Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby

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G Tabarex
G Tabarex - 22 minutes ago
Love this
Maria elena Mauz mendiola
Adoro tu voz.y tu creatividad es increíble saludos desde México I love you
Uma B3ar e army; -;
Uma B3ar e army; -; - Hour ago
ᴍᴇ ᴇxᴘʟɪᴄᴀ ᴜᴍᴀ ᴄᴏɪsᴀ,ᴋᴅ ᴏs ʙʀ?>:^
Berenice Morales
Berenice Morales - 2 hours ago
0:54 Referencia a Fifth Harmony?? No se yo la tiro
Harmony Schaffner
Harmony Schaffner - 2 hours ago
You are the best
Harmony Schaffner
Harmony Schaffner - 2 hours ago
Come on Camilla you know you have the best voice in the WORLD
Jen D
Jen D - 3 hours ago
I love you ahhhh
Carina Soto
Carina Soto - 3 hours ago
proximamente "La Bonita Blade"
Giovana Souza
Giovana Souza - 4 hours ago
you Camila you good
The Ocean
The Ocean - 4 hours ago
My oh my 😈✨
Rianne's Adventure
Rianne's Adventure - 5 hours ago
love the music vid
To411 U
To411 U - 6 hours ago
Good Song but not long enough.
Sandra fabiola Montes del campo
Amo la canción 1000000000000000000000 likes si les gusto
Laura Padilla Millan
Laura Padilla Millan - 6 hours ago
is really beautyful
Jay Ti
Jay Ti - 6 hours ago
Keyelle James
Keyelle James - 6 hours ago
I love it keep going love you
Juliana Mueces
Juliana Mueces - 8 hours ago
Te amo camila
Juli Valdéz
Juli Valdéz - 9 hours ago
could you come listen ❤❤🥺
Abhinandan Gudda
Abhinandan Gudda - 12 hours ago
Where is Damon Salvatore?
SazTheChicken - 14 hours ago
I thought it was all gonna be grey
Until I came to
Aarohi JAISWAL - 14 hours ago
fvfam davidstv Leah
Abe Ngoh Anglers
Abe Ngoh Anglers - 15 hours ago
王嘉晞WONG KA HEI - 16 hours ago
Tee 93
Tee 93 - 17 hours ago
The only girl I will ever simp for
Binita Gurung
Binita Gurung - 17 hours ago
Candy pop🍭🍬
Pam Ferreira
Pam Ferreira - 17 hours ago
this is a funny thing you made this on my sis is birthday
SHRIYANS PATANKAR - 19 hours ago
hmm... good trailer.. when is the la bonita blade coming out?
Emma Martin
Emma Martin - 22 hours ago
this deserves the number 1 spot
Maya Avelarde
Maya Avelarde - Day ago
max.z.280 - Day ago
Probably one of dababy’s best verses
xander gray
xander gray - Day ago
Camila es graciosa en sus vídeos 🥰la amo
sara - Day ago
Copia de canción llaman a la puerta "Tierra Sur" 🇵🇪..... 😠
Sarah Ortega
Sarah Ortega - Day ago
What is your phone number
Arnoldo Contreras Rivera
You'd think he'd want to talk to you
Akshara Roy
Akshara Roy - Day ago
Kailynn Ariana fan Mary
Omg I love it and you are so so amazing and pretty ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️
Isaac Qcumber
Isaac Qcumber - Day ago
Damon Salvatore
Hans Gallegos
Hans Gallegos - Day ago
Celery - Day ago
Her acting is pretty good though.
Aanya Riya Srivastava
Yeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!14 million subscribers completed ❤️🎉🎉
Shari Krupa
Shari Krupa - Day ago
oh my God this is very nice 💟💟
Sam Rey Maldia
Sam Rey Maldia - Day ago
14M subs yass!
『• Little Camila• 』
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
David - Day ago
Zap_playz - Day ago
She really got copy righted for her own song 😑😂
Gideon Alex
Gideon Alex - Day ago
I love this song more than Havana i heard this song .i have listened to this song over 2000 times
Lisa Austin
Lisa Austin - Day ago
You are special singer and pretty and talented ❤️😍
Purple Music
Purple Music - 2 days ago
Hello I have a YouTube page, the number of subscribers is low, please I would be happy if your channel remains.
