Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

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Jubilee - 9 months ago
Hi Goodhumans!
We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the YouTube Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on YouTube & on instagram at
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UNIVERSE - 25 days ago
I want to ask Insta models..What if filters and photoshop technology wouldn't have been ever?
Crystal Liu
Crystal Liu - Month ago
Can you guys do people who are extreme about religion and evolutionists (or atheists)?
Barry Shitpeas
Barry Shitpeas - Month ago
apparently the actual models are way more body positive than the social media wannabe guys
batonbeauty - 2 months ago
Team IG model. The fashion industry tried so hard to exclude certain types and now nobody cares about high fashion models. There are so many fashion brands now who cater to larger body sizes so we don't need high fashion anymore 😂
Linda I
Linda I - 2 months ago
How is anyone supposed to have a middle ground when literally in the title you pit 2 groups against each other
Franz Francisco
Franz Francisco - Hour ago
mariam is a hypocrite
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez - 2 hours ago
Is it just me or the girl in black is soooo bitchy
Gianna S
Gianna S - 4 hours ago
How is Gary 35- he looks fresh outta college!
1 bourbon 1 scotch
1 bourbon 1 scotch - 11 hours ago
How is Mariam size 6 to 8? Sizes must run differently from where I live.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 11 hours ago
Runway Models are the real pros 👌
TyphoonRaccoon - 13 hours ago
I find it very weird when people that have done plastic surgery encourage other people to be and love themselves. I mean if u had something done just to "improve" yourself or to gain confidence, you didn't love urself and accept it the way it is. Just to clarify i don't think plastic surgery is necessarily bad but it seems hypocritical to act the way i mentioned.
darrylloke - 16 hours ago
my gf is Japanese and she’s blessed with curves...
Mikhail Verghese
Mikhail Verghese - 18 hours ago
the cover of this video looks like Lizzo and Charlize Theron.
Jess R
Jess R - 20 hours ago
Gary doesn’t need retouching anyway. In that light he looks great. His skin is perfect
Matthew - Day ago
The Instagram "models* are so hypocritical 😭
Matthew - Day ago
Didn't Mariam say she was against surgery? And yet she went for surgery?🤔
Matthew - Day ago
Tbh the Instagram rely heavily on showing their tits and ass for followers while the professional models on their skillset and etiquette
Mr. First Name Withheld
850k, 160k, 70k. these are not on the same scales...
rraem - Day ago
Ok but the runway models look gorgeous. They have a more real and ethereal vibe to them.
Amanda Fernandes
Amanda Fernandes - Day ago
If Miriam is 29 then so am I.
Edit: If Miriam is a size six, then so am I.
1 bourbon 1 scotch
1 bourbon 1 scotch - 11 hours ago
Me too.
Souljawitch - 2 days ago
I think Instagram models are necessary in terms of representing the mass majority of average people. They can help with insecurities and things like that. Ofc I don’t think people should drop everything to become a full time Instagram model, and getting large amounts of plastic surgery and photo shopping images is kind of counter-intuitive.
Supreme Leader ‘
Supreme Leader ‘ - 2 days ago
The instagram models are more of a clout chasers
Charlatan - 2 days ago
Instagram models are like children in front of Runway models. The maturity and confidence is not even close.
Hanan - 2 days ago
everyone i know who made a nose job told me they had break their nose hehe
Hanan - 2 days ago
knowing how to pose doesn't make you a model hehe
Edith Sanchez
Edith Sanchez - 3 days ago
i love the runway models
Agustin Jr. Enriquez
Agustin Jr. Enriquez - 3 days ago
Instagram models preaching about body positivity and accepting one’s flaws yet they also glorify social media, photoshopping and cosmetic surgery
AmethystEyes - 3 days ago
This was the most healthy and productive conversations I ever seen on here. Lol
Lola Queen
Lola Queen - 3 days ago
Honey I am commercial model but i also wanna be an Instagram influencer. What are your thoughts on that?
