Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

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Jubilee - Month ago
Hi Goodhumans!
We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the YouTube Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on YouTube & on instagram at
Let us know what you think of the Middle Ground look & if you enjoyed this episode below!
Katie Walker
Katie Walker - 11 days ago
Jubilee do a kids of police officers vs kids of convicted felons
Tom Black
Tom Black - 20 days ago
How long did these people talk for?
Kira Hunter
Kira Hunter - 22 days ago
@Senzve ツ id prefer more group promos and letting them discuss as a group longer then the individual cut scenes
Nicholas Koenig
Nicholas Koenig - 23 days ago
Do body modifications vs. none
Denise C
Denise C - 24 days ago
I'd love to see a Middle Ground on the two sides of the Hong Kong protests (HK supporters vs mainland China supporters)
Andres Jarrin
Andres Jarrin - 46 minutes ago
Victoria has an incredibly toxic personality.
Niuall - 3 hours ago
Instagram models: we love ourselves and we’re all great how we are
Also instagram models: *photoshops their bodies and faces*
Maria Solis
Maria Solis - 3 hours ago
Gary is cute honestly😍
Javier Estrada
Javier Estrada - 3 hours ago
How about stance guys vs function guys. I know only a small percentage of people know what I'm talking about but would be cool to see anyway.
thatemilygirl - 5 hours ago
Runway models looked more natural...hmm
eboy thot
eboy thot - 6 hours ago
i feel bad for chantelle. she got grouped with the horrible ig people. she had integrity and i valued her opinions as much as i did for the runway models
jolly foo
jolly foo - 8 hours ago
I looked at Victoria's Instagram and she uses sooo much photoshop!!!
Kristian Walker
Kristian Walker - 8 hours ago
Victoria and Miriam were both clowns, miriam had more than just here nose done. and whew, Gary is hella attractive.
a lleiN
a lleiN - 10 hours ago
Gary needs to be a voice actor too!
J B - 12 hours ago
Lol runway models are like insta models... except they get paid 😂😂😂
Daisy Popcorn Princess
Daisy Popcorn Princess - 13 hours ago
The fact that the models who’re actually talented are getting paid less than the ig models is a joke.
Daisy Popcorn Princess
Daisy Popcorn Princess - 14 hours ago
I feel like a lot of Instagram models post a lot of pictures in their underwear or showing their boobs and it ends up being more about them showing off their bodies even if it is to share body positivity or whatever, runway models don’t have to show their cleavage in all their pictures because they’re doing it for the fashion and they have real skill.
Crystal Dahm
Crystal Dahm - 14 hours ago
Run way model: yeah, I’m being a good role model for young girls, I decided a size 0 was enough and didn’t even starve myself down to 00! Body positivity all the way!!!
NOLWAZI - 15 hours ago
🙄😒Say what you want being an instargram model is as easy as breathing oxygen. 🤦‍♀️And definitely not the same as being an actual professional model.
Jen nipurr
Jen nipurr - 15 hours ago
Looked at all their respective Instagrams.
- Mariam looks nothing like she does in her photos. She feeds on insecurities to sell her lies. She spoke the most and was the most defensive.
-Their lifestyles are not sustainable and relies on Fast Fashion and crazy trends
- literally will work for free clothes rather than money to pay rent
- their IGs promote their actual lifestyles and personalities
- promote classic and luxury brands
- they don't try hard
I honestly would love to see these IG models try and get fashion/runway models jobs. Or a photoshoot with the most minimum photoshop
Coffee Hangover
Coffee Hangover - 16 hours ago
She really acted like professional models don’t wear makeup or get photoshopped
Frances Mae
Frances Mae - 17 hours ago
Tbh, both jobs are very respectable. No doubt both need hardwork. It's just that runway/pro models ain't gonna earn money without the runway while ig models have more opportunity & have more freedom. Ig models take photos and if ppl like it, then boom!! Either they earn money or popularity. Runway models ain't really earning without gig so they need to work on their lifestyle, their body, their walk, fashion etc. in order to attract potential sponsors/gigs. Sometimes they ain't getting something even after studying to become pro models.
