My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

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Lomas Harripersad
Lomas Harripersad - Hour ago
Just finished my first semester in college and I had an English group project and it was easy, 7 pages in all 3 ppl per group I did 3 pages and my other two group members did two all, at the last min, we also had a slide part and I had to do most of it and they never finished... there is always one person who does 99% of the work the guy who said they’ll show up, the guy who vanished
Nicholas Johnsom
Nicholas Johnsom - Hour ago
YouTube rewind 2018 should be her new nightmare group project
raymond santos
raymond santos - Hour ago
This year our teacher gave us a seatwork done with a partner, but since we had 19 people in class, there were a group with 3 people, and 1 of the people in that group was the one i usually paired with, so instead of pairing up with the other guy left in class, i did the seatwork by myself, with my teacher having no choice but to let me do it on my own
Slimy - 2 hours ago
Can people shut up about pewdiepies chair?
Yehoshua Melech
Yehoshua Melech - 2 hours ago
Your situation really sucks... I'm really gutted for you...
Ya know my counsellor says that resentment is a result of not saying what you need to say to whom you need to say it. If you have resentment, usually it's your fault...
Gamer I Think
Gamer I Think - 2 hours ago
💥🔫 🎲 🍰
Yehoshua Melech
Yehoshua Melech - 2 hours ago
Literally at 5 minutes youre delusional self denial side set in... Lol
มาริโอ้เมาเร่อ มาริโอ้เมาเร่อ
8:13 Not even a thank you?
Like if you get it
OnyX Studio
OnyX Studio - 3 hours ago
Remember when she was small... Wowww
David 831
David 831 - 4 hours ago
Wanna know who loved group projects?

People who like YouTube rewind
I am that person whom waited till the end of team forming and then the lecturer/teacher had to force me into a specific group that have just one more slot and hoped that they would be good by RNG chances(Which FAILS TERRIBLY SOMETIMES). Well at least I get to experience abit of those because at a work environment *YOU ARE GOING TO BE DOING GROUP PROJECTS UNINTENTIONALLY* .
Neutral Space-ish Guy
Neutral Space-ish Guy - 4 hours ago
Bloodrayne is a name?
I'm a Weeb
I'm a Weeb - 4 hours ago
I am kind, but when it comes to group work where all they did was play I'd get you know that person who gets bossy around others but you can't get angry at because you are also at fault? Yeah I'm the bossy one 😄😄👏👏
Pandora99 - 4 hours ago
I know how you feel. Try being the artist in a board game project and people not repeacting the time and quality you put in the artwork. Like, spend a good 2 hours or so on a presentable board and send them through only to get people telling you to change this and that within a short time period.
I mean, seriously, in real life, game artist would have a good among of time to make concepts and change them at the request of the project manager but in this...a month or two.
mckx - 4 hours ago
*9 year olds, E M E r G I n G*
smiffy TV
smiffy TV - 4 hours ago
U were in yt rewinde
Cuupi - 4 hours ago
My whole 8 semesters of doing group projects with random strangers have never failed me once. I think it is because I am always strategically sitting in a certain location of the classroom/lecture room where others who are as enthusiastically try to get A in class sit. I am not kidding. The backseats are literally those who won't bring anything in class and borrow people's notes. Middle seats are for those who will be so excited for the first 3 weeks of the class and then just stop trying as hard afterwards. The most front seats are those who are usually most confused and asked tons of questions, sometimes those old timers who return after 2-3 decades of being away from college, they may be smart but they are more often than not computer-illiterate and need tons of your help to get the job done, they are similar like Bloodrayne so avoid those people even if they seem knowledgeable. 2-3rd seats are the ones that do enough to get themselves Bs and As. So if you just get yourself to seat among the first 2 rows, you will probably be able to find people who are as eager as you are and when group projects like these come up, you won't suffer.
Jynxed - 5 hours ago
I just had to do a 8 minute project for biology about viruses, working with 5 people they did NOTHING and got rewarded for this, absolute bull crap
Derek Purvis
Derek Purvis - 5 hours ago
This is amazing... PewDiePie sent me here. Instant sub!!!!
