Italian Mukbang with Darius

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Kaylen Kimie
Kaylen Kimie - 12 hours ago
Darius is so damn funny! So sassy and hilarious.
Jasmine Milano
Jasmine Milano - 2 days ago
Awww Darius!!!!!💜💜
Cass V
Cass V - 2 days ago
Darius I seriously love you! 😂😂
Margaret Hensley
Margaret Hensley - 2 days ago
Is he soft, or something
Vasc Tech
Vasc Tech - 3 days ago
“I don’t need to anything juvenile “
Umm Son.... everything you do is juvenile. 🙄.
Janaka Lassiter
Janaka Lassiter - 4 days ago
😂😂😂 “Darius your tastebuds didn’t even taste that”.... that took me out
Anna bozeman
Anna bozeman - 4 days ago
I love love love Beyonce but Mariah Carey has sold more records and is one of the top selling female artists of all time 🤷🏽‍♀️
Nicholl Sargeant
Nicholl Sargeant - 5 days ago
Darius is too much
Meep!9 - 5 days ago
Darius look like a snapping turtle in the thumbnail
Teaira D
Teaira D - 6 days ago
Darius PLEASE make “You’ll never see me again” merch. I would absolutely buy! Love y’all 💕!
Jeralyn Daily’s
Jeralyn Daily’s - 7 days ago
He is everything, soooo Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Janyce Jeffers
Janyce Jeffers - 7 days ago
This is the best video in the history of videos
JAI Banks
JAI Banks - 7 days ago
Italian the I sound is E in English so its pronounced Etalian.
JAI Banks
JAI Banks - 7 days ago
What's up with him? He acts as if he didnt know he was about to be in front of the camera. That du Rag should have been off ! Jussayin'
Ms. Mary Moore
Ms. Mary Moore - 8 days ago
Oh no, don't do Mariah 🤣😂 yes I am a Stan. Lol
Ms. Mary Moore
Ms. Mary Moore - 8 days ago
Darius is too funny 😂 I'm a chickentarian as well. Imma start putting my hair in fake ponytails now 🤣😂
Jameslyn Phillips
Jameslyn Phillips - 9 days ago
Darius took me out eating like a BIRD!😂😂😂😂
Wendy - 9 days ago
DARIUS had me rollin😂
Andi W.
Andi W. - 10 days ago
I’ve only been eating chicken as my meat for a year and a half now. There’s an actual word for it not chickentarien 😭
Rhonda M. Singleton
Rhonda M. Singleton - 11 days ago
it looks nice darius
Tameshia Kennedy
Tameshia Kennedy - 11 days ago
Darius can sing 🎤 🎶 he hilarious too 😆
Bria Stallworth
Bria Stallworth - 12 days ago
“That’s on period , that’s the ocean that’s on Ariel “
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones - 12 days ago
Hello beautiful miss Blove Darius Amen
Savv M
Savv M - 12 days ago
Perioddddddd talk that shittttt 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He said i don’t need you coin
Savv M
Savv M - 12 days ago
@ “ did they have pudding when you where younger “😂😂😂 I love y’all together funny aslllll
Victorina Madalang
Victorina Madalang - 12 days ago
I like this video a lot watching this makes me happy
Irvette Uzzle
Irvette Uzzle - 12 days ago
I love Darius, he is harlious!
Carmela Alires
Carmela Alires - 13 days ago
I love you and Darius together..You guys just be yourselves and dont care what anybody else think..Love It❤❤
Matthew Poulsen
Matthew Poulsen - 13 days ago
No one -

Darius with his 200 drinks
trae3t - 13 days ago
He is too funny😂😂😂😂
Ashley Sessoms
Ashley Sessoms - 14 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂i use to do this when my mom made me use a durang 😂😂😂 def felt the strings😂😂😂
Shamyah LaCour-Green
Shamyah LaCour-Green - 14 days ago
When he tried the mousse lmfaoooo
Shamyah LaCour-Green
Shamyah LaCour-Green - 14 days ago
Darius is HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂 I love y’all videos
Faviola Reyna
Faviola Reyna - 14 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG Darius!!!! Lol
Food with Me
Food with Me - 15 days ago
Lia Love
Lia Love - 15 days ago
The way they stare at each other in silence reminds me of that p diddy meme 😂😂🤣
Weavy Wonder
Weavy Wonder - 15 days ago
I love Darius but he complained the whole video. If your not going to eat just talk not complain
Weavy Wonder
Weavy Wonder - 15 days ago
I watched the Popeyes video the day it came out 😭
Kino - 16 days ago
Darius!!!!!!! hell no!!!! Those 2 strings look like a COCKROACH!!!!!!!a COCKROACH!!!a COCKROACH!!!a COCKROACH!!! UG UG UG UG!!!
Alaina M
Alaina M - 16 days ago
Lol I just watched the video where Darius lost a bet and had to eat seafood n he still talking about the seafood fighting back & being "bouncy" 2 years later lol
Alaina M
Alaina M - 16 days ago
Seafood boil family edition/
Sanja Lee Cooks KETO With A Twist
How do you do your backgrounds?
bfact ality
bfact ality - 16 days ago
I just cant with Daruis messing with Birtha... Too funny....
Adrienne McGainey Howard
Adrienne McGainey Howard - 16 days ago
I Love These 2 Together I Can Watch Belove And Darius All Day. I Love Their Relationship 💖💖💖
Ms. Ebony Shay
Ms. Ebony Shay - 16 days ago
Darius: Megan the stallion must have been it's hype man
Sherry Parker
Sherry Parker - 16 days ago
I love the mukbang with you and Darius!!
All Topics YouTuber
All Topics YouTuber - 18 days ago
B looks so beautiful ❤️❤️ I hope she gets to meet Beyonce & do a boil with her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
KayFBaby - 18 days ago
Darius, I’m like that when I go a longtime without eating. I can’t eat as much as I think I can despite being hungry.
KayFBaby - 18 days ago
Omg Darius is so damn funny, I can just watch him talk all day! He-larious! 🤪
Dominique Patterson
Dominique Patterson - 18 days ago
I only click on the videos that have Darius in them!
Pretty Bubblez
Pretty Bubblez - 18 days ago
Omfg y’all got me dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
OlajuwonM09 - 18 days ago
I need Darius to do some Brandy covers
OlajuwonM09 - 18 days ago
Woooahhh I'm going down to the river😭😭😭😭😭😭
CeeCee - 19 days ago
Y’all the funniest collab😂😂😂 shout out to all the chickentarian😂😂💕
Janice Hamilton
Janice Hamilton - 19 days ago
I agree with Darius. Seafood is GROOOOOSSSSS!
CeeCee - 19 days ago
Love the hair Darius , Blove you gorgeous 💕
Janice Hamilton
Janice Hamilton - 19 days ago
I am a Chickentarian!!!!✋🏾
Janice Hamilton
Janice Hamilton - 19 days ago
Love the look Darius!!!!
Queendom Food
Queendom Food - 19 days ago
Azlyn Abdullah
Azlyn Abdullah - 20 days ago
Hilarious! Darius is sooo entertaining just being himself! Ur bond is beyond!
Dance Freak
Dance Freak - 20 days ago
I love love love bloveslife and Darius conversation are so funny 🤣 keep them coming yeah
Yolanda Thornton
Yolanda Thornton - 20 days ago
You and Darrius got my stomach hurting from laugh so hard! 😂😂😂
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