Katalyst552 - 17 hours ago
I had the highest confidence when I used to be a model. I was ready for casting blah blah. Then the client crush you down. Its fine. Do it again. Then crush you even deeper. It was a very difficult cycle to break especially in this cut throat industry. I leave. It wasnt good for my vulnerable mental health then. 4 years later, I've come back. Same industry but with a different mind set of self worth. Just like what the model said, if you dont like me, cool, deuces. Move on! If you know your worth, it shouldn't affect you.
İnci Şekerci
İnci Şekerci - 17 hours ago
Aww I love this channel!! I loved how they didn't argue and just respected each other. BTW ALIZEE IS GORGEOUS!
Katalyst552 - 18 hours ago
Runway models were so calm, classy, collective, and so mature.
Christy Ho
Christy Ho - 19 hours ago
damn even the way the runway models walk to the chairs is so different from the ig models
N Ryan
N Ryan - 20 hours ago
Damn she looked 39
justapieceintheirgames - 21 hour ago
Victoria is suuuuch a bad influence for Asian girls :/
justapieceintheirgames - 21 hour ago
Mariam looks nothing like her insta photos omg 💀💀💀
justapieceintheirgames - 21 hour ago
The IG models are so insecure in the face of real models lool
DefMettle - 22 hours ago
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."
Vic Santiago
Vic Santiago - Day ago
the only types of people ig influencers could influence are those who are insecure and those who're obsessed with bobs and vagene
Jayden Brunt
Jayden Brunt - Day ago
Mariam: I'm actually against plastic surgery
Interviewer: I have had cosmetic surgery
Mariam: *walks to the middles*
Demeter's Daughter
Demeter's Daughter - Day ago
I mean IG modeling and runway modeling are both weird, superficial occupations. But what’s crazy is that the IG models probably make more money than the runway models.
viktoria jack
viktoria jack - Day ago
As a 16 year old girl , personally , runway models never had a bad influence on me. I grew up watching ANTP and looking at runway models , I grew up looking at naturally beautiful , plastic surgery free models. It’s the instagram models that made my confidence drop with unrealistic and un-human looking people
C Linlin
C Linlin - Day ago
I just went to Mariam's instagram, and oh my goodness she looks far far faaaar different from her photos. Also, no way is she a size 6. Probably a large 10 or small 12, but that's it.
Hana Tenshi
Hana Tenshi - Day ago
I feel like it's contradictory for the curvy model to say she wouldn't edit out her flaws on Instagram, but it's okay for a magazine. Why should your standards change because it's a magazine? That's like saying you should love your natural hair everywhere you want, but when you go in the workplace you need to straighten your hair or make it look more "presentable". If you're going to promote body positivity it shouldn't matter if it's for Instagram or a magazine. I understand models have little to no control over who edits their photos in magazines, but at the end of the day, if you're gonna say "my cellulite is natural and beautiful," that should apply everywhere. That's my opinion on that 🤷🏽‍♀️
Michal Kate C.
Michal Kate C. - Day ago
I can’t take Instagram models seriously ever
Boss Chic
Boss Chic - Day ago
I want on victoria's ig and omg she looks like a whole different person😂
allisonclaire - Day ago
wait.... the insta models were talking about how they’re against plastic surgery and photoshopping, yet they all walked forward about it being okay to photoshop and two walked forward about having plastic surgery. wtf
Melanie M.M
Melanie M.M - Day ago
"Do you know it's a actual job, and not a thing to get free clothes for?...."