AmethystEyes - 3 days ago
Mariam reminds me of Cher. Not in a bad way. Lol
I think it’s the hair. And her face too.
AmethystEyes - 3 days ago
The main difference is anyone can be an Instagram model. You can’t say the same for runway models and that’s okay.
Juanle que rayos es legril
Team Gary Elizeé
Emma Summers
Emma Summers - 3 days ago
That one girl looks like Angelina Jolie
adazgirl - 3 days ago
7:14 and 7:42 if ppl would like to know what a direct contradiction looks like
Zarry - 4 days ago
Mariam was cringy af
Rose De Mon Jardin
Rose De Mon Jardin - 4 days ago
Instagram models: Body positivity!!!🥳🙌
Also Instagram models: I'm okay with photoshopping my body & had plastic surgery
Mariam: "I honestly was insecure about my bump" 8:04
Also Mariam: "I loved it" 8:14
Mariam: Totally against the plastic surgery
Also Mariam: Rhinoplasty
Chantelle: We are trying to break down the Facetune, More "RAW",100% natural ect
Also Chantelle: Wearing more makeup than all the runway models
We found the CEOs of inconsistency I guess!
The media (Especially Social medias) are really messing with our mental health y'all!
Serenity •
Serenity • - 4 days ago
There’s a reason why they are Runway models, rather then “instagram” models
Anthony Coca
Anthony Coca - 4 days ago
I’m going to go ahead and copy/paste a comment I made on another video when the topic being discussed moved onto IG models versus runway/print models..... **** I’ve been in and out of the fashion/modeling world for most of my life in all aspects from modeling (print work), photography, casting, and design and for the most part, the models within the fashion industry take great offense to being thrown in the same category as IG “models”, e- boys, or any other online media “persona” portraying themselves as actual models. If you aren’t contracted with a legitimate, reputable agency and going to castings with real photographers (rather than just a dude and a good camera phone), and booking gigs, then you aren’t a legitimate model within the eyes of the fashion industry. IG models and e-boys are more about f*ckability. They might be pretty, but they certainly aren’t booking Prada or Louboutin campaigns... Pretty only gets you so far. It actually takes a lot more than just looks to be successful. If you were to see some of the most successful models out there without the glam teams doing them up you’d just think they were tall and thin and not necessarily the best looking person you’d come across that day. They also have to be thick skinned because they are picked apart and dissected by photographers and designers and are criticized over the most minor of flaws. They need to be confident, professional, reliable, motivated, relentless, self aware, and be able to take rejection. Lots of rejection. They have also to be likable self promoters on shoots to get rebooked. They need good work ethics and maintain a strict lifestyle. Mold themselves to match the aesthetic of the designer and know how to best show the clothes because in the end, they’re just a prop. Online “models” don’t have to be all that. Plus, for those who think modeling is about looks only, how many people do any of you actually know who knows how to work their angles, properly use their light source, project a mood, and work a camera in some of the most awkward situations imaginable while being stared at and critiqued by teams of people? It takes a definite skill. Plus, they pretty much have to posses the same height and measurements because there is a standard sample size within the industry that designers adhere to so that they’re not cutting three dozen different sizes for every show.*****. I want to add that in most cases working with an agency might find you gigs as an occasional promo model, but that’s not the same as booking exclusive, contracted campaigns. You’re being sought after for your following above and beyond anything else. A few IG models might find occasional work as a catalogue model, which is legitimate modeling, but that’s about it. The rest who are seen mostly as a personality or persona are just going to age. Badly.
American English With Grant
Victoria: "the hardest part about doing my job is always coming out with new ideas...'
