Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You? Hasan Investigates | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Red Duchess the Trucker
Red Duchess the Trucker - 2 hours ago
😂😂😂 this was great!
solfeggietto - 7 hours ago
So glad I don't drink coffee. Also, never needed to see a fox decaying.
Wicked Amoeba
Wicked Amoeba - 9 hours ago
Someone buy this man a French Press.
Wicked Amoeba
Wicked Amoeba - 9 hours ago
You know what’s great? Tea! Drink tea!

This comment was brought to you by Tea Gang.
Jeffrey Borbas
Jeffrey Borbas - 19 hours ago
The oldest person to ever live drank a cup of coffee w/ milk every morning. She lived to 122 years old. It is good for you, IN MODERATION. 1-2 cups a day, just like wine.
Jeffrey Borbas
Jeffrey Borbas - 19 hours ago
Acrylamide comes from roasting it. Light roast has such small amounts it is insignificant. French fries are the same way. As long as you don't over-cook them, it's fine.
Zia Uddin
Zia Uddin - Day ago
I choose tea.✌
crin28 - Day ago
Off the coffee topic, but that color shirt looks fantastic on you. 👌🏽
Publio Furbino
Publio Furbino - Day ago
80% hazelnut? I didn't get it.
The Hufflepuff
The Hufflepuff - Day ago
The title should be "Why research should be done in a proper way."
Twinkly Thingy
Twinkly Thingy - 2 days ago
If you drink even 42 cups of water in 8 minutes, I don’t think that’ll be good for anyone 😅
Johnny System
Johnny System - 2 days ago
Hate to tell you that Toronto is the most multicultural city on earth! Not NYC.
syed khan
syed khan - 3 days ago
Coffee tastes so yuck,how can people like it?
Ben MacTavish
Ben MacTavish - 3 days ago
The amount of coffee in this video gave me a headache. I need a cup of coffee to clear my head.
DiabloMinero - 3 days ago
Coffee is not much of anything for you. If it had strong effects, we'd have seen them unambiguously by now. It tastes bad, and I prefer tea, but odds are it's not going to save or kill you.
Megi Peeva
Megi Peeva - 3 days ago
7:06 - 7:12 This is the most important point in this video!!!!! Academic rules need to change!
William Montgomery
William Montgomery - 4 days ago
An 8 minute video with 3 minutes of actual content.
Tomas Hollan
Tomas Hollan - 4 days ago
From what we are thought in my medical school it is carcinogenic but the amount is so low that it isn’t that big of a concern.
Jonathan Ferreira
Jonathan Ferreira - 4 days ago
Not very funny
Dustin Chaviano
Dustin Chaviano - 5 days ago
I like most of Hasan's material but this video was filled with a bunch of time wasting fluff that made the important information of the piece hard to follow. Lots of wasted time that loses the focus of the listener and then they jump back in and yell a bunch of stuff at you quickly because, 'GET IT?! COFFEEEE!!!' Have more consideration for your audience. Bad job.
Aleksey Gladysh
Aleksey Gladysh - 5 days ago
The amount of coffee drunk by one person in one day being depicted in this video is actually dangerous. Look up chubbyemu’s video on that.
Suraj Ajjampur
Suraj Ajjampur - 5 days ago
I've always been a huge fan of Hasan and the show but this has been the biggest waste of time
Muzze BN
Muzze BN - 5 days ago
I donk think anything has made me want coffe more than this video, and i work at a coffe shop!
Julio B. Figueroa
Julio B. Figueroa - 6 days ago
Okay, wtf was up with that fox? Did anyone catch that? Did it.. did it decay?
Marco Tonino
Marco Tonino - 6 days ago
Seems someone got a subscription to Shutterstock
Beverly Owusu
Beverly Owusu - 6 days ago
I feel scammed after watching this video. Was it a coffee commercial all along...
vineet jha
vineet jha - 6 days ago
Hasan bhai
vineet jha
vineet jha - 6 days ago
Hasan bhai..tumhara brown "buaay" bol raha
vineet jha
vineet jha - 6 days ago
Ek pass dedo tumko saamne sunna hai
Ray Tuli
Ray Tuli - 6 days ago
The amount of caffeine ‘consumed’ in this explains the exorbitant use of hand gestures and fast talking
Philip Shirk
Philip Shirk - 6 days ago
Ktlemongrass - 6 days ago
I had issue finding this episode on Netflix, I wish they’d start putting the episode # in the info.. great episode :)
Dave T
Dave T - 6 days ago
Dammit I only made it to 3:00 before I had to go make a pot
Alexandria.Kharsag - 6 days ago
You lost your objectivity and truthfulness for this
Mohammad El Agha
Mohammad El Agha - 6 days ago
I swear this is just a long coffee ad
Tommie - 7 days ago
According to FLOLiving, coffee wrecks havoc on women's hormones! Just be aware to look into how something will interact with your specific gene expressions and sex :)
PD Zombie
PD Zombie - 7 days ago
Well, now we know why Hassan speaks so fast...
Floris Liu
Floris Liu - 7 days ago
Baby Chris in your area
Matty - 7 days ago
In the Netherlands we drink a lot of coffee. Research says the most in the world:
Suzanne April Rose Knowles
I think he makes a great point ---> "It's not that addictive." Yes some people may go to that extreme but the majority drinks one to two cups a day. I personally can't drink that much coffee or I'll spend my entire day in the bathroom. Moderation, I agree, is the key to drinking coffee. Give it respect and respect your body.
scarsunseen24 - 7 days ago
You know it's an addiction when you love the process of your addiction too. I could use some coffee.
