2019 NBA Finals Game 4: Raptors EXPOSE Warriors

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Ken Roberts
Ken Roberts - 21 hour ago
Raptors introduced a new oven baked product... Pilsbury Pick and Rolls
Choko Lait
Choko Lait - Day ago
Victorino Ferrao
Victorino Ferrao - Day ago
Draymond is overrated.
erfansvideos - 2 days ago
The Warriors when all healthy and uninjured they’re unstoppable. However, if there IS a team that can stop them it’d be The Raptors WITH Kawhi Leonard
noat1105 - 2 days ago
Raps made golden state look like they’re playing with 4 players
Harry Kirk
Harry Kirk - 2 days ago
The Warriors were injured you dip shit.
Harry Kirk
Harry Kirk - 2 days ago
The Warriors were injured you dip shit.
Harry Kirk
Harry Kirk - 2 days ago
The Warriors were injured you dip shit.
Harry Kirk
Harry Kirk - 2 days ago
The Warriors were injured you dip shit.
Kd Bosses1
Kd Bosses1 - 2 days ago
Meme and Vines
Meme and Vines - 2 days ago
Wanna hear a joke?

Warriors in 4
Dead Ey3
Dead Ey3 - 2 days ago
You all know they win to a broken injury team right..so is the weakest NBA title they get in a live time..
J Morris
J Morris - 2 days ago
It's easy to beat the Warriors...just play them when most of their starting line-up is injured, and get the refs to help you out.
lex luther
lex luther - 2 days ago
Green and cousin are Trash in defence
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 3 days ago
Everyone on the raps dicks. Yea they won against a crippled team. Good job, would they win against a healthy warriors team? No.
Thomas M
Thomas M - 3 days ago
I like the way the ad was done in this vid, it wasn't intrusive and it didnt look boring
Vancovermycity - 3 days ago
Best nba team of all time. Raptors will win the 2020 championship
THE GREAT EZ - 3 days ago
LAClippers exposed Warriors 1st
Sammus 9474
Sammus 9474 - 3 days ago
Holy fuck use a pop filter for Christ sakes
S R Liddell
S R Liddell - 3 days ago
Man this headline is bogus. There was no exposition. GS was injured. Of course the Raptors will win against a bevy of players on GS who haven’t played much all season together. Trash content.
闭嘴继续回复狗 - 3 days ago
toronto truly strong team vs the gsw protected by referees
Cory - 3 days ago
USA is gay
John McCulloch
John McCulloch - 3 days ago
Listening to the GSW players in their interviews at the beginning of the series you could tell they weren’t taking the Raptors seriously. Over confidence is a dangerous thing. It’s good for basketball that the Raptors won
Darryl Stein
Darryl Stein - 3 days ago
Went to raptors victory parade....
Fucking bananas.... easily 2 million people lined thick the full 5kms of route. It took 5 hours to go 5kms.
Epic. When the leafs win... it'll be crazier!
VypeReaper - 3 days ago
If Raptors could only shoot 3s... or shoot at all lol
Tech4Life !!
Tech4Life !! - 3 days ago
*Plot twist* _Kawhi had watched videos about GSW's plays, then Kawhi went 9999 iq and learned how to counter them_
Ty 2000
Ty 2000 - 4 days ago
Warriors:its ok will get them next year, wait where's KD
KD: thank you for allowing me this I feel like we can work very well togather Raptors
Leonardo Ferreira
Leonardo Ferreira - 4 days ago
Name of the song?
el leiva
el leiva - 4 days ago
This is the first time that ive looked at basketball like a chess board
Chief Louie
Chief Louie - 4 days ago
Where was Zsa Zsa when they needed him?
BintongShingShong 245
BintongShingShong 245 - 4 days ago
Yeahhhhh we won. We the North
Onestop Funstop
Onestop Funstop - 4 days ago
They didn't expose anyrhing.
Boogie torn Quad.
Klay Torn ACL
Looney torn ligaments in his chest.
KD torn Achilles.
4 out of their top 7 players injured
Onestop Funstop
Onestop Funstop - 3 days ago
@Daniel Zhan, it was only Game 6. And the Warriors were in control of the game before he went out.
Daniel Zhan
Daniel Zhan - 4 days ago
Onestop Funstop You realize that Klay wasn’t injured until the last game and even with KD, the Clippers with only role players took the Warriors to 6. Also ignoring how Kawhi is still clearly suffering from his leg and Lowry played with an injured hand.
