Isiah Thomas gets booed by the First Take crowd for his Bulls-Pistons take

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Storm - Day ago
Isaiah get booed only tells you he’s speaking facts.
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava - 2 days ago
Isiah is from Chicago he told Jordan you got Chicago on your jersey But you ain’t got on your heart
995sean - 2 days ago
"First of all your wrong but what else is new Max" 😂😂😂
Matthew De Persiis
Matthew De Persiis - 8 days ago
Then I came out of retirement he made it personal with me
Aljon Great
Aljon Great - 8 days ago
What about dumars? What about rodman? Zeke
GREG Hubbard
GREG Hubbard - 9 days ago
Thomas shouldn't even have been in the 50 greatest players in my book
GREG Hubbard
GREG Hubbard - 9 days ago
Isaiah so jealous of Scotty he knows he's such a better all-around player
shane dean
shane dean - 10 days ago
Who's back after the buck's lost to heat in 5
Dwayne Beamon
Dwayne Beamon - 12 days ago
Right Chicago only beat them in that one series 😂🤣 😂😂.. at least people make it seem like they own Detroit 😂😂.. it's funny how history recreates itself
theeog1 - 13 days ago
Isiah still bodying the Bulls, lmao!
George Tolofari
George Tolofari - 14 days ago
who’s watching this as gianis is about to be swept
Ishan Bhasin
Ishan Bhasin - 7 days ago
mdj - 16 days ago
max really says gianni would be best player ever?
Demir Bejtovic
Demir Bejtovic - 16 days ago
Lebron never lost in the first round
Player - 16 days ago
In my entire life I have never seen a anchor so stupid he just going on and on atleast give the chance to other to speak
ray whorton
ray whorton - 16 days ago
Isiah stood up there, by himself...Mic-drop!
Monty Boston
Monty Boston - 18 days ago
All I know is Jordan was better than Thomas period!!!
Monty Boston
Monty Boston - 15 days ago
Thomas was good though I’m not hating on my guy but sometimes people let the fact that they’re a fan of someone go to their head JORDAN WAS DEF BETTER LOL
Monty Boston
Monty Boston - 15 days ago
NewKiddOnTHEBlocc don’t be weird or a fanboy I meant at their best 😂😂😂😂 not when one was a young guy and the other was in his prime Lmao argue with this (and good luck doing it) JORDAN IN HIS PRIME WAS BETTER THAT THOMAS WHEN HE WAS IN HIS PRIME!! Period!
NewKiddOnTHEBlocc - 16 days ago
😂😂😂 sike he couldn’t beat IT until pippen hit his prime
supreme king aries
supreme king aries - 21 day ago
Of course he's going to say that cuz his team was largely responsible for Jordans short comings in the playoffs.
PINK EYED WOLFIE - 22 days ago
New Wilt
micah b
micah b - 23 days ago
IT spoke facts
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz - 24 days ago
I love max bruh but watch the last dance max is right it took the pistons whole team to stop Michael
Rafael Parungao
Rafael Parungao - 24 days ago
That was true Before Scottie and Before Phil Jackson took over coaching
Theodoulos Heaven
Theodoulos Heaven - 24 days ago
Isaiah is assuming person played with dirty play to get hisambition tobe hall of his coach was dirtiest coarch ever on the NBA league
lurking0death - 25 days ago
Stephen A. Smith is a loud mouth who thinks his half baked opinions are more true because he interupts and is louder than the other people. Stephen, you are
wrong a lot and you are just rude. Isiah Thomas has more basketball knowledge in the little finger of his left hand than you will ever have. Isiah is a high order HOF player...and people only know your name because you are abrasive.
Advent616 - 26 days ago
@6:47 Hey, Scottie coming in here, after me right? Ask him! 😂
Isiah, said "Hey, man I'm outta here." 😂
Ac 719
Ac 719 - 27 days ago
Isaiah born n raised in Chicago
Ac 719
Ac 719 - 27 days ago
Isaiah is as tough as it gets.
The Goats
The Goats - Month ago
" Your wrong but what's new"
King Stretch35.
King Stretch35. - Month ago
IT got that Will Smith laugh
El Tollonges BLAG !!!!
They made the bulls go beyond their limit like goku being beaten until he become's a super saiyan. The Bulls needed the hump so they can focus and be determined. The bulls has to get them off their head by beating the bad boys and with that becoming the best team in the nba.
eric mcgowan
eric mcgowan - Month ago
I just love when corny reporters try to lecture hall of famers about sports
Abhishek Ramesh
Abhishek Ramesh - Month ago
But IT had Joe Dumars and dennis rodman, who were both all stars, and bill laimbeer who had one of the best defenses in the league at the time.
