REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

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Madilyn Bailey
Madilyn Bailey - 10 days ago
Diana Bautista
Diana Bautista - Hour ago
+Elžbieta 2 ddhxhfufhhffj 2 v 1 2 3 1 2 3 Melissa Melissa
Diana Bautista
Diana Bautista - Hour ago
Rzjdx de hecho el pago por hacer parte de los mismos del año en curso a distancia en curso y el otro lado el tema you look so fun and yellow and grey and grey and gray
Zaria real Biggest fan
Zaria real Biggest fan - 2 hours ago
Madilyn Bailey beutiful voice u and Rebecca!!!!!!!!
guillermina rojas
guillermina rojas - 14 hours ago
DUBRAVKA JAKUS - 17 hours ago
Dionisio jr Cubero
Dionisio jr Cubero - Hour ago
the gm is on the back at 1:31
GalaxeyPanda - Hour ago
Hi today Gigi is to book our tickets to
Alexa Villegas
Alexa Villegas - Hour ago
I saw the GM
Alexa Rivera
Alexa Rivera - Hour ago
i love the soge a lot
Emma P
Emma P - 2 hours ago
Okay Rebecca I have been really annoyed with something in your YouTube channel. You have been doing way to much "Game Master" and no more fun videos that you used to do like a year ago. You used to be my favorite YouTuber but now I just don't know... But when you do the fun videos they always involve the "Game Master". I'm not hating but I just had to say what was on my mind... I used to watch your videos all the time because you were so much fun and very funny. Now it's just "Game Master" "Game Master" "Game Master" I just don't like it and I miss the old Rebecca... I just had to say what was on my mind because this is something I would like you to really think about. Just taking a break from the "Game Master" for at least one video without anything to do with the "Game Master". Bye
JASON JONES - 2 hours ago
I think madilyn is SLH also Becca I’m actually a girl my mom made this for safety reasons like if you agree SLH is small like her 👍🏼
Bonnie Auger
Bonnie Auger - 2 hours ago
Where was the gM!!?
Slime Squad
Slime Squad - 2 hours ago
Lucas Peterson
Lucas Peterson - 2 hours ago
The game master was in your music video behind you
Ami Torres
Ami Torres - 2 hours ago
The g-m was in the Santa line like if you also so him ther
lez dc
lez dc - 2 hours ago
Who Saw the game madter in 1:31
It's Gracie
It's Gracie - 3 hours ago
I have literly watched this over a hundred times. Like if you did the same
Pinkie Rose
Pinkie Rose - 3 hours ago
Princess Gracie's world
Princess Gracie's world - 3 hours ago
1:31 I think that's the Game Master! There is something white in the background where the big red thing is. Look at the top and you will see. Later in the vid its gone!
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez - 3 hours ago
Im ugly and im proud
Salomon Victoria
Salomon Victoria - 3 hours ago
Allie Vaughn
Allie Vaughn - 4 hours ago
if u saw the game master at 1:31 like ☺
Teresa ventura
Teresa ventura - 4 hours ago
I saw the game master like if you agree
Victoria Gilbert
Victoria Gilbert - 4 hours ago
LIKE it you saw the game master!
Kitty Angelique
Kitty Angelique - 4 hours ago
I see the game master is in the background 1:32
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen - 4 hours ago
I agree
Annastyn Russell
Annastyn Russell - 4 hours ago
Squishy Life
Squishy Life - 4 hours ago
Like if the game master is not real🤔🤔
Rilee Evans
Rilee Evans - 5 hours ago
This song is catchy
Leiyah Velarde
Leiyah Velarde - 5 hours ago
Lol stay ugly forever hahhhahahah
Allegra Burley
Allegra Burley - 5 hours ago
I can’t see the game master
Black TheWolf
Black TheWolf - 5 hours ago
U copied wengie!!!
The Brumfields
The Brumfields - 5 hours ago
I saw the game master watching you at 1:30
Iliana Heredia
Iliana Heredia - 6 hours ago
I saw the game master!! :o
Natasha Bouvier
Natasha Bouvier - 6 hours ago
At 1:31 we saw the GM like if you agree
The Unstoppable
The Unstoppable - 6 hours ago
Gigi The magic genie
Gigi The magic genie - 7 hours ago
Outside I saw the game master 1:31
yaseen vlogs &challenges
yaseen vlogs &challenges - 7 hours ago
1.31 was the gm like if u agree
Audrina Spencer - Sayavong
Hit the like button if you saw the game master like me
Shanelle Waite
Shanelle Waite - 8 hours ago
I LOVE it .
igor sta
igor sta - 8 hours ago
STAy U-gly👌👌👌😘😘
Abbie Ab
Abbie Ab - 8 hours ago
Destiny Ennett
Destiny Ennett - 8 hours ago
Rebeca pause at 1.32 you will see a white dot behind the red chair and it look like the gam master 💖. Look closely. Like if you agree 💖 #zamfam 💖💖💖💖💖
Rayan Rayan
Rayan Rayan - 9 hours ago
Sandra FigueroaVargas
Sandra FigueroaVargas - 9 hours ago
I saw the game master
Jaymi Sanchez
Jaymi Sanchez - 9 hours ago
At 1:32 the game master was behind the red thing
Lajekuek Staka
Lajekuek Staka - 9 hours ago
Kelvis matija
Chelsea Tiltman
Chelsea Tiltman - 10 hours ago
1:32 gm watching you
queenieh510 - 10 hours ago
Saurabh Banerjee
Saurabh Banerjee - 10 hours ago
It's just CRINGEY!!
