Miracle Workers: Dark Ages | Watch Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi in this exclusive sneak peek

LilithB V
LilithB V - 11 days ago
This show is everything I love
Zachariah Marquez
Zachariah Marquez - 19 days ago
this. wow. just....this. 💓
Dhita Olyvia
Dhita Olyvia - Month ago
I really hope tbs can download in my country (Indonesia)
Adrian Collins
Adrian Collins - 3 months ago
Praveen Dahariya
Praveen Dahariya - 3 months ago
Might as well add the laugh track.
LV - 3 months ago
So I am trying and finding it extremely difficult to understand what is going on in this show right now? What is the aim? Where is all this leading? Why is "God" a shit scooper now and if the guy is in the story what about the girl who was his crush in the last season? What's going on???!!!!
Lily Zerep
Lily Zerep - 2 months ago
🤔I got confused too when I first saw it but then after watching a couple of episodes, I'm going with that it's completely different from the first season. They're not angels and God. The characters are just random people in the middle ages 🤷‍♀️
Branden Gee
Branden Gee - 3 months ago
Yeah confused the hell out of me at first. Season 1 they were like angels sort of and it turned into this. Still pretty good show, I am just assuming it's not connected or whatever
LV - 3 months ago
@Brian I would've appreciated some kind of intro... wouldn't u?
Brian - 3 months ago
Right. That's because the second season has nothing to do with the first season. It is an entirely different story.
LV - 3 months ago
@Brian o well.. i found it so out of flow and out of context with the first season:/ was watching it for Daniel Radcliffe...
Cyn Dell
Cyn Dell - 3 months ago
First season was great... this one, it’s watchable
Vainavi Inamdar
Vainavi Inamdar - 3 months ago
I love everything in this clip and I'm not sure if that's mentally healthy but...whatever
Si Hars
Si Hars - 3 months ago
Suddenly i have the urge to watch Galavant
ShalakumX Simba
ShalakumX Simba - 3 months ago
We've finally found out the Peverell Brothers, guys.
Utkarsh Roy
Utkarsh Roy - 3 months ago
Where can I watch this?
bread _
bread _ - 2 months ago
Utkarsh Roy tbs
Paula Kaye
Paula Kaye - 3 months ago
Soooo, not much has changed...
Elvira Florence
Elvira Florence - 3 months ago
Spoiler alert : that duck is not hatching gold egg
Chartreuse Maiden
Chartreuse Maiden - 3 months ago
So I thought this was going to be good. It looked like it. That ads were all there (even the major hiccups. But I thought I wing it like I did with witcher. It worth it in the overall arc)
Not so much.
This was a BIG let down.
I watched the the first 2 episodes and want to punish myslef for even thinking this had potential.
It....it isn't the worst show. But it runs a solid mediocre. You're gonna be like.....meh..
And wondering why half the jokes didn't stick.
Why? Because they weren't setup properly.
Chartreuse Maiden
Chartreuse Maiden - 3 months ago
@Branden Gee I did. :)
Branden Gee
Branden Gee - 3 months ago
Well that sucks you didn't like it... Maybe watch something else you like?
Oopss7 - 3 months ago
What on earth is going on, honestly...
Lydia Sensei
Lydia Sensei - 3 months ago
A moment of silence for that man.
Charitha N
Charitha N - 4 months ago
I am getting blackadder vibes from this show.
Leikhani - 3 months ago
Covers by Armzee
Covers by Armzee - 4 months ago
From India here, where can I watch it?
Prakriti pp
Prakriti pp - 4 months ago
Is that duck's name Bucky ? Or I heard it wrong
Branden Gee
Branden Gee - 3 months ago
Mary Mattingly
Mary Mattingly - 4 months ago
I think he said bucket
Deana Marko
Deana Marko - 4 months ago
can't wait
Zero Worldbuilder
Zero Worldbuilder - 4 months ago
We LOVE ❤ this show at my house!
1 Bad Jesus
1 Bad Jesus - 4 months ago
👍!VERY similar to Netflix's NORSEMEN
(both owing ALL to Monty Python's Life of Brian)..looks good.
Christovez28 !
Christovez28 ! - 4 months ago
Is that skellington in the background real?
INTERNERT! - 3 months ago
Mike Carone
Mike Carone - 4 months ago
Why would an Arab be in a European Kingdom
8bennaboo - 3 months ago
1. how do you know he is arab and 2. ships existed.
Mr. Myxzptlyk
Mr. Myxzptlyk - 3 months ago
They are just good actors man, it's not even any realistic setting who gives a shit
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith - 3 months ago
@ShalakumX Simba Didn't they explain that in Jupiter Ascending?
ShalakumX Simba
ShalakumX Simba - 3 months ago
Why would be white, English-speaking Europeans everywhere across all the freaking Universe?
Phil Skrzeczynski
Phil Skrzeczynski - 3 months ago
You mean like the moops?
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie - 4 months ago
Is it on Netflix???
Rick Roll Rizal
Rick Roll Rizal - 3 months ago
Or use... An "app"
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie - 4 months ago
@Voixy OK, thnx
Voixy - 4 months ago
It's on HBO
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie - 4 months ago
@Robert Huskey Sr OK, I cant receive it here in Holland. But I'm going to purchase an internet satellite receiver, so I can receive other USA channels.
Robert Huskey Sr
Robert Huskey Sr - 4 months ago
it's on "tbs"
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza - 4 months ago
Come Harry your better than that!?
Lily Zerep
Lily Zerep - 2 months ago
😂 Lol. He reminds me of Dudley just less fat.
Branden Gee
Branden Gee - 3 months ago
4- EAST Entertainments
4- EAST Entertainments - 3 months ago
Bloody hell!!
rh1507 - 4 months ago
Castration seems like overkill on a simple cold.
rh1507 - 3 months ago
@8bennaboo I agree
8bennaboo - 3 months ago
not a cold, hypothermia.
Kagama - 3 months ago
@animeanonymous yey! Someone got my "A million ways to die in the west" reference 😄
animeanonymous - 4 months ago
No no, what’s better is getting a donkey kicking for a fever! 🤪
Kagama - 4 months ago
Thats right it's better to put a nail in his ear.
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