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Mads Lund Hansen
Mads Lund Hansen - 5 minutes ago
3:38 he went from gay to straight real quick
Bryssa Nevarez
Bryssa Nevarez - 21 minute ago
I used to be obsessed w Justin Bieber when I was in 5th grade but haven’t really been following him lately, glad David made some people’s days like always 😹😹
Michele Kristine
Michele Kristine - 22 minutes ago
I love him, but yummy just isn’t it 😂😂 I died
Rachel Parras
Rachel Parras - 39 minutes ago
Is he real?
devil rages22
devil rages22 - 40 minutes ago
3:34 Gay.
Gacha Kylie XD
Gacha Kylie XD - 43 minutes ago
3:34 that guy has a TikTok account it’s @sheadurazzo
Pocah Doll
Pocah Doll - 49 minutes ago
David is too good with the camera like he enjoys the moment but still moves the camera so well hahahaha. Idk why I'm in awe
osa - 52 minutes ago
Your name sound like from Czech. Where are you from? :)
Ruben Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez - Hour ago
0:15 0:22 0:28😭 :41 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angel Hard
Angel Hard - Hour ago
I’ve listened to his music since I was five, which is when baby came out and he really started getting noticed. I’ve loved justin SINCE I WAS FIVE 😂
It's Jordan bih
It's Jordan bih - Hour ago
Hey justin timbar if u wanna chill with me too just reply on my comment I'll send u mai nambar
Nora Cromwell
Nora Cromwell - Hour ago
Yall hoes
Yall hoes - Hour ago
He better does this with Ariana
YouTube Queen
YouTube Queen - Hour ago
Is he the real one?
lmao maia
lmao maia - Hour ago
3:42 i got jump scared
Callaway Films
Callaway Films - Hour ago
I fucking love your videos, bro!
Raghad salim
Raghad salim - 2 hours ago
When is my turn?
Stephanie Heinrich
Stephanie Heinrich - 2 hours ago
Epic! ... you need to do more of these videos.... like with Robert Downey JR. 😉
Love Lies
Love Lies - 2 hours ago
Omg we need more of this kind of vid with other singers honestly!!!
Rishabh Gautam
Rishabh Gautam - 2 hours ago
that blower was epic idea
Rekzi - 2 hours ago
Why r all his vids 4:21
Klara Axelsson
Klara Axelsson - 2 hours ago
More more moooore
Hyun Stoned
Hyun Stoned - 2 hours ago
yo david you should invite kim jong un in that tesla
MichaelJacksonBeLIEve - 3 hours ago
People are so dumb, they feel like stars are « god » lmao these pieces of shit
Sami Helmi omar
Sami Helmi omar - 3 hours ago
man the last one god damn it
wtf was that
Owen Anonymous
Owen Anonymous - 3 hours ago
It’s called ZZ Top
Tsl noob 18
Tsl noob 18 - 3 hours ago
Omg i wish i could meet justin bieber sometimes i wish i was one of those collage pepole
BIGbossPLAYS S - 3 hours ago enjoy guyzz
Coachella 2020
Coachella 2020 - 3 hours ago
A V - 3 hours ago
All this to beat Roddy?
Shorty Sean
Shorty Sean - 3 hours ago
Love you Justin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Razz0rz Edge
Razz0rz Edge - 3 hours ago
Who is Justin Bieber
Famous Birthdays
Famous Birthdays - 3 hours ago
why did that make me love him again?
Purple Flurp
Purple Flurp - 4 hours ago
The one dude has literally no upper lip
Looks so haunting damn
5 Verse
5 Verse - 4 hours ago
Neither does David, your point 🤷
Hallo ALL
Hallo ALL - 4 hours ago
It makes me sick and think, does honest, real laughter even exist anymore on youtube? and not just, hey guys im shooting a video, so laugh constantly. Guys: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
アンカAnKa - 4 hours ago
Can someone briefly explain who the fuck this guy is because this was on my recommended lmao
Steph - 4 hours ago
Thought Justin would get enough of this kind of surprise videos with random fans. Dude is not 14years old anymore
Katie Ball
Katie Ball - 4 hours ago
I love you so much ❤️ JB
The Dave
The Dave - 5 hours ago
Two inbred losers try to surprise people that thing said people are "cool". sad times, our future is fucked
Rodney Chang
Rodney Chang - 5 hours ago
This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen
Angelos Vlahos
Angelos Vlahos - 5 hours ago
Straight up Yummy still ain't it but Justin's a great guy
Lydia Maria
Lydia Maria - 5 hours ago
I wanna meet Justin Bieber!
Gm - 5 hours ago
It’s funny because all the boys he used are really camp 😂
Evie Pretty
Evie Pretty - 5 hours ago
Who was the guy in the last bit of the video
MrBysiorek - 5 hours ago
Yummy it's not that good and then yea it's good this is called be a hipocryte
One eyed Snake
One eyed Snake - 5 hours ago
That little girl is such a douche
Coco for cocoa puffs 22
Coco for cocoa puffs 22 - 5 hours ago
Wow Justin is so lame his doing anything for views!!!
5 Verse
5 Verse - 4 hours ago
David's the one that hit him up 🤦
Rocio_09 - 5 hours ago
3:27 jajajjajaj
Chase Alex
Chase Alex - 5 hours ago
They were getting too hype
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali - 5 hours ago
Ralph Haidar
Ralph Haidar - 6 hours ago
Fariha Tabassum
Fariha Tabassum - 6 hours ago
Ooh this just made my day. Thanks, David.
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber - 6 hours ago
Yummy #1 R&B Song Thank You Guyz !
Miss Healthy Everyday
Miss Healthy Everyday - 6 hours ago
This was my first David dobrik video. He laughs way too much
kat flores
kat flores - 6 hours ago
Lose the stache bro
The Hilliard Family
The Hilliard Family - 7 hours ago
He said "hey Google turn on the candle blower" and my Google said "im sorry, I don't know how to help with that" 😂
Ethan parker
Ethan parker - 7 hours ago
Justin hates attention and he clearly hates people.
This must have been so annoying...
The Bamboe King
The Bamboe King - 7 hours ago
Its a fake Justin
Malec LightBane
Malec LightBane - 7 hours ago
The gay guy is like “ I love him but yummy is not that good” Justin comes out from behind “ IM GONNA KILL YOU” I would’ve cried omg I Love Justin . Justin is a legacy I look up to him so much and I’m just shock like that could happen to someone Omg my heart was pounding I have had a crush on Justin since I was 3 now I’m 14 and it’s even Bigger. There is not one song that I don’t like by him and also I was there chatting for his Yummy premiere I woke up so early but it was so worth it... Yeah you got that yummy yum that yummy Yum that yummy yummy yeah you got that yummy yum that yummy yum that yummy yum say the word On my way yeah babe yeah babe yeah babe any night any day say the word on my way yeah babe yeah babe yeah babe in the morning Or late say the word On my way!!!! wow I love that song and I love him. If you are a Belieber make sure to hit that like button and leave a comment if you love Justin and why!!!!!
Julianna Bakos
Julianna Bakos - 7 hours ago
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