Leaving Things In A Margarita For A Month (EXPERIMENT)

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The sitting pigeon
The sitting pigeon - 2 days ago
I can’t be the one that thought it said leaving things in margentina for a month
Coffin King
Coffin King - 3 days ago
9:59 balloons actually have pores
Jenny Miller
Jenny Miller - 3 days ago
"For science" As a scientist I can vouch that we do say that, and there are sometimes nasty jars involved. Although we most often say it when we are not doing things that are, in fact, for science.
Doctor Gryzz
Doctor Gryzz - 5 days ago
Btw that Lake exists... Google it.
Alex A.
Alex A. - 6 days ago
I absolutely love how they've been keeping the strawberry tradition all this time
Keighdi Magann
Keighdi Magann - 7 days ago
Happy birthday Rhett!! How old are you turning?
FLASH BANG - 7 days ago
Rhett and link are so happy and positive
Angela Arvay
Angela Arvay - 8 days ago
Marga-woops what I say 24:7
LamboFanatic - 10 days ago
Leaving things in WD40?
LupinBun - 11 days ago
As someone who works on a deli, I make pizzas regularly and the smell of the onions ALWAYS eats through the gloves and makes my hands smell bad, so the water balloon one did not surprise me at all.
hope duran
hope duran - 11 days ago
WAIT, Rhett's birthday is October 11, MY birthday is on October 11!!!
Commander Meow
Commander Meow - 11 days ago
Yeah October Brooooooos
Cats and rats
Cats and rats - 12 days ago
The bonsai tree didn’t deserve that :(
Annika Reinard
Annika Reinard - 13 days ago
It’s called osmosis
Resting Reckless
Resting Reckless - 14 days ago
I’m so glad the strawberries are canon now
Yasmin A
Yasmin A - 15 days ago
They remind me of Mike Wasowski and Sully from monsters inc
Slytherin_pride - 16 days ago
Rhett is 42?!??!?!?!
Sergio Parra
Sergio Parra - 16 days ago
I still don't get why Link feeds Rett strawberries. Anyone?
Rachel Sciarillo
Rachel Sciarillo - 16 days ago
You should leave things in gasoline
27theunicorm - 17 days ago
My birthday was 4 days after rhetts
Madladd Denman
Madladd Denman - 17 days ago
It went through the baloon by ising osmosis
Ellie B
Ellie B - 17 days ago
And that lake does exist!
Ellie B
Ellie B - 17 days ago
i didn't breathe through my nose the whole time the pig liver was on screen
ruby lowe
ruby lowe - 17 days ago
Happy birthday
Re Load
Re Load - 17 days ago
Rhett is 42?!
LISA MUCCIO - 17 days ago
Rhett we have the same bday yay
Keith Hayworth
Keith Hayworth - 18 days ago
3:43 Rhett: “this is safe right?”
Mythical crew: “silence”
JackieDwayne Gaming
JackieDwayne Gaming - 18 days ago
Rhett looks way younger than 42
Kitty West
Kitty West - 18 days ago
Omg they brought back the strawberries!!! 😂
Shannon Howell
Shannon Howell - 18 days ago
Happy Birthday Rhett!
Frosty Fire
Frosty Fire - 18 days ago
I still do Not know what Margarita is
Gacha Plug
Gacha Plug - 18 days ago
Happy belated birthday! Pssst. hope you had a mythical birthday!
The Strange Life of Kiersten
Link: move a little bit Rhett: breathes real fast like a bunny lol
Kayla Kelm
Kayla Kelm - 19 days ago
It’s my birthday today lol thought they were saying happy birthday to me
KnightCrawler777 - 19 days ago
Things left on a shelf eggnog edition for Christmas season.
Benjy - 19 days ago
This one was not yalls best work...😔
tbiliseli dado
tbiliseli dado - 19 days ago
Is Rhett the oldest youtuber?
Hanna E
Hanna E - 19 days ago
Leave things in shampoo for a month!
joshua benoit
joshua benoit - 19 days ago
Is it sad that I can smell that liver just by looking at it
catman maow
catman maow - 20 days ago
H p r
Little_Lion_Heart - 20 days ago
I will literally never get tired of the strawberries and glasses. I always forget those are a thing until they happen each episode. Also, love the chaotic energy this episode.
brandon lewis
brandon lewis - 20 days ago
happy birthday Hi
[FFG] xDYLANFx - 20 days ago
I’ve swam in that lake. It’s beautiful
scp peanut
scp peanut - 20 days ago
Gmm u gotta stop like every video i can make two or three thats what she said jokes but gg with the content
Exjw Smurf Girl
Exjw Smurf Girl - 20 days ago
They must have iron guts at this point! I wonder if they’ve ever gotten bad sick after eating something. Like food poisoning.
6funny - 20 days ago
I bought a few gmm pins so yeah I like them
Hopeless Otaku
Hopeless Otaku - 20 days ago
They should leave things in pumpkin spice coffee or syrup next year lol
Ikenna JASON Emenyeonu
Ikenna JASON Emenyeonu - 20 days ago
ArchAngel 1237
ArchAngel 1237 - 20 days ago
"We assume the water tasted like water!"
Me: ah yes this floor is made of floor
All My Nuggets
All My Nuggets - 21 day ago
I’ve left margarita in my liver for a month
Gummygoo - 21 day ago
Link.. I think- I think they were on about you there, bud...
Lukeanadian - 21 day ago
Is no one gonna question link feeding Rhett a strawberry for no reason
Damian H.
Damian H. - 21 day ago
6:23 🥵🥵🥵
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu - 21 day ago
next up:
“leaving things in cow manure for a month”
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura - 21 day ago
How about leaving things in calcium hydroxide for a month? (Slaked lime)
Wolfy 1129
Wolfy 1129 - 21 day ago
Rhett is 42 he looks like he's 27-30
Xerosbaby Islas
Xerosbaby Islas - 21 day ago
I saw you guys in a tobuscus video
Matteo Lopergolo
Matteo Lopergolo - 22 days ago
Leave things in kombucha for a month
GK 13
GK 13 - 22 days ago
Ok what's up with the strawberry thing?
Silvish Studios
Silvish Studios - 22 days ago
The bonsai tree looks like a P R E T Z A L S T I C K
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