The Fake Vinegar In British Fish and Chip Shops

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Rob Smith
Rob Smith - 8 hours ago
Pickled onions vinegar is better
byteme9718 - Day ago
This stuff is way better than vinegar for fish and chips.
Jim Allen
Jim Allen - Day ago
Go to Edinburgh Tom, salt and sauce is what you are offered, its kinda like brown sauce and vinegar mixed. God knows what is in it.
NateDawg - 2 days ago
are source and sauce considered homonyms in Britain?
sm0l Mane
sm0l Mane - 2 days ago
Wait is the opening shot in wexford?
Tony - 2 days ago
I say yes it does to me. And I bet real vinegar is healthier.
Rasgonras - 3 days ago
Why would you put vinegar on pommes frites???
Is the question that matters.
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson - 3 days ago
"Does it matter?"
Not really. But since you have brought it up. I still don't get why you Brits are so obsessed with vinegar on chips?
I tastes ok, but ketchup or mayonnaise are simply better.
Serious - 9 hours ago
John Prentice
John Prentice - 3 days ago
I defiantly think it matters. I just bought proper vinegar from Orkney. It's so good you can actually sip a tiny amount straight from the bottle via a glass of coarse. Delicious with chips or what ever you have it on.
Guy Boo
Guy Boo - 3 days ago
“Does it matter?”
- Chip shop vinegar
- “Captain” crunch
- “Literally” (adv, colloq): figuratively
- Soy milk
- Ending sentences with prepositions
- Metric vs. imperial (especially when landing on mars)
- euphemism treadmill
- gif vs. gif
Now everybody fight
Rupert Steffler
Rupert Steffler - 4 days ago
It's disappointing that English people don't care. If I'm in the UK I'm making sure they've got real vinegar before I eat there
Lad VLAD - 4 days ago
I live in the UK and prefer non brewed condement and can tell the difference
VaporMations - 4 days ago
I think that if enough people call something vinegar, it becomes vinegar
Gingerbred_Hed - 4 days ago
Why put vinegar on fries??
tortured soul
tortured soul - 4 days ago
Chip shops don’t care because chip shops are run by Chinese people and Chinese people don’t respect anything or anyone
Malovus - 5 days ago
I had always wondered why chip shop "vinegar" always tasted better to me than the stuff I buy in stores. Guess that explains it.
adamgh0 - 5 days ago
I didn’t know real vinegar was such a pricey condiment. You can buy it by the gallon for under $5 over here.
Gavin Schultz
Gavin Schultz - 5 days ago
imagine going to beach on vacation and you see some poor shmuk talking to a camera about vinegar
Travis Paskiewicz
Travis Paskiewicz - 5 days ago
Who puts vinegar on fries?
JoMarieHartup - 5 days ago
You'll prise my chip shop vinegar from my child dead fingers.......
プディンセス - 6 days ago
Is this Shoreham by Sea or do all port towns in England look the same?
Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler - 6 days ago
I like both, but I can tell the difference.
Joseph D
Joseph D - 6 days ago
Folkestone, very epic
1 1
1 1 - 6 days ago
i mean, it got acetic acid in it, so it must be vinegar
Peter Conlon
Peter Conlon - 6 days ago
Great, now I've go to search and find out if it matters or not!!
Ken Lompart
Ken Lompart - 6 days ago
I'm Canadian and it's not unusual to put vinegar on your fries or chips as the Brits say but when I ask for vinegar for my fries in the US they look at me like I should be locked up in a mental institution.
JL Abella
JL Abella - 6 days ago
Nahh mate, I'd prefer gravy instead that vinegar. Mostly people wants gravy on their chips though... Also, vinegar, and fish and chips don't work together as your snack.
Spooky Lemon
Spooky Lemon - 6 days ago
JL Abella Curious, where are you about? Where I am gravy with chips is very uncommon.
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts - 7 days ago
It used to be my job to make "the vinegar "" to the right ratio😅
TheTyisAwesome - 7 days ago
Canada always has real vinegar. Never knew this was even a thing
Damian - 7 days ago
Why do I do this to myself? What advantage does my life have from consuming this trivial information? Why am I going to do it again?
Julius Fučík
Julius Fučík - 7 days ago
Just use mayonaise like a real person
cirian75 - 7 days ago
Unless your allergic to me
superfurryfox - 7 days ago
It matters but not by enough to ruin my chips
Zigggy gmz
Zigggy gmz - 7 days ago
Nah nah nah this is disrespectful
Jeroen Kuppens
Jeroen Kuppens - 7 days ago
What matters to me is that people but vinigar on their their fries. As a belgian, this disgusts me.
The Safety Car
The Safety Car - 7 days ago
Not a fan of it either. Always just salt
Andy harpist
Andy harpist - 7 days ago
Well perhaps the question you should be answering is.. "Why isn't cod-and-chips, not actually cod? Ribena has only four berries per glassful; cheese pizza has no real cheese; a bag of coal is 25% water; and why must baked beans contain several spoonfuls of sugar?
Dan Yuleo
Dan Yuleo - 7 days ago
On his way down to his next walking lesson.
Martyn Watson
Martyn Watson - 7 days ago
If you think deception is ok, then it doesn't matter.
Broockle - 8 days ago
Vinegar... on fries... didn't know people do that.
James Ellis
James Ellis - 8 days ago
It matters when I havent eaten before a lab and we're using acetic acid
Pro_Rman - 8 days ago
Harry from the sidemen educate me of this before i found this😂
Alexander Vlasov
Alexander Vlasov - 8 days ago
Putting aside the entire topic of pouring vinegar on your fries, I don't believe the price is a factor here. Natural vinegar costs as low as 0.30€ per litre here in Czechia, grape or apple vinegar around 0.80€/liter. These are retail prices.
Nils Mueller
Nils Mueller - 8 days ago
Who puts vinegar on their chips
