Camila Cabello - Liar (Audio)

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DAVIDE MODANESI - 4 hours ago
Am I a toast?
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker - Day ago
COVIDNINETEEN VACINATIONS, THE 1ST STEP TOWARDS THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS HERE SOON. A great and formidable enemy seeks to enter into the very blood of My children through the altering of your DNA. Because of the curse that came about after the fall of the first man Adam, I came to make a way for you. You are renewed and made clean again by your belief and salvation in Me, your King and Messiah, sent by My Father to redeem you by My blood sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary. Only through Me, the Door, corruptible is made incorruptible, unredeemable made redeemable. I have ransomed you in order to bring creation back to its Creator. Creator YHWH was made flesh to overcome death, hell, and the grave, and to take what was tainted and impure and make it whole again.
The spiritual battle that is raging now is ultimately to strip you of the Divine image of Myself that has been placed within the DNA of My creation. Ask Me for more wisdom and revelation about this and it will be given to you. The veil was torn, access granted when I shed My blood, died and rose again. We have created you in Our image, and when you walk in holiness, righteousness and purity, obeying My commandments, I am enthroned on your heart. You are then transformed in body, soul and spirit. When this transformation occurs, the very frequency of your cells then resonates with Me and raises you closer to your Creator and further away from the lower realm and lower frequencies which keep you bound. This is by design, and when indwelled, My Holy Spirit will be the gatekeeper of your heart, and your entire being, My sanctuary, and the place where I reside in you. When this occurs, My Kingdom is on earth, as it is in Heaven. It is then that I am able to provide victory over the curse for you, preserving the Divine design I have placed within your DNA. There are many layers of revelation to know what is coded there and hidden, secrets to be revealed to only those who overcome.
However, if the gates are breached by sin, lack of obedience, compromise, or lukewarmness, the enemy sets up thrones (strongholds) instead of Me, because my laws, My Word have not been written on your hearts. You have a sworn enemy whose utter mission is to destroy you. He will stop at nothing, and as My Word has foretold, the time is here when the greatest of all violence and evil against My people, those made in My image, is taking place. The battle is for the soul, and the battle is about the blood. Satan’s ultimate goal from the beginning was to corrupt the seed, corrupt the blood that carries My blueprint in you, My design for those made in Our image, your DNA.
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If you have not already done so, seal the portals to the enemy now! Confess your sins and repent for the midnight hour is here! Bind the access points that have given satan legal rights within your temples, within your body, mind, soul and spirit. Give satan and all his dark kingdom a certificate of divorce and be free from the bondage, and from all the oppression and possession in your bloodline immediately! Break the curse from your ancestors back to Adam. Cover it all with My blood and command the enemy out of your bloodline, sealing it as well, the gates to your heart, using the authority you have been given through Me. Exercise dominion as a gatekeeper and a son or daughter of the Most High God, taking your positions as heirs to My Kingdom. My Holy Spirit will then have permission to use you for My glory and manifest through you in this crucial hour.
*(Please see the prayers on the right hand side bar and the one titled Increased Demonic Warfare Prayer covers everything He is instructing here)*
This must be done this moment!! This is crucial! Precious moments remain before the implementation of the enemy’s plan to destroy the DNA of My creation, making you forever unredeemable. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and it must be taken by force! Take My Holy Word and dispossess what has had control of your gateways and that of your family line through covenants, oaths, soul trades and agreements made by your ancestors. Do it this moment! In Me you will be made FREE!
The implementation of the plans to alter your DNA and make it programmable by something other than Me, your Creator, are here. I control and govern the DNA I have placed within you, but if you allow man to administer anything within your bodies, that will recode your DNA, I will no longer be the controller. I will no longer recognize you as My creation. You will have become a mixture of something else, an altered form of man and technology, and therefore, not in My image any longer. Do you understand what I am saying? Truly the hour is here when you must prepare to make the choice to remain fully human, infused with My Spirit. The enemy wants nothing more than to deceive you through propaganda, fear and manipulation and cause you to allow either a mark or an implant (vaccine or digital tatoo) into your bodies that will forever separate you from Me. This is your reality right now! You must know what you will choose to do.
When you open doors to the enemy through sin and through your choices in life outside of My ways, the demonic spirits appoint gatekeepers over your heart, your mind, and your soul. Then those spirits invite more, and when no repentance occurs, strongholds occur. The heart of an unregenerate man is wicked and deceitful above all things. But My Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of your soul and spirit, your joints and marrow, as I discern the thoughts and intentions of your heart. Allow Me to write My laws on your heart and you will know truth at last. You will know what is now directly in front of you and the choices that are here for you and your loved ones. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, but it does NOT have to be this way. Allow My glory to penetrate your spirit so that your soul will come under submission. To not allow this, means you will remain in bondage and you will be easily deceived. If I do not dwell in you fully, and your gates have been breached, another will easily influence you and take governance.
My people, I have given you the keys to the Kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever is loosed on earth will be loosed in Heaven. Bind the strongman, bind the strongholds on your life and be delivered!
