Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet | HYPEBAE Backstage Pass

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Adarna Mondragon
Adarna Mondragon - 5 days ago
Why does she look sickly. is she OK, does she need a rest.
gl0ck b3ns
gl0ck b3ns - 5 days ago
If billie was the principal of a school, NO ONE would have any insecurities to worry about, honestly.
naomi omii
naomi omii - 6 days ago
i've never known she had black hair lmao
Evie Stylianidou
Evie Stylianidou - 7 days ago
Has she ever worn jeans?
Thrisha Kate
Thrisha Kate - 11 days ago
"Now i dont even pay for shit at all."
You deserve it. I love you Billie 💋
Blue _ Yeet
Blue _ Yeet - 12 days ago
Yooo all those jewelry man
jimmy - 12 days ago
Her clothes cool and all but I want that green day shirt highkey
Charlotte The cat
Charlotte The cat - 12 days ago
She wore the freak city one at the concert I went to
J Lib
J Lib - 13 days ago
She doesn't pay for anything? How?
Kellsey O'Brien
Kellsey O'Brien - 16 days ago
She has all this, and is still one of the most humble people I have ever seen. She’s amazing
DiamondKidd YT
DiamondKidd YT - 20 days ago
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate that her laughs are unique and amazing lmao
Reiko - 21 day ago
I dont wanna think she's a spoilt teen buuuuuut uuuuhhhh
Eilish O'Connell
Eilish O'Connell - 22 days ago
ohh she is a hella expensive for a 17 year old
Sooraj Popz
Sooraj Popz - 22 days ago
I use her accessories as weapons😂😂
Mariam Khaled
Mariam Khaled - 25 days ago
2019: no
2020: no
2021: no
2022: no
2023: *let's put this in everybody's recommendations*
Ariana Pentecostes
Ariana Pentecostes - 29 days ago
Why is her “ tour closet” bigger than my own closet
R3d Pa1ad!n
R3d Pa1ad!n - Month ago
I have one pair of shoes
Animation Studios!
Animation Studios! - Month ago
her ON TOUR closet has more clothes then mine
Sha RI
Sha RI - Month ago
The rivh & famous rarely pay for their shit. I'm happy for Billie though
Ester Miguel
Ester Miguel - Month ago
If her tour closet is that big

How big is her actual closet

Also me loves u Billie 💚
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones - Month ago
Big flex at the end 💪 freebucketz
You Do Note The Liar Is Mah Peyk
"heavy ass.... Chunky ass shoes"
CallMeBigAlbert - Month ago
This video just called me poor in 100 languages
WatchingDude - Month ago
Her closet is bigger than mah house xD LMAO
Luvirya - Month ago
Billie: chooses outfit in 12 seconds
Me: chooses outfit in 26 minutes
ALIREZA moghimi
ALIREZA moghimi - Month ago
"bitches shorts" 👏👏👏
Ben Bisek
Ben Bisek - Month ago
Wear some black leggings and a hoodie and some vans and a beanie. This baggy clothing shit needs to go. Dressing like a little kid.
TYL4027 Hi
TYL4027 Hi - Month ago
“I always wear shorts”

Same here
Melanny Roman
Melanny Roman - Month ago
Alguien sabe español aqui? Like si sabes :v
julian crespo
julian crespo - Month ago
My closet is just one of those lil sections
c ch
c ch - Month ago
my clothing is exercise attire
Ava_love_Zoe101 - Month ago
Billie is the only one who could get away with wearing stuff like this 😂
Jane Rodr
Jane Rodr - Month ago
I thought she had a massive wardrobe. She truly doesn't have any clothes. All that bragging🤥🤤 I bath corps and I own were I do it. I have 5 walking closet. 8 dressers. 6 barrels full of clothes u name it I have it and I dress baggie as well. She has nothing. She probably pays 150 250 4 a shirt. One of my shirts alone 400 500. Nope she has nothing. Stop showing off sugar.
Hlhi Hlhi
Hlhi Hlhi - Month ago
weird how she´s all up our culture´s styles
Cookie_kittens13 -cookies
Celia Lairana
Celia Lairana - Month ago
Eu amo os sapatos e as roupa dela manooo
Lilla 12
Lilla 12 - Month ago
Here ish
-Billie 2019
Queen Frog
Queen Frog - 2 months ago
When her closet was literally the size of my house 😮
Xinyi Zhu
Xinyi Zhu - 2 months ago
they are not like bitches shorts hhhhhhhhhhh im dead hhhhhh
PRO-TONE - 2 months ago
She's so beautiful and cute.
Flavinha Oliveira
Flavinha Oliveira - 2 months ago
Algum Br?
Kishore Tewari
Kishore Tewari - 2 months ago
1000000$ stuff in a 0.5$ bag( WOW)
papia nasrin
papia nasrin - 2 months ago
My sister says bitches t shirt 😂
We both wear over sized t shirts!
Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor - 2 months ago
her tour closet and all them brand called me broke in every language
The Greenthaners
The Greenthaners - 2 months ago
I loooove her nails
Sumeyra S.
Sumeyra S. - 2 months ago
Bitches short sdafdshgkjhlkşlki
gachahanna YT
gachahanna YT - 2 months ago
her tour closet is bigger then my room😂
Eunice Chia
Eunice Chia - 2 months ago
Wow. Just wow.
Itzgg 4 ever
Itzgg 4 ever - 2 months ago
I love her so muchhhh!!!!❤️❤️😭😭❤️❤️🕷🕷🕷
Dennis Vidot
Dennis Vidot - 2 months ago
I love and respect you Billie
Ocean Eyes
Ocean Eyes - 2 months ago
Oh my gosh yessss!!
Eileen Saavedra
Eileen Saavedra - 2 months ago
Usual A
Usual A - 2 months ago
Who pays for all that shit if she doesn’t? 😅😅
TheRealDavieLondon - 2 months ago
Everybody pull up a chair and grab your popcorn. We’re going to witness one of the biggest stars turned dark we’ve ever seen. This girl is only 17 and already burnt out. It’s only a matter of time till she tries drugs and goes crazy. I’m calling it right now. 5 years from now she’ll be covered in tattoos and worshipping the devil more then she already is
Helen Veyonce Jordan
Helen Veyonce Jordan - 2 months ago
i'm distracted by her nails,lmao
I’m not Iron Man
I’m not Iron Man - 2 months ago
*went to complex to buy shirts*
Billie: *Duh this shirt is only 5$ lol*
• fxlling stars •
• fxlling stars • - 2 months ago
I hope she doesn't ever change ♡
Omone Ojior
Omone Ojior - 2 months ago
Cool 😎
conflict’ - 2 months ago
Her tour clothes is more than my whole closet
Ashley Parker
Ashley Parker - 2 months ago
How does she even pick which one
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