scott menzies
scott menzies - 11 hours ago
scott menzies
scott menzies - 10 hours ago
Zoe Rock
Zoe Rock - 11 hours ago
I saw the game master
Black jack is so cute in the Christmas sweater
Why is Matt in it
Happy Christmas Matt Rebecca Peanut and Black jack
Emma Turner
Emma Turner - 11 hours ago
do you know olivia walker
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith - 11 hours ago
Omg love the vibes did you get inspiration from wengies song ugly Christmas sweater although they didn't sound anything alike
bestsiseva showgirl
bestsiseva showgirl - 11 hours ago
Rebecca the game masters in your video...
Aliyah H
Aliyah H - 11 hours ago
The Gm is in there back round x
Destiny Duarte
Destiny Duarte - 12 hours ago
I mean at 1:32
Destiny Duarte
Destiny Duarte - 12 hours ago
OMG I saw the game master at 1:31
Abigail Vazquez
Abigail Vazquez - 12 hours ago
I saw game master aka gm and when you were outside behind after you said lines for Santa and when you were outside I saw him and when you were putting thumbs up too I saw him behind the red chair
Isabella Ismail
Isabella Ismail - 12 hours ago
I saw game master like if u agreed
Tamar Koniashvili
Tamar Koniashvili - 13 hours ago
rebecca. tour. rhe. best. if. the. game. master is here. well. he. is. be. ginde. the tree 🌲 merry cheismas 😘 😝
kitty love power
kitty love power - 14 hours ago
Donnie Franco
Donnie Franco - 15 hours ago
1:31 gm
Kymnisha Williamson
Kymnisha Williamson - 15 hours ago
Loooove this snog
Carol Acop
Carol Acop - 15 hours ago
I like when rabecca yoga 1:46
Carol Acop
Carol Acop - 15 hours ago
I saw game master when rebecca and her fellows are twerking 1:32
toni Brkan
toni Brkan - 15 hours ago
I love you song
Gigi Posa
Gigi Posa - 16 hours ago
I saw the game master
Abdalla Esam
Abdalla Esam - 17 hours ago
I have an wallpaper of you
game master 123
game master 123 - 17 hours ago
I saw the game master
Simphiwe Nkambule
Simphiwe Nkambule - 17 hours ago
I hate my ugly Christmas sweater 😒😒😒😒
Two unicorn girls Ayten& sila
I know ho is the GM
Melis Direncer
Melis Direncer - 21 hour ago
I saw the game master when the girls was in the garden and they said you and me ahhhhh the game master
Unicorn_ Lover
Unicorn_ Lover - 21 hour ago
1:32 I seen game master and I Lomé the game master series
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen - 22 hours ago
Me too I saw the GM
Faizi Shukria
Faizi Shukria - 22 hours ago
Love love it we didit love thats my real name love you so rebeca 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez - 23 hours ago
1:32 the game master behind the red coach
Alia AlMulla
Alia AlMulla - Day ago
I saw the game master
mel hull
mel hull - Day ago
I love you
Songying Li
Songying Li - Day ago
um hi guys
Cayla Young
Cayla Young - Day ago
Please don't floss
Bethlehem Joseph
Bethlehem Joseph - Day ago
I saw the game master at 3 :32
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez - Day ago
i love YouTube more than anything
At 1:32 his head is above the red chair
Zainon hj mohamed
Zainon hj mohamed - Day ago
Rebecca I saw the game master at 1:32
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown - Day ago
Stay ugly it better
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown - Day ago
Love this song and I can’t see the game master
bryllit mendez
bryllit mendez - Day ago
i love it
Allison Marroquin
Allison Marroquin - Day ago
Rebecca I saw the game master at 1:32.
Allison Melgar
Allison Melgar - Day ago
1:32 the game master in the bushes
The Beyblade King
The Beyblade King - Day ago
Love ur christmas song🎶🎶🎶This Is Why i love u as a youtuber
xavier Taylor
xavier Taylor - Day ago
Lily Meyhoff
Lily Meyhoff - Day ago
Can’t stop listening to this song it is sooooooo good also you are amazing
Pink Ant
Pink Ant - Day ago
Is that Grace Sharer
gacha jing
gacha jing - Day ago
I love madeleines singing
Rachel Martorino
Rachel Martorino - Day ago
in this video we saw the game master hiding behind the bushes he might be sudden cameras
cassandra longhurst
Silvia Gomez
Silvia Gomez - Day ago
good indeed🤣😂😃🎶🎤
lalindabx - Day ago
Love u
Sarah Jessup
Sarah Jessup - Day ago
Game master is in vid
Kaelynn Garcia
Kaelynn Garcia - Day ago
In 1:32 in the plants you can see the GM=the Game Master
Marry Christmas Rebecca y'all stay safe 😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊
Courtney Green
Courtney Green - Day ago
I love you Rebecca so much 😘🌈🌈
Courtney Green
Courtney Green - Day ago
I love your videos Rebecca 😍
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