Robert van Rijen
Robert van Rijen - 5 hours ago
All of the dislikes are probably Reneesme and Broodrayne being salty you told the teacher
Joshua McRae
Joshua McRae - 5 hours ago
Did you actually have to make the credits at the end of the video project? That would be hilarious since 99% of the work was credited to you and everyone would just say your name on it 😂
Aurom's Gaming
Aurom's Gaming - 6 hours ago
This video makes me feel really upset, because that is how it has been almost always! (almost, thanks for those great classmates that are willing to do their part)
Aurom's Gaming
Aurom's Gaming - 6 hours ago
BUT... there is a difference, I do usually take the leadership, I guide the group, if somebody is not doing their part in the estimated time I give a last chance. I confront lazy people and I usually make teachers and the rest of the group side me as I'm a really good hard working student, if the lazy guy or girl does not finish on time under quality standards she-he is out, and yeah, I have kicked people out of the group and explained teachers why. This is a cruel world, in business the market does not forgive mediocre butts.
King Nano
King Nano - 6 hours ago
I have had to deal with two big group projects in college so far. The first went pretty well, the only problem being a lot of proofreading was necessary for the final paper. In the second, I had a lot more problems, party from the project itself, partly from poor communication, and partly from the group being unable to get together at any point. The worst part of it was that me and one team member got into an intense argument over the groupchat after she tried to guilt trip us for not being able to get together, and me telling her off for it. On that day I was called Captain Cunt, Mr. Mental Issues, and a pouting pussy, as well as given empty threats. Fun times!!!
Gigermiester The First
Gigermiester The First - 7 hours ago
Low key.... You're my spirit animal 😂 Also, those girls are freaking WACK! BRUH! I honestly don't understand how people are like that 😂
Dougnut Dough
Dougnut Dough - 7 hours ago
This made me mad.
Ķåwåïï Šhăđøw
Ķåwåïï Šhăđøw - 7 hours ago
I saw jayden as anoyying name
ari3lz3pp3lin - 7 hours ago
Bloodrayne will probably end up in a high-paying position somewhere complaining about how poor people just need to work harder. -_-
ari3lz3pp3lin - 7 hours ago
I wish I had been able to go to University. Community College is very clique-ish very similar to High School and I had the same experience with group projects there except it seemed many people I ended up talking to said they had the same thing happen when other people in the group knew one-another and would find a way of passively bullying the other one-two group members into going the lion's share of the work. I think perhaps the "real world"/career-life can be this way as well though. :( I joined the military seriously thinking it would somehow be more more fair but same crap-at least in the companies I was in.
William Douglas
William Douglas - 7 hours ago
2:40 geez
Dag Backerud
Dag Backerud - 7 hours ago
Its three hunderd procent over the limit. So dont make a video were you say Your so good at shcool and then do this mistake.
preston origami
preston origami - 7 hours ago
That's why i plan on doing the whole thing last second
I Apologize for this Comment
Group projects are actual cancer
Amaya Kurosaki
Amaya Kurosaki - 8 hours ago
I had some classes with my friends and apparently it's harder when they are the problematic ones in your group project. Sometimes I wonder why am I friends with these people.
smily monkey
smily monkey - 8 hours ago
Ive gone through this multiple times. I'm always the one to do the most work in a group because I just want to get it done. Literally now I tell people that If they think they are going to text the group last minute and ask whats their part I'm not texting them back. I always get the excuse that they have other classes and I'm like bitch this is your class and this project is worth 20% of your grade! Also another big tip don't do group projects with people who are friends because they will take advantage of you and it will be harder to tell they are kicked out. Always look at your syllabus and see if you have a group project coming up and just keep a close eye on people in your class to see if they will make good members.
