Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

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いきすちそ - 3 hours ago
Stephanie1Moretti - 12 hours ago
Jaylen James
Jaylen James - 13 hours ago
y’all can safe this materialistic shit for a materialistic bitch, I’m good 😂
Harl Earts
Harl Earts - 13 hours ago
Ask me out
Avas_ Shook
Avas_ Shook - 14 hours ago
I’m still singing ask me out
Justin Webb
Justin Webb - 16 hours ago
jovan jones
jovan jones - 18 hours ago
Kash doll is way better then Cardi tbh Kash Doll is on a Nicki type of level because Kash can spit I’m not trying to knock Cardi or anything I’m just saying Kash deserves as much recognition as Cardi does
Lee Love
Lee Love - 20 hours ago
jr bethatnigga
jr bethatnigga - 21 hour ago
Who else here from Ariii ???
Gerald Henderson
Gerald Henderson - 21 hour ago
I can’t fuck with any girl that listen to this stupid shit talkin bout “diamonds make me feel so horny” foh 😂
Who's Farzana?
Who's Farzana? - 21 hour ago
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Nabou Di
Nabou Di - Day ago
In the 1:19 she look like Nicki Minaj 😂😂
Diego Ventura Elliott
New strip club song.
Madison - Day ago
Gucci cologne?
Anna Nogueira
Anna Nogueira - Day ago
As a Latina girl I be replacing the n word with bitch in this song😂
kennisha - Day ago
this is complete trash.
Kalease Brown
Kalease Brown - Day ago
I thought this was saying “ask me out” 😂
Jamyll Pitts
Jamyll Pitts - Day ago
Detroit represent
myearshurt Noone
myearshurt Noone - Day ago
i thought she might have been 30 she is only 26 idk why she just looks older to me no offense
Adrienne Jones
Adrienne Jones - 20 hours ago
myearshurt Noone damn smh she do look older
rach78901 - Day ago
She’s gorgeous
Marcus Hull
Marcus Hull - Day ago
Why when I heard this on the radio I thought she was saying ask me out
Yakunin Redeemer
Yakunin Redeemer - Day ago
This shit so trash
sumaria 2004
sumaria 2004 - Day ago
I thought she said Ask me out XDDD but she said Ice me out LOL
mareah wallace
mareah wallace - Day ago
2019 eneyone
GHANA ON TOP - Day ago
Ask me out!
aaliyah’s tutorials
this is my song for my mom when I want something. jkjk not like cussing..
Maliyah Royster-Brown
ice me out
Melchora Juan
Melchora Juan - Day ago
Put it on 0.25 speed it's werid
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell - 2 days ago
Sounds like she saying eat me out
KingRees3 - 2 days ago
*Subzero has left the chat*
Mr.Gamer Boy
Mr.Gamer Boy - 2 days ago
Here in 2019 Cause of Thots in School
Seth The Memer ツ
Seth The Memer ツ - 2 days ago
*Sub-Zero has left the chat*
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez - 2 days ago
The fact there’s more niggas in this comment section than females 😭
Kourty Thomas
Kourty Thomas - 2 days ago
I like this I've got to give. 110
shaffronp - 2 days ago
That bitch Bette get a job
shaffronp - 2 days ago
SoloS _
SoloS _ - 2 days ago
ask me out
therealcashsteph 30k
therealcashsteph 30k - 2 days ago
this song is so cringy
Anaija - 2 days ago
"You know diamonds make me feel so horny"
Famous Nez
Famous Nez - 2 days ago
Dakota Hampton
Dakota Hampton - 2 days ago
Nicki Minaj has left the chat...
Woke - 2 days ago
She’s the next big thing
kathia jako
kathia jako - 2 days ago
hoe is life
Kenny Synsmir
Kenny Synsmir - 2 days ago
Hate this weak ass song
Brandii Powers
Brandii Powers - 2 days ago
Fuck me good...Fuck me good...Fuck me good Nigga..😂😂
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali - 2 days ago
This song makes me want to rob my own wallet
Jessika Nelson
Jessika Nelson - 3 days ago
Fuckin garbage. Saying the same shit the whole song. 😂😂 And I keep hearing woman say bring other women up. I don't condone this hoe shit. Just wait cardi bout to have a new Bess friend
Cindy Benjamin
Cindy Benjamin - 3 days ago
*Isemeow* *isemeow* ayee
Kimora Talley
Kimora Talley - 3 days ago
its 2019 and im still listening to this
Kamal Rasheed
Kamal Rasheed - 3 days ago
Is it me or she saying "Ask me out" and "As Meow"
iyana ross
iyana ross - 3 days ago
urmum athot
urmum athot - 3 days ago
Akasha Freeman
Akasha Freeman - 3 days ago
This song lit
Lillian Thorsky
Lillian Thorsky - 3 days ago
Brooklyn Slim
Brooklyn Slim - 3 days ago
The Bass line on this track Go Hard
Woke - 3 days ago
I think she wants us to ice her out.
