BUCKY'S FIRST HOME RUN! | On-Season Softball Series | Game 11

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dodgerfilms - 29 days ago
Elevator Gaming
Elevator Gaming - 27 days ago
That’s against the rules.
DKLelite - 29 days ago
Thank you for all of your great vids your my favorite
Chrishy Boi
Chrishy Boi - 29 days ago
Hi I hope you pin this I have been here at 200k
RIPJAWROXS 280 - 29 days ago
Hey Bobby, When are you planning to play in Chicago again? I want to know to play with you guys.
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed - 29 days ago
I wish I could subscribe more than once! Best commentator ever! Team Bobby! I dropped a like! Love your vids! Keep up the good work👍🏻
Hollywood11 - 4 days ago
1:42 foreshadowing
Karson Somerville
Karson Somerville - 10 days ago
I was four years old and he
Stanley Family
Stanley Family - 11 days ago
0likes plz
Isabelle Pesina
Isabelle Pesina - 15 days ago
I wanna join the team
Jacob Skelton
Jacob Skelton - 16 days ago
Please do a kickball game
Sam Imlach
Sam Imlach - 17 days ago
I am four
Amazing Kids
Amazing Kids - 19 days ago
I love your Softball vids!
Chris  McKeon
Chris McKeon - 20 days ago
Andy walking the parrot 🦜 😂
Garrett Salgado
Garrett Salgado - 24 days ago
purple is my favorite Color too
Phantom_WolfYT - 24 days ago
2:49 🥶😎😜😝
Little ninja Rizzo
Little ninja Rizzo - 24 days ago
Good job to 1mill
indecisive op466
indecisive op466 - 25 days ago
Bruh lumpy's a playa
100k subscribers without any Videos
My favorite is lumpy and Gabe
Landon King
Landon King - 26 days ago
Tell dereck to invest in pants
King Cringe tiktok's
King Cringe tiktok's - 26 days ago
Yay I love 4 year old andy
Daniel Graziano
Daniel Graziano - 27 days ago
4 yr old Andy: IM 4!!! While jumping the fence
Me: 😂🤣😂 LMFAO
Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson - 27 days ago
Great game
XAVIER GARCIA - 27 days ago
Let Gabe pitch in baseball
Nolan Kosterman
Nolan Kosterman - 27 days ago
Ayden Erysthee
Ayden Erysthee - 27 days ago
400th comment
Connor Shoemaker
Connor Shoemaker - 28 days ago
Lumpy is a ladies man😂😂
bap1213 - 28 days ago
There is so many good catches
Monique Morones
Monique Morones - 28 days ago
Santa Teresa in nm
DAVION RODRIGUEZ - 28 days ago
Happy 1million
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez - 28 days ago
Ali a is not last
Duncan Tyree
Duncan Tyree - 28 days ago
Do a golf series
Tommy Rosenbarger
Tommy Rosenbarger - 28 days ago
He picking all the girls🤣
Nolan Mancini
Nolan Mancini - 28 days ago
Can there be a a Australian andy
Justin Ball
Justin Ball - 28 days ago
Does sweater think he is nolen areonrdo
Sharky VLOGS
Sharky VLOGS - 28 days ago
Andy- IM 4!!!! LOL 😂
D'Andre Chapman
D'Andre Chapman - 28 days ago
That was a good game
Julian - 28 days ago
purple's lit
Kyle Tess
Kyle Tess - 28 days ago
Nice video’s guys
Jeaan Osorio
Jeaan Osorio - 28 days ago
I think alondra is cute ❤️😍
negrapr2002 - 28 days ago
its my bday
HurriShane00 - 28 days ago
Could of buried the lead in the title....but I love new some softball Saturdays
Isaac Quintero
Isaac Quintero - 28 days ago
Jake wasn’t on the bag when Ciara threw it to second when they tried to turn 2
Charley Ball
Charley Ball - 28 days ago
Lil kersh is so tall
ur mom
ur mom - 28 days ago
Derek thinks he's so good
SavageChorizo 12
SavageChorizo 12 - 28 days ago
Atta boy bucky
John Toonen
John Toonen - 28 days ago
can i play
tjjones1999tj - 28 days ago
Andy did a little Edwin Encarnacion when he hit his home run.
