The 2022 Subaru BRZ is a New Sports Car Designed to Stand Out in an SUV World

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Redline Reviews
Redline Reviews - 7 days ago
A brand new sports car doesn’t come around very often. Especially an affordable one like the BRZ, expect to see Toyota unveil the new 86 very soon. We’re looking forward to seeing how that new 2.4L feels, do you believe Subaru should have gone the turbo route with a higher price tag? Or are you happy they elected to leave it naturally aspirated?
jpogi gtxcr1
jpogi gtxcr1 - 13 hours ago
Patthon Sirilim Actually I'm more of a big fan of n/a. Problem with this car is that it's very expensive for $30,000 without a turbo or additional 2 cylinders (3.0 flat six would've been perfect).
Prateek Kumar
Prateek Kumar - 15 hours ago
@Patthon Sirilim don't get me wrong, I'm glad they've made the 2nd gen, and I think they've stayed relatively true to the ethos of the car whilst also attending to the demands of Joe public (more power+ torque dip removal/nicer interior). I'm just saying that I personally would have preferred them to have focussed more on weight reduction as this would have benefited performance, handling and economy and would have been truer to the ethos of a modern day 86. I was never that bothered about torque dip because when I want speed I just thrash the engine and keep it over 5000rpm, the way it's designed to be driven.
Patthon Sirilim
Patthon Sirilim - 16 hours ago
@jpogi gtxcr1 i disagree thou i like turbo cars almost every single affordable enthusiast car except for the mx5 out here is turbo all the hot hatch are turbocharged we need some diversity we need some high reving na car on the market this car was never meant to be a fast car it was meant to be a fun car if there really wanted to make it fast for the class they should have gotten a turbo 4 banger with an automatic tranny but everyone else is doing that exact same thing.
Patthon Sirilim
Patthon Sirilim - 16 hours ago
@Prateek Kumar i say Subaru hit out the park with this one got rid of the toruqe curve better interior better grip handling and increase power and torque throughout the powerband without sacrificing what made the original brz so great there barley enough weight gain im just glad it didn't go the turbo route massive power and massive weight.
Patthon Sirilim
Patthon Sirilim - 16 hours ago
@De ViceCrimsin no turbo bro keep the brz/86 a unique driving experience there so many turbo 4 banger out there high revving naturally aspirated engine are a dying breed and those engine give this type of car character.
Ethan Ryan
Ethan Ryan - 52 minutes ago
Ill stick to my 1st gen brz. New one looks disgusting.
YouLazyButt - Hour ago
Make a sti model with a turbo. Then I will consider it
Derek Chesney
Derek Chesney - Hour ago
Seriously. 17 inch wheels. At 215 width. Shame
Ruben Ionut
Ruben Ionut - 2 hours ago
What is the new dimensions?
Enrico - 2 hours ago
It baffles me that 66% of people who bought brz are choosing AT.... I mean you rather buy a freaking Camry if you wanna go D mode
Tiberianexcalibur - 3 hours ago
Buick Regal rear
708914 - 3 hours ago
Will Toyota be working with Subaru again for their new 86, does anyone have any idea?
Sam Ang
Sam Ang - 3 hours ago
Looks like BMW, poor inovative new things
Layton S
Layton S - 3 hours ago
Looks like a Porsche Cayman as they like to go back and fourth designing things together
Connor S
Connor S - 4 hours ago
Kinda ugly
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime - 4 hours ago
“We know you guys want more horsepower so here you go”
*gives 20 more hp*
Anton Parks
Anton Parks - 4 hours ago
A whole damn year waiting for the reprised BRZ to get produced.
Yussnan84 - 4 hours ago
Corvette in the front
Civic on the back
Mustafa810 C
Mustafa810 C - 5 hours ago
does it come in automatic?
Zhekka Mikitchenko
Zhekka Mikitchenko - 5 hours ago
Horrible exterior design! The BRZ/FRS had a unique design, now it has a mainstream look. Just like multiple previous commentators mentioned, it looks like a mash-up of multiple car designs already out.
