Grace Krunch
Grace Krunch - 59 minutes ago
Seven seven seven
Good numbers
bambam is bae
bambam is bae - Hour ago
love eclipse
Susan Matthews
Susan Matthews - Hour ago
Seven seven seven
Rosa BB
Rosa BB - 2 hours ago
Green hearts
Dianne Celis
Dianne Celis - 2 hours ago
777 103
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera - 2 hours ago
Dianne Celis
Dianne Celis - 2 hours ago
52 776 706
Jennie Moon
Jennie Moon - 3 hours ago
Lex Drax
Lex Drax - 3 hours ago
I wish everyone could someday give this mv the love it deserves.
Pornpana Umpaivit
Pornpana Umpaivit - 4 hours ago
Good Morning......... Eclipse!!
Abby Guzman
Abby Guzman - 5 hours ago
We're gonna win this fight ahgasessss
Abby Guzman
Abby Guzman - 5 hours ago
Time check it's eight thirty-one in the Philippines. Good morning Ahgases!!!!
Grace Krunch
Grace Krunch - 58 minutes ago
Good morning Filo Ahgase ^^
Valentina Quintero
Valentina Quintero - 5 hours ago
lo máximo!
nora def's baby
nora def's baby - 5 hours ago
Blue Violet
Blue Violet - 5 hours ago
Appreciate the hardwork :)
nid nid
nid nid - 6 hours ago
รักเจ้าก้อน ^^
Tanner Tigers
Tanner Tigers - 6 hours ago
During this time, they say about spinning top album and after that Ahgases take the word 'spinning' into streaming as it means to say. But why this M/V got the slowest spins by the way?
Tanner Tigers
Tanner Tigers - 6 hours ago
How would this be underrated? THE THUMBNAIL IS FREAK GREAT ALREADY... when you see it...
Got7 Yugyeom
Got7 Yugyeom - 9 hours ago
Geldik bakalım dinlemeye
c9rolina - 9 hours ago
This song makes me see the world differently and inspires me a lot
K - pulpø 彡
K - pulpø 彡 - 9 hours ago
Me liking comments, that’s my way of proving that I’m here with you
I know I’m not the only one doing this. Thanks to the comments likers i realized that my yesterday’s 10th comment was deleted...which means that I only did 10/12 comments in 24h hahah
Betul Yugyeom
Betul Yugyeom - 9 hours ago
Burada birileri var mı
MAD - 10 hours ago
GGG'ye geçiyorum
MAD - 10 hours ago
Join Turkish Ahgase's mass stream
MAD - 10 hours ago
Tüylerimi diken diken yapıyor bu şarkı
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida1
Her gün bir şarkıyı daha çok spinliyprum bugünün şanlısı Eclipse sen oldun:)
JB'nin çenesi Jackson versiyon
Julietin romeosu
Ahgasenin Eclipsesi ^^
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida1
Sonuna kadar Destekleriz Eclipsemizi^^
Susan Matthews
Susan Matthews - 11 hours ago
Seven seven zero
Jasmine Sarah
Jasmine Sarah - 11 hours ago
Melis Ayça Deniz
Melis Ayça Deniz - 11 hours ago
en çok izlenmeyi hak eden şarkı bu
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida
You are always shining eclipse! Fighting!
Nur Afidah
Nur Afidah - 11 hours ago
Let's keep spinning ahgase yorobun!! 100M!! Let's go
JB'nin çenesi Mark versiyon
Good evening my Eclipse
5 lavinya efe
5 lavinya efe - 12 hours ago
çok güzelsin
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez - 12 hours ago
Esta cancion me gusta mucho y la coreografia woow ^_^
Evageliar - 13 hours ago
I still stuck in ECLIPSE era 🌚💚🌝
DefsoulJB - 13 hours ago
This song deserve love too. Don’t forget to spin this too ahgase!!!
kaewjai boonteaw
kaewjai boonteaw - 13 hours ago
53M fighting!!!
