My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

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Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter - 2 hours ago
One of the most annoying girl names was Jayden Lel. Not spelt the same way but still Lel.
Dr_Dremur - 4 hours ago
Luckily so far with my college courses I've only encountered one group project for our final. Public Speaking amazing for someone who has a speech issues, stutters, and is an introvert the class was just lovely..... we did have 4 in the group but one dropped out because he literally did none of the speeches project prior to this one. The teacher said we could even 'fire' someone if we felt they won't pull their weight. My teammates were really encouraging and patient when we were practicing with my public speaking nervous. Overall we got a B.
LovelyLaura - 4 hours ago
Something like this sort of happened to me too 😂 except it was an online it was even harder to get a response out of them. And I ended up doing like an entire PowerPoint by myself for this group project. I wanted to punch all of them.
Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer - 5 hours ago
I like how when she googled “most annoying girl names” her name popped up, yes it was spelled different but still
Chrystal Ambuski
Chrystal Ambuski - 5 hours ago
Funny ✅
Via Stories
Via Stories - 6 hours ago
1:33 *whacha writing on jaiden?*
Manuel Seda
Manuel Seda - 6 hours ago
Im watching this because I have a HORIRBLE group presentation due tomorrow :(
C W - 6 hours ago
STOP CURSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
legobatfan0629 Productions
bloodrayne and reneeesme funny names ha!!!!
CoolFlower222 _Playz
CoolFlower222 _Playz - 8 hours ago
Joshua Murphy
Joshua Murphy - 10 hours ago
I have so much trouble giving back pencils.... I literally borrow people's pencils half the time.
Brawl cell
Brawl cell - 10 hours ago
I know what you min i have e school project and the class was split ap to 2 teams and from mi team i was the onli fa***** wo cares i was to tired i jast get so angri i jast give app i swich team (im not living in a english tallcer languech greece so if i fail same words im sorry)
Symphony LDM
Symphony LDM - 10 hours ago
my mom's name is BRANDdy
Anthony Truong
Anthony Truong - 12 hours ago
0:54 it said jayden
Mia - 13 hours ago
My school life..........
shad hawkey
shad hawkey - 13 hours ago
4:36 😂😂LOL
Lynda Bitanga
Lynda Bitanga - 15 hours ago
I saw Jaden in the annoying names list
PAM 823
PAM 823 - 16 hours ago
0:54 look at the third name... google is mean!!!
Tricia Smith
Tricia Smith - 16 hours ago
Do you no my mother Trisha and my name is Madison Hi and I am 6 and my sister dose wach you too
Nima Brickshooter
Nima Brickshooter - 17 hours ago
I speak Farsi. IM 10.
Crap Content
Crap Content - 19 hours ago
I just realised this was on my bday
Blooming 2 yrs ago
Warrior CatGirl
Warrior CatGirl - 22 hours ago
There are those rare occasions where have more than one person in a group is good but if situations like this.... sometimes you really are better off on your own.... unless you’re a lazy snob who expects everything to be shoved under their nose.
Lilah M.
Lilah M. - Day ago
One of them said Jayden 😂
Natalie nelson
Natalie nelson - Day ago
Natalie nelson
Natalie nelson - Day ago
Natalie nelson
Natalie nelson - Day ago
Natalie nelson
Natalie nelson - Day ago
LLMeh - Day ago
Jaidens metaphors
Finn Lofstad
Finn Lofstad - Day ago
I am bilingual
Jazzy Baby
Jazzy Baby - Day ago
Jazzy Baby
Jazzy Baby - Day ago
Julia Bennett
Julia Bennett - Day ago
P👏E👏to the T👏T👏YYYYY
P👏👏E👏to the T👏T👏YYYYYY
P.S. No hate it’s just.... it was kinda petty
Pusheenosarous 328
Pusheenosarous 328 - Day ago
Danyl Thomas
Danyl Thomas - Day ago
See Guys this DIS is what we need, People who do EVERYTHING but others won't and will take all the credit and are sure as hell are content with it. Thanks Jaiden for teach us that and becoming that role model.
