Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

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Phillipe - 9 days ago
Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...
bp968 - 15 hours ago
The Oculus S doesn't have proper ocular adjustments. Its fine if it works for your eyes, but if it doesn't work there is no adjustment to fix it. To make the whole things even stupider they put the proper adjustments on the Quest headset.
Seth S.
Seth S. - 16 hours ago
@Zenroy yeah wmr is
jake fever
jake fever - Day ago
@Linus Tech Tips what about the oculus quest
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra - Day ago
and he does mention the rift a little bit 6:29
Robert Guerra
Robert Guerra - Day ago
yea but you dont get room scale and precision tracking like you do with the valve
ArtificialGamer - 34 seconds ago
seeing how fast vr is progressing i think we have fully immerse vr in 8-12 years
Dumb Jason
Dumb Jason - 9 minutes ago
I love how the cable is permanently being crushed by the furniture
Jsp - 40 minutes ago
why is middle finger blurred? Makes no sense.
Marvin Bolanos
Marvin Bolanos - Hour ago
Hey! Check out Project TX next-gen VR physics on youtube. The engine this guy is making will make more sense to use the valve index. Linus Tech Team go give this guy some credit. I promise it will be worth your time to check it out! Huge fan BTW ;)
Chris Aka Radar
Chris Aka Radar - 2 hours ago
Man I wish I could afford this
LEAX - 2 hours ago
Lloyd Russell
Lloyd Russell - 2 hours ago
It comes with a CAT??? I'll take it!!
dusso4231 - 2 hours ago
Tech kitten stole the show.
Niklas Larsen
Niklas Larsen - 3 hours ago
2020 - 2021: Probably a new VR headset
2020: Neuralink brain implant
2025: Linus tests Neuralink VR? ^^
Stirling Greer
Stirling Greer - 5 hours ago
The index cable is about 3-4 ft longer
Original Retro Burp
Original Retro Burp - 5 hours ago
"i wish it was more of a strap-on experience" :)
Houssam Chakir
Houssam Chakir - 5 hours ago
cats add 83% of video quality to a video
Ee21k - 6 hours ago
Jacob chamberlain
Jacob chamberlain - 7 hours ago
lol12:00 wish it was a strap-on experience mmm don't want to play that VR game
killercivic2001 - 8 hours ago
THIS video brought to you by "the answer to 'you are a youtube star but your room screams loner scrooge' company"...
fun vid as always ;)

Also... OMG a... LYNX comes with the Valve set !!!
Rude Nick
Rude Nick - 8 hours ago
strap-on experience XD
Naoise Doran
Naoise Doran - 8 hours ago
Your 5 year old daughter gets to use a 1000 dollar headset wow I wish you were my dad
Naoise Doran
Naoise Doran - 8 hours ago
spazman8675309 - 9 hours ago
12:46 censors left middle finger
Also 12:46 doesn't censor right middle finger
Berto Andon
Berto Andon - 11 hours ago
It even comes with a cat!
angryweaponx - 11 hours ago
Anyone else with a Vive Pro and v1 accessories with buyer's remorse?
Mgsgta3 - 12 hours ago
I dont know if its because he is at home and more comfortable/relaxed or what but he's a lot more chill/genuine seeming in this video. It makes it a lot more watchable overall(that sounds mean but I mean it in a good way)
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh - 12 hours ago
that cat looked so fake lol
Ivan Irving
Ivan Irving - 14 hours ago
I have the same sword.
CanadianLoki76 - 14 hours ago
12:02 lol, you want a strap-on experience.. Linus you shouldn't talk about your bedroom preferences on YouTube. Ha ha..
Eragonnogare - 14 hours ago
For the most out of the finger tracking, things like valves own hand lab are the best, as we move forward it will almost definitely improve across the board, but that really shows some of the potential. Fully new games developed with the index in mind will be truly amazing.
Yogurt Banana
Yogurt Banana - 15 hours ago
Gotta love cats
A K - 15 hours ago
exercise for inside dwellers?
Lacto - 16 hours ago
I've never used VR sets. Is PS VR for PS4 Slim still worth? I want to use it just for games like vr chat.