Ba Chit
Ba Chit - 13 hours ago
Ahgase Emz
Ahgase Emz - 14 hours ago
Just got load and ready to spin for the next few days with u again :)
Since we have a lot of NTBM and YCMN spinners and commenters i didn't leave comments there but since we need more support here so i'll leave my 1st random comment here .
Late evening ECLIPSE spinner !!
Grace Cleverisa
Grace Cleverisa - 14 hours ago
Skrt skrt skrt
Ba Chit
Ba Chit - 14 hours ago
Myanmar ahgases spinning party
Ba Chit
Ba Chit - 14 hours ago
Grace Cleverisa
Grace Cleverisa - 15 hours ago
Here with you all day
Nabila Thox
Nabila Thox - 15 hours ago
I love you all
DJ Melody
DJ Melody - 15 hours ago
Wow this is amazing I think I better Stan!!!
YouAre 77
YouAre 77 - 15 hours ago
Their dance for this song is so lit! fight me if you dont agree with this statement
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida
Here I go again see you soon Eclipse!
nora def's baby
nora def's baby - 16 hours ago
Let's spin together .
blormaa - 16 hours ago
Hiền Thanh
Hiền Thanh - 16 hours ago
I love bambam❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Abby Guzman
Abby Guzman - 16 hours ago
Sorry for my late spin, I just have some important errands to do. Btw, let's spin again ahgases;)
jessy cake
jessy cake - 18 hours ago
I like this song but the DEMO VERSION WAS SMTH ELSE. So frustrating JYPE & DIVISION 2 HEAR US OUT‼️
JB'nin çenesi BamBam versiyon
hello my Eclipse
Norwena saturnino
Norwena saturnino - 20 hours ago
I Love this song too.
Grace Cleverisa
Grace Cleverisa - 20 hours ago
I love you Eclipse
Donna Sindingan
Donna Sindingan - 20 hours ago
spinning top ヽ(^。^)ノ
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida
Morning Eclipse^^ Fighting!
Dianne Celis
Dianne Celis - 23 hours ago
52 763 700
xxxigbb - 23 hours ago
Anabel Loreca
Anabel Loreca - Day ago
like - attendance
Susan Matthews
Susan Matthews - Day ago
Seven six two
Grace Cleverisa
Grace Cleverisa - Day ago
Ahgase please spin Eclipse everyday
X Mherliya
X Mherliya - Day ago
We gonna win this fight!
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Pornpana Umpaivit
Pornpana Umpaivit - Day ago
sohaya abdulbasit
sohaya abdulbasit - Day ago
while other ahgases are busy trending
I'll just pour my time on streaming their MV's.
Britney Gibson
Britney Gibson - Day ago
Needed to hear this with all the protesting
Stanskzbitches - Day ago
this song always tears me up
Rosalin St
Rosalin St - Day ago
We two are perfect
Lesedi Molefe
Lesedi Molefe - Day ago
My first kpop song♥️
Blue Violet
Blue Violet - Day ago
1st spin today
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida
Today last spin eclipse! Fighting you are always shining
Oliver Ian Poblete
Oliver Ian Poblete - Day ago
The best!!
-didi gege7
-didi gege7 - Day ago
nid nid
nid nid - Day ago
K - pulpø 彡
K - pulpø 彡 - Day ago
It’s already 12:30 am here, 24hours completed ( time out ~) which means I have failed the challenge. I felt the process as if it was Eclipse, how ironic
But hey, I learned something with this challenge...you can’t trust me lol
(12) and last
K - pulpø 彡
K - pulpø 彡 - Day ago
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida tesekkur ederim Imnida. Sorry i‘m too sleepy to say good night on NBTM and my phone died so iyi geceler for you ^^
Annyeonghaseyo en iyi moda ikonumuz bambam İmnida
In my opinion, you dont failed your challenge well begun is half done:)
K - pulpø 彡
K - pulpø 彡 - Day ago
Important note:
Don’t let Eclipse Dye; it has it’s own colour
For: Past JYP & Present Ahgases
Lourdes Torres
Lourdes Torres - Day ago
Lourdes Torres
Lourdes Torres - Day ago
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