Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship

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Real Engineering
Real Engineering - 9 days ago
The daily problems on Brilliant are actually fantastic. Great way to challenge your brain each day. Thanks again to Brilliant for making these videos possible: https://brilliant.org/realengineering/
Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson - Day ago
> The daily problems on Brilliant are actually fantastic... (blink blink) Okay, different type of problem than the daily problems on Patreon.
wobblyboost - 5 days ago
Utter fantasy, you will know this one day, SpaceX is a scam, a squillion dollar one who, like NASA; have done precisely FA in space. We have nothing up 'there' and never will, its not possible. Go ahead and rage, its cold hard truth and every human on earth will know it in the end. Check it out or be duped fools - your freedom of choice. Have a great day all.
Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage
0:45 ~ There were not "40 formulations" or "57 Formulations". It was #biblical {needs citations, would need to locate the times i found them} #YorkRite metaphor of lose your head=#40. ~ Spray #WD40 on airplane bolts during servicing bare threads and nuts; #PBLaster is a better penetrant or #capillarylube (#turgor air pressure helps), and the #gremlins of vibration would cause objects to fall from the sky. ~ if not done on the ground, happened via thread lube, the reason someone invented #ThreadLock and possible clue why their color is blue, to fight YorkRite or BlueWhite UGLE #roundhead mystery #WaterOfLife is bleeding or pressure releasing the blood of not our #clans (they intend to kill the letter K #klans, because that DNA is listed as enemy of England, and the Vikings never used Fire Funerals). ~ I personally like Red as the color of #ThreadLock, halt accidents and machine failures, rust is an enemy, yet you do want #galvanic or #ionic bonding (not #oxidants, #oxidative) or machine force mechanical #torquebinding.
TheDurkenWarden - 44 minutes ago
He just wants to relive those 20th century sci-fi movies
Double Den
Double Den - 2 hours ago
8:31 what is that thing ? 🤔
prabu prabu
prabu prabu - 3 hours ago
Make vedio about quantum computer
Odane McDonald
Odane McDonald - 6 hours ago
"I wish someone loved me as much as this horse loves broccoli"
M.A. A.A
M.A. A.A - 7 hours ago
apik to iki
Hello I'm from wkwk land
Howard Luken
Howard Luken - 8 hours ago
This is all a scam to keep you from realizing or thinking about how the people who own you are fucking you daily. You are a debt slave and don't have to be... so they give you bread and circuses.
Popeye Gordon
Popeye Gordon - 8 hours ago
Incorrect statement about WD40 - it was formulated after 39 previous attempts failed to displace dew from CIRCUIT BOARDS on rockets sitting on launch pads. It was never meant to do anything but displace water in circuitry and wiring connections.
Driggy - 10 hours ago
Aragiss - 10 hours ago
How do fighter jets lock on targets? Could be an interesting video.
Zap The King
Zap The King - 10 hours ago
Because they wanted to
Dankmon - 14 hours ago
Next video: *Why did SpaceX build a plastic shuttle*
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy - 14 hours ago
Rhamses Quiroz
Rhamses Quiroz - 16 hours ago
Is going out to space on a sideways route? I always see the rockets shot up but going sideways into space. Why?
Andrew Kingery
Andrew Kingery - 16 hours ago
Good job on the video!
willow815 - 17 hours ago
And then spacex gonna make guns for the mars expedition
Your Highness
Your Highness - 19 hours ago
Adam Stinton
Adam Stinton - Day ago
its science jack septiceye
Tyreal San
Tyreal San - Day ago
Why do you say 95% of the aluminum goes to "waste" when it is CNC machined... the shavings can just be melted down and made into a solid piece again.
w00borg - Day ago
as a materials engineer this video gave me a hard on
Jose Castro
Jose Castro - Day ago
Bro fuck brilliant I don’t wanna sign up 😒, love your vids doe 🙃
Know One
Know One - Day ago
That isn't a starship. By definition, a starship is a vehicle for traveling between stars. We aren't even close to that level of technology at this point in time.
고등 지능 ODINS trash
If anyone says SSTOL sucks, they’re retarded in the sense of money and efficiency.
B C - Day ago
Michael David
Michael David - Day ago
I thought aluminum was more heat resistant than steel?
logicslayer - Hour ago
Aluminum actually conducts heat much better than stainless steel. It's actually put on the bottom of stainless steel cookware to better absorb heat.
caav56 - 21 hour ago
+Michael David It's not that big of a problem outside the LEO (which has a lot of space junk). And even if that, somehow, becomes one - Whipple shields (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whipple_shield ) to the rescue!
