ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

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AntsCanada - 8 days ago
AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!
chilly the pea
chilly the pea - 7 days ago
The toxin is called bufotoxen thank love you and also i love your ants
Christine Manahan
Christine Manahan - 7 days ago
Please compose a song about the frog 😂
Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas - 7 days ago
#team zuses
Omega_Cyber _X
Omega_Cyber _X - 7 days ago
Alanegr92 - 7 days ago
name them the Renaissances
Cjc 509
Cjc 509 - 17 minutes ago
Jordan Bomhold
Jordan Bomhold - 26 minutes ago
when he said thanosed all I thought of was calling the painted toads the dark order which is thanos' group that helps him. lol.
Anne Decelle
Anne Decelle - 31 minute ago
call them stealth wizards
Death 48
Death 48 - 39 minutes ago
O god another frog yay does it do flips???
Aaron Robinson
Aaron Robinson - 42 minutes ago
Casey Wittmer
Casey Wittmer - 43 minutes ago
Hades all the way
hades 1355
hades 1355 - Hour ago
Team Hades
Jacob McComas
Jacob McComas - Hour ago
if crazy ants are going into the golden empires domain, does that mean they could possibly transfer mites back into their colony
Yavonna Hannigan
Yavonna Hannigan - Hour ago
JJ steed
JJ steed - Hour ago
Thanos and thaness
Tom Logan
Tom Logan - Hour ago
Could you torch the tank to sanatize it fron all mites then restart the colony
HeyZeus78 - Hour ago
#TeamZeus all the way baby :D
Jake Bewely
Jake Bewely - Hour ago
Hades all the wayy
ewest0905 - Hour ago
We should call the death sprites "The Death From Darkness" or TDFD for short
Stunn Locke
Stunn Locke - Hour ago
wow at your singing it's pretty good. Also next time just cut the lights out and add a little moon light
Ibrahim Al balooshi
Ibrahim Al balooshi - Hour ago
#Team zeus
Ibrahim Al balooshi
Ibrahim Al balooshi - Hour ago
AC family is in Philippines 😎

Can we meet?
Ibrahim Al balooshi
Ibrahim Al balooshi - 2 hours ago
Hi AC idk your a Filipino? pinoy ako
Roman Gaming
Roman Gaming - 2 hours ago
Mikey: The gecko smells something with its tounge

Me: *WTF?*
realtahu033 !
realtahu033 ! - 2 hours ago
another black container...
õwø üwú {gäçhâ çhāñlë}
Therorist **reads poem**