Its Isabel
Its Isabel - Day ago
My main language is english but I speak Spanish to my family and sometimes to my bilingual friend
FineCastle IRE
FineCastle IRE - Day ago
This is why I'm happy being an introvert
Thehappyonesout Yt
Thehappyonesout Yt - Day ago
Thehappyonesout Yt
Thehappyonesout Yt - Day ago
biddymggee - Day ago
did anyone else notice when she searched the most annoying girl names one of them was jayden (Diffrent speelling though)
Montana Wells
Montana Wells - Day ago
0:54 i have a sister named madison
Jadin Peterson
Jadin Peterson - Day ago
2019 anyone?
Jokerzwild 13
Jokerzwild 13 - Day ago
Jaiden.........I feel you.......I feel you
CamsStudio ._.
CamsStudio ._. - Day ago
custerjessica - Day ago
Gosh damn it those b****s.
Fireworkannon !
Fireworkannon ! - Day ago
Thanks for the compliment! (And your right, another language (German) is freakin *difficult* )
White paw the warrior Cat
I feel bad for you... Renesme (how ever you spell it) DIDNT EVEN GIVE YOU A THANK YOU
Addison Varady
Addison Varady - Day ago
you cures and i'm 8
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - Day ago
0:54 Um Jayden more like JaidenAnimations I apologize
Bryan Galvan
Bryan Galvan - Day ago
Did you said a bad word 😲😲😲
joshua's epic channel
10:00 when you finished at 9:39 you feel like your dead
Kid POMPO - Day ago
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Kevin Woolfork
Kevin Woolfork - Day ago
This is like watching a documentary of my projects in Intro to Game Design. If I didn't know any better I'd think you were following me.
Shamindra Hewavithana
When she said reneeseme, Siri started talking.........

Andy - Day ago
There's so many people in the comments acting like they do everything in group projects...
Sister Nevaeh
Sister Nevaeh - Day ago
When she googled most annoying girl names my name popped up....I feel attacked
Albertus Seno
Albertus Seno - 2 days ago
one liek = 1 more oh yeah yeah coment
(^ O ^)
Tee & Zee Dott
Tee & Zee Dott - 2 days ago
I found a mysterious piece of candy in my pocket, ate it, and grew wings.
lps panda 43
lps panda 43 - 2 days ago
Where are the eyes in 0:34
lps panda 43
lps panda 43 - 9 hours ago
KSP4Kids - 2 days ago
I woke up from a nap
Now I feel like crap
I woke up from a nap
Now I’m crap
juan josé
juan josé - 2 days ago
lmao "Pain and suffering" credit
CircusSpoon CircusSpoon
Wow such a nice partner........EVLE DEMONS!!!
A K - 2 days ago
Anxious Trash
Anxious Trash - 2 days ago
I wanna be known as something cool/funny like “I stick forks in trees” Bryan
tony nas
tony nas - 2 days ago
I know three languages i am Lebanese French Arabic and english
Seth Carrothers
Seth Carrothers - 2 days ago
Tri I f0r s
Sabrina K
Sabrina K - 2 days ago
I don't get why people are like this and why it happened like a million times to me 😂
Ari •
Ari • - 2 days ago
ok youtube, i clicked
Wait are’nt you Asian
Jasmine Gobeo
Jasmine Gobeo - 2 days ago
I can relate, I had to make a 15 min long debate. My group was never able to meet because of one girl who was always busy, like all the time, also the same girl dropped the class a day or two before our debate(she never even showed the slightest bit of guilt) . The other dude in my group showed up with like a sentence of crap, which honestlydidnt even relate to our topic. I emailed my prof. worried that I'd have to debate alone, he emailed just to debate whatever I had ( which was not very much, because my group and I couldn't get on the same page). Also, we knew about our group months in advanced, and the opposing side only had one person. ( her group didn't show up either so the prof. had to debate with/for her ).
Its SugaryDiamonds
Its SugaryDiamonds - 2 days ago
If I do group project I do it all by myself
divyesh kumar
divyesh kumar - 2 days ago
sub me pls
Suyash Kumar
Suyash Kumar - 3 days ago
I think I wont be wrong when I say this is the template of what happens during group projects. This template was followed TO THE LETTER for me in 3 semesters!! Add the bitching your partners do to you about project performance after doing 0 work and it becomes more accurate.