Victoria's Instagram: literally 300+ shots of her cleavage and/or asscheeks
I Dont know You
I Dont know You - 4 days ago
Sana ol iNfLueNcEr
I’m Jisoo I’m ok
I’m Jisoo I’m ok - 5 days ago
When Victoria said Asians aren’t gifted with their body types it really ticked me off. Asia is so diverse with *48* countries and every Asian country has gorgeous people.
cni - Day ago
yeah that was the thing that got me reaaaally irritated
Nadia tanjalog509
Nadia tanjalog509 - 5 days ago
Runway models s*ck...
Say who ?
They make me wanna be a model and push myself into the industry .
gianna - 5 days ago
all of the runway models are so soft spoken
Marisabel - 5 days ago
REAL models seem to be better at not lying to themselves about confidence and are more aware of themselves. They dont promote fakeness or do it just for cash, they are so admirable and inspiring. The others are just the opposite..
Siddharth Nandi
Siddharth Nandi - 5 days ago
It's hilarious how the runway models are more "body positive" than the instagram iNfluEnCeRs who preach it 😂😂😂 they also seem like the most bland individuals
Joanna Chebly
Joanna Chebly - 5 days ago
14:43 amen i love that woman
Kexi Long
Kexi Long - 5 days ago
I like all these 3 runway models. Even the youngest one seems way more mature than the IG models.
jaehyun’s maid
jaehyun’s maid - 6 days ago
mariam ticks me off with the way she speaks ... she sounds so arrogant
Mastr Ji
Mastr Ji - 6 days ago
At least chantelle represents the instagram model side semi decently
audrey maria
audrey maria - 6 days ago
idk they were all meh to me, don’t get me wrong the runway models were stunning, but alizee and gary came off a bit arrogant to me. idk if anyone saw, but alizee made a very rude face when people walked forward for surgery. it’s their choice, no need to be rude
cni - Day ago
i get that, but she probably felt that way because just before that prompt the ig models were talking about how they supported body positivity and real, natural, diverse beauty and all that
Yasmín Lucero
Yasmín Lucero - 6 days ago
I’m sorry, but the runway models just have a grace and elegance that the Instagram ones don’t. 😬💅🏻
ThatCrazyChick - 6 days ago
You can really see how little Alizee respects or values the job of these IG models
Robyn W
Robyn W - 6 days ago
There was some hostility in this one. The Instagram models came on edge
MICZUK - 6 days ago
Can someone tell me, Is Gary the twin brother of perfect Squidward?????
M T - 6 days ago
The Asian girl thinks she's better than the others
Specifically Random
Specifically Random - 6 days ago
I commented about the Irony of Tic tockets and it had more than 10k likes months ago, for some reason, they deleted my comment.
Niki Mirzakhani
Niki Mirzakhani - 6 days ago
I rly don’t understand influencers. They said they promote body positivity but at the same time they support photoshopping photos??? What???
Niki Mirzakhani
Niki Mirzakhani - 6 days ago
That Mariam women said she’s agains plastic surgery, butttt she also said she broke her nose and removed the hump... I’m not saying that she lied abt breaking her nose, but literally everyone who gets their nose done either says they have “breathing problems” or “broke their nose.” Just admit you didn’t like your nose that’s why you changed it lol.
Jonathan Nava
Jonathan Nava - 7 days ago
I don’t understand how everyone thinks they can MODEL??? Like these requirements go for all sorts of things like do you see anyone become a professional basketball player or football player NO.. I understand that models come in all shapes and sizes and beauty but they’re still certain requirements just like any other job.. Also modeling has become extremely competitive as any other profession in this time
Faith Nisbet
Faith Nisbet - 7 days ago
I like how the runway models were educational about the industry
Sarah D
Sarah D - 7 days ago
jessica is beautiful
Sarah Caughey
Sarah Caughey - 7 days ago
I'm so glad they have their insta handles on there-when I went on Marion's insta I literally had to go back to the video to check I was looking at the same person. She looks NOTHING like her insta photos, like nearly unrecognizable.