Niall Corcoran
Niall Corcoran - 5 hours ago
looks like shit lmao
mozamel mosmer
mozamel mosmer - 6 hours ago
Styll going with the 2016 brz wtf is that shit looks like a 350z
RiotRadioFM - 6 hours ago
7:33 That's a beautiful torque curve. Peak torque hits early and it mostly stays nice and flat towards redline. This should make the car an absolute blast to drive while also making it fun to rev out.
miko foin
miko foin - 6 hours ago
Honestly amazing
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot - 6 hours ago
The dash/control stack design is ugly. It looks hap hazardly cobbled together. There's no real style to it.
miko foin
miko foin - 6 hours ago
A headscratcher is why I see so many in the city. I have never encountered one on a back road. Outside of the Twisties these are poop (okay stock no turbo these are poop jee
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot - 7 hours ago
I love it
Richard Samuel McGravy
Richard Samuel McGravy - 7 hours ago
Jack Gaffney
Jack Gaffney - 7 hours ago
228hp!? What a powerhouse 😂
Joey Chan
Joey Chan - 7 hours ago
Hyundai will copy
Brett B
Brett B - 7 hours ago
So better exhaust and turbo. You have some power. Cool. I like the new one way better.
Hoofed - 8 hours ago
Seems like i’m the only one here with a love for the new rear, it’s beautiful
Abraham Ramirez
Abraham Ramirez - 10 hours ago
Oh so he doesn’t know how to drive stick ?
BigBoyWoogie - 12 hours ago
A Mazda BRZ? Very Mazda ish appearance.
Zahid Nawaz
Zahid Nawaz - 12 hours ago
It's good I like it and want one, but now with all that depreciation, the old gen is almost perfect bang to buck ratio vehicle so definitely gonna buy gt 86 after this one starts rolling out. These type of light sports cars have one of the best driving feel and confidence which sometimes you can't even achieve in 100k+ vehicles.
iHateHDs - 12 hours ago
The rear is an old Acura
scott Woodburn
scott Woodburn - 12 hours ago
Is the automatic the CVT?
bnj0828 - 14 hours ago
I looks a lot like the new Toyota Supra.
Mc leean
Mc leean - 15 hours ago
Really was hoping they would go for a 2 door hatch
Bigdre Fromthebay
Bigdre Fromthebay - 15 hours ago
These are the worst cars lol I’ve had two
steve11377 - 15 hours ago
I have a 2016 FRS and if they don't have the drop in the powerband @4000 rpm - that will be a huge improvement. That being said If they decided to add a turbo and increased to 250-275hp I would be over the moon!
jearss - 17 hours ago
A headscratcher is why I see so many in the city. I have never encountered one on a back road. Outside of the Twisties these are poop (okay stock no turbo these are poop jeez)
Mauritazu •
Mauritazu • - 17 hours ago
Still less torque than a screw driver
anani sackey
anani sackey - 17 hours ago
looks like SubaruBrz have Toyota Supra bloodline
William Lau
William Lau - 17 hours ago
Is this going to be the same engine used in the wrx?
720p clips
720p clips - 18 hours ago
Subaru nsx... Rear view.
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez - 18 hours ago
come on Subaru. We need the STI version
Jeremy - 19 hours ago
Anyone get Porsche Panamera/Cayman vibes from the front end? I like it. The rear I'm not a huge fan, but hey, we get another generation of rwd sports cars.
Kilbrn - 19 hours ago
mrdavidwest10 - 23 hours ago
I'll take that 22B thanks!
Corban Twiss
Corban Twiss - Day ago
I wasn’t looking for an Aston Martin body kit on an RX-8. I am not a fan...
beef creator
beef creator - Day ago
I KINDA like the sound of this boxer. hopefully it's not fake
Juliojr Music
Juliojr Music - Day ago
Thats a new miata yallaa wymm
javier rosario
javier rosario - Day ago
How much ?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Day ago
I don't typically say this, but I actually really like the factory alloy wheels 👍
Earache //
Earache // - Day ago
But I’ll try to be open minded
Earache //
Earache // - 13 hours ago
@bilinas mini couldn’t agree more
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Day ago
Front looks like rx8 and tail lights looks like new nsx...
Earache //
Earache // - Day ago
No we have not been waiting we loved the aggressive look of the 1st gen we just wanted more power while keeping a perfectly square engine (boost) !!!!!!!!
djjmann - Day ago
It looks like a Lexus RC-F and an NSX had a baby...
Charo Leyton
Charo Leyton - Day ago
I have many thoughts of this new brz
All of them bad
Except for

The car not being turbo
Thank goodness!!
Kiyora - Day ago
Glad they are keeping manual even in this day of age
DoubleDeckerAnton - Day ago
11:31 nice 22B in the background.
DoubleDeckerAnton - Day ago
It looks really cool. Lovely blue colour.
Kevin - Day ago
This car does not look 2022 at all
Simon Kiflom
Simon Kiflom - Day ago
It looks like a Aston Martin and an NSX had a mutant baby.