Galaxy Brain Jimmy
Galaxy Brain Jimmy - Month ago
Sore loser
Gotem - Month ago
They were called the bad boys for a reason mjs bulls weren’t called the destroyers or anything it was all mj and pip
Gotem - Month ago
Isaiah did have the better team tho
Jarrod Lewis
Jarrod Lewis - Month ago
Crazy how Zeke is born and raised from the Chi and gets booed for telling no lies
HĀ5Ê WØLF - Month ago
Bro last year was giannis' first year in EFC and everyone coming after him
Gershon Agapay
Gershon Agapay - Month ago
MAX won the argument right there 5:44
IT concedes
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin - 29 days ago
Yeah but the bulls didn’t start beating the Pistons until the injury bug hit them. The bulls was great but you can’t gloss over that either. They wasn’t the same team in 91. Thomas missed half the year cuz of nagging injuries.
James Bill
James Bill - Month ago
Lebrun the best bruh, all the hooplah and hate. King James.
Chris Wilks
Chris Wilks - Month ago
molly just there
jose mauras
jose mauras - Month ago
Smh I would of booed him too, if I lose and I shake your hand, when I win you better shake my hand! He’s telling the truth on that one but he lie about one thing! It was not him by himself, he had Denis Roadman on his team. So don’t sit up there and say it was you alone, no it was not!
Tez Jackson
Tez Jackson - Month ago
I mean hey when you play football games or basketball games especially if u beat a good team sometimes those guys pride is hurt or it’s time to turn over a new leaf just like Boston did to Detroit than here comes the Bulls
Jd Copulos
Jd Copulos - Month ago
max jinxed us with this "if the season were to end today he would be..." it did thx
Yizzle Kizzle
Yizzle Kizzle - Month ago
How did Isaiah make it out of Chi-Town without getting shot? lol... oh, wait, he has spent time in Detroit. lol...
CHiEf Thumbs of Thunder
Giannis haves to win rings. Probably the most dominant thus far in this generation, and best this year. But best player In the WORLD? i gotta see titles of dunk contest, olympian gold medalist, 2 3peats back to back rings winner, etc lol. But he's one of my todays favs of Ballers.
Cristian Amaya
Cristian Amaya - Month ago
“On my team it was me”🔥🔥🔥
xoxo oxxoxo
xoxo oxxoxo - Month ago
6 rings
Zakku Seppuku
Zakku Seppuku - Month ago
It doesn't matter if your the best player in the league. If your team doesn't step up on the big stage, you will never win a championship. MJ, Shaq, LeBron, Curry, Hakeem the Dream, Kobe, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki. All those guys would not have any titles if it was just them being the only player stepping up
Alex Valente
Alex Valente - Month ago
Max would get on his knees for giannias
J.P Sportzz
J.P Sportzz - Month ago
This is just like the “why are you booin me I’m right” video!
Keaun Thomas
Keaun Thomas - Month ago
Sorry Max but you can't just say the first time Jordan played with another all star and have a valid argument bc that all star turned into one of the greatest players of all time.
Word - Month ago
He was playing against a young Jordan and Pippen. Once the Bulls matured and improved over time they swept the Pistons and went 7 games the year before (Bulls probably could’ve won the series). And the Pistons were loaded with talent: Zeke(Isaiah Thomas), Dennis Rodman, Joe Dumars, John Salley, etc. So I think Isaiah is wrong here.
The Golden Boy
The Golden Boy - Month ago
0:33 you can’t call a best player in the world when they get done? Really Lebron’s fans media keep trying to put Lebron as the best player in 2009 2010 2011 but he didn’t win Giannis is great but Kahwi and Lebron for me if KD comes back healthy those 3 Max is right Giannis not yet best player but the way he explains it is wrong
Roberto Ordaz
Roberto Ordaz - Month ago
Boo that man.. ...
Mr X
Mr X - Month ago
He just said max your wrong but where are you right lol
Vítor Castro Gomes Gomes
Even Alex Garcia from Brazil, 41 years old, locked down Giannis in the World Cup
the first chump 13
the first chump 13 - Month ago
Yeah the reason Pistons stopped Jordan is cuz it was before Pippen and they made the whole team shove Jordan before he could liftoff
SevenUP901 - 2 months ago
IT a savage💯💯
King Virus
King Virus - 2 months ago
Zeke is only speaking facts
aiden burrows
aiden burrows - 2 months ago
Love this segment Zeke speaking truth and the Hillman College hat in the back its a different world.
Lion Heart
Lion Heart - 2 months ago
Isaiah still hated Bulls .. coz they sweep them badly
Kris Wit it
Kris Wit it - 2 months ago
Lightdion - 2 months ago
Chile Zeke don't give AF he said what he said and have receipts to show for it. Love both him and MJ but yeah Zeke told no lies.
John Jacobs
John Jacobs - 2 months ago
I like how all those Chicago FANS still salty. BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.
