Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

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Benson Hedges
Benson Hedges - Hour ago
Kaylee Fuster
Kaylee Fuster - Hour ago
My friend need to listen to this she would start crying
Kaylee Fuster
Kaylee Fuster - Hour ago
It sound like she saying ask me out tho not ice
brii jacksonnn
brii jacksonnn - Hour ago
1:42 *bad bitch face*
Brazy_Cherron O
Brazy_Cherron O - 2 hours ago
Nobody ice me out in a long time👽
Destiny Bautista
Destiny Bautista - 2 hours ago
I love this song broo❤️‼️
Korena Ramirez
Korena Ramirez - 2 hours ago
I need a remix with TREY SONGZ boo
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 2 hours ago
“Ice me out” count: 45
Chiara Gordon
Chiara Gordon - 2 hours ago
Try listening at 1.5x
Chiara Gordon
Chiara Gordon - 2 hours ago
That room was probably freezing.
Kristian Ochoa
Kristian Ochoa - 3 hours ago
This song would’ve probably been on the top 100’s if she rapped a little more, I like the beat and flow, just needs a little more verses & bars, would’ve been great 😦
Samantha Zimmerman
Samantha Zimmerman - 3 hours ago
Run me my money then ice me out. Ha
Paradise Twofive
Paradise Twofive - 3 hours ago
She needs writers and better beats 🤷🏽‍♀️ she has the look but that’s about it
Latasha Sanders
Latasha Sanders - 3 hours ago
The last part tho lmao
Juan Sebastian Arcila carvajal
Copy Nicki Minaj Kash bitch.
kayla May
kayla May - 4 hours ago
ayyyyyy ice me out ask me the fuck out
Rakari Pitts
Rakari Pitts - 4 hours ago
Sana101911 - 4 hours ago
Quis a lucky nigga
Yung Kay
Yung Kay - 5 hours ago
Go girl 😘
Emilly Pires
Emilly Pires - 5 hours ago
pyg. niah
pyg. niah - 5 hours ago
She look so fine in this video
Pierre - 5 hours ago
Her lyrics were subpar... its okay to purchase a ghost writer these days
Morgan Marie
Morgan Marie - 6 hours ago
Nicki Minaj has left the chat
Ethanrayne2013 Ashkey28
Ethanrayne2013 Ashkey28 - 6 hours ago
Ice me out
DeAsia GovanG
DeAsia GovanG - 6 hours ago
I thought the 1.25x speed up was hot, but the 1.5x speed is a hit 😂
ToxicM - 6 hours ago
Ice Me OuT!!!!!
Taniah Porter
Taniah Porter - 6 hours ago
Nicki Minaj has entered the chat
Alexandrite fan 4 ife
Alexandrite fan 4 ife - 6 hours ago
Every girl at my school singing this and im like wtf???
Zendaya Klass
Zendaya Klass - 6 hours ago
Wanda Peterson
Wanda Peterson - 7 hours ago
acerothsteinfamous - 7 hours ago
What if i need to store my bag of jewelry at somebody's house
Makeupby Doll
Makeupby Doll - 7 hours ago
My money has left the chat
murd3rprinc3ss - 8 hours ago
😂😂😂 what for the end .... Actin a damn fool lol I love this girl lol 🤣 🤣
Kevin Mustard
Kevin Mustard - 8 hours ago
This is a nice and slow Oaktown beat. 👍
FA EVA 1DEEP - 8 hours ago
I was expecting more from her in this video at least some fucking dancers the people who did the ice me out challenge videos were more than this
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. - 8 hours ago
As a real woman I can't really get into the song. Never been w/ a guy for his finances..
Beautiful girl. I def know she can get lyrical as hell!
acerothsteinfamous - 8 hours ago
BUsta rhymes touch it remix
Genesis 3vs19
Genesis 3vs19 - 8 hours ago
Thot squad in the building
acerothsteinfamous - 8 hours ago
Ill get you one ring kash doll
Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez - 8 hours ago
I love this song alot
April Parker
April Parker - 9 hours ago
She is the next Nicki Minaj yeah it sound good
Yk. KÊNNYÄ - 9 hours ago
Bruhh she go so hard yass🥰🤤
Dream Crusher
Dream Crusher - 9 hours ago
KASH DOLL:“I put you in a drought, when you try to ice me out”
Me: Can’t relate
Dream Crusher
Dream Crusher - 9 hours ago
“I need 20 anklets for a fucking bracket”
Dream Crusher
Dream Crusher - 9 hours ago
“You know diamonds make me feel so horny!”
