4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Megan McGowan
Megan McGowan - 2 hours ago
This same technique, minus the sweet ingredients and for God's sake, the ketchup, is how one can make the perfect bread for a Monte Cristo sandwich. Lorenzo's technique (without the cinnamon, vanilla and sugar) would be great for that. I'm sure that L3 would know how to do up the bread for a Monte Cristo, and it wouldn't be a chocolate babka topped with banana and crumbles (though that sure looks like amazing French toast that I just want to reach through the screen and grab off that plate!)
kacper - 2 hours ago
return of emily the ketchup monster
BunnyHasSnax - 3 hours ago
Lorenzo's looks so good
Hà Trần
Hà Trần - 4 hours ago
I want to put ketchup on all of them. I'm a monster too :>
Solly - 12 hours ago
Note to self: just listen to what Lorenzo has to say. That's all you need.
Adrian Saldana
Adrian Saldana - 12 hours ago
level 1 chef: level 1 noob in call of duty.
level 2 chef: prestige 1 typical run and gunner
level 3 chef: prestige 10 gold skin 360 no scope search and destroy god
Just another person on YouTube
I saw Emily and I just knew... this would be a disaster 😂
dragon slayer1146
dragon slayer1146 - 14 hours ago
"Im lvl 1"
"Im lvl 2"
"Since the dawn of time, i have perfected my ability to prepare meals in order to construct the perfect dinner once master, Gordonramsichaic, awakens from his slumber."
HeraZilla 101
HeraZilla 101 - 14 hours ago
Lorenzo seems like a real chad.
Tokanya - 16 hours ago
I'd say I like lv1 on this one. I just hate chocolate with fried egg much much more than ketchup. Plus, how can you let her eat it alone in the dark.
TheAlkoholiCZ - 19 hours ago
Emily : i dont have a dishwasher
Me : you are
Miss.Michela08 - 20 hours ago
If you wish to commit suicide, just try Emily's food.
JayPlays 4Real
JayPlays 4Real - 21 hour ago
Is it me or is level 3 always extra
Voxized - 23 hours ago
Lorenzo should have his own show.
Trevor Freckleton
Trevor Freckleton - Day ago
Why are the level 1 "chefs" always on suicide watch? I feel like the producers need to send somebody over to Emily's house to check up on her.
Brianna Drinnen
Brianna Drinnen - Day ago
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Not even Jesus himself:

Emily: *puts ketchup on toast*
sofia gamer
sofia gamer - Day ago
Wait nobody puts cinnamon on it

My life is a lie
Nicole Sakwe
Nicole Sakwe - Day ago
He said "a little bit of maple syrup" and proceeded to poor half the bottle 😂😂
Click Bait
Click Bait - Day ago
Is it just me or is the level two chef always the best one
Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez - Day ago
Lorenzos French bread sounds pretty nice
Manish Dabadi
Manish Dabadi - Day ago
Humans are becoming more and more advanced by the second AND then there's Emily 3:42
Rhys Hargreaves
Rhys Hargreaves - Day ago
Y is every level 2 dish always the best
ralph emerson
ralph emerson - Day ago
2:53 “I don’t really want it super eggy”
2:56 “hmmmm eggggyy”
Wolfy1091 - Day ago
level one not wife material
Yeoh Jia Cheng
Yeoh Jia Cheng - 2 days ago
I’m sorry I always thought French toast went with kaya
Disasterous Masterson
Disasterous Masterson - 2 days ago
At least she acknowledged that she’s a monster. Anyone that uses ketchup instead of syrup should be sent straight to the gallows.
The Master Pepper
The Master Pepper - 2 days ago
I think I cook like Lorenzo in reality Emily
Dinushi Dilhara
Dinushi Dilhara - 2 days ago
Why are all level for chef grumpy🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
The RedAssassin
The RedAssassin - 2 days ago
Bro Emily the saddest person to see this earth she eats in the dark with ketchup
SerpentGaming25 - SG25
SerpentGaming25 - SG25 - 2 days ago
"I would eat this.. alone in the dark maybe."

Annabel Chung
Annabel Chung - 2 days ago
French toast is called pain perdu in french, which means"lost bread". It is a recipe to salvage stale bread fundamentally, not just out of tradition but because it was the actual original purpose...
alan li
alan li - 2 days ago
Seriously, Emily is real cringeworthy. All she does is mix eggs with some milk, and she dosent even add anything else. she just soaks it in and does the normal french toast recipe, and she fails frying the toast. and what really affects my OCD is that she put KETCHUP on her toast. Seriously, you take a poorly made french toast and put KETCHUP in it? Wow. What a bad chef. Even I can make a wayyyy better french toast and i only 10 turning 11. And still. The level 3 chefs sometimes say: "Its not complicated" and does soooo much to make it. that, just disproves what you said. That is why I like the lvl 2 chefs the most, but sometimes, the lvl 1s and 3s are okay, just that some of them piss me off(sorry if you found this offensive, im sorry)
Hunter Molina
Hunter Molina - 2 days ago
Bruh i was watching this on my xbox and went on my laptop just see what people though about this chick putting ketchup on her french toast
No More Vids Dead channel
Who else thought when she said babka you thought she said “vodka”
Phil McKraken
Phil McKraken - 3 days ago
No love for challah bread? Challah makes the best french toast imo
Nii OSole
Nii OSole - 2 days ago
Replace Emily, please.
Andrew Westrem
Andrew Westrem - 3 days ago
Ketchup.. ketchup.. monster indeed.. dear lawd..
Sara Grey
Sara Grey - 3 days ago
theresa t
theresa t - 3 days ago
I thought that was a mf cherry in the thumbnail lmao
Yui - 3 days ago
No one adds vanilla extract...?
BOOOMEERR - 3 days ago
Haha ketchup in French toast
Pepe Smith
Pepe Smith - 3 days ago
wtf??!,am I the only one that doesn't put anything on the eggs like lvl 1 chef ,cuz all the flavor is in the syrup 😎
PowerFlameX - 3 days ago
Level 1: I have normal white bread from my local Walmart
Level 2: I have some bread that I’m gonna cut
Level 3: I’m gonna plant some wheat
MarSprite - 3 days ago
Is is weird that I like to make sandwiches using french toast?
sofa king we Todd did
sofa king we Todd did - 4 days ago
They are like no French toast I've had, some things are better basic in my opinion
gunpro 2121
gunpro 2121 - 4 days ago
Omg that is disgusting for ketchup on something good
emily’s boba
emily’s boba - 4 days ago
Idk how to feel sharing the same name as a monster that puts ketchup on their French toast
Big tank 670
Big tank 670 - 4 days ago
Also does anyone else just watch them cook and dont listen to the end part lol
Big tank 670
Big tank 670 - 4 days ago
Level 1 beeeeee greedy
xX LookItzPoliO Xx
xX LookItzPoliO Xx - 5 days ago
I can't eat Penny's French toast because she has got orange in it and I am allergic to citrus fruits 🙃
hatortot is not cool
hatortot is not cool - 5 days ago
2:55 so ironic
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