*This is beyond science*
ALLGames&Tech - 2 hours ago
How did mite affect them if its an enclosed system? DID YOU DO THIS!?
Auston Kirby
Auston Kirby - 2 hours ago
Simply_ Sin
Simply_ Sin - 2 hours ago
#teamares anyone else?
Henry Jones
Henry Jones - 2 hours ago
The God of War will reign over Olympus
Arnold de Gans
Arnold de Gans - 2 hours ago
Did you ever consider Formica rufa as a pet ?
Cipher Aeon
Cipher Aeon - 2 hours ago
To bad you could not get a alligator lizard, we caught one by accident. Gecko sized alligators with no teeth that eat small bugs.
Muhd Zaim
Muhd Zaim - 2 hours ago
Name the new toads: the 4 horsemen
Lemon - 3 hours ago
Ha I guessed the cane toad correctly!
Lessa Jimenez
Lessa Jimenez - 3 hours ago
I can't stop watching these videos
SwiftStar Games
SwiftStar Games - 3 hours ago
My internet was down when this went up I think 🤔 watching to check and sad if I missed the upload hope it's a rewatch
Haruki Hiroshima
Haruki Hiroshima - 3 hours ago
Name the spirits Clover cause project clover field
Shyla Coper
Shyla Coper - 3 hours ago
I actually got it correct I got a toad
TheFlame Online
TheFlame Online - 3 hours ago
The painted fairys
Phyllis Gamino
Phyllis Gamino - 3 hours ago
Name the death sprites Zing and Zang.
TheFlame Online
TheFlame Online - 3 hours ago
Go Team Apollo!!!!!!
Maia Merkel
Maia Merkel - 3 hours ago
Name the painted toads Valkyries
Cameron Pellei
Cameron Pellei - 3 hours ago
my family owns a farm in panama and toads are all over the place there. I don't know exactly what kind but cane toads are native to Latin America and the toads there are huge. We have to keep our dogs away otherwise they will go crazy licking the toads and will get addicted to it. Lots of dogs in panama go crazy over that.
Crypt Knight
Crypt Knight - 3 hours ago
So Kitahashi - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)
If this doesn’t work I think you might have to gas the enclosure
Fishing Guy
Fishing Guy - 4 hours ago
Fury Games
Fury Games - 4 hours ago
zombiemistress52 - 4 hours ago
Did anyone catch the fact that he's a good singer? I would have came out if i were sang to like that. Lol
T-Rex Gaming
T-Rex Gaming - 4 hours ago
Stop leaving us hanging my iPads almost dead
Limitless Stories
Limitless Stories - 4 hours ago
Golden Paintillus Miteinus (Gole-Den Pain-till-us My-ten-ee-us)
cava002 - 4 hours ago
Matthew Tyler
Matthew Tyler - 4 hours ago
lillee brown
lillee brown - 4 hours ago
The answer is Bufotoxin and I love your channel so much even though I don’t know much about ants your narration is so good
OldSlowGamer - 5 hours ago
I never ever thought I'd have any interest at all in a fish tank full of plants and ants but you have such a good way of narrating and producing your videos that I've actually become rather interested in this.
Haruki Hiroshima
Haruki Hiroshima - 5 hours ago
Hades!! Hades!! Hades!!#Hadesbeetlegames
Cayden McNeal
Cayden McNeal - 5 hours ago
The things you do for your ants to save them and the things u do for us letting us watch your ant colonies is just amazing.
the unstoppable pvper
the unstoppable pvper - 5 hours ago
#team hades
umbeon animation
umbeon animation - 5 hours ago
The painted death!!
NerdyLemonAnimations __
NerdyLemonAnimations __ - 6 hours ago
I had a small colony of harvester ants once, in a container with a plastic, hollow hill with sand in the back, but actually, when the ants threw sand to the bottom of the hill to dig tunnels in the back, some of my ants went to the bottom and tunneled in _that_ sand, and ended up making two separate colonies and killed each other. I’m not joking, this actually happened.
Fat Bee Lover
Fat Bee Lover - 6 hours ago
Fuckin burn it tbh... make a bonfire and burn it... simples!
Ty I
Ty I - 6 hours ago
name them agents.P.T
LORD OF THE MEME GODS - 6 hours ago
#team posideon
Noah Miller
Noah Miller - 6 hours ago
panted army
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo - 7 hours ago
Name the new toads the Ravengers
Katelyn Hurst
Katelyn Hurst - 7 hours ago
a9nomis 99
a9nomis 99 - 7 hours ago
#teamhades lol I’m so excited to see him! Lol
hack robux
hack robux - 7 hours ago
Simple Chemistry
Simple Chemistry - 7 hours ago
Could somebody help me? All the ant colonies I've owned yet nearly died and I had to let them free :( I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I always gave them new water and honey, worms and fruits.
max brown
max brown - 7 hours ago
Comedy Master 15
Comedy Master 15 - 7 hours ago
I got this queen last July and she is a pavement ant that has about 5/6 workers and everything is going well. plus you are my inspiration for ants, thank you SO much. P.S. I am a huge fan and love your ant videos!!!!!!!!
Player Unknown
Player Unknown - 8 hours ago
Jessica Tsui
Jessica Tsui - 8 hours ago
Joseph Shankin
Joseph Shankin - 8 hours ago
go Zeus!!! #TeamZeus
p.s thats the name of my fish
Parker Vedell
Parker Vedell - 8 hours ago
Captain Creeps
Captain Creeps - 8 hours ago
3 months
3 months - 8 hours ago
I truly admire how much effort you put into making these videos. I just makes them more amazing. But you could name the new anit killer tge"angle of death"
Nick Montes
Nick Montes - 8 hours ago
Again I'm on team Zeus
Mateusz Stawowski
Mateusz Stawowski - 8 hours ago
The toxin is called bufotoxin, as you made clear in the video 👌
Mateusz Stawowski
Mateusz Stawowski - 9 hours ago
Mejenleen Kimej
Mejenleen Kimej - 9 hours ago
Team zues
Bonnie Steel
Bonnie Steel - 9 hours ago
Wouldn't it just be easier to move the terrarium outside and just let them die? The mites would leave and move back into nature,and the antiverse wouldn't be in danger. Just get rid of the dirt and refill it with sterile soil.
juninho Casas
juninho Casas - 9 hours ago
We need an update on axotland please!!!
Hue McDow
Hue McDow - 9 hours ago
Yo antscanda what’s going on? I don’t get the weekly video anymore..
Blck 7
Blck 7 - 9 hours ago
You're so good at stalling, sometimes ill forget you're doing it. You're good at tv. lmfao
Pure Ace23
Pure Ace23 - 9 hours ago
I vote on calling them death eaters. After all, they are eating what has been causing ant deaths
OrBits 88
OrBits 88 - 9 hours ago
Bufotoxin. Also thank you for the videos!👍
Jirasak Yang
Jirasak Yang - 9 hours ago
Call them THANOS
Jirasak Yang
Jirasak Yang - 10 hours ago
Daniel - 10 hours ago
egor102 - 10 hours ago
Forget about the Rhino beetle games and just drop them into the habitat. Once all the ants are gone retrieve surviving Rhino beetles.... Make sure to film the tank for any useful footage in between. Of course you will probably get some baby beetles out of this so win/win.
OrBits 88
OrBits 88 - 10 hours ago
Cptn Nemo
Cptn Nemo - 10 hours ago
I spat out my tea when i read shaggy at 100% power
matt sez
matt sez - 10 hours ago need a girl friend BAD
john f
john f - 10 hours ago
Yang RPG
Yang RPG - 10 hours ago
also I think the answer is bufotoxin
Aaron Freeman
Aaron Freeman - 10 hours ago
#hades last to emerge but destined for greatness!
Yang RPG
Yang RPG - 10 hours ago
You should name the painted toads the Jedi Order
Jordantheblueboss 44
Jordantheblueboss 44 - 11 hours ago
#Team Apollo
Deadly Samurai
Deadly Samurai - 11 hours ago
Lmao the shaggy comment was funny 7:20😂😂
Rainbow SiegeXYZ
Rainbow SiegeXYZ - 11 hours ago
Be careful cane toad take over fast they lay more than 30,000 eggs and if that gland touches your eye you will get blind but if you make it to the hospital on time you will be ok
Aiden Zheng
Aiden Zheng - 11 hours ago
Yeah! the painted toads are heroes!:)
Matthew Robinett
Matthew Robinett - 11 hours ago
Hey ants Canada dude I cannot wait for the rhino beetle games bro Shout out antzCanada I love this show
Melody Aurora
Melody Aurora - 11 hours ago
You should really get rid of that enclosure to ensure the safety of your other creatures
DCMC - 11 hours ago
#team poseidon
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