Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet

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Miranda - Day ago
ATTENTION PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS!!! Did you know it's totally possible to praise Billie without putting down other women who don't dress/act like her???
"I love how she dresses UNLIKE THESE OTHER HALF NAKED HOES OUT HERE!!!" Ok, you could have left that last part out and still made your point.
Jaslyn Aroomugam
Jaslyn Aroomugam - Day ago
Her style is so unique
just tired
just tired - Day ago
She does a good job of looking like shit so people don't judge her............. The way she talks is a huge cherry on top........
anitin gagnidze
anitin gagnidze - Day ago
always when i look her, thinking about rihanna too... 🙄
playinragz - Day ago
This thing is total satanic shit. If you allow your kids to watch it your a irresponsible parent. Are You?
Haja - Day ago
Her music is trash. Stop giving garbage a name.
DarK AngèLz
DarK AngèLz - 2 days ago
Have u guys heard the billie bad guy with justin bieber!!!
I love it
Lorraine A
Lorraine A - 3 days ago
Her closet is bigger than my room...
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner - 3 days ago
Nigga look like a boy in a wig..
Nena h
Nena h - 3 days ago
"Not like bitches shorts"😂😂
Cha Beo
Cha Beo - 3 days ago
Stfu u couldn’t afford Nike sneakers as kid they’re not that expensive and ur parents were in biz
whatever - 3 days ago
Cha Beo she grew up with not that much money and it doesn’t matter if her parents where in that they didn’t star in big movies
Last andFirst
Last andFirst - 3 days ago
Me: Drinking water while watching this video at work.
Billie: “ my diamonds, yea there in here haha” In a plastic bag!.
Me: Dramatically spits out water and yells wtf! Billie! You a real QUEEN!! I love how she’s so real! Not once did she “um, ugh “ like half these dumb broads who dress half naked can’t even say a complete sentence.. #LOVEYOUBILLIE #LOVEFROMPALMSPRINGSCA 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍🥰🙌🙌🙌💀
Miranda - Day ago
Did you know you can praise her without putting down other women who don't dress/act like her?
DigitalBuoy - 3 days ago
I see what's coming and I feel bad for her.
Sheika Santana Gonzalez
I have a question what does she means by she doesn’t pay for anything anymore for the stuff she has now??
Parth Shah
Parth Shah - 4 days ago
Leave everything else. Tell me what the fuck she keeps on smoking? Coz she always looks like dozed off.
Discover Life Media
Discover Life Media - 4 days ago
Way to go on this video!
cuntpuncher - 4 days ago
Could she be MORE on Drugs for this???
DZNUTZ 2003 - 4 days ago
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 4 days ago
Billi Eilish more like Billy is trash 💀
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 3 days ago
@Kebdy b U mad? XD XD
Kebdy b
Kebdy b - 3 days ago
Squishy Potato laugh* And it didn’t happen
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 3 days ago
@Kebdy b *Cry and yes let it flow let it Flow! 💀
Kebdy b
Kebdy b - 4 days ago
Squishy Potato was I supposed to laugh
Jeane Adrielle Nebrida
Jeane Adrielle Nebrida - 5 days ago
Never been so jealous in my whole goddamn life
P_VALENTINE ٕ - 5 days ago
3:35 to the end can anyone explain to me what she means 😂
Derek Frampton PaPa-D
Derek Frampton PaPa-D - 5 days ago
coke nails ahoy! you could poke someone's eyes out with those talons
Kitty Pop
Kitty Pop - 5 days ago
I personally fucking hate her style, but I admire her for being unique as an artist.
love but no love
love but no love - 5 days ago
This is so ugly just pants and t-shirts uglyyyy
AF32146 34561
AF32146 34561 - 5 days ago
Tf up with those pterodactyl nails???
Young Bakugo
Young Bakugo - 5 days ago
she reminds me of this whore tat used to be my girlfriend
#kawaii gang
#kawaii gang - 5 days ago
Love billies nails soo cute ❤
David Lee
David Lee - 5 days ago
i bet if she wore a big hunk of dogshit on her neck, people would say "wow!, thats so cool . im going to wear dogshit on my neck too" lol. zombies lol
Survivor - 5 days ago
I feel you know your playing on the minds who would like to see you in "regular" girl clothes... Hyping that moment up,.. or drawing from it for monetary reasons.
Saydys adventure !
Saydys adventure ! - 5 days ago
Is she wearing acrylics
Roy Di paulo
Roy Di paulo - 6 days ago
Fuck billie
Any Anny
Any Anny - 6 days ago
She’s cool but she should get some sleep
John Dockert
John Dockert - 6 days ago
Billie fucking rules!!!
The Court Of Public Opinion
Meth or suboxen I wonder what she is on those pupil tho
The Court Of Public Opinion
Why do I care what’s in this methheads closet
C Price
C Price - 6 days ago
Rub some wax paper on those racks and they’ll glide smooth AF....
Retail probs. Lol
L Daher
L Daher - 6 days ago
Miranda MariYah
Miranda MariYah - 6 days ago
you need that Billie Eilish custom hoodie from meyjey on instagram, you are tagged
Emy Y
Emy Y - 6 days ago
The background music is sick 🔥
Luis V.
Luis V. - 6 days ago
I would like to see her with bitchies shorts :9
Seth Turner
Seth Turner - 6 days ago
Such a weirdo but she still can get this tip
Hafiz Salmardi
Hafiz Salmardi - 7 days ago
she said cudnt afford nike but cur afford being home schooled
dayanna jimenez
dayanna jimenez - 6 days ago
Hafiz Salmardi does being homeschooled need money or something? (Only asking, not offended)
Billie's missing avocado
omg marry me billiam willie
crstf - 7 days ago
proof that fashion is trash
Charming nowhere to hide
Who the fuck is this nobody? Some bozo with no talent. Lmfao.
Squidward Tentacles
Squidward Tentacles - 7 days ago
this stresses me out so bad
Shelly - 7 days ago
Wait but why is no one talking about Billie’s nails??!!
Charming nowhere to hide
Who the fuck is this nobody? Some bozo with no talent. Lmfao.
Fat Ass
Fat Ass - 7 days ago
tracy huang
tracy huang - 7 days ago
1 👍means ur a Billie fan
qiana glaze
qiana glaze - 7 days ago
Heroin is what's in that bitches closet Hahahahahaha
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado - 7 days ago
Looks bigger than my room
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