lonnie junior
lonnie junior - 3 days ago
Simple Beat , old School 808,, And Its Fireeee ,,,
Kyla Cumberbatch
Kyla Cumberbatch - 3 days ago
Thots: Eat me out
Prisoners: Let me out
Girls with a crush: Ask me out
Cats: Ice meow
R.Kelly: Age don't count
Trump: America is better now
xxlilsavagex DABS
xxlilsavagex DABS - 3 days ago
Ice me out 🥶😂
Hayleigh Humphrey
Hayleigh Humphrey - 3 days ago
lmfaooo R. Kelley say sum “ age don’t count” 😭😭😭
Topher Collins
Topher Collins - 3 days ago
Hayleigh Humphrey Factsssss lmao
jacob gendron
jacob gendron - 3 days ago
Antarctica has left the chat
Kristina Hoxha
Kristina Hoxha - 3 days ago
ice me out? ask me out?
Kennari Chappell
Kennari Chappell - 3 days ago
I pledge allegiance to the thots of the united states
A. L. A.
A. L. A. - 3 days ago
"She wear chains when she fuckin, get her charms cause she lucky"🙌👌🔥🔥🔥
Anais Brent
Anais Brent - 4 days ago
The Beat😍Am i wrong??
Truffled BearTimb
Truffled BearTimb - 4 days ago
Imagine a remix with City Girls👌
Emmie Hoerig
Emmie Hoerig - 4 days ago
Winter has left the chat
Lps Oreo Productions
Lps Oreo Productions - 4 days ago
Who use to think it was ask me out when it first got popular until they heard the song?
Olivia Wall
Olivia Wall - 4 days ago
I cant tell if I love this or not.. but I don't not like it
Sara M
Sara M - 4 days ago
Ask me out 😭😂
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker - 4 days ago
sound like she said ask me out :/
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker - 4 days ago
rodthagod9 - 4 days ago
Frozone has left the chat
ANIYHA JONES - 4 days ago
Its cold as a MF in Massachusetts 😩😂
Najela Touh
Najela Touh - 4 days ago
Kash: Ice me out

Ex: hear me out
tea - 5 days ago
*iCe me out.*
Rico x
Rico x - 5 days ago
sound like she sayin ask me out
krazy song tho
Draggitarius - 5 days ago
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Dark Blood
Dark Blood - 5 days ago
She looks like the adult version of my friend
Mariyah Bondurant
Mariyah Bondurant - 15 hours ago
swissbeats2k - 5 days ago
BET uncut video's are what's hot these days I see. SMH
ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs - 5 days ago
dubsmash has entered the chat
Roxy Richardson
Roxy Richardson - 5 days ago
This song is stupid😕😛😣😞😒😭😭🙍 im praying for her🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 She need all the Jesus * throws holy water *
f y
f y - 5 days ago
Bad queen better than cardi ayee ice me out
Nanah Dae
Nanah Dae - 5 days ago
ask me out .. ask me out ... ask me out
Shakiko Santiago
Shakiko Santiago - 5 days ago
The last part sounded like she drunk
HIT OR MISS I guess she took the kids
2:40 windex
Shaunise Russell
Shaunise Russell - 6 days ago
Ice me out
Brooklyn Slim
Brooklyn Slim - 6 days ago
New Era Rap Bitch Format Nikki=LiL Kim
Cardi B=Foxy Brown Cash Doll=Trina...ijs
Samii Blair
Samii Blair - 6 days ago
This is horrible 😂😂😂but yet I hear it everywhere
J Hardwick
J Hardwick - 5 days ago
Samii Blair it’s making music for the masses. Nothing horrible about it
Trayton Lamone
Trayton Lamone - 6 days ago
I see meow
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle - 6 days ago
truenewlove t
truenewlove t - 6 days ago
Ice me out niggaaaaaaaaaa
Aly Maas
Aly Maas - 6 days ago
Ev in
Ev in - 6 days ago
sorrowsuperstar10 - 6 days ago
she thicker than a snicker
insertweirdname - 6 days ago
2:30 when that one bitch says she wanna fight you
Beautiful - 6 days ago
Francesca Jones
Francesca Jones - 6 days ago
She bad b*tch I love you 😍😍😘
Joshua Guillen
Joshua Guillen - 6 days ago
Niki minaj left the chat.
Kiana Shaylen
Kiana Shaylen - 6 days ago
I thought it said ask me out
Lamontae Rolle
Lamontae Rolle - 6 days ago
prank family
prank family - 6 days ago
Molly Brazy or kash doll
Awesomefletty - 6 days ago
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