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Donut Media
Donut Media - 2 months ago
Alright you Aussies, which Holden is your favorite? Yanks, which Holden do you wish came to the US?
Benjamin mole
Benjamin mole - 21 day ago
@Draven Alexander i already drive one
Draven Alexander
Draven Alexander - Month ago
@Benjamin mole If you want the Commodore get a Chevy Caprice.
Bo Malo
Bo Malo - 2 months ago
I would actually love a maloo in the states lol
Danny Zeigler
Danny Zeigler - 2 months ago
Tell James to do up to speed on John Lingenfelter
Carlos Wirihana
Carlos Wirihana - 2 months ago
My VF Commodore and its NOT the shit v6 😂
ElectroTeeh - 3 hours ago
you cunt, that was quite the spoiler hahahahaha
XJiggleJelly YT
XJiggleJelly YT - 18 hours ago

the australian chevrolet
Jim Jeremy Johnson
Jim Jeremy Johnson - Day ago
Buff Kanga-Roos? BKRs
straia - Day ago
Il never part ways with my vl turbo or my ve ss
Jaden - Day ago
I remember a top gear episode with the Maloo
Russell McKoy
Russell McKoy - Day ago
Does this mean that mean the new el Camino is a UTE!
Dill B
Dill B - Day ago
Disliked the video because FUCK all holdens, fucking pieces of shit
Michael John Little
Well... not anymore... they are no longer making cars in Australia.. no more Holdens.... Bugger!
Monty Curran
Monty Curran - Day ago
The next fucking time a American says shrimp on the barbie shrimp is shit we put sausages
The Niss
The Niss - 2 days ago
2019 FORD VELOCIRAPTOR - 3 days ago
Can you do a video about proton please
Yaze 76
Yaze 76 - 3 days ago
can of coopers? definitely fucking wrong cunt. it should be a VB
Hyazzie50 - 4 days ago
Me Bc my names Holden
Andrew Kapper
Andrew Kapper - 4 days ago
The quickest holden is a HSV GTSR W1 with the LS9
xXShadowkillXx15 - 4 days ago
Ur funny i love men at works songs lol
anastasija Ilieva
anastasija Ilieva - 4 days ago
My fauvorite holden is the ute
Ben Geddes
Ben Geddes - 4 days ago
Holden Commodore and Ford (Australia) Falcon suspension is the reason Corvettes and Mustangs can corner now.
yeet - 5 days ago
that comodore turbo
Dalton Ryan
Dalton Ryan - 5 days ago
Thank you, @ 12:33
Casey R
Casey R - 5 days ago
Daniel Dzvonik
Daniel Dzvonik - 5 days ago
loud = funny
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger - 5 days ago
4:00 Gary the Goat! May that magnificent bastard Rest in Peace!!! STRIDE OUT GAZ, STRIDE OUT In the great Outback in the sky!!!
inconsistent uploads
inconsistent uploads - 6 days ago
Aussies are fucking crazy
Cody Evans
Cody Evans - 6 days ago
I want a Ute so badly
1986 holden vl commodore
Bathurst was 500 miles on the early days then later it became 1000 km
Craig Forsberg
Craig Forsberg - 6 days ago
My grandad had a rb20de holden back in the day when it was just a holden to them but they pricy now
itsaCatDog World
itsaCatDog World - 6 days ago
Very cool....you gotta do the Falcon or Valiant Charger next..great Video.
jay geddie
jay geddie - 6 days ago
The most powerful HSV is the Gtsr W1 with a 635hp ls9
Oli- o
Oli- o - 6 days ago
Please do a video on the ford falcon as well, for that one guy (me) who is ford boy in Adelaide
Eu Pi
Eu Pi - 6 days ago
Thot mogi
FaM.kamakasi - 6 days ago
shrimp on the barbie the most prehaps offensive aussie phrases but no one cares
The DC adventures
The DC adventures - 7 days ago
Whoever edits these videos is the real hero
YUSEHZ QT - 7 days ago
wrong the W1 had the most power 635HP

Jean-Marc Feldman
Jean-Marc Feldman - 7 days ago
Drive a Holden Malibu. Awesome
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez - 7 days ago
LMAO to the bunny dying
OvertimeX86 - 7 days ago
Can you do a video on the Ford Falcon XR6 and XR8 and Ford Territory Turbo
rywhyry - 7 days ago
You forgot to mention the HSV GTSR W1
Gabriel2k - 8 days ago
Best and funniest video i’ve watched yet keep up this awesome content
Holden Dougall
Holden Dougall - 8 days ago
kyl sathongnhoth
kyl sathongnhoth - 8 days ago
_iconic Aussie_ *HIPPIE* _mobile_
Ali Sutherland
Ali Sutherland - 8 days ago
I love everyone of their videos #Lightning
Ryan Slaymaker
Ryan Slaymaker - 8 days ago
Do up to speed on ford auatralia especially the falcons because the engines in the more recent falcon the barra engine is absolutely insane
Bigkev0304 - 9 days ago
need to do another video on the australian fords
JedFleming - 9 days ago
My first cars gonna be a good ol Holden Ute
Aussie Moto Kid
Aussie Moto Kid - 10 days ago
When he said commo instead of commie. I was about to go out back with the 410 and blow my head off
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney - 7 days ago
Aussie Moto Kid Better make it a slug, .410 shot would probably mutilate you and leave you alive and miserable. Seriously, I thought I'd heard Aussies call them 'Commos', but I'm an American who's never been there and as such very likely mistaken.