1hundred Flip
1hundred Flip - Day ago
The front look like a Porsche lambo mix
Malaki Alkins
Malaki Alkins - Day ago
To me it looks like Subaru try to make it look like a 2018 Jaguar F type
Myname Isunavailable
Interior looks so cheap that Nissan 370z feels appreciated.
DjStiv3 - Day ago
Should have done something with the rear quarter panels too like front have. I just wish it had 250stock to the wheels. God that would be awesome. But i guess maybe few little things help get it there. Someone needs to slap a turbski on there as well haha
dannyb20 vtec
dannyb20 vtec - Day ago
I don’t know if I love it or hate it.
yung jet
yung jet - Day ago
once i heard no turbo i closed the vid lol
Luleo4 - Day ago
Yo brz’s fucking blow
Mart Cloutier
Mart Cloutier - Day ago
Front looks like rx8 and tail lights looks like new nsx...
Dr. Trash
Dr. Trash - Day ago
addipoom - Day ago
what kind bullsht review with no details, specs, and all that? just 2 knobs driving badly
RockerRobin - Day ago
Cant say I like the new design and it doesn't even have as much power as my 05 forester xt turbo. Honestly wish Subaru would bring back the 22b and brat with a low range transmission to compete in the off road market and provide a new transmission for us lifted subaru owners who are currently swapping in 30 year old transmission to get low range gearing.
Chris Garret
Chris Garret - Day ago
Subaru, the horsepower and torque nazis, no HP and torque for you!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - Day ago
That thing looks like a Miata
Quit trying to be everyone else and be yourself, that’s what we want... options not just in gadgets
Mark Gergo
Mark Gergo - Day ago
Not a big fan of the 2.4 litre. Taxes on displacement get crazy after 2.0 litres where i live
2daih4 - Day ago
Waiting patiently on the new Nissan Z
R S - Day ago
Subaru’s are so bland. Looks hideous
Colin Schroyer
Colin Schroyer - Day ago
Acura tail lights
Javier Balgo
Javier Balgo - Day ago
Where's the targa? Come on...!
What's the price of that blue sti behind you... 😊😊
G4MINGW!THF3RN 104 - Day ago
Am I the only one who just absolutely hates the way it looks? Like I’m thinking about maybe getting a BRZ but I was debating waiting for a new version but after seeing this... I’d rather get the current one 😬 I feel they ruined the sporty look that the car had.
RHOK - Day ago
I thought it was a 370z
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox - Day ago
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nissanv8FTW - 2 days ago
What a world we live in. Civics get turbos and sports cars get detuned crossover engines. To be fair this thing looks a lot faster than the previous model. That midrange torque is substantially more than the 2.0
Daniel pererira
Daniel pererira - 2 days ago
Looks too cute like a smiling miata
Shughes - 2 days ago
Good job Subaru! Thx for being different and keeping it rear wheel drive!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 2 days ago
Happy every day
metehan astan
metehan astan - 2 days ago
i really like this new generation subaru brz.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 2 days ago
nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles - 2 days ago
Só this what the GT86 gonna look like ???
neko bass
neko bass - 2 days ago
GR Yaris wheels?
Hanaroo - 2 days ago
Looks chubby.
Arnoldo Ahumada
Arnoldo Ahumada - 2 days ago
Everyone: Complaining about how they should of put turbo

Subaru: Nah bigger engine
Jimbo Choo
Jimbo Choo - 2 days ago
Is that a 22b STI in the background?
GLI MK7 - 2 days ago
lol slow
skuxxskits - 2 days ago
- No turbo..
- Back end looks worse, like a camry.
- Headlight shape is worse but better in every other way
- cool scoop/improved aeros
- displays pretty crap
All and all not that happy with the revision. What do you guys think?
Yq Gui
Yq Gui - 2 days ago
It looks like the Viper and NSX had an unspeakable night together...
niborrandoacho - 2 days ago
It's a faaace liiiift!! 📣
Bushido Photo, LLC
Bushido Photo, LLC - 2 days ago
Look at that wheel gap though. Definitely need to lower the car.
newphone whodis
newphone whodis - 2 days ago
Still missing a turbo
K. McDonnell
K. McDonnell - 2 days ago
Scott Speed? The same Scott Speed that couldn’t hack it in F1 and whose replacement went on to win four drivers championships? Oh, that Scott Speed.
iamthemedici - 2 days ago
Anyone see Buick Regal in the back?
SiliconValleySky - 2 days ago
It's beautiful, reminds me of the S2000
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