Bring It!: Rumble in the Jungle (Season 4, Episode 18) | Full Episode | Lifetime

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Lifetime - 10 days ago
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Jariah Done
Jariah Done - 2 days ago
Malia Boyd ll
Hailey’s World
Hailey’s World - 4 days ago
Lifetime are these new episodes and seasons or old ones??
bianca Kemp
bianca Kemp - 4 days ago
I'm a fun
Tasteless.....The image of the little girl in yellow face is racist....Us Asians are outraged
ATP Gang
ATP Gang - 4 days ago
Liyah VLOGS - 3 hours ago
They were not ment to win
1ANDonlykellybaby - 3 hours ago
That voice box commercial was something else..
Miya Bishop
Miya Bishop - 3 hours ago
i wish that i was in this dance team
Yari Dorsey
Yari Dorsey - 5 hours ago
What is up with these new girls hair??!!😂
India Wannamaker
India Wannamaker - 9 hours ago
The DDP Are Soooooo extra, Like how much head shaking and air snatching can you do
Uker Jar
Uker Jar - 11 hours ago
Miss D: There's no such thing as soft in this studio, the only soft thing is my hair. I'm dead 233333333333
Kalionic - 21 hour ago
Did she just say 6 hours a day driving no ma'am no ham no turkey
uniquex.golden - Day ago
I love the dolls but the tiggeretts did tht
Aiiden Coleman
Aiiden Coleman - Day ago
Quincy so pathetic 🤣🤣🤣
Nwamaka Nwaise
Nwamaka Nwaise - Day ago
13:18 Christyanna?
Lain Laina
Lain Laina - Day ago
Dollhouse coach is so extra 🙄😤
Yani’s World
Yani’s World - Day ago
Now I know the lady ain’t wearing shades inside
Yani’s World
Yani’s World - Day ago
Princess ain’t going to show them nothing because all you do is steal people dances moves. In one of the episodes you said “We use your dance moves and add our own twist to it”. Quincey get on my nerves like why is he even a coach
Vyona Pierre
Vyona Pierre - Day ago
Bruh I wanna be in dancin dancin dolls so bad, BUT I CANT FLIP FOR NUN
Nayy Tayy
Nayy Tayy - Day ago
Is it just me or isn't that Chrystianna next to Camryn @13:16????
Annette Avery
Annette Avery - Day ago
I don’t understand how the prancing kittens really won? HOW?! 🙄🙄
Kanisha Shanklin
Kanisha Shanklin - Day ago
Am i the only one that see selena in faith mom look alike in faith in sunjai look like sisters
qveen_miyah k
qveen_miyah k - Day ago
Crying to be crying
Lily Content
Lily Content - Day ago
*gasp* TWINNN
Kelsee Braxton
Kelsee Braxton - Day ago
Maddy the future Makiya
Torn History
Torn History - Day ago
The music lifetime put over the baby trio.... 😫 why? It’s so boring
korrupt1985 - Day ago
I really hate MiMi ...  so glad her child has graduated and doing extremely well with the SU Dolls
Shaniyah Williams
Shaniyah Williams - Day ago
It was not her fault she slipped the grass was wet
Jada - Day ago
Where my people from Jackson Mississippi at?
Shanie Babiee
Shanie Babiee - 2 days ago
Maybe some NACHAS 🤣🤣🤣 yooo she be having me dead
tiffany mitchell
tiffany mitchell - 2 days ago
It's a safari routine!!!!! Not a jungle one....
Kanariye Ajoi
Kanariye Ajoi - 2 days ago
Mann Quincey be doing to much just cause they won they didn’t do better than DD4L PERIODT!!!😡
Marijuana Pepsi
Marijuana Pepsi - 2 days ago
I love how Mimi be running from Diana whenever she comes out! She always be late running away😂😂😂
Dayton Burl
Dayton Burl - 2 days ago
Shalanda Collins
Shalanda Collins - 2 days ago
Princess mom always positive I love her she wants nothing but the best n not living thru her Daughter
Shalanda Collins
Shalanda Collins - 2 days ago
Princess mom always positive I love her she wants nothing but the best n not living thru her Daughter
Anything Indya
Anything Indya - 2 days ago
The coaches on the other team omg so dramatic
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor - 2 days ago
Wait did anyone else see Christiana because last episode she was dancing for divas of olive branch
lily hr
lily hr - 2 days ago
That was crazy
mirrNzak - 2 days ago
the twins faces when she yelled at half pint tells it all
Bri Bri
Bri Bri - 2 days ago
I really want to be a dancing doll but I live in buffalo and I’m very far away😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
April Nash
April Nash - 2 days ago
Princess mom wig makes me mad wit them edges
ANA SQUAD - 2 days ago
😔😟😣😖😭😫😕🙁😩🥺☹️😥😞😒😏I wish I could be there
Adore Mari Tv
Adore Mari Tv - 2 days ago
4:54 shocked me
Lakeshia Ball
Lakeshia Ball - 3 days ago
The problem Ritney yall want what's best for y'all and not for Christianna and wut she wants
Marissa Malone
Marissa Malone - 3 days ago
Just keep dancing
Marissa Malone
Marissa Malone - 3 days ago
The girl in the car was horrible at acting
Shanie Babiee
Shanie Babiee - 2 days ago
Marissa Malone awww🤣🤣
Ja'sir Boyd
Ja'sir Boyd - 3 days ago
hey love yall keep up the good workkkkkkk
Jamaela Ganggg
Jamaela Ganggg - 3 days ago
Did it come back on yet bc Idk ???
Shunita Williams
Shunita Williams - 3 days ago
Tanishia Be Having Me Dead When She Be Cracking On Quincy Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shunita Williams
Shunita Williams - 3 days ago
I Had When The Rest Of Tha Teams Say We Coming Here To Winn But Never Winn
Except Ms.D
Shunita Williams
Shunita Williams - 3 days ago
Faith Is So Pretty😘😍
Hopemoo. Moon
Hopemoo. Moon - 3 days ago
I love you videos
Lifetime - 2 days ago
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MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom - 3 days ago
I LOVED the looks on Dana and Selena's faces when Diana came out, cause they knew that new mom was gonna get it! Lol
Princess Autumn
Princess Autumn - 3 days ago
I love Crystinna and Camryn
Dymond Brooks
Dymond Brooks - 3 days ago
baby tio the dancing dolls won idc idc brb them coach smoking something good
Queen T
Queen T - 3 days ago
Why is it so scripted..?
Taraji Gordon
Taraji Gordon - 3 days ago
Why she say crip if she got a red flag
Lamont Royster
Lamont Royster - 3 days ago
Well y'all lost . i loved the costumes the trio could have came a lot harder .
Lamont Royster
Lamont Royster - 3 days ago
Dianna getting all them payed when they dance on the show. Again werk Mrs D.
Kaniya Monè
Kaniya Monè - 3 days ago
I don't like the the ummm team that WON
Gloria TX
Gloria TX - 3 days ago
Grown up women teaching their babies to be hoochie mamas. That’s all what this is about.
Sadie Wroblewski
Sadie Wroblewski - 3 days ago
when mimi said “eh eh eh eh eh” to the baby’s mom i died😂
Princess Faby
Princess Faby - 3 days ago
So now lifetime wanna post the episodes when the show basically over ? 😂
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