Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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The Moist Prophet
The Moist Prophet - 2 hours ago
Like if this song is overrated
Guilherme Cardoso
Guilherme Cardoso - 2 hours ago
Mgriff7 7
Mgriff7 7 - 2 hours ago
Yodaftw - 2 hours ago
When ur mom asks if you want seconds.
Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene - 2 hours ago
that was the worst five mintues and twenty two seconds of my life
PrettyBoii JayO
PrettyBoii JayO - 2 hours ago
Tbh i think most people that like travis are white i'm just wondering if this is true
Nyla Em
Nyla Em - 2 hours ago
PrettyBoii JayO I’m African American and I like Travis Scott
Jackson Hoad
Jackson Hoad - 2 hours ago
This is the best video I have ever seen
Blanca Alvarado
Blanca Alvarado - 2 hours ago
cameo by jay rock
Rhys Nelson
Rhys Nelson - 2 hours ago
Middle of a test in Drake's class

C L - 2 hours ago
Dave Meyers, Respecc.
Mozart Valdez
Mozart Valdez - 2 hours ago
I need you help. 🎃I'm a new artist that produces all his own stuff. It's been an wild journey growing up broke and KNOWING I'd never be able to even afford a MIDI keyboard.💭 I always dreamed about becoming an artist growing up. Honestly though back then I knew that was impossible. When I had nothing the only thing that gave me hope was good music.🛸 Moving into a bunch of different houses and garages my whole life stopped me from having a lot of friends since I moved to so many different places growing up. The only real thing that helped me feel any kind of vibe was music.🌌 I wanna be able to do that for you guys. The music I write and produce is on this new vibe. Like a city at night with floating holograms. It's super futuristic and a HUGE smoke/chill vibe and I would love more than anything for you guys to go and listen. If you don't want to that's fine. BUT if you do want to, just know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I wish many blessings and good vibes into your life. Thank you. 🎶
JeremyT - 2 hours ago
Drake's still gonna be poppin when he's fucking 60
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Why does this look like some type of fallout mod?
Booty Boy Jenkins
Booty Boy Jenkins - 2 hours ago
Drake ft. Travis Scott
KMD - 2 hours ago
My 1friend said he watched this video 3x..This my 1st
Issac Linsey
Issac Linsey - 2 hours ago
nin40 - 2 hours ago
These visuals made me switch to wifi thinking my phone messing up
Shahzeboy 1
Shahzeboy 1 - 2 hours ago
Editor: So what effect do you like?
Travis: All of them
Editor: You must pi...
Josh Bracy
Josh Bracy - 2 hours ago
This video *Trippy, trippy*. Oh, this a *Video video*, I’m *
SlimJay - 2 hours ago
On par with awge 😲
Autumn Black
Autumn Black - 2 hours ago
Skarrie - 2 hours ago
YOOO this vid is fking lit
pro consumer
pro consumer - 2 hours ago
Visual not good
Billy Murray fan
Billy Murray fan - 2 hours ago
I mean your channel sucks. I not like one of your videos. I feel not your channel great. I blokked you.
Azeem Shroff
Azeem Shroff - 2 hours ago
Drake representing the H!
Adi Mikulic
Adi Mikulic - 2 hours ago
3:20 lol wtf
إنتر برايزز للمعلوميات
check that
POWWWIE AJ - 2 hours ago
Omg this music video dang y’all put a lot of work into it I love it!
DLOtv - 2 hours ago
KingMatiC Beats
KingMatiC Beats - 2 hours ago
This is one dope video, probably the best one i seen all year.
Shlong Daddy
Shlong Daddy - 2 hours ago
Best video of 2018 🚫🧢
djamel takidine
djamel takidine - 2 hours ago
The beat 😍
PhD Vargo
PhD Vargo - 2 hours ago
Very cool Dave!
Zieg Feld
Zieg Feld - 2 hours ago
C L - 2 hours ago
Pay Respecc To The Editor.
C L - 2 hours ago
Thank you editor, very cool!
Kalister Topic
Kalister Topic - 2 hours ago
Which music videos effects were worse

