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jacksfilms - Year ago
For the wedding site YIAY, make sure you submit your creations to the JackHeartsErin url! No hashtag for this one!
Tom - 4 days ago
no. 500
LumiNyte - 4 days ago
Kiraxis GD
Kiraxis GD - 16 days ago
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - Month ago
Five hundredth reply
- MightySpriteKnight -
Yay comment number 500!
Tristan Taccad
Tristan Taccad - 15 hours ago
Okay but why are the beats on most of these submissions actually pretty lit lmao
Realistic_M ?
Realistic_M ? - 22 hours ago
You copied pewdiepie
Chase The Inflatable God
2:51 idk why but for some reason I thought he was gonna say “ money shot”
Thegreatkandy - Day ago
Lwiay is better
Mush Mello
Mush Mello - Day ago
So when does the video start?
pro sniper
pro sniper - Day ago
Spinning intros are the best
Shade S
Shade S - Day ago
Ayo , when is the face reveal coming?
Atom [Holden]
Atom [Holden] - 2 days ago
Before fortnite was a thing.. good old times
Brandon Chan
Brandon Chan - 2 days ago
At 1:16 Google Assistant actually responded to Jack's voice and searched up "reference"
Domagoj Buki
Domagoj Buki - 3 days ago
Retro Theo
Retro Theo - 3 days ago
I'm getting nostalgic for a time when everyone had intros like these
HypeR Hex
HypeR Hex - 3 days ago
MvT4TIoN - 3 days ago
is this mr beast part 2
The real griffithsvlogs10
3:12 that moment that you step on a lego brick
SS17 Gabriel
SS17 Gabriel - 4 days ago
Hey guys can we get some I stole so many ideas from pewdiepie
BinJoe 23
BinJoe 23 - 4 days ago
Lugo H
Lugo H - 4 days ago
3:40 actually kinda cool
No Named
No Named - 4 days ago
In a very pervert way, I actually like the first minecraft intro
Zoko Dog
Zoko Dog - 4 days ago
The 20th century one was good
bLuR Clan
bLuR Clan - 4 days ago
Copied pewdiepie
VIN722 - 4 days ago
bLuR Clan I hope this is satire
Ihmeen Kesy
Ihmeen Kesy - 5 days ago
I keep coming back to this video
Nahyan Alshamsi
Nahyan Alshamsi - 5 days ago
I didn’t die but now I got eye ligma
Wize Filming
Wize Filming - 5 days ago
The first minecraft one made me laugh to hard
Mr. Gabe
Mr. Gabe - 6 days ago
#yiayflag #yiaygang
Ines Sousa
Ines Sousa - 6 days ago
4:22 OK but does anyone know the song?? I really liked it
Ines Sousa
Ines Sousa - 5 days ago
@Kim Meulen thank you
Kim Meulen
Kim Meulen - 5 days ago
Ines Sousa set free from Veorra
G O W O N Loona
G O W O N Loona - 6 days ago
iman Irfan
iman Irfan - 7 days ago
iNDiGO DCB - 7 days ago
Song at 4:04 is “Skrillex - Bangarang” (but let’s be honest, you all knew this)
iNDiGO DCB - 7 days ago
Song at 2:45 is “Excision x Pegboard Nerds - Bring the Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit)”
iNDiGO DCB - 7 days ago
Song at 0:35 is “Pegboard Nerds - Hero (feat. Elizaveta)”
iNDiGO DCB - 7 days ago
Song at 0:14 is “WiDE AWAKE - Ready”
Jigsaw_kill- jang
Jigsaw_kill- jang - 7 days ago
alex - 7 days ago
Frosted Beats
Frosted Beats - 7 days ago
Is it bad that I liked the music for the third one?
Edit: *realized it’s not ok*
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins - 5 days ago
Its perfectly fine: Raven - John Dahlbäck
Moonstar79 - 7 days ago
That 20th Century Fox Dab intro was legitimately hilarious
RobloxMoon 19
RobloxMoon 19 - 7 days ago
my favs were 1:12 and 1:32, change my mind
jjm2412 - 8 days ago
1:06 i can see why Erin married him
The Walrus
The Walrus - 8 days ago
Mate Marshall Does Stuff is the best YouTuber
Andreas Søndergaard
Andreas Søndergaard - 8 days ago
i don't hink i've ever seen this man being serious

edit: ever
GalExec - 8 days ago
5:48 is somebody else's work and they just added pictures
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast - 8 days ago
who watchs this when they got really bored at lwaiy..
yeah i am
Małgosia Jarochowska
Małgosia Jarochowska - 9 days ago
whats the song at 4:22
DoodleDork _
DoodleDork _ - 9 days ago
This Is Jacksfilms And Not Popularmmos Right?
Btw, Rip Popularmmos
AlexRulesVGCP HD
AlexRulesVGCP HD - 9 days ago
joey - 9 days ago
0:59 Sven
スマイル - 10 days ago
Was watching on mobile and when you said that's an ok google reference it picked up ok google lmao
IZSM - 10 days ago
No one used the song "Melt Everyone".
Xew DiBenedetto
Xew DiBenedetto - 10 days ago
This was my first yeah ever! cheers, I’ve changed my gender!
TheProtocol - 10 days ago
Is it just me or I’m getting nostalgia from watching this from og Mr. Beast
Joshua Bement Jr.
Joshua Bement Jr. - 10 days ago
Pewdipie copied you?!?!?!?
Chippo - 10 days ago
Damn just learn PiePivotmontier died. 5:27
Marshi YT
Marshi YT - 10 days ago
I actually love alot of these
he cold
he cold - 10 days ago
4:12 this is a good intro
Crazy bird Person
Crazy bird Person - 10 days ago
Press 0:00 50 times
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 10 days ago
I Wanna know if these people were being serious about the intros, or if they were Really joking
Siwps Swips
Siwps Swips - 11 days ago
Thank god you change the intro
Victor Willemsen
Victor Willemsen - 11 days ago
Whats the song on 2:57
Oli The HoodieBoi
Oli The HoodieBoi - 11 days ago
So when does the video start?
Ines Sousa
Ines Sousa - 6 days ago
Lumberly Actions
Lumberly Actions - 11 days ago
Man, throwback to the YIAY website lmao
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