Makubex 131
Makubex 131 - 9 hours ago
Suele pasar jeje
Sleepy Cinnamon bun
Sleepy Cinnamon bun - 9 hours ago
This is when I was a kid did my group projects begging my teacher to do it alone

Most of the time it worked 👌🏼
MetaDragon - 9 hours ago
Jaiden: the f$@# is wrong with you bloodrayne
SWAGCOW - 9 hours ago
What's weird is that this is so close to home for so many people. You'd think at least 3/4 of everyone would be commenting "lol my bad".
ali eren çolaker
ali eren çolaker - 9 hours ago
*Not 10 minute*
entertain7us14 - 9 hours ago

literally everyone who has ever been to college/university can 100% relate, why does this happen so much? how can people be so oblivious and thoughtless??? why don't they put in any effort on a task for which they will be marked????
MellamoSteve - 9 hours ago
I can only relate to the "I work from 7 AM to 10 PM" from Reneesme, but I did my part for my group between classes n.n
isabel081200 - 9 hours ago
I study online and i relate to this on a espiritual level
fvck yu
fvck yu - 9 hours ago
jaiden animations! brave yourself 9 year olds are coming!!
John Wick
John Wick - 10 hours ago
i can relate to this
Anders Petersen
Anders Petersen - 10 hours ago
seems pretty normal
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz - 10 hours ago
Diss is me on finals week💀
Dusk 745
Dusk 745 - 10 hours ago
Niklas - 10 hours ago
I understand how you feel and it sucks
Warrior BrightheartPlays
Warrior BrightheartPlays - 10 hours ago
I am so triggered, my irl name is Jayden
.. Intensifies while screeching
Kev San
Kev San - 10 hours ago
It's amazing how I always hear these English College classes experiences and I see how the teachers there see your effort where I live they don't give a fucko about your projects. :/
Comic Boy’s
Comic Boy’s - 10 hours ago
Thanks for sneaking PewDiePie’s chair into the rewind
Niky says
Niky says - 11 hours ago
Omg that literally happened to me a week ago 😱😱
Cowtown FPV
Cowtown FPV - 11 hours ago
I didnt know that Jaiden was only 9 years old, its impressive that a 9 year old is in college
White Shadow
White Shadow - 11 hours ago
I was once in a group project with two solid, good guys and a third asshole who just ghosted us until literally the day of the presentation where he stole our work just to have something to present. Not to mention this was our last semester senior year before graduation so all of our classes, projects, and finals were the hardest college was ever going to get. Usually, these types tend to get weeded out before then but somehow he made it through. One of my partners forwarded our concerns to the professor and the professor replied back that at the end of the project, everyone would individually write who deserves what percent of the credit in their group. The three of us decided to unanimously split the grade 33%, 33%, 33%, 0%. Felt great. Pretty sure he dropped out after that
Enderfox Playz
Enderfox Playz - 11 hours ago
0:54 3rd one is Jayden (not spelled the same though BUT STILL)
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson - 11 hours ago
Fun story, pretty similar to yours, I was in a group project where we had to make a music parody with completely original lyrics and fully filmed video. (I know, useless high school projects, right?) I decided to take on the editing, and they'd work on lyrics and footage planning. Needless to say, I wrote 95% of the lyrics, organized all of the recording, and edited the entire video. You'd expect that they'd check in once in a while through the ten hours of editing that I dealt with, but nope they said nothing EVEN WHEN I WAS ASKING FOR HELP WITH WHAT THEY WANTED WHERE IN THE FINAL CUT. jeez.
SSpyGamerSG - 11 hours ago
Varwolf Rex
Varwolf Rex - 11 hours ago
0:54 there's Jayden ;-;
Plum Fun
Plum Fun - 11 hours ago
Yup. Late the the game here (like, 2 years...) but... Been there. Done that. Twice. Once for a programming (C++) project and another was for a 3D animation project. Not fun....scratch that. It was still fun, but man was it annoying!
miffin - 11 hours ago
pewdiepie chair
PaladinJN01 Studios
PaladinJN01 Studios - 12 hours ago
Jaiden and James were the only good creators in YouTube Rewind 2018.
I’m not even a fan of Pewdiepie (I don’t hate him though), but I’m glad that Jaiden tosses in his chair.