Michael David
Michael David - 22 hours ago
+caav56 Thank you for replying. Aren't small meteorites the biggest threat to space travel? How can this be avoided?
caav56 - 23 hours ago
It sucks in the metal fatigue department, though. That's why aluminum airframes have strict "flight hours" limit, until they must be scrapped.
normskis69 - Day ago
Sergey Kalabin
Sergey Kalabin - Day ago
From 2,5 to 10 (!) millimeters is extremely thin??? I guess there’s a mistake)
JC - Day ago
FYI that aluminum CNC'd away IS NOT wasted. It's collected, melted down, and reused to make new aluminum billets.
At least it is in any other business besides SpaceX. I assume they do the same. No one would just "waste" that much aluminum and just throw it away, actually wasting it.
Brandon connelly
Brandon connelly - Day ago
Where in aluminum is it pronounced aliminium
Robert Proctor
Robert Proctor - Day ago
Eisenwerks - Day ago
8:26 "But nothing this heavy has entered the Martian atmosphere before, and it's not going to be an easy task for it to slow down"
*A wild asteroid appears!* "Hold my beer"
David Skinner
David Skinner - 2 days ago
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Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly - 2 days ago
I'm glad Elon musk is bringing back the old style like relanding
Wyatt Lewis
Wyatt Lewis - 2 days ago
Nermket - 2 days ago
Because the future is all chrome!
brett - 2 days ago
elon musk- hold my beer hahaahahehhhhhg
mongo mongo
mongo mongo - 2 days ago
Donkeys years away,so don't get excited, as the military already have the tr3b,that surpasses this bollocks by a long way
Lens Herr
Lens Herr - 2 days ago
Omg! do people still buy all this BS? it's the 21st century for God's sake get yr heads out of theyre asses!
Murphy MacManus
Murphy MacManus - 2 days ago
Because its fucking awesome
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 2 days ago
"This results in 95% of the material going to waste." @ about 5:08. Ever hear of recycling?
John McCall
John McCall - 2 days ago
I'm surprised how many commenters haven't ever heard the way "aluminium" is pronounced in the Queen's English.
Anym - 2 days ago
`honestly, other than Musks tunnel idea, I think he will be one of THE masterminds that create the future
Kerr - 2 days ago
As a machinist with 9 years experience... I resent the idea of that an isogrid is very expensive to machine... I would estimate $150 per ft^2 in aluminium, -on the very high end. If it costs more, your machinists are padding.
one way street
one way street - 2 days ago
NASASS you need to stop faking shits
one way street
one way street - 2 days ago
Ethan Cui
Ethan Cui - 2 days ago
7:08 great pun
Internet culture is Cancer
This shit would look bangin' in my kitchen.
Blues Man 63
Blues Man 63 - 2 days ago
It's H not Hach. Are you Indian or Irish? I can't tell.
CJ - 2 days ago
This video is 10 minutes longer than it needs to be!
raymond cancel
raymond cancel - 2 days ago
I care less!
raymond cancel
raymond cancel - 2 days ago
I care less!
jimbobbyrnes - 2 days ago
A big ship landing on mars would create alot of heat. Steel can withstand more heat that is why. there saved you 12 minutes of pointlessness.
jimbobbyrnes - 2 days ago
you can't pronounce "Aluminium" and then type Aluminum.
JDave Foster
JDave Foster - 2 days ago
Electric cars - first produced in the late 1800s
Rockets - took men to the moon in the late 1960s
Elon Musk - builds electric cars and rockets = amazing visionary
TheMatissV - 2 days ago
"...And this is where stainless steel really shines..." HA IT SHINES
M Lumholdt
M Lumholdt - 2 days ago
zamolxe12003 - 3 days ago
REALISE! REAL LIES! Fooling the fools....
james mendoza
james mendoza - 3 days ago
Me human, me no know why smart human make metal ship, talking human help me human know smart human reasons. I now better human.
Ethan Cui
Ethan Cui - 3 days ago
Ethan Cui
Ethan Cui - 3 days ago
So many videos so little time....
D R - 3 days ago
The Star HOPPER is just the short, kludgy test mule for motor and control testing. It ain't going to Mars. You meant Star Ship.
indie2311 - 3 days ago
What's the matter? Ya got shite in ya ears?
multiyapples - 3 days ago
Very interesting.
BRECHE R - 3 days ago
Make mistakes to learn that is what my dad did now he knows to rap it before you tap it
SALADA BISCUITZ - 3 days ago
The sky is calling they love to mock
Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama - 3 days ago
So it’ll last longer and weight doesn’t matter because space is fake so it’s not going anywhere
luthervanguard - 3 days ago
You left out how this is just a quick slap stick setup for testing hopping, This rocket will NEVER go into orbit, This rocket is also smaller then the final product that will be built, the star ship will be built completely different and not in a open field.
EdrumSense - 3 days ago
the delorean of rockets?