Chaarvi Dwivedi
Chaarvi Dwivedi - 3 days ago
Khloe Chamberlain
Khloe Chamberlain - 3 days ago
Devon Bagwell
Devon Bagwell - 3 days ago
True I hate group projects
alex 090 ps the one
alex 090 ps the one - 3 days ago
I just googled annoying names and at the top of the list it said Jaden
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Vegeto the Playlist Maker
0:54 pause look at the cough SHE IS SICK GET HER MEDICINE
Alexa Hidalgo
Alexa Hidalgo - 3 days ago
its funny because it says your name haha
Chase Films
Chase Films - 3 days ago
A lot of girls I know have those names...0:54
Muffin - 3 days ago
Good math skills
Frank Koestler
Frank Koestler - 3 days ago
(I know I'm late, please do not hate)
But we have this thing at my school called STEM lab where we have to do these projects. And people in the group get assigned different jobs and one of them is team assembler. Well this ONE DUDE made this little thing that didn't even work in the presentation and after, I hear him at lunch talkin to his little buddy saying that I did something wrong. Wow... I confronted him on it and the conversation was kind of awkward... he denied it of course and then later in the argument told me I DID mess it up... -_-
Anti Leviathen
Anti Leviathen - 3 days ago
... i did the same thing... but i started the assignment early
Grimm - 3 days ago
I feel this. I am in college right now, and group projects suck. I have been in a large group and they didn't tell me anything about our project until the DAY OF PRESENTING. And I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to say or what I was even talking about and they proceeded to blame me when our professor said our presentation was not as good as he expected. So I emailed my professor about it, but even then I failed the class and am retaking it again, with the same teacher. It wasn't his fault, my group ganged up on me and since I was so quiet and never talked in his class he believed the group. So, I hate group projects. Now I am the leader of this group for this semester, and I am doing EVERYTHING. So I understand the frustration. I don't get responses at all, no matter how much I need it or how much I push. College life.
Priyanka Maurya
Priyanka Maurya - 3 days ago
IKR! i am always the person carrying the whole group on my frigging shoulders and most likely end up doing the WHOLE thing on my own. god how i hate people.
Praise Akinyele
Praise Akinyele - 3 days ago
{) (}
Nice - 3 days ago
There are so many people here complaining doing all the work! Just don't be with anyone in a group or don't do nothing so they don't get used to you carrying them.
Wodenclad e
Wodenclad e - 3 days ago
Sonia Sanchez
Sonia Sanchez - 3 days ago
This girl though lol
Misha Costescu
Misha Costescu - 3 days ago
Misha Costescu
Misha Costescu - 3 days ago
These peeps are liers
4,108,624, 018
4,108,624, 018 - 3 days ago
I literally hate my school. I might sound self sentered and selfish but for god sakes is it that hard to say "thanks" ? I have been buying the supplies with my own money doing the work most of them by myself and i didn't even get a freakin thank you? I also did a mistake on the work (because when i ask one of the person on my group they didn't even explained it they just said "just draw a circle and put it onto a board. That's it" of course i was confused) and you know what they did? Bully me. Make fun of me. Of course i ended up getting pissed and that was the worst day of 2019 so far for me
PC Hool
PC Hool - 3 days ago
I am 7 yars old jaiden
hahahaha Wow
hahahaha Wow - 3 days ago
Can you do a premium snap chat lewd video. Shit bitch i'd pay you $100
Leo - 3 days ago
LMAO I JUST REALIZED AFTER 2 YEARS ABOUT THE CREDITS SCENE!!! That's literally what I do every single project...AND IM NOT EVEN IN COLLEGE YET...last year....we had 7 members, 1 week to do it and they all sent their 1am...ugh imma do a vid about this.
Clintrovert - 3 days ago
me likey this video
ËpïćMãddÿ 派ま
ËpïćMãddÿ 派ま - 3 days ago
Rewatching this I realised when Jaiden searched up “most annoying girl names” it said Jayden :p
ShortForTony22 - 4 days ago
story of MY LIFE
Cupcake News
Cupcake News - 4 days ago
i'm making this comment in the bath room on my laptop the size of a mini television because i did not want to pause the video. sorry TMI.. this video is funnier than the first time I saw it. (this is the first video that i saw from you :3)
FTGenikit - 4 days ago
At least your hard work had paid off. So congrats!
April Quinn
April Quinn - 4 days ago
The last group project we did was a debate. There were four of us, two arguing for and two against. One girl hardly ever showed up in class, so her contribution was zero. She had some poorly written notes the day of and ended up looking like an asshole, but she did slightly better than her partner, who came in the day of the debate and asked, with a straight face, "what are we debating again?" Myself and my partner actually did the work, and ended up with an A, and they failed.
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