Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen

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I have no money
I have no money - 12 hours ago
Gordon: I’d rather eat a fetus
Them: yes chef
Mariana Melo
Mariana Melo - 14 hours ago
The more I watch these the hungrier I get
G D - Day ago
6:07 "What a muppet" lmao
steve phnx
steve phnx - 4 days ago
4:17 the water isnt seasoned. Finally fuckin finally seasoned water he said it he did it
usman rusyading
usman rusyading - 5 days ago
What season is this
Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV
im wondering how the absolute hell do they remember where the tables are and the orders and how to cook it at the exact same time
Lan Dewell
Lan Dewell - 6 days ago
This banana is blaaaand and fucking RAW, put more seasoning you donkey donkey dong.
SlimJimBoii56 !
SlimJimBoii56 ! - 6 days ago
Gordon is the type of person to make a restaurant owner and all the staff nervous as they watch him drink their water 😂😂😂
Nate - 7 days ago
Cooking delicious pasta is so easy.
My mom taught me to season the water with salt, cook on high heat and use tongs to grab the pasta and swerve it around in the pot til it becomes smooth.
You then put it in a colander, pour a tad bit of oil, a tiny bit of salt and a tiny bit of complete seasoning.
Mix it up, bang.
But then again you probably can't do all that in a crazy kitchen like Gordons.
His snake Is liquid
His snake Is liquid - 7 days ago
“I forgot they were customers out there.”
Well what were they?fucking maggots?
jordan Moniz-Ramos
jordan Moniz-Ramos - 7 days ago
Says the order 4 times...
Her: I don’t know what’s next, he’s making me yell
CryptoKnot - 9 days ago
2 Cesar salads 3 shrimp 1 plain. I'll remember that for the rest of my life Gordon is right she ain't normal
Silence Of The Lambs
Silence Of The Lambs - 9 days ago
*Gordon Ramsey: Breath*
*Also Gordon Ramsey: "Why the air isn't seasoned you fuckin cow!?*
Joey Perry
Joey Perry - 10 days ago
1:15 good thing I ain't no cheif like eht or I woulda beat tf outta gordan right then and there
Sweet toto
Sweet toto - 11 days ago
That water is not Fresh.
Loogaroo - 11 days ago
Why I season my water, NOT my pasta
Gerbil Johnson
Gerbil Johnson - 10 days ago
fantastic reference
sdushdiu - 11 days ago
Ramsey enjoys contributing to the chaos.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson - 12 days ago
ITS RAW!!!!!
Narice Ferguson
Narice Ferguson - 12 days ago
#virgo life we some savages!!!!!
Kris Kimber
Kris Kimber - 12 days ago
Colleen is a milf
doses and mimosas
doses and mimosas - 13 days ago
You’re a fuckin idiot! “Yes chef.”
Vishnu Lachansin
Vishnu Lachansin - 13 days ago
I have a question do these diners know hells kitche reputation or do they not see these clips on youtube ?
joshua abalos
joshua abalos - 13 days ago
Bf Bv
Bf Bv - 13 days ago
ไหวพริบล้วนๆ ที่จะสื่อยังไงให้ทีมเข้าใจ แล้วเเม่งจะฟลุคหรือเปล่า ด่าก็ด่าไปจิ
Flynn Adams
Flynn Adams - 14 days ago
🤣🤣😂 hahahaha
VK - 14 days ago
I, Gio have a dream
T0pMan15 - 14 days ago
I love Ramsay but you do not put olive oil in pasta water. Any Italian will tell you this
BurntMuffin - 14 days ago
2:01 when my mom sees my history
StepOne - 14 days ago
Gordon when he breathes oxygen:
"Dry, bland, cold, no seasoning
Barbara Jean
Barbara Jean - 15 days ago
It looks like box pasta, it would be nice if they used fresh noodles, would cook very fast too.
D K - 15 days ago
1:09 you stupid bitch, you are ripping people off with your "culinary" school when you can't make a salad, and matter of fact, you were useless throughout the whole show.
Gordon isn't there to be nice, he's there to get the food out to the customers. Working with useless ignorant bitch like you, I'd flip out even more.
linkslayz - 15 days ago
Customer: Is my food ready?

Waiter: Yes but actually, no
TheCrazyDucks - 16 days ago
Ezio133798 - 16 days ago
2:15 *CAULINE IF WE LOSE TONIGHT AND I GO HOME I SWEAR TO GOD I HOPE* YOU CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT because you deserve to go home ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵗʰᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵈᵒ
John Sonia
John Sonia - 16 days ago
It’s water! Of course it’s gonna be bland
Jumpie Studios
Jumpie Studios - 17 days ago
"She's not normal, she can't be normal!"
I love Gordon but this goes too far.
Whether she actually has a mental condition or not, it's unfair and quite frankly untypical for him to attack that.
Yashraj Kaflay
Yashraj Kaflay - 18 days ago
Congratulations. The meme has come true
kirjian - 18 days ago
4:16 The meme is real boys
Unoriginal Gaming
Unoriginal Gaming - 18 days ago
5:02 what a dick lol
Anon ymous
Anon ymous - 18 days ago
Time stamp?
Can't find it
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen - 18 days ago
I thought putting olive oil in pasta water was just a myth that was wrong?
xZenkaiDragon - 18 days ago
I swear I’ll finish every piece of food they don’t wanna server just please don’t waste it ;( it looks delicious ;-;
Ryan Scherbluk
Ryan Scherbluk - 18 days ago
1:47 how are you kidding me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blake Evans Linkert
Blake Evans Linkert - 18 days ago
3:58 the guy in black is a bitch
Penta55 - 18 days ago
Sauce please!!
Dan Lutfi
Dan Lutfi - 19 days ago
Imagine if this is Kitchen Nightmares instead of Hell's Kitchen
Gordon: "A glass of water please"
Waiter: "Here's the glass of water"
Gordon: "Fuck me, it's *BLAND* "
Cloockes - 20 days ago
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo - 20 days ago
Press F for respect for the trash bins being abused a lot 🥺
Alex Craske
Alex Craske - 20 days ago
Why would Gordon comment on there being no olive oil in the water? I thought that was a complete myth for pasta, and if anything, is a negative thing because it causes the sauce to just slip off and not mix properly?
Leo’s Nature Show
Leo’s Nature Show - 20 days ago
If he started calling me names and just making a scene for no reason, I’d be like “AM I NO GOOD NOW??” And start like throwing all the pots and food and just walk out laughing
Sajan Irincheev
Sajan Irincheev - 20 days ago
Oh my god history will remember this as the time Gordon complained that water ist seasond with salt and pepper
EWT - 21 day ago
when you realize That Denny’s Has better ceaser salad...Fucking Denny’s.
Mad Meddling Maddow
Mad Meddling Maddow - 22 days ago
He’s a very unpleasant guy
Josh McCarty
Josh McCarty - 23 days ago
unknown - 23 days ago
instead of watching the video, went down to see comment and LMAO!!
MarioMan - 23 days ago
Gordon : You're all fucking shit!
Chefs : YES CHEF
Spatula - 24 days ago
Finally! Gordon Actually did it...
Rose Baldwin
Rose Baldwin - 24 days ago
Contestant- breathes
Gordon- r u trying to sabotage them!!!
7th Beat Wave
7th Beat Wave - 24 days ago
Watching this show made me realize that my cooking is crap.
Hudson Talbot
Hudson Talbot - 24 days ago
2:00 funniest reaction
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