Wrestling Your Own Mom for $10,000 - Challenge (Morgz)

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - Year ago
WRESTLE the LIKE button!!! lol anyways plz subscribe and hit post notification bell i love u
DOCHE - 27 days ago
they are weird and A BIT StUpId
ARYA PRABATA - Month ago
madii - Month ago
Hi ✨🦋 I love you too
spokeydoke - Month ago
Mystery Blue Guy
Mystery Blue Guy - 2 months ago
Ryan Trahan lol
Jacob Faires
Jacob Faires - 18 hours ago
10:39 I love how morgz says he has no technology yet he is filming himself with a camera
CastawayLatte - 20 hours ago
Inhailer Count:2
Bianey Roke
Bianey Roke - Day ago
Yeeees call the police plssssss
gamer guy
gamer guy - Day ago
7:37 my life in a nutshell
sugarman deka
sugarman deka - 2 days ago
"biggest bouncy house in the city" wonder what kind of city they live in
Virginia Hernandez
Virginia Hernandez - 2 days ago
He is still on the first page and it’s a children book why would he say that he is liar 🤥
Nay RBLS - 3 days ago
Charlie The Turtle
Charlie The Turtle - 3 days ago
i got so scared when he said good luck Charlie
DA Productions
DA Productions - 3 days ago
I haven’t had WiFi for 17 days
StarGryphon 4451
StarGryphon 4451 - 4 days ago
Onestly I fell bad for his dad
Imperium Productions
Imperium Productions - 5 days ago
Cellular Data: Allow is to introduce ourselves
Abdulrahman gamer
Abdulrahman gamer - 5 days ago
11:35 children don't watch this until 12:00
Radley's vlogs
Radley's vlogs - 7 days ago
1:57 oh jeez
ItsRougHouse - 8 days ago
anyone gonna take about the huge picture of morgz and his dog face swapping
Play Time Meyers
Play Time Meyers - 9 days ago
Great video keep it up!👍👍👍
HatterGamer - 9 days ago
Martin said : i'm not falling for this again
Jill said : Why watcha mean?!
LuckyLands !
LuckyLands ! - 10 days ago
Go camping like me morganzzzzzz
LuckyLands !
LuckyLands ! - 10 days ago
Niren baits
Niren baits - 11 days ago
The family just wanna live their live but. morgz:wats up guys i m gonna beat up my family for 24 hours
Nickexists - 11 days ago
Apple fluffy
Apple fluffy - 11 days ago
Imagine him at a restaurant:
“I would like the number five with fries”
“Could I have a refill of water?”
“I will split the check with my friend”
“Have a nice day, ma’am”
porsche 911 lover
porsche 911 lover - 12 days ago
they can just plug it back in
porsche 911 lover
porsche 911 lover - 12 days ago
does cookeis are terrible
Bleenteam J
Bleenteam J - 12 days ago
John H.
John H. - 13 days ago
taemin ily
taemin ily - 13 days ago
morgz mum; **complains that she cant use her device**
also morgz mum at the start; **no more wifi guys!**
taemin ily
taemin ily - 13 days ago
morgz; >:O **shakes head to side** DDD:
Eff_ANIMATES - 14 days ago
Thats the worst moves ive ever seen and im a fan 🤦‍♂
The olive gal
The olive gal - 15 days ago
"This b***h has officially gone,"

Ginger Bridle
Ginger Bridle - 16 days ago
0:21 ....

...I haven't heard that name in years.
Lolipop :3
Lolipop :3 - 16 days ago
5:25 I’m still wheezing 😂
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson - 17 days ago
"No WIFI, Power, or Electronics"
*Looks at Camera*
jaslene pimentel
jaslene pimentel - 17 days ago
i found this guys channel cuz his comment was funny.
NotTosterOven - 19 days ago
All I know is that someone needs an oscar.
Eli Hathaway
Eli Hathaway - 19 days ago
Connects ps4 to an ethernet jack stonks
1tumumy - 19 days ago
Powers out but his LIGHT-UP SIGN
eli shaye
eli shaye - 20 days ago
The second challenge that requires no electronics jews do that for 24 hours
Charliie - 20 days ago
When Morgan mum was like ‘I’ve never seen a bigger idiot than you” to Martin I was like have you not seen what your son does?
Ryan Schenck
Ryan Schenck - 20 days ago
How does no one notice the mi pan llama in the background
Jayden Abbe
Jayden Abbe - 20 days ago
ACES OF HEARTS - 20 days ago
I’m just confused. She turned the power off but like dude the light is on and so it the stove and everything
Dean Falsis
Dean Falsis - 21 day ago
Where the 4th biscuit? My what jimmy
Liam Gonzalez
Liam Gonzalez - 22 days ago
Have we ever seen his mom??
Carter Copeland
Carter Copeland - 22 days ago
Morgz mom - no WiFi
Morgz - pulls out the calculator
Rosemary Whelan
Rosemary Whelan - 22 days ago
Olitolz - 22 days ago
Imagine how much spit is on his camera lense
COD god BTW - 23 days ago
You are to funny bro 😂 🤣
Loljamielol ha
Loljamielol ha - 23 days ago
Honestly I might start watching every single video you ever posted just to find a sponsored one
bryzericex - 23 days ago
Morgz mum: aAaaaaaAaaaAaaahaahahhHhhhhhh
Turbkey Samdwich
Turbkey Samdwich - 23 days ago
Like no joke I actually feel really bad for bald Martin he’s abused by his own family and is forced to be an idiot for morgzs’ videos.
Tessa Rodriguez
Tessa Rodriguez - 25 days ago
Omg Ryan looks so little in this video!
Aedan Armstrong
Aedan Armstrong - 25 days ago
tf happend to neptune?
Minecraft Matthew
Minecraft Matthew - 25 days ago
No Power!