E BO - 2 months ago
Don’t worship Jordan get booed lol.
Bruh Wtf
Bruh Wtf - 2 months ago
Most disrespected legend in the game, and this guy went back to back and won Finals MVP, but every millennial is on the Jordan hype train. He told no lies, Bad Boy Pistons had a winning record against the Bulls.
Balakrishnan Swaminathan
Balakrishnan Swaminathan - 2 months ago
Mj fans are supposed to boo, as Isaiah was practically saying, he was better than mj, when the pistons went against the Bulls, as mj had Pippen who eventually became a top 50 player, while he never had a top 50 player, even though he had all stars
washburn11000 - 2 months ago
Nobody in the comments are even talking bout the title of the video lol...including me haha
washburn11000 - 2 months ago
Oh man, the LeBron fanboys be heated lmao 😡
Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante - 2 months ago
If it was a top 100 list isiah wouldnt have been standing alone at that ceremony
Carlito Brigante
Carlito Brigante - 2 months ago
Way to stand up for urself maxxxx!!!
Mirza Kovacevic
Mirza Kovacevic - 2 months ago
Detroit thought they had a dynasty brewing. As soon as Michael got help, he ended that. The greatest there ever was and the greatest there ever will be: Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
Daving Irvid
Daving Irvid - 3 months ago
I love Isiah, i hate jordan. Isiah shines light, and jordan became ugly as years passed. This tells all, for me.
Martin Xander
Martin Xander - 3 months ago
But he is actually from Chicago lol
Charles M Rinehart
Charles M Rinehart - 3 months ago
Oh the worst loser ever in the NBA.
Graymont to Los Angeles
Graymont to Los Angeles - 3 months ago
Imagine trying to argue basketball with one of the greatest players of all time.
Matt Dugan
Matt Dugan - 3 months ago
I love Zeke
995sean - 3 months ago
Lame,they booed him straight after he praised Jordan just cause he stated a fact lol
Madd Maxx
Madd Maxx - 3 months ago
Playing prison style ball and trying to end others stars like MJ careers with dirty playing I guess you did have a better record. But then MJ and company reversed it and got strong physically and swiped him and his Bad Boy crew.
yoe91 - 3 months ago
Isiah Thomas: "I'm not hating on Michael Jordan, but right now, who do you take, Trevor Ariza or Michael Jordan ? Ariza is long, he can shoot the 3 better, he can rebound, and he's won rings too. I mean, I like Ariza over Michael Jordan right now".
Kyle Ayusø
Kyle Ayusø - 3 months ago
It's not about the best player bro it's the about the best team
Jordan - 3 months ago
SAS at All-Star Weekend : Giannis is the best player in the world
SAS in Quarantine: LeBron is and has been the best player in the world.
Me: Visible confusion.
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams - 3 months ago
IT is a hater lol
PBass - 3 months ago
Max Kellerman ought not be allowed to talk basketball at all and boxing and football either as a matter of fact
D Redondo
D Redondo - 3 months ago
The best of all the Pistons-Bulls is that Zeke is from Chicago💪🏾.
Mr. J
Mr. J - 3 months ago
Max arguing with Isiah like he don't know his own life lol
Shreyas Rasane
Shreyas Rasane - 3 months ago
Max kell-PER-man
Gabriel Toledano
Gabriel Toledano - 3 months ago
Man I love Isiah
Carltrain Atkins
Carltrain Atkins - 3 months ago
Max is delusional
Carltrain Atkins
Carltrain Atkins - 3 months ago
Man Kawhi was fouling Giannis
TipOff: Everything Sports
TipOff: Everything Sports - 3 months ago
(Isaiah Thomas) some things never change.
Aj Bueno
Aj Bueno - 3 months ago
Isaiah speakin' facts but the way he explains his legacy and start mentioning his mates, man, badboys are badboys.
Slick Goomba
Slick Goomba - 3 months ago
Dude still loves them boos don’t he
jhaberdasher - 3 months ago
He told no lies. They couldn't handle it.
R P - 3 months ago
Isiah has a very punchable face !
flymingo the fittest
flymingo the fittest - 3 months ago
He right he use to kill Jordan
Donchanli11 - 3 months ago
Thomas is right he has the most wins against mj 😆 so yea
Gdub 2333
Gdub 2333 - 3 months ago
Max needs a smack
Gdub 2333
Gdub 2333 - 3 months ago
Ddeeeeetroittttt basketballll
Messi Shaanika
Messi Shaanika - 3 months ago
He so salty smh
Sage Antone
Sage Antone - 3 months ago
MJ couldn't win a thing without a top 50 player next to him. Isiah won multiple championships WITHOUT ONE. Bird didn't. Magic didn't. MJ didn't. Suck on that, Kellerman!
Cheese Beef
Cheese Beef - 3 months ago
Just facts boo all you want to
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