OH, BURN. He called ya out 🤣😭
I think Chantelle's body is THICCC, Curvy and juicy I would definitely love a piece of her 😍🍑💦😋
edit mind changed she's ok she is sexy and curvy and THICC but she's not aphrodite I may have overreacted
Mr. P. Enis
Mr. P. Enis - Day ago
You can tell by the first moment they met each other, they were judging
you cannot put insta model on your CV it's not a real job don't insult the professional models by claiming you're a real model that like a person who cooks Sunday dinners at home snd claims they're a professional chef
Robert Trombetta
Robert Trombetta - Day ago
Runway models are just such elites in this video and the Instagram models are just like "hey we are real too" and it's like nah stfu sit down
C D - Day ago
In my opinion, I think instagram models are a dime a dozen, all they need is good lighting and boom free clothes and a little paycheck. Runway models? Need to have the perfect walk, brand themselves to the biggest designer brands, be seen all across the globe by everyday and higher socioeconomic people, end up in magazines fashion shows billboards, be healthy for that sample size, find an agency that truly stands for them, know facial angles and expressions that most people can’t do on accident, and of course 10000% confidence and hard work since it’s easier to be rejected and harder to find a gig.
Create-A-Sim - Day ago
Runway models > IG models
OneManShow - Day ago
Wait a minute! The IG all talk about how there beauty at every size and race but then they say everyone cannot do what they do...isn't that insinuating that only certain people can be IG model...I'm sorry that's really contradicting...
Soul Park312
Soul Park312 - Day ago
*Alizee, Gary, Chantelle and Jessica*
*I generally enjoyed hearing from them and believe that they not only made their points well but actively listened to the others. Some good conversation here and I can see some more in the future.*
*I wish them well for the days ahead*
peaches & cream
peaches & cream - Day ago
Models won. Period.
You know, I’m not really very into modeling but I do appreciate it. Alizee made me want to learn more about it. We share a lot of viewpoints on modeling, the truth she spoke and her personality really stuck out. I have a basic understanding on modeling I believe and I don’t want to be that close-minded person on modeling so I’m glad I saw this video so I can share that wise thinking yet into my own life
Briana Grant
Briana Grant - 2 days ago
To any girl who might have a smaller chest or a smaller bum, YOU ARE PERFECT. Do not let anyone’s insecurity spread on to you.
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 2 days ago
"Instagram models" aren't real models. They aren't attractive either. That's why they're caked on with makeup, photoshop, and filters. Ugly, insecure, and pathetic.
Elbanjo Monstroso
Elbanjo Monstroso - 2 days ago
Honestly the worst thing about these insta „models“ is that all they have is their sexuality not their aura or unique look like real models they literally just show their ass/boobs etc
Janekea Campbell
Janekea Campbell - 2 days ago
Gary is so fine
BoxBees - 2 days ago
I really like Alizee and Gary, they had elegance and just seemed like models plus they seemed sweet
Sdtok - 2 days ago
I think victoria bought her followers, her follower count has declined much and her likes are low
dellbucket - 2 days ago
these runway models are pulling punches ... they could smoke those instagrammers where they stand. Also the question is can anyone do instagram modeling, answer is yes, just like can anyone become an entrepreneur. Anyone can try it and anyone with enough drive can succeed, but to be a runway model not everyone can even get in the door cause some of it is basically .. the genetic lottery. the runway models being really nice 😁
Vampire906 - 2 days ago
Yeah sure mariam you broke your nose 🤣🤣🤣 just admit it if you’re all about body positivity
karissa d
karissa d - 2 days ago
i'm pro plastic surgery. It doesn't better your self-esteem, but it might help you in your journey to love and accept yourself better. Do it if you think it can help.
Chetna Vasudevan
Chetna Vasudevan - 2 days ago
I can’t believe I watched a 22 minute video without pausing it or leaving half way. It was so interesting, from beginning to end.
Nathan M
Nathan M - 2 days ago
chantelle look like she about to have some major health problems approaching soon 💀
triplerosez - 2 days ago
The runway models seem so much more real and eloquent because they are more in touch with themselves and the reality of their situation. They acknowledge their genetic advantage but also sense that it cant be everything through their struggles. The IG models have to constantly keep up with the image that they so painstakingly create and curate, like being confident/positive/liked, they have gotten used to being so concerned about how they seem and are lost behind this facade.
sophie-san ichigo
sophie-san ichigo - 2 days ago
Hypocrite: I’m body positive and I support every type of body and flaw BUT I’m okay with photoshopping cellulite, stretch marks ...
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