Dream Crusher
Dream Crusher - 9 hours ago
Honestly same though
dan sheppard
dan sheppard - 9 hours ago
I got the money doll call me
kimberly - 10 hours ago
I like it but then I don't idk what to think
nadia allen
nadia allen - 10 hours ago
aye foreals tho ice me out PIREOD
Angela Ervin
Angela Ervin - 10 hours ago
My sister love this song
Jacob Shelton
Jacob Shelton - 10 hours ago
miah kemp
miah kemp - 10 hours ago
I won't lie it's cheesy as fuk
Conscious Living
Conscious Living - 10 hours ago
Drum stick leggs😂😂
ok lol
ok lol - 10 hours ago
her laugh at the end reminds me of nicki’s laugh in anaconda lmfao
Chiance Thomas
Chiance Thomas - 11 hours ago
Every time the chorus I’m over here like “EAT ME OUT! EAT ME OUT!” 😂
acerothsteinfamous - 11 hours ago
I like your hat kash doll
acerothsteinfamous - 11 hours ago
I want a jewish marriage and wedding
acerothsteinfamous - 11 hours ago
Jay z beyonce bonnie and clyde
acerothsteinfamous - 11 hours ago
I like your tongue kash doll
John Wallace
John Wallace - 11 hours ago
🗑 🗑
acerothsteinfamous - 11 hours ago
Young Hotnuts
Young Hotnuts - 11 hours ago
Ratchet _King
Ratchet _King - 11 hours ago
This bitch on that ice smh
Damashion Bell
Damashion Bell - 12 hours ago
Who else noticed the tape on her tits
Addzz C
Addzz C - 12 hours ago
Video kinda remind me of super bass from Nicki Minaj.. lol
AllergicToHumans Anti-evertything
Get it B!
OMR ID - 12 hours ago
90% of views are THOTS , 10% don't know why they are here
Darrian Sims
Darrian Sims - 12 hours ago
I usually don't. Buttt I'll make an exception
Mia Earvin
Mia Earvin - 12 hours ago
She look she can be remy daughter
I wanna drink your cum
I wanna drink your cum - 12 hours ago
This songs sucks ass but I like it 😂..
Keisha Evans
Keisha Evans - 13 hours ago
*Hypothermia has entered the chat*
Keisha Evans
Keisha Evans - 13 hours ago
*elsa has left the chat*
Tasha Dixon
Tasha Dixon - 13 hours ago
joegenova - 13 hours ago
Made it to 00:10 before I realized I can’t sit through another cheap ho repetitive no talent experience again
ditory vlogs
ditory vlogs - 13 hours ago
Look at this Nicki Minaj wannable
Melly Million TV
Melly Million TV - 13 hours ago
Default Aristo
Default Aristo - 13 hours ago
Song sucks
The Nyc Cartier
The Nyc Cartier - 14 hours ago
Let’s help each other out
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3. I will subscribe back 💋
Neo Noir
Neo Noir - 14 hours ago
I farted better lyrics.
who would care?
who would care? - 14 hours ago
What up with all you homos thinking this man looking thing is hot! Get some taste.
A Smith
A Smith - 14 hours ago
you bad as fuck
Abbie Adjoa
Abbie Adjoa - 14 hours ago
Blonde hair on kashdoll though😍
Stevieschannel - 15 hours ago
ask me out
Maria Kuehl Jr
Maria Kuehl Jr - 15 hours ago
The commemts are Savage lmao
Fabianski Cole
Fabianski Cole - 16 hours ago
Me: Ice
Cat: Meow
10,000 subscribers with no VIDEOS challenge
When you have listened to this song so many times that you remember every damn word 🤣🔥
10,000 subscribers with no VIDEOS challenge
Her accent is weird but I like it
Lil neilA
Lil neilA - 16 hours ago
This song is so fucking annoying.
Autumn Rosado
Autumn Rosado - 17 hours ago
I like the beat and the way the song goes.
OMR ID - 17 hours ago
This Song Make Me Wanna Comment My Like
LaPraizo LaPraizo
LaPraizo LaPraizo - 17 hours ago
Why did i read cash me outside
Listening to @Planet13borleone - 'THE RETURN.mp3' using @mymixtapez app #mymixtapez
LiL Hoochie Vert Michelle Gay Kunt
Look like the alien thing that comes out the egg on her face
Shay and Gigi
Shay and Gigi - 18 hours ago
Who thought that it was Ask me out but it is Ice me ask
Ungrammatically - 18 hours ago
amilboom caló
amilboom caló - 18 hours ago
❄ice me out 🍦ice cream out 🐻nigga
Yvette Smith
Yvette Smith - 19 hours ago
I love it
Cutie Sushi
Cutie Sushi - 19 hours ago
What the hell dose ice me out??😂
Gemeria Collins
Gemeria Collins - 20 hours ago
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dylan bridges
dylan bridges - 20 hours ago
My husband would probably like this song and video but I just can't sorry I am trying... I just can't...
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