Cesar Valencia
Cesar Valencia - 7 days ago
Drank my 3rd cup of coffee watching this...
Kisherno Webster
Kisherno Webster - 7 days ago
4:43 did you see it?
L_J - 7 days ago
Bowels of Steel
Khon Shukrullaev
Khon Shukrullaev - 7 days ago
I still didn’t get the answer, Hasan
Mitchell Hauser
Mitchell Hauser - 7 days ago
So bottom line, "We don't know"? But how hard can it be to fucking find out? If "we don't know" is the official answer, I'm pretty sure the coffee industry is suppressing the truth and it's actually bad for us.
Logan Kelly
Logan Kelly - 7 days ago
I came here while brewing my morning joe. I realize that the video is click bate like those scientific papers
NafisaH - 8 days ago
Hassan says: "ahh its my favorite part of the day..the re-up"
ME: *Looks down at my coffee cup* Yup RE-UP!! 😆
Shaun Frank
Shaun Frank - 8 days ago
What a lazy+weak episode. There's also big $$$ behind many of the research results. Independent research that raises doubt is always countered by corporate-sponsored "research" teams whose purpose is to drum up science-ish results to shutdown the alarms ASAP.
Chloe Thomas
Chloe Thomas - 8 days ago
Yeah nobody cares about this question we have already decided
Ingenium - 9 days ago
I whatched the Video 2x speed.
but holy moly at 6:20 i had to slow it down, that came fast ^^
ContagiousRepublic - 9 days ago for the XKCD webcomic "publication bias" issue. TOTALLY worth reading.
luan fourie
luan fourie - 9 days ago
Video summary :
Is coffee good or bad?
We have no idea so play it safe and drink moderately.
Ooh and Hasan loves coffee
Jip Broens
Jip Broens - 10 days ago
Which shoes is he wearing?
Srishti Mishra
Srishti Mishra - 10 days ago
Hasan : “Its all about moderation.”
Also Hasan : “I’m 80% Hazelnut” 👌🏻
Faceless Assasin
Faceless Assasin - 10 days ago
Me: (first few seconds)*not paying attention.*
Hasan: Westeros
Me: (eyes lit up) *start to hum the GOT theme and watch with new found enthusiasm.*
Faceless Assasin
Faceless Assasin - 10 days ago
Did u know , BTW , tht it was Conleth Hill who put the coffee cup there
Vinay Suryavanshi
Vinay Suryavanshi - 10 days ago
Good enough to be called not that bad.
robertk2007 - 10 days ago
Don’t care if coffee is good or bad for you, I’m addicted
Kell River Avalon Poet
Kell River Avalon Poet - 10 days ago
The slurping in this video pissed me off. Who the hell though that was a good idea
Derrick Keppler
Derrick Keppler - 11 days ago
This is halarious
eddie kusnir
eddie kusnir - 11 days ago
8.09 min waste of life make useful videos not this u just gave loads of nonsense and didn't answer ur own question! What are you a politic?
Niko L
Niko L - 11 days ago
What you referred to as a percolator, is not in fact a percolator... It's a mocha pot.
This is a percolator:
Human Errer
Human Errer - 11 days ago
I have paused at the beginning to tell Hasan that if he says coffee is bad, he will lose a fan.
Choose wisely. 😑
Tshwanelo Matsane
Tshwanelo Matsane - 12 days ago
Did I see a fox decompose?

... I need another coffee
Hillsdale - 12 days ago
Bro please wet that paper before you pour your coffee into it. Can’t imagine that cup didn’t taste like paper
Benny Pika
Benny Pika - 12 days ago
caffeine anxiety by dose is a things and you can kill people with caffeine.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - 13 days ago
I’m proud to be the ones that only drink one cup of coffee a day
ZeMakerpen - 13 days ago
Ask government to fund us better and we won't publish rubbish
John Mark
John Mark - 13 days ago
Yeah I'm involved in a relationship but her husband doesn't know...? SaY WHAT!
H - 13 days ago
what was the point of this video if ya aint gonna answer your damn question breh
TokyoTraveller - 13 days ago
it's time for the percolator.
Jae Oppa
Jae Oppa - 14 days ago
ngl even it was bad for me, I'mma keep drinking it lol
ali ali
ali ali - 14 days ago
coffee is nasty
except in ice cream form
tra ve
tra ve - 14 days ago
I like this episode. But of course, it does align with global warming anti-science which is in the interests of the Qatar, which creates slick media content like this, lol.
Bill Floyd
Bill Floyd - 14 days ago
The Whole Earth Catalog claimed Coffee Grains when poured on Roses and Tomato Plants will kill insects devouring our plants, but Tea will not hurt the insects. Recent Prostate and Bladder studies showed CAFFEINE causes cancer in both Bladder and :Prostate. Dr. Milton Krisoloff of Santa Monica Hospital, California has studies.
Samantha N
Samantha N - 14 days ago
I’m upset about the fallen pink streamer.
Tom - 15 days ago
Im more of a Tea Guy 🍵
Hardik Lalchandani
Hardik Lalchandani - 15 days ago
Coffee is haram
Gaurav Rao
Gaurav Rao - 15 days ago
We drink coffee in India everyday. Almost everyone does it every morning.
yuriydee - 15 days ago
He doesn’t pronounce coffee like hes from NYC. Just a random thing i noticed which is pointless.
yuriydee - 15 days ago
@Pinnfeathers Oh i had no idea actually. TIL
Pinnfeathers - 15 days ago
He was born and raised in California, so why would he?
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