Burandon - 12 hours ago
I always get the most of the work to me, so I don't need to worry
My Life Is Hamburger
My Life Is Hamburger - 12 hours ago
Hey, at least they did SOMETHING in the end, even if it was trash. E for effort. My two close friends decided to not do anything until ten minutes before the turn in time, then leave everything to me because they wanted to spend time gossip. Afterwards, they did not only not say thank you, they complained that what I wrote was rushed....Ff fggGgghHhhHHHHNG I WONDER WHY?!?! (This has happened multiple times with a different set of friends, some even saying I'm "mean" for telling them if they can do their share of work, and others throwing me the blame when THEY didn't do THIER work - the teacher got mad at me for not doing my friend's work ffs)
Yeah that's the end of my rant, I'm ready to hibernate till school ends.
Isaac Luzu
Isaac Luzu - 12 hours ago
Well those too sound alot like my nephes
RJRacers - 12 hours ago
The dislikes are everyone named bloodrayne and renesemay
Lissa Brooks
Lissa Brooks - 12 hours ago
Anyone this happens too- DOCUMENT IT. Show the teacher their “contributions” to the project. They can reflect that in individual grades. A lot of teachers will be cool about it especially if you come to them with concerns early.
GAME BASED - 12 hours ago
This video reminded me about my ex

Mas project
NormalYT User
NormalYT User - 13 hours ago
I Hate Group Projects

Because i have to talk to people
Rocio Vazquez
Rocio Vazquez - 13 hours ago
You're lucky. I had been begging my professor to grade my group separately since the rest of my group didn't even do their parts. Luckily, I was able to get two of them to do it while the other didn't get any credit (I'm hoping she fails after putting me so much stress).
ronald allan
ronald allan - 13 hours ago
This video is based on a true story of college
Gaurav Arya
Gaurav Arya - 14 hours ago
Recently spent 5 hours editing my groups project on the last day because two of the kids in my group sent there recordings on the last day.
“Lmao it takes like 10 minuets to edit”
lovedee haku
lovedee haku - 14 hours ago
Lmao irl my name is Bloodrayne it’s ok.
Chris Yuens Content
Chris Yuens Content - 14 hours ago
Gizmomaster - 14 hours ago
My first reaction would be to ask whether your amount of work the first two weeks was anything less than the last week. It may have been better to send a text the very next day after class and try and wrangle these cats towards an organized goal early on. Would it have been more work for you the first two weeks? Yes! Would it have ever you the last minute stress of the final. I think somewhat.
You seem like a capable person who can come up with solutions quickly. Starting early May have been the better option even it means you need to go through a lot of stress in the first two weeks with work, class, and your “project assistants” but it would save you the stress in the future.
Melissa Walton
Melissa Walton - 14 hours ago
Yeah group projects can suck major balls. One of my worst ones was my genetics group project. It was a dual credit course I took at a community college when I was in high school. I tried to help out the best I could, but none of my group mates barely gave me any work. I dunno, maybe they thought I wasn't mature enough because I was still in high school. One of them that really got on my nerves was this older dude who was an uptight jerk and if you asked him for help he would just give you a look like "you really didn't know this?"
LootRacoon - 14 hours ago
Jaiden: *googles most annoying girl names*
And the name Jayden appeared (spelt different but sound the same)
baemheadshot86 - 14 hours ago
literally had the same story with my finishing...paper? for my 3yr education as a cook? i suck at this english thing. was the one who, AT THE DAWN OF THE LAST DAY TO TURNING IN TIME, got instead of the expected 10-20 text pages, two copypaste texts from the same wikipedia page.
it was 24hrs of pandemonium writing, rewriting and designing basically 50 pages of stuff. i bound that bundle of sorrow 1hr before beginning of jobschool / turning in time. it was when "our group" of three received that B+ mark when i decided i was done with humans :) that was 12 years ago. why am i still here
Nina Marie
Nina Marie - 14 hours ago
how dare u say rennesme is an aniong name sorry for my spelling
BecauseScorpion - 14 hours ago
Yeeeeah, this was the entirety of my university course in regards to group projects. Film and TV Production, no one gave a damn about anything and I wasn't willing to give 100% of the work for them to also get a good grade. A lot of the time I was running around trying to get people to even just do.. anything most of the time. I feel your pain of this one.
