BLACK WIDOW Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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New Rockstars
New Rockstars - Month ago
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bennett king
bennett king - Month ago
I get it
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler - Month ago
You didn't point out that end of the trailer dive is 2 different scenes.
Donovan Tyler
Donovan Tyler - Month ago
The shields not broken, it's lodge into the floor.
MIG 69
MIG 69 - Month ago
The theme reminds me of spiderverse. Prowler theme to be exact
LeafeonNetwork __
LeafeonNetwork __ - Month ago
Tyler Collins
Tyler Collins - 6 days ago
Makes me wanna rewatch the scene where black widow and Hawkeye go to Vormir and The Red Skull cites their history on who they are to figure out the connection in that movie one more time
Armaan Sandhu
Armaan Sandhu - 7 days ago
What is everyone running from @8:37????????
Tijana T
Tijana T - 8 days ago
Damn, you're amazing 😅🙌
Yung Apollo inc
Yung Apollo inc - 10 days ago
Do you think there will be two more films?
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn
End credits:
Black Widow Won't Return
George W
George W - 12 days ago
In jail a spiderweb tattoo means that you’re trapped in the system.
Djordje Ivic
Djordje Ivic - 12 days ago
Isn't Clint sent to kill Natasha in Budapest?
BallroomPink - 13 days ago
Rachel, Florence and David!
Yes Dex
Yes Dex - 13 days ago
Dont think thats red guardian breaking down the door look he is looking back like it happened behind him
Hollow knight Vs void
Hollow knight Vs void - 14 days ago
Task master duh
Hollow knight Vs void
Hollow knight Vs void - 14 days ago
This takes place during civil war
Daniel Kuan
Daniel Kuan - 17 days ago
The post credit scence of black widow might very interesting and connected to phase 4 of marvel wooop
Roderic Perez
Roderic Perez - 18 days ago
The chessboard in the room made me think this might be taskmaster's lair.
Aegis Protectorate
Aegis Protectorate - 19 days ago
I'm looking forward to having my eyes cleansed of the abomination of a movie the FamiNazi Cap Marvel was, by this real female heroine Black Widow! You're the real Avenger Natasha. You were the one that kept the avengers together.
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan - 21 day ago
It can't be placed in the 90's with those GMC's in the background. They are late 2000's trucks 🤘
W!llACT - 22 days ago
I'm looking forward to seeing Taskmaster kick some ass!!!!!
ptassa270 - 23 days ago
In my opinion, we should have gotten a black widow movie a long time ago.
OK Rex
OK Rex - 23 days ago
If u type in the cast of black widow, it says Robert Downey jr
seakhyn ang IG ko
seakhyn ang IG ko - 24 days ago
"What brings you home"
Me: scarlet witch?
Akuma Tamu
Akuma Tamu - 25 days ago
The part about Ross and how some of the movie will take place in the 90’s isn’t true because of the cars in that scene, they look newer.
*-mocha_ chip-*
*-mocha_ chip-* - 25 days ago
I mean I feel like Hopper *HAS* to do something or I’m just a puss
Grem - 27 days ago
The shield looks to be stuck in the floor rather than broken
Sturdy_ Reese
Sturdy_ Reese - 27 days ago
Been waiting for my best friend to get a movie for the longest 😝😝🥳
ObsidianXD - 28 days ago
so why is tony not in trailer WE know U hiding him from us
MCU GAMER - 29 days ago
I think that taskmaster is actually hawkeye because he uses a bow and in one of the marvel movies he said tnat he was sent to kill natasha romanoff but he didnt do it
Megan Jackson
Megan Jackson - Month ago
Who’s watching this in 2022
Chris Chocktoot
Chris Chocktoot - Month ago
I love task master
trinity gandee
trinity gandee - Month ago
Rdjjjj is in this movie soon if u look on the casting list it says rdjj nexttt to scarlettt
Mike Burgess
Mike Burgess - Month ago
the shield isn't broken, it's dug into the ground
Mutsor Tima
Mutsor Tima - Month ago
And for one final surprise, "Black Widow" is also rated "R" -- a first for any Marvel Studios film production.
_ CJEMM5D _ - Month ago
I don't know why but red guardian is already my favorite character
Sea Turtles Everywhere You Go
is that daisy johnsonson from agents of sheild?
NO THANK YOU - Month ago
That first electrical theme that plays kinda makes me think of a siren or an alarm
Jamie Hopkins
Jamie Hopkins - Month ago
I think the movie should be called Black Widows
Jessica Sanmarti
Jessica Sanmarti - Month ago
James Williams
James Williams - Month ago
Seeing Clint and natasha happy made me hella sad😭
LIFE IS LIE - Month ago
Thunderbolt Ross is actually going to be red hulk
Zoe Catherine
Zoe Catherine - Month ago
Actually a spiderweb on your elbow is a sign you were in prison.
Liam The god king of emos
In the marvel studios logo the studios part looks like a bullet casing
Panther Brix
Panther Brix - Month ago
@4:03 it’s a red back spider
Young Nage
Young Nage - Month ago
those red dots look like maps but they're not they're actually neurons firing in the brain there's somebody's brain and since they are read it only predicts that is red hulk that he's building
Jordan Stark
Jordan Stark - Month ago
I don't think that shield was broken I think it was just really stuck into the ground and that was the floor coming up around it
Cortex - Month ago
Would the skrull Nick Fury or actual human Nick Fury be in this movie?
Jake & Tilly Williams
Jake & Tilly Williams - Month ago
lol good bye Achilles tendon 7:52
jared vaill
jared vaill - Month ago
Have you heard the theory a suggesting the red guardian doesn't punch vault door but instead an unnamed mutant helps him escape
Benjamin White
Benjamin White - Month ago
Also, if I'm not mistaken, Taskmaster is a mutant in the comics. Hmmmmm.......maybe...... :D
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana - Month ago
I'm excited!
Jackie Cortez
Jackie Cortez - Month ago
Are we not going to talk about how good the supporting actors are making their Russian accents?
Rob draws
Rob draws - Month ago
i want to see Ursa Major, maybe he helps break out of the prison?
Rodney Wilson
Rodney Wilson - Month ago
Awesome and nice job boss
Henry Ratliff
Henry Ratliff - Month ago
2:58 Video starts
clint scism
clint scism - Month ago
That is not a broken shield. That is a broken floor. The shield was deflected into the floor by Red Guardian.
Kellie Elsley
Kellie Elsley - Month ago
Maddie H
Maddie H - Month ago, David Harbor, known for his role as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things which also has a character NAMED ALEXEI SHOSTOKOV
Franz Jones
Franz Jones - Month ago
⭐ Black widow needs a cool Tony Stark spidey suit got dang it... Don't you see what he's done..? He can turn anybody into a super hero and he can turn super heroes into super-duper heroes..!
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark - Month ago
What if that clip of the anchor is the time when hawk eye is supposed ti kill hew
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders - Month ago
Will they make a Nick Fury movie soon
Eric Berry
Eric Berry - Month ago
Definitely not Barton under that Taskmaster mask. Barton is left handed and has used his bow left handed and even his sword as Ronan left handed with the exception of his first appearance in Thor. He actually drew the bow back right handed then
dylan musgrove
dylan musgrove - Month ago
I feel like this movie could take place a majority Before Ironman 2 and task master could possibly just be a minor villain
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