Khuntasaurus - 3 days ago
This is basically the same video that Everyday Astronaut uploaded a week before yours... Hhhmmmmmm....
Moon Watch
Moon Watch - 3 days ago
Because of all the imaginary giant magnets in fake space
thomasucc - 3 days ago
Hey where is the 1.03 problem
Tenno Shenaniganizer
Tenno Shenaniganizer - 3 days ago
Elon is the epitome of "Because I can"
RandomHero13 - 2 days ago
"because i believe i can" but that wont work with everthing he does
Josh P
Josh P - 3 days ago
I wish I could like this video more then once.
Mate Varszegi
Mate Varszegi - 3 days ago
"you know it's real because it looks so fake" there you go, nuff said. Keep on repeating what you've been told.
I have No name
I have No name - 3 days ago
Rocket fuel can’t melt steel
Uche Philips
Uche Philips - 3 days ago
Luigi Crocillá
Luigi Crocillá - 3 days ago
I Hope this will be an success for humanity👍
Pete Rabbit
Pete Rabbit - 3 days ago
Space needs flat packs
movax20h - 3 days ago
5:05 , you say that CNC ing isogrid from thicker material produces a lot of waste (95%). This is most likely not true. It is recycled. It is easy to remove lubricants and remelt it, or as a part of another batch, and create another cast.
It is just the problem of time and big machine required. These machines are rather costly, and it probably day or two to machine out one section even when toolpaths are optimized and very high feed rates are used with first past done using coarse milling and big tools.
Michael Benson
Michael Benson - 3 days ago
Great video! I may check out your sponsor.
Sagiri Izumi
Sagiri Izumi - 3 days ago
Get to the point fuck head! Or go find your Lucky Charms.
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas - 3 days ago
Oh? I am surprised that you are still will Patreon, I thought it's business model was "unsustainable" according to their CEO.
robert wolf
robert wolf - 4 days ago
What is an “irt form?”
hell on earth dude
hell on earth dude - 4 days ago
the thing looks like a z movie set prop or even a 50's movies rocket model.
caav56 - 4 days ago
Well, it's just a hopper-type engine and landing automatics test platform - they can allow themselves to make it look like this without losing any functionality.
Tom Bolz
Tom Bolz - 4 days ago
Nice video, but, I have in the past 2 months have become a flat earth believer. I do NOT believe in outer space. It was ridiculous when I was a child, but I accepted it (stupidly I did), but now I trust common sense over NASA,
1969nitsuga - 4 days ago
So it wont rust at the bottom of the ocean...
1969nitsuga - 4 days ago
They made it just to look like a Naboo Cruiser.
Laurie praiser
Laurie praiser - 4 days ago
Magnetics not fuel.
cory merry
cory merry - 4 days ago
Why do you pronounce Mars with an E. You say Mers. Lol thought you were supposed to be smart.
C B - 4 days ago
Wow I Just spent the last hour watching multiple videos from your channel and have learnt so much already your a genuine mastermind at what you do and you clearly spend countless hours researching and finding information to create these short but fun and educational videos, I'm a young recording artist but I'm always fascinated with modern science and engineering. I love your videos, Keep up the good work!!! 👌🏽💯
Alex H
Alex H - 4 days ago
Whoever gives this video the thousanth dislike is an idiot, because why dislike the video?
Fugms - 4 days ago
Lotta video for not giving the answer... It's Radiation... Only the stage that will carry souls needs to be SS as radiation will bounce off of it rather then passing through or being absorbed and still have a chance at reentry. Twice! First and or second stages can be made out of whatever can hold, launch and push the fully loaded "Star Hopper" to Mars or wherever.
Tripp McDaniels
Tripp McDaniels - 4 days ago
We are so backward as a species. My money is not on Musk because Musk is *Full* *Of* *Shyte!*
Konstantin Зайцев
We must work on defeating aging. Mars will be here for a long time. But Musk's body will decay unless he invests into defeating aging
Happy Potato
Happy Potato - 4 days ago
The picture in the thumbnail looks like The Planet Express from Futurama
Mathsexual Si
Mathsexual Si - 4 days ago
It’s a submarine you morons
M Jordan
M Jordan - 4 days ago
stainless steel is only one property of this steel. Nanotechnologies allows us to create today alloys that we couldn't made before .
Soulife - 4 days ago
These guys say aluminum in a way that makes it sound like it was invented in the future, in the MCU, and then traveled through another dimension and backwards in time using the infinity stones to get to earth. And that's where aluminum foil comes from.. I mean, "AL-you-mini-yum"
Harambe Jr
Harambe Jr - 4 days ago
Still amazes me what people can do these days but we cant save the planet...sad.
Francesco Spa
Francesco Spa - 4 days ago
fake !!!!!!!!
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