Love scars by trippie redd = like
Sicko mode by travis=comment
Yvng Metro
Yvng Metro - 2 hours ago
The 2 biggest idiots in hip-hop at the moment
Shlong Daddy
Shlong Daddy - 2 hours ago
These edits went as hard as the beat🤧
yonatan yoni
yonatan yoni - 2 hours ago
Drake Gon get pink eye if that girl keep twerking in his eye
Shahzeboy 1
Shahzeboy 1 - 2 hours ago
Producer: So which beat do you like
Travis: All of them
Producer: You have to pi...
Roogarube - 2 hours ago
Epic visuals!
kiingpiccolo - 2 hours ago
Swae Lee: Do it look like I'm left off Sicko Mode
Goofy ass dude: what?
Noah Patino
Noah Patino - 2 hours ago
Video starts at 0:00. Thank me later.
suckafree_Nicole Marie
suckafree_Nicole Marie - 2 hours ago
Thiz video tho!! Who is the director?? Dayum 🔥
Lucid Beats
Lucid Beats - 2 hours ago
Hard as fuck bro 🔥🔥🔥
Aldial 18
Aldial 18 - 2 hours ago
LITT 🔥🔥🔥
KaNisha Smith
KaNisha Smith - 2 hours ago
Man this a throwed video...I love it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Drop Zone
Drop Zone - 2 hours ago
I'm selling replay's
They each cost a like
Christopher Cordero
Christopher Cordero - 2 hours ago
Finally a music video
King Curlzz
King Curlzz - 2 hours ago
editor: travis what effects do you want?
travis: sure
Manared Pickens
Manared Pickens - 2 hours ago
Tbh its like 3 short songs in 1 go
chad macdonald
chad macdonald - 2 hours ago
Yaaaaa booooi
clavege494 Oi
clavege494 Oi - 2 hours ago
Nice black horse
WhyYouSooMadd_ - 2 hours ago
Eminem Shady
Eminem Shady - 2 hours ago
I' am one, fuck your fuck
Pearl Trident
Pearl Trident - 2 hours ago
When YouTube trends a seizure inducing video
Beast Mode Gaming
Beast Mode Gaming - 2 hours ago
Get em Drizz 🙏
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen - 2 hours ago
Which video has better effects?
or Sicko mode
Eminem Shady
Eminem Shady - 2 hours ago
I'm the one, fuck your fuck
Lil Boat
Lil Boat - 2 hours ago
Producer: ‘what colors do you want’
Travis: ‘yes’
Jamesha Lloyd
Jamesha Lloyd - 2 hours ago
I have a neck brace on after seeing shorty milly rock so fucking hard .
MAN_LYKE_LEO ? - 2 hours ago
This is shit tbh drakes and travis part
The.Sleepy .Shadow.
The.Sleepy .Shadow. - 2 hours ago
This women is scary Af.....
AyeR Da Native
AyeR Da Native - 2 hours ago
I imagined it being waaay more weird! But I fuck with this!!
Horn Canguio Willie
Horn Canguio Willie - 2 hours ago
Zach Nolan
Zach Nolan - 2 hours ago
I swear 2:57 is the only good part of the entire album
TonyTime - 2 hours ago
come on... drake only got 2 bars of rap... that was too gold to throw away.
Xponent - 2 hours ago
That rock tho 4:23 😂😂
norporeal - 2 hours ago
Josh Bracy
Josh Bracy - 2 hours ago
ISAAC EHIJIE - 2 hours ago
fuck...grammy video
Victor Coto
Victor Coto - 2 hours ago
showed this to my fridge

... now he a transformer
ISAAC EHIJIE - 2 hours ago
fuck...grammy video
Brown Boxer Productions
Brown Boxer Productions - 2 hours ago
What an incredibly edited video!! Some of the best post production in a music video I’ve seen in a while. Kind of bummed Swae Lee isn’t in it
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee - 2 hours ago
Have Travis Scott and Famous Dex met already? Because they should.
Jess Myers
Jess Myers - 2 hours ago
If I wasn’t tripping already I definitely now am
Vincent Jones
Vincent Jones - 2 hours ago
What do you call a black woman who has had 9 abortions?

A crime fighter!
daniel0 05
daniel0 05 - 2 hours ago
You might want to listen to my YouTube video (: but pay attention
Junsu Park
Junsu Park - 2 hours ago
I hate drake
vintage jodye
vintage jodye - 2 hours ago
This is difficult brother, this is difficult
NosyRobloxian Baller
NosyRobloxian Baller - 2 hours ago
1:41 first Booty ladies scene
SaadA 86
SaadA 86 - 2 hours ago
Editor: what effects you want?
Travis: Ever had a seizure?
Editor: Say no more
TheGoat HCR
TheGoat HCR - 2 hours ago
4:23 thank me later
Josiah Chen
Josiah Chen - 2 hours ago
DrKrispii TV
DrKrispii TV - 2 hours ago
*I swear, girls twerk almost on anything in this damn planet🍑.*
Cody Goodwin
Cody Goodwin - 2 hours ago
Everyone over looking that Cole Bennet and Lyrical Lemonade been putting videos out in this style for years before it got popular and everyone started ripping his editing and effects
Moe Alamidi
Moe Alamidi - 2 hours ago
I showed this video to my girlfriend,

Now she's my wife.
J RaipTv
J RaipTv - 2 hours ago
wet like im book
Ryland Leduc
Ryland Leduc - 2 hours ago
Whether you like it or not, you gotta admit the editing in this is phenomenal
Fagner Duarte Pinheiro
Fagner Duarte Pinheiro - 2 hours ago
O bagulho e Loko!!!!!!
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee - 2 hours ago
This song reminds me of Famous Dex for some reason.
so pigmented
so pigmented - 2 hours ago
dagent47 - 2 hours ago
This one song is better than Nicki's album 😆
Andrea Morales
Andrea Morales - 2 hours ago
Who edit this music video it's on point 🔥🔥
daniel0 05
daniel0 05 - 2 hours ago
You might want to listen to my YouTube video (: but pay attention
Lexi Banks
Lexi Banks - 2 hours ago
That would be dope if they put Adonis DaHottest on the remix
Fisher Mike
Fisher Mike - 2 hours ago
Adonis DaHottest definitely had the best album of the year. They need to let him in!
Mr SoufEast
Mr SoufEast - 2 hours ago
They say he was supposed to be on Travis album! Idk what happened!
Telephone Man
Telephone Man - 2 hours ago
Damn I could hear DaHottest on here for sure!! They sleep on him!
Fisher Mike
Fisher Mike - 2 hours ago
Lexi Banks I swear!! He would have murdered it!!!
ChaosKidd - 2 hours ago
So fukin ugly
Aliyah T
Aliyah T - 2 hours ago
My brain hurts but my ears are happy so is all cooooooooool
Tristan Naidoo
Tristan Naidoo - 2 hours ago
Song ruined at 1.00
jumbok jay
jumbok jay - 2 hours ago
This video, it's to lit💥💣
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