RC from the NYC
RC from the NYC - 28 days ago
Wow...Lumpy threw a mean hook at the end...
YEAR 2034...Annnnd welllllcommmmme to the Onnnnn-Seasonnn Boxiiiiiing Serieeeees!
Myles Curry
Myles Curry - 28 days ago
Gabe for mvp
Jesse Kourelis
Jesse Kourelis - 29 days ago
I want a part 8
Xavier Iannello
Xavier Iannello - 29 days ago
0:29 voicecrack
goatedon thesticks
goatedon thesticks - 29 days ago
Brock Page Productions
Brock Page Productions - 29 days ago
Thanks a lot
Justin Dyke
Justin Dyke - 29 days ago
Gio got nailed in the foot
Schleep Vro
Schleep Vro - 29 days ago
8:28 he was safe at 2nd
Yoseph Can’t
Yoseph Can’t - 29 days ago
You guys should do wiffle ball
B- Series
B- Series - 29 days ago
8:28 Kershy was safe put it in slow mo
Dodgerfilms Fan
Dodgerfilms Fan - 29 days ago
I am getting a team andy hoodie
Jway lol
Jway lol - 29 days ago
Max - 29 days ago
He was safe at second foot off bag
Yeeter Ninjas
Yeeter Ninjas - 29 days ago
Bucky bombs
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez - 29 days ago
Who likes when Andy is a 4 year old
angalina shepherd
angalina shepherd - 29 days ago
I met jake and jaxson
Hurricxne Omega
Hurricxne Omega - 29 days ago
Jake was off base. SAFE
David Olivas Lopez
David Olivas Lopez - 29 days ago
Can you play in a major league field
David Olivas Lopez
David Olivas Lopez - 29 days ago
Ir i das cptain i will pick gabe first pick
YoungKingz 73
YoungKingz 73 - 29 days ago
Where is Gabe?
Rockoslyfex23 3
Rockoslyfex23 3 - 29 days ago
Y'all have to try a dodgeball series
Tony Patrón
Tony Patrón - 29 days ago
That boy lumpy has been raised right
Sean A. Walters, Jr.
Sean A. Walters, Jr. - 29 days ago
At 8:28 they were safe
Cleto Nguyenphuoc
Cleto Nguyenphuoc - 29 days ago
It was out on second
Flint Barger
Flint Barger - 29 days ago
ya i love this softball series
Creative Director
Creative Director - 22 days ago
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz - 29 days ago
Intense ending!
Brady Erickson
Brady Erickson - 29 days ago
8:28 SAFE!!
prune - 29 days ago
Soup don't have his power like he use to
Xbox Manic
Xbox Manic - 29 days ago
Btw little Kersh was safe jake was off the bag lmao
Lord Virus
Lord Virus - 29 days ago
U guys should play on a bigger field
MattyIceyyy - 29 days ago
lumpy trynna pull some birds
phayro ent
phayro ent - 29 days ago
I think Benny needs to teach Lumpy about talent over beauty.
TrojanDoge - 29 days ago
Bobby I Love The Crew And Everyone I Am Not Team Bobby/Benny I Just Came To The Channel To See Some Hogwart Bombs And The Awesome Vids #LoveUBobby #DodgerFilmsIsThePlaceToBeForMLBTheShow
Zach Myers
Zach Myers - 29 days ago
8:28 safe at 2nd.
Alben Nator
Alben Nator - 29 days ago
Lumpy the god
Ciara Campos
Ciara Campos - 29 days ago
My laugh at the very end 😂
Legendary Arch
Legendary Arch - 29 days ago
8:32 Jake didn't get that out his foot was off the bag when he gained control so he didn't get the out
Tampabayrays#1Fan - 29 days ago
Softball series: BLAZING SPEED
Kickball series: KICKED IT A MILE!!!!
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