DragoWolf Studios
DragoWolf Studios - 11 days ago
I feel as though Australians want horsepower as much as Americans
Jules Tabaranza
Jules Tabaranza - 11 days ago
@3:30.. that Kookabura story... best Legend ever..
Timmy Marshall
Timmy Marshall - 12 days ago
Greatest episode ever, I appreciate so much how you tried to pronounce the words how we say them
Morgan Drenthen
Morgan Drenthen - 14 days ago
Can you do one on Apollo? 🥰
Dan the man 018
Dan the man 018 - 15 days ago
Soviet Beluga
Soviet Beluga - 15 days ago
Every car company yoinks stuff from Australia.
Zayne Riess
Zayne Riess - 15 days ago
Screw the holdens do a video on the Ford Falcon
Peter Williams
Peter Williams - 16 days ago
Yo James what's horsepower i dont know that, i only know hsprs. Stop saying horsepower cause I'm not getting it.
Brandon Padjasek
Brandon Padjasek - 16 days ago
Donut Media needs to do an 'Up to Speed' on Ford Falcons in Australia. The Holden (Commodore) competition. 'Like the Mustang is to the Camaro is in America'
Ps. Ford made an in line 6cyl (barra) which goes down as one of best in line 6's along side 2jz and the rb's, and the turbo model hands down puts shame to an LS V8.
I'll be waiting and watching for the video 😁👌
Michael White
Michael White - 16 days ago
HSV R8 Marloo
The perfect end to THEE GREATEST CAR COMPANY EVER!!! The worlds most powerful & damn good looking Ute in the world
Dang Dang
Dang Dang - 18 days ago
#buffkangaroos ... i reckon that needs to be sign writin on my commodores tail gate ha ha ha
Lonk - 18 days ago
That's not a knife.
Trinavara - 19 days ago
My dad had a loaded Kingswood wagon in the early 80's,'radial tuned suspension' red interior with a great front bench seat,(cruising was different in those days) wind down back window with a drop-down tailgate like a pick-up,lotsa and lotsa space and literally bullet-proof,my first experience with a smooth sailing big 'luxury car' as I wasn't around in my dad's heydays with all the big US offerings of the earlier decades,I only heard about those days. I eventually had it as a hand-me-down when I got my permit in 88,he refurbished it in it's original 'silver-grey' by hi old friend's body-shop,it was like a second delivery when we went to pick it up,even with new asphalt rust-proofing undercoat. It always brought me home in dignity with it's six cylinders and and 'Statesman' like presence,none of my friends had a big cylinder car with two tail-pipes and a gargle!! (thanks to some nifty muffler work). I eventually sold it,yet another car I regret parting with during the years,along with a V8 Land-Rover swb, Mercedes 123 280TE and an EvoVII!! Kingswoods and Statesmans gave us the Aussie experience thousands of miles away and we felt included,we also had the Commodore/'common-dog' lol, and currently have some later model police car ones that seem to have come through a Gov't to Gov't arrangement as the dealer discontinued the brand a long time ago ,also a couple people have brought in a few of the newer HSV V8 utes and sedans....but yeah Holden was one of those youthful kinda companies that listened to it's customers and made them feel good with some treat or the other and plenty room to make it your own..There are even a couple of those old priceless Monaros here,hope Holden can reignite those old days once again where anything was possible, with the added value for money and a little extra for less that's associated with Holden..Long live the brand..
Big willy Wang
Big willy Wang - 19 days ago
Holden Commodores are absolute garbage
Jim Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald - 21 day ago
Gotta be the LC//LJ Toranas. I’ve got an LC Coupe with a turbocharged 179CI six cylinder supra 5 speed and kaaz lsd diff and forged axles. Love the Holdens
MDDeGrande1994 - 21 day ago
Did Ford Australia ever build any other model beside the Falcon?
charlie - 17 days ago
Spin King
Spin King - 21 day ago
i already know alot about them but im still watching this lol
Nickel Plate Nerd
Nickel Plate Nerd - 22 days ago
That Holden Coupe Monaro looks like the Chevy Monte Carlo.
flash52958 - 23 days ago
you forgot two things that all aussies say.