Clyss Larnica
Clyss Larnica - 7 days ago
Mariam is totally a Karen
Clyss Larnica
Clyss Larnica - 7 days ago
Mariam is officially a Karen
Deonte Shawnn
Deonte Shawnn - 8 days ago
One group are thots and the others are just good looking humans
karpagalaxmy siva
karpagalaxmy siva - 8 days ago
Instagram models are saying there showing body positivity even with little 'flaws' but what they don't understand is that they're actually pretty and I don't see no flaws, unlike some people who have more severe flaws.
Amalka - 8 days ago
It’s not just a job that you go to it’s a kind of life style that you have to live.
Jr Pueyo-Morales
Jr Pueyo-Morales - 8 days ago
I'm against plastic surgery...
I had plastic surgery...
Anyone can be what I have became...
No one can be like me...
🤔contradicting themselves eh
AgUyWiThAdReAm :
AgUyWiThAdReAm : - 8 days ago
IG models arent that much skill you just need to have a butt or breast and your a millionaire or just plastic surgery
helvidia 14
helvidia 14 - 8 days ago
i see normal people on the left and models on the right...
Grant H
Grant H - 9 days ago
Being body positive doesn't protect you from heart disease, seriously, just eat healthy
wizardsoda - 9 days ago
ugh the people in these comments are so pretentious, Instagram models aren’t ‘ruining’ modelling. You just have a stick up your ass
Lau - 9 days ago
How about an episode of real soldiers vs "call of duty" soldiers?
acorn - 9 days ago
Jessica is so pretty and sweet ;-;
Hatter - 9 days ago
i love that the Runway Models didn’t act like they were better than the others even though they work harder and are better at their jobs
MsrSiris - 9 days ago
29?! She looks nearly 40.
Achilles Theokoles
Achilles Theokoles - 10 days ago
In reality body positivity if you're overweight is just another word for lazy. Argue all you want about your feelings but its the truth. Not hard to eat in a calorie maintenance. Eat to live not live to eat.
Scott Low
Scott Low - 10 days ago
I prefer natural over photoshop
To Rang
To Rang - 10 days ago
Mariam looks like, at least, 45 or 48 and has been with 2 or 3 different husbands
Samantha - 10 days ago
It’s so easy to catch the photoshop mistakes and that’s when it’s like: uhhhh. With re touching and everything, it’s easy to be an “influencer”. One of my relatives is an “influencer” she doesn’t have a huge following but she was fans who have fan pages and stuff. They don’t know who she really is and it’s just uhhh. But there’s a lot of “influencers” who totally look 100% different on Instagram than in real life.
Runway models are more professional and real. It’s also more tolerant and easy to become an “influencer”. When you’re in the modeling industry, they can throw you out for every single little thing. If you’re too short, have acne (not just one breakout), etc, you get thrown out. Rather being an influencer on Instagram. You photoshop your face and body, promote brands (which is easier than you might think [theres also scams] ), grow a following organically and you’re automatically an Instagram model.
Konpal Batra
Konpal Batra - 10 days ago
A thing I was taught in fashion school was that, the runway models have to be a similar size and body proportions as it helps designers create clothes faster and easier to try different fits on the same person. And when they walk down the runway when every body type looks same, it makes people focus more on the clothes and accessories than the model itself, which is what the designers are selling. If everyone looked different it makes getting the designs out more difficult. Not necessarily have to be the small size, but just same throughout the show. Also helps with last minutes backstage hiccups with any fitting issues and clothes can be swapped out easier.
1k subs no vids
1k subs no vids - 10 days ago
Are Insta models even considered as models?
Isabella Maqueira
Isabella Maqueira - 10 days ago
I’m sorry but if you aren’t signed to an agency, you aren’t a model.
lustyjoon - 8 days ago
you can be a freelance model..
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase - 10 days ago
Alizeé was so right when she said anyone can be an Instagram model but not everyone can be a runway model. The Instagram models (especially Miriam) acted as if they had a choice and they chose Instagram instead of the runway. Lmao
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