guguigugu - 8 days ago
i still cant believe brits seriously put vinegar on fries
Spooky Lemon
Spooky Lemon - 6 days ago
guguigugu *chips
Joshua Gadsby
Joshua Gadsby - 8 days ago
Is that Folkestone?
MrMorganMakesMusic - 8 days ago
Why is this video being recommended to me during the one time in my life fish and chips are unavailable in my country lmao
Azan Ali
Azan Ali - 8 days ago
Imagine eating fish and chips drenched in alcohol. Let me know if you tried.
Nubby Tope
Nubby Tope - 8 days ago
It matters enough to make a video.
tornagawn - 8 days ago
Go to Edinburgh, you’ll no be gettin’ salt and vinegar on yer chips - it’s salt n sauce! (Brown sauce diluted with non brewed condiment)
Brattisani’s 2004 RIP. Many pokes of chips arrived back from the Newington branch to the student halls in the 80’s......that watery brown sauce really stuck the paper to the chips
Richard Blankenship
Richard Blankenship - 9 days ago
Real men use ketchup anyway.
Paistin Lasta
Paistin Lasta - 9 days ago
Vinegar on french fries what the hell is wrong with you Britain?
Paistin Lasta
Paistin Lasta - 6 days ago
@Spooky Lemon Here in Finland we call all forms "French potatoes" so that's why I tend to lean towards "French fries"
Spooky Lemon
Spooky Lemon - 6 days ago
Paistin Lasta They’re chips, not French fries. French fries are thinner and taste different. Chip shop chips are thick.
Desert Dog
Desert Dog - 9 days ago
The only things that should ever go on fries(chips for everyone else) are brown beef gravy and mozzarella
Sketchy Dood
Sketchy Dood - 9 days ago
“Heh source”
JAY1892 - 9 days ago
I prefer chip shop vinegar. 😋
JC Fennec
JC Fennec - 9 days ago
The most British video ever. About something that isn't real, doesn't matter, and no one cares about.
Ecovita - 9 days ago
My lad down in Folkestone
Ralf Anders
Ralf Anders - 9 days ago
Beer is rather cheap. Why would malt vinegar be expensive?
Guardsman Miku
Guardsman Miku - 9 days ago
Damn now I know what to buy
Guardsman Miku
Guardsman Miku - 5 days ago
@Yellow Dog with Cone YEH
Yellow Dog with Cone
Yellow Dog with Cone - 5 days ago
The fish and chips shop?
Jiang Hongrie
Jiang Hongrie - 9 days ago
Why is it, that when you get a portion of chips from the chippy and they give you 'salt and vinegar' you get home, open it up and there is no salt or vinegar inside wtf lel
Dan G
Dan G - 9 days ago
Daria Fishman
Daria Fishman - 9 days ago
I don't even eat vinigar with my chips
Ecovita - 9 days ago
WTF why not I need that juicy vinegar I don't eat those chips unless they're moist
Asdayasman - 9 days ago
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos - 9 days ago
Idk Tom, ask the lady with the burnt mouth.
JayLeePoe - 10 days ago
gee, who knew being american had its advantages all the way to having actual vinegar. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is available all over for cheap, just above white filtered. You can even mix the two and get more of the other if you're smart.
SirPhoebus - 10 days ago
Yes it does. It’s a different thing
itchy robot
itchy robot - 10 days ago
PLease send some to me in California. Vinegar out here isn't the same... maybe that's why?
y - 10 days ago
But vinegar IS acetic acid. I dont get it
Shoelace Kink
Shoelace Kink - 10 days ago
"Does it matter?"
Well, it matters to me in that it resulted in a video that gave me a craving for fish and chips even though I can't have that right now. At least I have potatoes.
Janani - 6 days ago
Ooh I want a potato .... To make chips with
FFKonoko - 6 days ago
Chipshops that deliver exist
The Safety Car
The Safety Car - 7 days ago
@The One True Kira I haven't been out so I wouldn't know but I'm really craving some
The One True Kira
The One True Kira - 7 days ago
All the chippies near me are still open
Aech Modnar
Aech Modnar - 9 days ago
same -.-
Dogol - 10 days ago
SAKARIAS - 10 days ago
I suppose it's one of those cases where we associate a certain flavour with a specific label, even if the two don't actually have anything in common.
For example something like watermelon or banana flavoured sweets. The flavour is anything but said fruits, but we've just been conditioned to believe the opposite.
So although not vinegar, we've been conditioned to believe said flavour is vinegar, despite the existence of actual vinegar.
Brian White
Brian White - 11 days ago
@1:27 was that a deliberate or accidental pun? 'Better' 'Batter'
Finn Bendle
Finn Bendle - 11 days ago
Now I know why I only like chips straight from the shop and not salted and vinegar'd at home; I think I actually prefer this 'vinegar'. It's sweeter.
startrek03 - 11 days ago
Who puts vinegar on their chips anyways? Is that something specific for Britains?
Andy Pitchless
Andy Pitchless - 9 days ago
To us Brits chips without vinegar taste dry and boring.
Oftin Wong
Oftin Wong - 11 days ago
Ethanoic acid is vinegar , so what's the problem ?
Joost - 11 days ago
If your going to do something whit science, yes
Just rebrand it as sour sauce ore some
In Holland I can't make sauce base anymore whit flour and butter, don't know why, it just stopped working 7 years ago
Dreadnaught1985 - 12 days ago
Okay, doing this... putting on my most pedantic hat possible and going to see if this matters. So words matter, and definitions matter. Most of the time anyways. The only question I have, is that if there is something that the word Vinegar needs protected for. I get that I can't just pour water from my tap into a bottle and call that vinegar, it would share no traits with it. So what are the important traits to vinegar to make it such, is it the alcohol? And if so, why then is it not legislated like an alcoholic beverage? It is an alcoholic liquid after all. So the alcohol is not an important trait.