flash52958 - 15 days ago
@charlie fuckin what?
charlie - 17 days ago
Holden bullshit artist
Falcon Powerful
Falcon Powerful - 24 days ago
Bathurst was 500 Miles (800km) too ;-) .
Falcon Powerful
Falcon Powerful - 24 days ago
The ute was a Ford Australia concept in response to a lady who wanted a vehicle that she could "take the pigs to market, but she could also drive to church on Sunday" (paraphrased).
Falcon Powerful
Falcon Powerful - 24 days ago
Holden were (as usual) "optimistic" with the GTS's power figures - using different dyno methods to Ford. The Falcon is proven to make more power at the wheels (there's a dyno comparison on YouTube).
That being said, it sucks that both Holden and Ford started making such truly world-class cars, and then shut up shop.
Don't Worry
Don't Worry - 24 days ago
yash buddha
yash buddha - 25 days ago
Fuck the Ford falcon
David Páez
David Páez - 25 days ago
Do vauxhall next or rimac
Mitchell Indelicato
Mitchell Indelicato - 25 days ago
We Yanks were this close, THIS CLOSE, to getting a Ute. The G8 Sport Truck it would have been called. A cloned import, just like the GTO, G8 and SS. Marketing material had been sent to dealerships, specs and prices were published....
And then Pontiac was murdered.
Pasha1246 Official
Pasha1246 Official - 25 days ago
12:07 BHEP BHEP BHEP BHEP BHEP BHEP BHEP, bebebebhepbhep
Warrior the Pleb
Warrior the Pleb - 25 days ago
as an aussie, im happy you lads finally did this, i have no idea how many times i've watched this haha
Timothy MCQUISTON - 25 days ago
Rhys Werner
Rhys Werner - 26 days ago
Uriah - 26 days ago
3:55 Fuck yeah Gary the Goat R.I.P goodbuddy
Jotzky - 26 days ago
The most powerful of all ......my1994 vr.............
aTlaS The Pilot
aTlaS The Pilot - 28 days ago
Please do an up to speed of bmw m3 gtr
Neil Perry
Neil Perry - 29 days ago
It's Walkenshaw not Wilkenshaw.
CarreraGTgaming 02
CarreraGTgaming 02 - 29 days ago
I see a 02 chevy Camaro in the back
YS IV - 29 days ago
Holden GTS 🔥🔥🔥🔥
GT AU - 29 days ago
These videos have good content but the presentation is cringeworthy. As we say in Australia, 'settle down cunt'
Baruc Villanueva
Baruc Villanueva - Month ago
Aussies are British Texans
Baruc Villanueva
Baruc Villanueva - Month ago
Aydan Angus
Aydan Angus - Month ago
Get chooped
VoidraMusic - Month ago
And recently they went bankrupt and sold to hyundei, and an engine block fell through the chassis
Cameron D.F Chisholm
Cameron D.F Chisholm - Month ago
moh powah bubbahhh
connor mackenzie
connor mackenzie - Month ago
Can we get a falcon ep???😩
Brokenglass1989 - Month ago
Donut Media please do a video on the Aussie ford falcon xr8, xr6 turbo's fpv "Ford performance vehicles gt's & F6 typhoons #BARRAAA!!!
Autobot 7
Autobot 7 - Month ago
Yous need to do a video on our Aussie Ford Falcon xr6 turbo Barras 🤙 well known for smashing LS cars downunder
HOT STREAK - Month ago
Jake Flynn
Jake Flynn - Month ago
Yeah and who the fuck in Australia drinks coopers?
Ben Tawton
Ben Tawton - Month ago
How about doing Australia Ford history
Shithead Noparts
Shithead Noparts - Month ago
The best hsv is actually the hsv w557 which has 930 nm and 747hp
s i l v e r t o n g u e
It's pronounced War-rick not War-wick
denny b
denny b - Month ago
The HSV GTS W1 was the last and most powerful Holden that HSV produced. LS9 under the hood with +640 BHP, 6 speed Tremec & diff borrowed from the corvette ZR1. Trick suspension and AP racing monobloc 6 pot calipers. 300 were built, sold out pretty much when launched and now a collector’s item.
Aaron santigo
Aaron santigo - Month ago
no one got the metllica Reference
W47CH3R - Month ago
12:06 Would you listen to that, a happy and healthy turbocharger, joyfully singing on aussie roads. Makes me smile everytime 👌
Matt Ingle
Matt Ingle - Month ago
As an Aussie, I found some of your pronunciation of our words cringe worthy lol. Great video though! ;)
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