The technology for the mark of the beast is here. It is upon you. It will be presented at first to be taken voluntarily, then very soon after, you will not be able to buy, sell or work. Do not wait another moment. Come out of Babylon and make Me King of your heart, the Divine Gatekeeper of your soul.
The evil ones have set in motion their wicked schemes, as it must be so according to My Word. Many, many judgments will occur as I allow them. This is to wake up My church. You must know where you stand in your walk with Me, because in an instant, everything will change, and there will not be another opportunity to choose, because the choice will be made for you. You are either all in, or I am turning you over to your carnal mind and nature. You have the choice My loves, choose life and eternity in Me over eternal death in darkness.The time is now.
SejrosXD - Day ago
what the f*ck is that??!
Earthworm Sally
Earthworm Sally - 2 days ago
I remember I listened to this like 10 times when it first came out-
FTownStreetmachines - 2 days ago
Staqzyy - 2 days ago
I am having the feeling that I knew this song just my entire life
Katy Kay
Katy Kay - 3 days ago
Cute, and catchy!
Michelle Ruth Maggay
Michelle Ruth Maggay - 3 days ago
this is still the best to dance to
Jade Potvin-Breton
Jade Potvin-Breton - 4 days ago
Love it tune❤️
Tímea Füzesy-D.
Tímea Füzesy-D. - 5 days ago
Nem jutok szóhoz
Tímea Füzesy-D.
Tímea Füzesy-D. - 5 days ago
Ada Garcia
Ada Garcia - 6 days ago
MairePC O'D
MairePC O'D - 7 days ago
Thanks, 🙏
Akshya.R - 7 days ago
Akshya.R - 7 days ago
Billie: Devil wings
Camilla: Angel wings
Me: steals comment
Akshya.R - 7 days ago
Oh no she is slaying hhahah AS ALWAYS
Akshya.R - 7 days ago
Omggff SHE IS sucha DaMn QUEEEN😍
Morty_2 8
Morty_2 8 - 9 days ago
Morty_2 8
Morty_2 8 - 9 days ago
Lucas Watermelon
Lucas Watermelon - 9 days ago
This song is plagio of Margherita played by Marracash and Eloide
Vaishavi Kothari
Vaishavi Kothari - 11 days ago
I would be a LIAR if i said i hated this song
Solomon King
Solomon King - 11 days ago
kenny chesney
JC Cabisada
JC Cabisada - 11 days ago
They say Camila doesn't have a non-american fan. Like your not.
Daniela Soria Machuca
Daniela Soria Machuca - 11 days ago
SHADOW ASSASSIN - 11 days ago
You are one hell of a lady I love you from my heart. Thankyou for giving us one of the greatest Hits of all time.
Salma Lisa
Salma Lisa - 11 days ago
Follow rania starsعالم رانية أحلا لايك
t0x1k - 13 days ago
Кавооо блять какой аричи лонг где слидан где гигабайт я порно хочу смотреть
Patrick Bell
Patrick Bell - 14 days ago
She has angel wings, and Patrick bell has sauced buffalo wings, and is made out of chicken meat, feathers, bones, and buffalo sauce, which I am a fire breathing dragon!
Rachel's World
Rachel's World - 14 days ago
Łøved this
mariana riale
mariana riale - 14 days ago
Holaaa, como estan?, pasense por el canal de mi amiga, se llama josefina alvarado y hace poco comenzó a subir videos 💖
xXgavatron_ gameingXx
xXgavatron_ gameingXx - 14 days ago
Camila! Hi! :DDDDDDDDD
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza - 15 days ago
El saxofon es la ostia
• Hỳnn
• Hỳnn - 15 days ago
azel aga
azel aga - 16 days ago
omg yall have to be joking. this is literally the begining of the "karma" by marina
Ricardo Noyola
Ricardo Noyola - 3 days ago
Uhmmm no, this is a sample from Lionel Richie. Marina sampled his song as well but didn’t give credit and Camila did. Get ur facts str8
Kilo Lin
Kilo Lin - 16 days ago
I hate senorita but this song lights up my day way to much 2llw
Chloe And Abbigail
Chloe And Abbigail - 16 days ago
i used to think james charles was ava max O,O
Furkan - 17 days ago
Im in fucking love with this song
si tu t'abonne je m'abonne a toi
Billie Ellish: Devil wings
Camila:Angel wings
Me: Chiken wings
Fitz - 17 days ago
_ughh :(._
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Startin' up a fire
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Oh no
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Oh no there U go
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
But what is he kiss me
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Oh nonono
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
Oh nononono
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
I dont gonna lose control!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Life
Love Life - 17 days ago
This hjelped me super
Amazon 2.0
Amazon 2.0 - 17 days ago
''I said I won't lose control, I don't want it.. I said won't get too close, I can't stop it.. ''(HELP)
Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia - 18 days ago
Salma Lisa
Salma Lisa - 18 days ago
إشتركو في قنات rania stars عالم رانية أحلا لايك
Andre pietro Lattuga
Andre pietro Lattuga - 18 days ago
Baby lonneyVEVO
Andre pietro Lattuga
Andre pietro Lattuga - 18 days ago
Baby lonney 2
Ep 26
Juan Díaz
Juan Díaz - 18 days ago
Ryan Lima Ryan
Ryan Lima Ryan - 19 days ago
55 481 913
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias - 19 days ago
He's A Liar!