Thicc Boiii
Thicc Boiii - 16 hours ago
I definitely respect that this type of tech exists but this is 100000% not what I am looking for after a day's work. Mostly still seems like a proof of concept/tech demo whenever I see these. I do not even think that the ultimate, logical landing point for this type of tech will be video games. Maybe I am in the minority on that but this tech will always seem insanely niche to me.
Zac - 17 hours ago
So odd that I vaguely get some sense of motion sickness watching this. Arizona sunshine on psvr is to blame for that.
THE MAD TECHIE - 17 hours ago
WOW the new headset comes with a Cat!
THE MAD TECHIE - 17 hours ago
Sword on mantle needs to be turned around and flipped over , samurai swords should rest on spine in saya not edge and handle should be to the left. (Because Samurai were trained right handed it is considered welcoming to display a sword with handle to the left and confrontational to put handle to the right , unless its a time of war. Are you or the nation of Canada at war?) :)
sharpenednoodles - 17 hours ago
>Valve Index review
>Doesn't play boneworks
James C
James C - 17 hours ago
It would be entirely worth it to see a flight Sim centric edition of this review. DCS World
WillieRants - 17 hours ago
What plugs into the light houses? Just a 2-wire DC connection or does it also require USB and/or other? How close or far away can the light houses be for say larger/smaller rooms?
zmc33 - 17 hours ago
a 'strap on experience'. lol 12:02
James C
James C - 17 hours ago
"strap-on experience" @12:00 Maybe a new game title idea.
Steffen R.
Steffen R. - 18 hours ago
i think the rift s is the much better deal
Fleetmenace - 18 hours ago
4,3,2,1 we are vr, brought back so many memories
Nyran Stanton
Nyran Stanton - 18 hours ago
VR is miles away from anything i wan tto have a go at yet. But its cool its getting there eventually. Im surprised you didnt try Skyrim VR or DOOM VR.
Saltiboii - 18 hours ago
13:07 security down bois
Mina Haroun
Mina Haroun - 18 hours ago
I Have a Asus 14" laptop with 1070 q card. I take my Oculus Rift S everywhere and set up in seconds. I take it to parties, i take it between my place and my friends and parents. All i have to do is plug in usb3 and dport via usbc and tell it forward direction and optionally draw a border to my game area. It takes 3min at most and I'm playing VR anywhere.
Spicy Meatball
Spicy Meatball - 18 hours ago
*Linus 2019:* I still do wish that it was more of a _strap on_ experience. 11:55
Controls of Quality
Controls of Quality - 19 hours ago
Just ordered mine. Can't wait!
Impasta - 19 hours ago
11:57 for a strapon experience
xXRedWolfXx - 20 hours ago
If you wish for a better Strap-On Experience, Ask your wife about "pegging".
Keter - 20 hours ago
Linus "I do wish it was more of a strap-on experience" tech tips
C B - 20 hours ago
Does the cat get it's OWN headset to knock things onto the virtual floor during a game?
Mr. Blunt
Mr. Blunt - 21 hour ago
Man I’d kick my cats ass to its mouth if it dropped my expensive equipment like that. I’m old fashioned. Nowadays people call that abuse. Smh
BangGangEiskalt - 21 hour ago
Linus "strap-on experience" Sebastian
Upwardtitan7624 - 21 hour ago
13:13 that meow melted my heart
DBA - 22 hours ago
your cat must really like boxes
David Robinson
David Robinson - 22 hours ago
Cute cat. Dead cat!
wee_man135 - 22 hours ago
The Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality VR headset is my personal VR headset. It's never disappointed.
Tohdom - 22 hours ago
wow. New technology to play the same stupid stand-still shooters? wow...
Jared Bienz
Jared Bienz - 22 hours ago
Hey Linus. If your wife is having motion sickness issues I highly recommend spending some time evaluating your graphics pipeline. I recently got an Index myself and started having motion sickness again (though I hadn't experienced it since my original DK2). And personally, I'm running a 1080 TI.
Some things I recommend you try:
1. Get an app called fpsVR from Steam and run it before the game. Check to make sure your frame rates really are what you think they are. Some of the tech in SteamVR can make you think there are more frames than they are, but this tech can also wreak havoc on those that suffer from simulator sickness.