Edit: wow, that email your got from your class teacher/tutor... I wish I had that reaction! I got told off for the work i'd done after proving the rest of the group didn't want to do anything, and then had one of the group members attack me! (Which eventually lead down a route.. yeeeeah, that was a crap year)
tl;dr, I quit my course because of asshats like the people you dealt with in your group project.
Kate Perfect Studio
Kate Perfect Studio - 15 hours ago
Did you really put pain and suffering
Nabila Mulyady
Nabila Mulyady - 15 hours ago
Anon - 15 hours ago
Why is your channel the most basic channel I have ever seen. Just because there is basic animation normies and sheep flock here like wild animals.
A Person
A Person - 15 hours ago
Emily Peters
Emily Peters - 15 hours ago
much respect to this
lilhypnotique - 15 hours ago
OMG I HATED college group projects. It was always the fat butch lesbian looking bitch who thought she was the boss of everyone. Like bitch stop worrying me about work you see I am doing when I have to memorize also whole chemical equations and reactions start to finish by the end of the week.
ItzCrassy - 15 hours ago
0:53 👏👏👏
Zelaznog16 _
Zelaznog16 _ - 15 hours ago
Anyone notice that “Jayden” was one of the most annoying girl names.

Although she is a variation I still lol
Rychleji - 15 hours ago
group projects
my partner wanted to start early so I told him what I need him to do to which he replied that it seems like time waste and proceeded to refactor my program carelessly. when I finally got a time to check a project I found out that program doesn't work at all (even though it did just fine before) and I spent 8 hours (0am to 8am) rewriting his code so it would work. he was pissed when he found out and we got into argument (fortunately over messenger so I didn't have to kill him). at that point I decided to finish most of a project before he gets time to work on it (he was busy with projects for other subjects I finished few weeks early). very busy week. I got sick, my gf was very upset with me for spending all my time on a computer, I absolutely wrecked my sleep regime but it worked.
he did 2 features at the end. I'm just happy it's done tbh
Luca Pinteala
Luca Pinteala - 16 hours ago
This fucking scene happened to me the last week!
Nath - 16 hours ago
Well, well, why is this me in every damn final project? 😂😭
And in my case I know how every of my friends work!
I'm a business student so I have to do everything in group. 😪
Perplexity - 16 hours ago
0:54 ...Jayden is an annoying name....
Dooly Park
Dooly Park - 16 hours ago
And this is why i hate make groups in class
Cultureghost - 16 hours ago
this is why you go to a smaller college with a class of 24. So you actually know people and can keep them accountable.
Lunam Evadere
Lunam Evadere - 16 hours ago
I've never done a group project in my life. I've been lucky.
wonny wonton
wonny wonton - 16 hours ago
Coming back to this video after having a bad partner blew up in my face :)
Garrett Wilber
Garrett Wilber - 16 hours ago
So I had a whole year of group projects and here is how I did it that worked.
Create a plan day one. No one gets to leave and it only take 10 minutes to make a plan.
Have everyone SIGN in agreement that this is what must be done and the expectations.
ALWAYS text everyone. Group texts only. Save them as a log. This way you can give the texts to the professor as proof that someone did not pull weight.
When you turn in the project, be honest with the prof about who did what and show them the agreement that was signed.
I had to do a whole project solo when SIX people did not do anything.
They failed the class because of the group texts and signed work plan.
spaceship80sguy - 16 hours ago
I'm here because PewDiePie.
spaceship80sguy - 16 hours ago
And I subbed.
Marino Z
Marino Z - 17 hours ago
If i was you i woudnt call them an said they didnt do anything while i was sending messages. Me a+ they 2 FFFFFF
goddamn door
goddamn door - 17 hours ago
i love your animations, you're doing an amazing work
Beefyrulz - 17 hours ago
See, this whole thing is the exact reason I always ask to work solo on group projects. Not just because you can get stuck with losers who do nothing the whole time, but also because sometimes I'm the loser who does nothing the whole time. At least working solo, I'm the only one responsible for my own grade, for better or worse.
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