Koen Cayabyab
Koen Cayabyab - 4 days ago
Raptors kept doing the same play on the Warriors
Teacher Nickoy
Teacher Nickoy - 4 days ago
Raptors only won because KD was out, thompson got injured twice, iggy is not fully healthy. Looney got injured too. And also with some questionable calls thats favoring raptors. Those are the reason PERIOD.
Leon Jack
Leon Jack - 4 days ago
Bull shit.
Seth Borneman
Seth Borneman - 4 days ago
Yeah without injuries it wouldve been a sweep for the warriors.
Canada Represent
Canada Represent - 4 days ago
You're retarded LMFAO!!!
I love burritos Mexicano
Man FUCK the raptors
Gary Williams
Gary Williams - 4 days ago
East is weak any big man can easliy win champs there
Swayzo Crazo
Swayzo Crazo - 4 days ago
Yoooo rapts were playing ball idc
Traugott Müller
Traugott Müller - 4 days ago
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Those Raptors remind me a lot of the 2004 Pistons. Underdog by a huge margin going up against a seemingly 100% winner of the finals, they manage to beat a team packed with superstars by team effeort.
Traugott Müller
Traugott Müller - 4 days ago
Fred VanVleet for Most Underrated Player Award.
Asian kid Nico
Asian kid Nico - 4 days ago
Warriors have a reason because first Durant gets an injury then Thompson got injured...
Canada Represent
Canada Represent - 4 days ago
You're an idiot.
Marco Gultom
Marco Gultom - 5 days ago
Steph curry is so shit at defense
Mhonzkie Pogi
Mhonzkie Pogi - 5 days ago
genius play
Toblerusse - 5 days ago
Larry O'ballin
Ester Q
Ester Q - 5 days ago
Great plays all up in the game. I enjoyed the finals this year. 😃👊🏽
The Moyai
The Moyai - 5 days ago
The gods have answered and the raptors have won and balanced the nba!
A space being
A space being - 5 days ago
Raptors played beautiful basketball great teamwork
Emanuelle Bacus
Emanuelle Bacus - 9 days ago
Kawhi! the 3-peat Breaker!
Nonya LuvLyfe
Nonya LuvLyfe - 10 days ago
The Warriors loss😭2019😤I believe they gave that game away🤷
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - 10 days ago
Best in depth analysis on youtube.
yeni toy
yeni toy - 11 days ago
Don’t matter what the hell the warriors do the raptors are to LOCKED IN they are not fucking around raps in 5
New Gading
New Gading - 11 days ago
deoo iopg
deoo iopg - 11 days ago
Me: I don't want the trophy to go to Canada! Also Me: Go Toronto!
joeh tom
joeh tom - 11 days ago
Vanfleet has definitely been cooking this playoffs
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 12 days ago
#50 on trending let's go coach🤗🤗
panggop jio
panggop jio - 12 days ago
Best inro hands down
Gandydancer - 12 days ago
4:22 Let's not ignore the carry. Sheesh.
couchpotato77 - 12 days ago
The Reasons the warriors are exposed:

Raptors having 5 3pt shooters (Lowry, VanVleet, Kawhi, Siacum, Gasol, Green, Ibaka) on the floor for great spacing without having to play small ball
Multiple ball handlers: Lowry, VanVleet, Kawhi, Siacum that can drive to the lane
Mulitple shot blockers and rebounders: Kawhi, Siacum, Ibaka, Gasol's size
Plus Raptors shooting 88% for Free Throws.
DatBoiAlex - 12 days ago
Raps in 6 🥳🦖
John David Yabut
John David Yabut - 12 days ago
Can someone check how many travel kawhi made in this video.
John David Yabut
John David Yabut - 12 days ago
https://youtu.be/6F7CiPCk-IE?t=279 watch out for Kawhi's trip walk
ei khei
ei khei - 13 days ago
Raptors expose INJURED Warriors
L J Gittinger, III
L J Gittinger, III - 13 days ago
When will we be seeing the following video, to wit: 2019 NBA Finals Game 5: Warriors EXPOSE Raptors!
lich5164four - 13 days ago
3:03 haha what???
sessahme - 13 days ago
It is interesting to see Serge has been up on the Warriors 3-1 twice but I think this time they are Raptors are going to win in 5.
Mandingo Duagi
Mandingo Duagi - 13 days ago
Raptors is doomed Kd is back!
YAHOOISNOTG - 13 days ago
lmfao ok bud
poopz - 13 days ago
lmao all of a sudden im getting force fed ads about seat geek
poopz - 13 days ago
is it called the great white north because of the snow or because canada is full of white folk
Aldrin Nonato
Aldrin Nonato - 13 days ago
This video got me wonder if your a gsw fan
Austin Feng
Austin Feng - 13 days ago
Best in depth analysis on youtube.