Except for lights...
Gabriela Bostan
Gabriela Bostan - 25 days ago
I actually want to see this family get roasted on Dr. Phil
Gabriel Burgin
Gabriel Burgin - 25 days ago
If my life depended on it and I had to say Morgz is a good youtube channel i would choose to die.
Yas Sadie :3
Yas Sadie :3 - 25 days ago
I litterly used to watch all the you tupers that u make fun of

Man I was young and how did I like that
Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell - 25 days ago
2:47 looks like lil tecca
ItzRappids YT
ItzRappids YT - 26 days ago
Dr phil*
Silverunz - 26 days ago
You should collaborate with DJ cook
Mitchell Coen
Mitchell Coen - 26 days ago
Bro u made me laugh so hard in a carpool
Adequate 000
Adequate 000 - 27 days ago
Dat llama in da background do be looking kinda sus do
Gaggaby - 27 days ago
You remind me of Danny Gonzalez
at home detail
at home detail - 27 days ago
You need to make video like this
Mitch Le Grand
Mitch Le Grand - 27 days ago
She turned the power off but the lights are still on😂
DOCHE - 27 days ago
morgz not waching any thing 15:51
DOCHE - 27 days ago
morgz mom:i went to the biggest bouncee castle the size of morgz mouth. . . . . . 3:19
Karolina Pienkowska
Karolina Pienkowska - 27 days ago
I'd wrestle his mom for free!
Karolina Pienkowska
Karolina Pienkowska - 27 days ago
Braydon Tabone
Braydon Tabone - 28 days ago
who is watching in 2020😎😎
couch Potato
couch Potato - 28 days ago
You know that morgz is a demon pulled out of satans ass, you know why? He leaves his fucking feet hanging out when he has a blanket on 8:15
Horo624 - 29 days ago
morgz mum: tHe PoWerS oUt
Morgz' room: ... n a h.
Izheri Monét
Izheri Monét - 29 days ago
We need to start a gofundme for Martin
Insertnamehere - 29 days ago
WELL occording to sub titles morgz mum said can
Barbie Babe
Barbie Babe - Month ago
My DadDY oWns MiCrosOft I GoT tHe XbOX 280 F0r FreE.

The New Morgz Video Title
eff the gryffindors
eff the gryffindors - Month ago
I kid you not, my baby brother drools less than Morgz. Someone stop this man, I-
the killer of hackers hacker lose
i spent 5 years of no wifi or any phone stuff
lemonday. - Month ago
Bald Martin looks like my grandpa without glasses
TheKat Makes art
TheKat Makes art - Month ago
I love how when Morgan kicked martin in the balls there was a second of *ok moom is the camera on* then he kicked him
FaZa Marco
FaZa Marco - Month ago
Wt* you can’t delete fortnite skins wt*
Mollie Jones
Mollie Jones - Month ago
One like, one prayer for our boi Marten... r.i.p his soul...
Lil Rotta
Lil Rotta - Month ago
0:38 wait I have those... and so did my school cafeteria...
yuckylemon - Month ago
I almost dropped a pan while cooking watching this vid
yuckylemon - Month ago
New channel new cringe
Jeremias Paddock
Jeremias Paddock - Month ago
3:31 thank me later
It’s Me
It’s Me - Month ago
*w o n k y*
Crypto Gaming
Crypto Gaming - Month ago
roses are red
violets are blue
Ryan Trahan
We love you

no homo btw
Colton Bohlke
Colton Bohlke - Month ago
He didn't even do the RKO right lol.
Ultrasonic Ninja
Ultrasonic Ninja - Month ago
wait if they aren't aloud on devices how are they filming this video
Ghost Bills
Ghost Bills - Month ago
5:24 where’s the 4th biscuit
Martin what you mean 😂😂😂
Da flock Of bats
Da flock Of bats - Month ago
1:54 the knockoff of p0rnhub
Ananya - Month ago
Sooo... How are babies made again ?
Indominus A
Indominus A - Month ago
They were literally playing the bf theme song
Daisy Roblox
Daisy Roblox - Month ago
6:13 thats the only pain he’s ever felt 😑
JOSHABUG - Month ago
got a family you love fuck that go grt your rackes up lmao
Pagnemian Flipflops
Pagnemian Flipflops - Month ago
If they turned the power off than how are the lights on
Yaboi On100ping
Yaboi On100ping - Month ago
Real gamers Played both consoles and likes both and will not hate on both
Skater girl coolcat123 REEE
The mom is my dad 😑 now I know who my dads mom is 🤣
Arlene Castillo
Arlene Castillo - Month ago
I love how at 12:18 you can see the reflection of a phone or tablet in the oven
Erick Torres
Erick Torres - Month ago
martin is being held hostage
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