DamaCa5 DamaCa5
DamaCa5 DamaCa5 - 19 days ago
From Senorita to Liar
Shalyar Kh
Shalyar Kh - 19 days ago
I very love you camila cabello
Arnoldo Contreras Rivera
Arnoldo Contreras Rivera - 19 days ago
Them are my chicken wings. He was already dead when i got here.
E G - 20 days ago
ı love thıs song
Alejandra - 21 day ago
It´s so sad that the whole album is kinda underrated
Saakshi Shetty
Saakshi Shetty - 15 hours ago
@ritok 20 I love Camila but you are wrong. She doesn't stand a chance near albums like folklore, After Hours, FN and Chromatica.
ritok 20
ritok 20 - 3 days ago
@Ricardo Noyola I think she could win best pop vocals
Ricardo Noyola
Ricardo Noyola - 3 days ago
But she’s coming for her grammy noms with romance just wait and see
ritok 20
ritok 20 - 15 days ago
IKR. I think that the racist scandal and the Rollout kinda "destroyed" that era. I hope her next album gets popular as her Debut!
앗. - 23 days ago
Kristian Kožić
Kristian Kožić - 24 days ago
666K likes. Im kinda scared😋😋
iRandom - 26 days ago
If the song had been properly promoted ( not released along Shameless, was performed regularly not when she feels like it ), it could easily have been a hit
iRandom - 12 days ago
ᴀ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ʟ ᴇ s some of the unreleased songs have more hit potential than the singles from the actual album
ᴀ ᴄ ʜ ɪ ʟ ʟ ᴇ s
I'm still pissed at her team for handling the promotion so shitty
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias - 26 days ago
On The Individual Seminary
TheAdobeGuy - 26 days ago
hye everyone
Chester Farro
Chester Farro - 26 days ago
Me: Camila is a pisces? That's why I feel save and agreed if she sings.
Karla Ballesteros
Karla Ballesteros - 26 days ago
Esta mujer merece ser reconocida, la amo y me trae bien pero bien embobada 👊😋💓💓😅
Gemmes Girl
Gemmes Girl - 27 days ago
Likes - 666k 22th September
Fitton Twins
Fitton Twins - 28 days ago
This song is the best it’s soo good your are fav singer we wish to meet you 😘
Melvin Lind
Melvin Lind - 28 days ago
Literally stole this from MARINA's "Karma"
Shalyar Kh
Shalyar Kh - 28 days ago
I very love camila cabello
Valeria Gomez
Valeria Gomez - 29 days ago
that I had not seen in Shakira's album
Estrella Rodríguez
Estrella Rodríguez - 29 days ago
A esos que dan dislike que no les gusta?
Que Camila es una Diosa y mejor que muchos otros??🤨
RoryTheWolf - 29 days ago
Me: would have dark angel wings
Anya Brock
Anya Brock - Month ago
aisha jawara Jawara
aisha jawara Jawara - Month ago
This song is for liars! I always play this in front of my sisters!
Indika Kumara
Indika Kumara - Month ago
❤Camila cabello❤ fans
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
Brasil Loves you bb ):
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - Month ago
Enfim a perfeição❤❤❤
Roberto Junior
Roberto Junior - Month ago
oi camila
maddison vlogs
maddison vlogs - Month ago
I love her voise 😗
Sarah Van Duyse
Sarah Van Duyse - Month ago
Kristin Graham
Kristin Graham - Month ago
Is no one else hearing some Ace of Base “All That She Wants” in the chorus?
Samuel Attias
Samuel Attias - Month ago
Both Liars
Natalie Anderson
Natalie Anderson - Month ago
Best pop song ever even better that Katie perri and that’s saying something
كإي واي / key Y
كإي واي / key Y - Month ago
Patrick Bell
Patrick Bell - Month ago
Oh, She was a Cuban-American singer and songwriter!
constanza - Month ago
Patrick Bell
Patrick Bell - Month ago
I think she’s nice, 🥰 i think she will go on the date with me, when mom listens to music on Spotify.
qazwsx675 - Month ago
My Fav song
Heather Nixon
Heather Nixon - Month ago
camilla liar song
shawn i wont lie to you #treatyoubetter
shawmila senurita
Crybaby Kaylee
Crybaby Kaylee - Month ago
Taylor swift😏
Asma Safdar
Asma Safdar - Month ago
Jeanette Saunders
Jeanette Saunders - Month ago
Lets play the 'yes and no' game
You can only say yes once and only say no once
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Are you lying:
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