XxSavage AlphaxX
XxSavage AlphaxX - 2 days ago
The only reason I’m here for Dababy
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell - 2 days ago
Camila act so funny in the beginning/I love u Camila❤️❤️❤️❤️
LYRICS FIRST - 2 days ago
LYRICS FIRST - 2 days ago
FrFrFr - 2 days ago
70 Milhões de views!
FrFrFr - 2 days ago
70 milion views
francoboo - 2 days ago
Stream My Oh My on Spotify!! It's such a bop and I still listen to it every single day!
xxDark908xw d
xxDark908xw d - 2 days ago
꧁༒Lara ximena༒꧂
Frank Costello
Frank Costello - 2 days ago
I'd like to see her in a movie
Frank Costello
Frank Costello - 2 days ago
@francoboo foreal? She def deserves it. Because I mean the way she performs in this video is incredible
francoboo - 2 days ago
She will be in Cinderella 2021!!
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official
Ho sake to hamare bhee help kardo
Rd Indian Yas Yas ji ji official
I have subscribe to your chainnal
I'mAilimber - 2 days ago
70M views woooow!
Gideon Alex
Gideon Alex - 2 days ago
She is so awesome
Hasa World
Hasa World - 2 days ago
Gideon Alex
Gideon Alex - 2 days ago
Camila being a faminist love you sister
Gideon Alex
Gideon Alex - 2 days ago
I love it
Leah Drake
Leah Drake - 2 days ago
Hey I have a question Camila cabello do you cuss
monkey_butt 007
monkey_butt 007 - 2 days ago
1:17 No cap bruh Dababy looks good in a tuxedo 🚫🧢
Belki Alvarado
Belki Alvarado - 2 days ago
Belki Alvarado
Belki Alvarado - 2 days ago
My oh my eny is this should,make a other channl like a so we know not muice video
Dania Lozna
Dania Lozna - 2 days ago
70 M
jason jordan die
jason jordan die - 2 days ago
just an opinion
Jajaja mexicano verdad?
Dania Lozna
Dania Lozna - 2 days ago
maybe you don't know, but there is something called samples, that's what camila uses for this song, google it
Candela Blanco
Candela Blanco - 2 days ago
Diosaaa te amo
Ayopelumi Sunday
Ayopelumi Sunday - 3 days ago
Can we just appreciate Camilla’s hair throughout this video because no matter what it’s always beautiful and she had like 4 ( plus the wig so 5 ) different hairstyles and there not just beautiful hair there also beautiful cause of camillla💖
Sita Rani
Sita Rani - 3 days ago
"I swear on my life I'll beat a good girl"
Eli V
Eli V - 3 days ago
Me: *watching the video*
Camila: *Grabs machete and slices up poster*
Me: ... My Oh My 😉
Alessio Denti
Alessio Denti - 3 days ago
Camila is rare very rare I have never heard such beautiful songs and such a good and fabulous singer
Floraxy - 3 days ago
The blonde and rebellious Camila reminded me of Marilyn Monroe because Marilyn was forced to play this dumb good girl character when she really wasn’t.
Emma Frendo
Emma Frendo - Day ago
Its called acting
Jenny Blanco Alcon
Jenny Blanco Alcon - 3 days ago
Alguien habla español :vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Gabriela Meneses Garcia
Sanyu Nakanzi
Sanyu Nakanzi - 3 days ago
Hali Sanchez
Hali Sanchez - 3 days ago
them looking at her tear off her wig don't lose your wig doll face
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez - 3 days ago
love BTS
Sarah Asrar
Sarah Asrar - 3 days ago
I absolutely........LOV
KiaraMishelle UshinahuaRuiz
Camila deja de leer wattpad AJAJAJ
Rihab Rihab
Rihab Rihab - 3 days ago
Hi I love you
alya 2734
alya 2734 - 3 days ago
In this song , what I see is , are cammila is hijabista ?
Disha Basrani
Disha Basrani - 3 days ago
Someone is making you fool
PeriNKinG - 3 days ago
0:55 Best part
Eriberto Sanchez
Eriberto Sanchez - 3 days ago
Who else just came here because we forgot about camila cabello
carlos beltran
carlos beltran - 3 days ago
we need to reach 100M VIEWS
xxjessicachan_xx canas
xxjessicachan_xx canas - 3 days ago
My oh my so cool your my favorite
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