Binging with Babish: Teddy Brûlée from Bob's Burgers

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - Year ago
So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?
Sword scar
Sword scar - 24 days ago
Marshmallow paste
Samuari - Month ago
-BLitz MBT-
-BLitz MBT- - Month ago
Ptaradactle Time
Ptaradactle Time - 5 months ago
Yashiro Isana
Yashiro Isana - 8 hours ago
Boneless Marshmallow, you're welcome
Leandro Mortiz
Leandro Mortiz - 11 hours ago
I think marshmellow fluff would work well for the first recipe
AqworldsMew11 - 2 days ago
I just don't like dark chocolate.
Myah Saltzgiver
Myah Saltzgiver - 2 days ago
I like my marshmallows burnt too! Anyone else? No okay..

Memeable - 2 days ago
me: tries to have a normal conversation
also me: 2:03
sienna - 2 days ago
tyler smith
tyler smith - 3 days ago
let's face it, your a monster if you *don't* like your marshmallows burnt to a blackened char on the outside
Nathan7978 - 4 days ago
babish really did just tiny-whisk chunks of chocolate
robin kevis wagg
robin kevis wagg - 4 days ago
Joshua Weissman has joined the chat.
Neil Dickman
Neil Dickman - 5 days ago
I can professionally microwave top ramen
Zack Rentz
Zack Rentz - 5 days ago
You neglected to mention what a giant pain in the ass cleanup of homemade marshmallows is. I did the Alton Brown version years ago, and NEVER AGAIN!!!!
Sigma 07
Sigma 07 - 5 days ago
Bone apple tea
Hania Popowska
Hania Popowska - 5 days ago
Shouldn't it technically be "brûlé" ?
I mean, it's Teddy, not crème. So it's not a feminine noun any more.
Noam Popper
Noam Popper - 6 days ago
1:55 wow, doomed wedding caught me off guard. Just lolled for a solid minute.
elizah 753
elizah 753 - 6 days ago
The “beating” joke kills. Omg.
Papa Christ
Papa Christ - 8 days ago
Both graham crackers AND cornflakes were made in an attempt to stop masturbation! Incredible!
Unfortunately for Graham and Kellogg my graham cracker and cereal rich diet in my early adolescence proved unsuccessful…
1UpEXP - 8 days ago
There it is again. He's saying "Saucepan" instead of "saucepn"
Beehive Productions
Beehive Productions - 8 days ago
"It would be crazy to double-carb" Me, whilst eating a breakfast burrito that's literally just hashbrowns and hot sauce in a tortilla wrap: Yeah crazy
Imogenation vlogs
Imogenation vlogs - 9 days ago
You think your a burnt. Marshmallow monster.... Well I don't really know we're u was goin with this comment 😂 I like my marshmallows black too
Jazmyn Elric
Jazmyn Elric - 9 days ago
That was such a good Alfred impression holy shit
DIO - 9 days ago
Yes someone that agrees that burnt marshmallows are the best
SPIDER MON - 9 days ago
A joke for adults
ember slayed you
ember slayed you - 9 days ago
ahh man of culture.
Alexander Frye
Alexander Frye - 9 days ago
I like burnt marshmallows too I can’t have them any other way
Miles Easton
Miles Easton - 9 days ago
Babish: *H O M O G E O N O U S*
Ezra Luke
Ezra Luke - 11 days ago
You know, if you cook as much as I think you do and are on a diet- your roommates must love you.
abbigail Oluseyi
abbigail Oluseyi - 12 days ago
Hey Babish, have you ever thought of making the feast from Shrek 2 ?! 😃😃
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - 13 days ago
That moment you realise after Babish done that masturbation joke, everything he says after is a sex joke....
doggo - 13 days ago
burnt marshmallows are the best
Gerhard Lang
Gerhard Lang - 13 days ago
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Cent Sniffa
Cent Sniffa - 13 days ago
Bruh. You pissed me off so badly by not throwing the pretzels in. Lol
Gabriel - 14 days ago
Now make a pill brûlée from Rick and Morty.
Jake Richey
Jake Richey - 15 days ago
Where do you get those tiny little bowls you used for salt and baking powder?
Khajá the Khajiit
Khajá the Khajiit - 15 days ago
I like my marshmallows burnt too
Radiant Hero I29
Radiant Hero I29 - 16 days ago
Ok, that magic trick was pretty cool
FatalMLGpro 1
FatalMLGpro 1 - 16 days ago
The guy that made gram crackers didn’t stop us
Michael Dodd
Michael Dodd - 17 days ago
I came for the tiny whisk.
tan chooxang
tan chooxang - 17 days ago
Any thoughts on babish releasing his recipes online in metric system?
skullblesser - 18 days ago
For some reason when you said "make our own marshmallows" I got confused and thought "wait aren't those natural"...