NOAH BLACK - 13 days ago
Don’t matter what the hell the warriors do the raptors are to LOCKED IN they are not fucking around raps in 5
Alex Kuriako
Alex Kuriako - 13 days ago
the reason why Curry did not rotate as much because often, he was guarding Danny Green who is a great shooter and did not want to give up a Danny green three
tobias GR3Y
tobias GR3Y - 13 days ago
Me: I don't want the trophy to go to Canada!
Also Me: Go Toronto!
Lost Race
Lost Race - 13 days ago
Vanfleet has definitely been cooking this playoffs
Meepdasheep - 13 days ago
#50 on trending let's go coach🤗🤗
No Chill
No Chill - 13 days ago
Best inro hands down
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn - 13 days ago
NBA fans: I need to commandeer your team, to the NBA championship! Who's in charge here?
Toronto: The Claaaaaaaaaw!
michael roche
michael roche - 13 days ago
Another GREAT video coach! Love what you are doing! best NBA channel on YOUTUBE
Abdullah Swati
Abdullah Swati - 13 days ago
Use a better mic the “S” sounds make you uncomfortable while listening with beats
Ditch Bank Bandits
Ditch Bank Bandits - 13 days ago
Can’t wait to see the look on Kurry’s face tonight. Dude plays no D
Kevin White
Kevin White - 13 days ago
K.d was not in that game
Speculation is good but again the king was out
Daniel Gvlogs
Daniel Gvlogs - 13 days ago
Or maybe they are letting the raptors win because Nba fans are getting bored of the warriors winning. Just saying
Tr Bu
Tr Bu - 13 days ago
Great video, great commentary. Look forward to your game 5 analysis. Go RAPS.
Eman Collins
Eman Collins - 13 days ago
What the hell is Bogut doing at 3:02!?!?!?!?
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons - 13 days ago
Game 5: Warriors EXPOSE Raptors
Wyman Kemble
Wyman Kemble - 10 days ago
raptors got the best of the warriors so they wont expose the raptors.
Andrae X
Andrae X - 13 days ago
I take nothing away from Toronto, give them credit but look how GS are just standing there playing no defense. Today’s game is sucks. However, Great job Toronto
BBALLBREAKDOWN - 13 days ago
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown - 13 days ago
Damn raptors not fucking around
Kyle Mundy
Kyle Mundy - 13 days ago
Kawhi played a big part this season, but let's not forget the Raptors have been playoff contenders for a while now.
Great video buddy
BBALLBREAKDOWN - 13 days ago
MKG - 13 days ago
imagine if the Warriors last game at the Oracle was a big FAT LLLLLLLLL
Adi Sharma
Adi Sharma - 13 days ago
People are saying the raptors are an underdog team
How, they have kawhi, gasol, green, lowry, and siakam
Cynical Boi
Cynical Boi - 13 days ago
The raptors coach is so smart looking at these plays
Cynical Boi
Cynical Boi - 13 days ago
That is what you call team chemistry
PENGU_plays YT
PENGU_plays YT - 13 days ago
Where r the GS fans at now?

Edit:oh they're hanging around the dislike button 🤣
Kevant Gross Richardson
Kevant Gross Richardson - 13 days ago
idc about the breakdowns i’m just here for the beatdrops
BBALLBREAKDOWN - 13 days ago
ragingshane istheanswer
ragingshane istheanswer - 13 days ago
Looked like a clear foul on Bogut grabbing siakiams arm as he shoots. Great call
BBALLBREAKDOWN - 13 days ago
For sure
Chris Sparks
Chris Sparks - 13 days ago
It doesn't matter what they do......the trophy is still headed to the North, regardless. I'm a San Antonio Spurs fan.....and I'm happy about that lol. I don't want Warriors to win. I want Kawhi and the Raptors to win. Who cares that it will be in "Canada." You can't share the love? Guess who's a greedy mother Fu**er?!? Lol
Ricardo Araneta
Ricardo Araneta - 13 days ago
Love how coach Nick breakdown each game.
Brasil66 - 13 days ago
Raptors have two sets of players with big game experience together. Kawhi/Danny Green w Spurs and Gasol/Ibaka w Spain. Kinda feels like there was some shorthand and previous chemistry that was able to catalyze this Raptors run in both cases
harwell teves
harwell teves - 13 days ago
For me the great that happen now is raptors keep scoring no matter what kind of set plays they do...no matter how good your coach is or players are if they cant score all best set plays,best passes are nothing...Go North!!!
PlayingMinecraft WithEstrella
Kawhi will not just stop the wheel. Kawhi break the wheel
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