2. Open Steam VR settings and pay attention to the performance metrics. Especially pay attention to Reprojection and Motion Smoothing. If your rig is not able to keep up with the refresh rate of the display (90, 120 or 144) it will drop into one of these two modes.
3. Reprojection is the worst because it's having to reuse old frames. This is also seen as Judder. But I personally believe that even Motion Smoothing was making me sick. Motion Smoothing tries to create new frames based on path prediction. But if, for example, you quickly turn your head, you may end up with a frame drawn on the predicted path rather than the actual path. I believe this is what was making me sick. I recommend turning Motion Smoothing OFF and reducing your quality settings until you hit the target frame rate.
4. Check your quality settings. Both under the Frame Timing AND under the Application tab. If Frame Timing is 150% (the default recommended value for the Valve Index, BTW), all games will run at 150% even if their Application settings are at 100%. My 1080 TI was struggling to keep up with the default 150% metric, which was dropping it into Motion Smoothing. Again, I recommend turning OFF Motion Smoothing and turning your quality settings down (in-game, in the Steam VR settings or both) until your hardware can hit the target without assitance.
5. Pick the right balance between 120 Hz and 144 Hz. 144 Hz will help with simulator sickness but at the cost of visual fidelity. If your wife is especially susceptible you might want to choose 144 Hz over the graphics quality. But that will be a balance that's up to her.
6. Consider a graphics card upgrade. I will be switching to a 2080 TI soon, but even the much cheaper 2080 Super would allow you to render significantly more visual fidelity while also maintaining 144 Hz.
Best of luck. I feel her pain, so do let us know what you find and I hope she's able to enjoy VR soon without the sickness!
Joshua - 23 hours ago
Linus got the wii u
John Doe
John Doe - 23 hours ago
so what ever comes after index will be ready to buy ... wel if the drop the price to somthing like 250
Zulatek666 - 23 hours ago
This was a great video Linus. Please make more videos like this! I would love to hear your opinion of the Rift S compared to this.
gnarlin - 23 hours ago
Does the cat come standard or do you have to pay extra?
lo l
lo l - 23 hours ago
The wire is still obnoxious. the headset is still uncomfortable after long periods. Games are still glorified demos. You have to have all your lights on for tracking. its expensive as all hell. I dont have the index but if they somehow fixed all those problems. Maybe it isn't dead :D. Finger movement was the last thing I was concerned about them fixing xD.
Nick Heyer
Nick Heyer - 23 hours ago
"Meat Handle" and "Strap On experience"? Linus, you've got some demons, don't you?
Pvt. Pepe
Pvt. Pepe - 23 hours ago
+1 for box kitty
Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Yoshi - 23 hours ago
I keep on seeing them everywhere.
Independent Thought
Independent Thought - 23 hours ago
Is the cat sold seperately.
Sarcasm - Day ago
why is there a cat in the box
Vinnie - Day ago
Liked for feline free gift included in VR kit.
Lain - Day ago
Cat in the box is for the internet connection.
Ethan DeBee
Ethan DeBee - Day ago
he’s contradicting himself being like “this is the first time i’m trying the headset” and then being like “yeah i got some pressure points on my nose THE FIRST night” then opening up the box and the cat being inside 😂 clear he is definitely acting but very good review!
Mayor Doctor
Mayor Doctor - Day ago
should we just ignore that linus has a katana as the center piece of his fireplace???
Voj Nov
Voj Nov - Day ago
This seems like a hassle. Until they make this half the price and completely wireless it won´t be very popular. But that will take probably like five to ten years.
Daydricoldsmith - Day ago
Comes with a cat preinstalled in the box.. just to let you know...
phishly. - Day ago
falmatrix2r - Day ago
It's nice to get a free cat with the unit, until you realize they send it to knock your stuff off!!
Linus your cat is sooo cute!
Paradise Decay
Paradise Decay - Day ago
VR was never dead! You just used it for clicks!
Alan Peach
Alan Peach - Day ago
13:05 - When people say cats are cute/ or clever, this is what I think of, annoying stupid little d***heads. Team Dog forever. I literally judge people that are willing to let a cat walk all over them inside their own home
Danny B
Danny B - Day ago
sure pay 1k for vr kit to play 20$ tech demos... I wait till there is some actually good stuff in vr and by then headsets most likely are better and cheaper
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