Kai garmadon
Kai garmadon - 2 days ago
*CREEPER* 4:51
Li Ferr
Li Ferr - 2 days ago
I was have cake and I ............................ threw up
Maby watching this was a bad idea
Cayla Does Gaming
Cayla Does Gaming - 2 days ago
How about Filipino food? Im a filipino. Where are my fellow filipinos at?
Vano Gul
Vano Gul - 2 days ago
Ice andrei Cabinte
Ice andrei Cabinte - 2 days ago
Hi im an filipino boy in phillipines we all love tilapia
death shadow
death shadow - 2 days ago
6:26 um whats wrong with devins face
Annalisa Stremes
Annalisa Stremes - 2 days ago
That look disgusting
Sanji Fei Ramos
Sanji Fei Ramos - 2 days ago
guys,i dare you to eat all the philipine's worst food EVER! >:)
Peter Pan1
Peter Pan1 - 2 days ago
・ undopotato ・
・ undopotato ・ - 2 days ago
・ undopotato ・
・ undopotato ・ - 2 days ago
Collins the Sunshi u ate was uni
kat staggs
kat staggs - 2 days ago
Keyper squad
Logan Blackman-Davies
Logan Blackman-Davies - 2 days ago
Golda panin
Golda panin - 2 days ago
Tilapias are very common in my country. Its delicious and marvelous. We also eat cooked snails. I only eat the foot cause i dont like the had and body. You may be wonder what country im from but im not gon' tell uuu
Polly Look
Polly Look - 2 days ago
I ate burnt sninky tofu
Polly Look
Polly Look - 2 days ago
Devin would you rather eat garlic or snails?
Polly Look
Polly Look - 2 days ago
Your food is not a bug devin
Grace Furneaux
Grace Furneaux - 3 days ago
Those white sasuges are called conwies. They are basically white sasages.
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