Imozan - 18 days ago
Its a shame i dont mind burnt marshmallows but the aftertaste is just🌚
Pritesh Bhakta
Pritesh Bhakta - 18 days ago
Who else hears "sauce bin" when he says saucepan??
Maxwell Wong
Maxwell Wong - 18 days ago
Where does all the leftover food go?
Adrrian Cosico
Adrrian Cosico - 18 days ago
9/10 everything was great but you forgot to give a child your blow torch
G Tallcan
G Tallcan - 19 days ago
You forgot to add pretzels
Zane Willoughby
Zane Willoughby - 19 days ago
You should’ve swapped the order of chocolate and pretzels so the chocolate could get melty
shell company
shell company - 19 days ago
Holy shit, he grabbed a tiny wick from his arm wick
Dan’s Workshop
Dan’s Workshop - 19 days ago
Hey whats up guys welcome to simpin’ with babbish
Theuselessaccount ?
Theuselessaccount ? - 20 days ago
It’s called cum ok
Bobson F
Bobson F - 20 days ago
Gaming Viking
Gaming Viking - 20 days ago
0:57 upgrades people upgrades
Edit:I fixed the time
Nicholas Brando
Nicholas Brando - 22 days ago
Yeah, burnt marshmallow club
Francisco Granados
Francisco Granados - 22 days ago
I just understood the in that spirit lets beat the liquid ingredients
Lincoln Van Wormer
Lincoln Van Wormer - 23 days ago
Marshmallow fluff
ZLDL - 23 days ago
Theo Martin
Theo Martin - 23 days ago
You probably get this question a lot but can I ask about the tattoo on your right arm? It looks to me almost like a diagram from Apollonius of Perga's "Conics" - however that could just be my liberal-arts-geometry-infused brain coming down from the high of an academic year. I'd love to know your inspiration! It's a super cool tat.
Montserrat Guerrero
Montserrat Guerrero - 23 days ago
I can’t stop watching your channel everything about it is perfection. The voice the recipes ... to be honest they are too time consuming for me so I’ll just keep a few for my personal repertoire and the rest I’ll watch for the pure joy of it.
Marryc - 23 days ago
I too find burnt marshmellows to be the best. Does this make me a monster as well? 🤔
zwaya - 23 days ago
Winnie the Moral Support XD
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller - 24 days ago
When he says he's gonna beat the eggs😂
Justin Lee
Justin Lee - 24 days ago
Season 3 episode 21 Bobs burgers 'Boys 4 Now' Gene's Magic Table
- Roasted Rabbit (out of top hat)
- "Abracada-braised" potatoes
- ice cream "shazam-aches"
Escaped Slave2729
Escaped Slave2729 - 25 days ago
Burnt marshmallow lover gangggggg
R O X Λ S - 25 days ago
2:39 poor gram cracker, he was sexually stroking it without consent
Gaming Jens
Gaming Jens - 25 days ago
Him: (magiclig gets his whisk from his arms)
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Anastasia Dicoski
Anastasia Dicoski - 25 days ago
I want to eat that marshmallow fluff with a spoon
shai Calka
shai Calka - 26 days ago
Why is he eating his masturbation stopping tool...weirdo
Brandon Nazon
Brandon Nazon - 27 days ago
Does babish mean baby food
Bro Jangles
Bro Jangles - 27 days ago
7:00 actually perfect
FireSnek - 27 days ago
0:12 is that Mable from gravity falls?
Haröld - 27 days ago
But marshmallows are best quishby
Choco Miso
Choco Miso - 28 days ago
Marshmallow Cement, or mellow cement
AbyssallAberrant - 28 days ago
Woot! Burnt Marshmallow!
C Leduc
C Leduc - 28 days ago
I actually had to pause the video and look up the origin of grahm crackers.
Zahria Spencer
Zahria Spencer - 28 days ago
no one:
so let’s make our own tools from scratch! none of that store brought shit !! get a block of wood—
Bloodsplatter Playz
Bloodsplatter Playz - 28 days ago
Banish likes the word sheene cuz you use it in half of your vids
TholKrothu - 29 days ago
Marshmallows are gross. Lol. Sorry. Never seen that show. I expected a fun twist on Crème Brûlée. Good on you for trying, though. Best cooking channel on YouTube. I've learned so much from you. Way more than even Gordon Ramsey.
Bridget Driscoll
Bridget Driscoll - 29 days ago
He tiny whisked whole pieces of chocolate
GoatOnATree - 29 days ago
I'm tired good night
ZenBrane - 29 days ago
Shocker. Did cartoon physics not work in real life?
Saitama - 29 days ago
I laughed so fking hard
Lady Bloom
Lady Bloom - Month ago
Marshmallow cream. Yes.
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