Sausage and Burger have specific traits, the main one being made from meat, but the rise in meatless alternative products hasn't stopped them marketing vegan sausages. Even though there may be some pundits flapping their gums on TV about it. Legally they are allowed to.

So if the function is the trait we are looking for, are there things regular Vinegar can do that non-brewed condiment can't do? It seems that it's just a case of a different way to get to the same end result. Where regular Vinegar starts off as wine or some other beverage, and it is allowed to ferment, and break down and kill off everything except for the acidity and some of the alcohol. Mixing the acid and flavourings to get the same result is just changing the method in which you arrived there.

The Trading standards definition obviously means that to them, the route you took to get to something is as important as the end result. Which runs contrary to the same principle they seem to be showing regarding their naming of vegan sausage etc.

Concluding, the Trading Standards are being inconsistent for what seems like a trivial matter, my only thinking is that they feared allowing someone to throw some chemicals together and call it Vinegar. Could open up some food trust issues. If anyone can throw a bunch of chemicals together and call it a food, it puts peoples trust in what is food into question. At least with the plant-based meat alternate It's obvious enough from their packaging and messaging what is in the product.
Alacritous - 11 days ago
For the same reason that not all sparkling wine is champagne or not all cheeses are Stilton cheese. Vinegar is prepared in a particular way and produces a particular product. If this liquid wasn't prepared that way it's not vinegar.
social justice mage
social justice mage - 12 days ago
why would you put vinegar on your fries?
ADF Audio
ADF Audio - 12 days ago
It tastes better
Jack64 - 12 days ago
i have been lied to!
RichieW - 12 days ago
Aye the folkestone massive re represent!
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