Gordon Ramsay Complains Water Isn't Seasoned | Hell's Kitchen

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Kai 11151
Kai 11151 - 23 hours ago
Two strip, one ribeye, one fillet translates in captions to: play yes I’m trained to strip one revival kool-aid yes
PinkOpp ꨄ
PinkOpp ꨄ - Day ago
I would be honored if Gordon called me pathetic
Peter Gregson
Peter Gregson - Day ago
“You’re fucking pathetic”
*Yes chef*
João Tava
João Tava - 2 days ago
These imbeciles have been raised on McDonald’s and they are all snakes. They don’t know how to cook not because they can’t but because they never had good food and the horrible work ethics they don’t have!
A chef yells out In front of an open kitchen with cameras all over and laughs saying she forgot there where costumers out there? This show was a joke with the worst people cooking
Big Travis
Big Travis - 2 days ago
Me - hands Gordon a glass of water
Gordon - it’s bland , no flavor
ultimate shota
ultimate shota - 2 days ago
JP just looks so disappointed that he has to deal with them
Rohan Kini
Rohan Kini - 2 days ago
*I am joking you stupid cow*
whYLiE09 - 2 days ago
Customer: "I'll just have a water.."
Waiter: "And how would you like that cooked?"
Customer: ???😀???
Moxie - 2 days ago
"I should have tasted it"... how do you cook something without tasting it?! :-O
Bob's Pizzeria
Bob's Pizzeria - 3 days ago
Whats chunky Palpatine whispering to hippy anakin at 1:43 ?
Kashiff Adepegba
Kashiff Adepegba - 3 days ago
ThE WaTeRs DrY
Stargirl - 3 days ago
i had no idea water needed to be seasoned, i only add salt just so it can boil faster.
Guardian 2402
Guardian 2402 - 3 days ago
Well, tbh, Colleen was bad and a bitc...xD couldn't stand her either. Chef stood her longer than I could've
Andrew Mauro
Andrew Mauro - 4 days ago
bruh who seasons boiled water for pasta
M1co29 - 4 days ago
Claiming Gordon is arrogant is so wrong, he is not arrogant, he is just a perfectionist, a single mistake pisses him off, and if the quality ain't his standards, it pisses him more, and if the food is REALLY REALLY bad, then that pisses him off the most, if you don't know Gordon's personality outside the kitchen, he's pretty nice, doesn't blame anyone who didn't do anything shit like the waiters in kitchen nightmares... Colleen is the arrogant one, not Gordon ffs
Brick Bogaras
Brick Bogaras - 4 days ago
Gordon: Hey madam! You’re f’ing pathetic.

Girl: yes chef
Ibrahima Dieye
Ibrahima Dieye - 4 days ago
It’s so funny he insults them they say yes chef
Safwan Khan
Safwan Khan - 4 days ago
I can imagine Gordan saying "THE WATER IS BLAND YOU DONKEY!!"
Zach Carletti
Zach Carletti - 5 days ago
I'd wife colleen up😏 i like the bitches that do that scamming and that swiping
ZombiZohm - 5 days ago
Even Kraft macaroni says you should put salt in the water. Season your pasta water.
A S - 5 days ago
its fucking raw. this waters raw fucking look at it
Armchair General
Armchair General - 5 days ago
Arragance is charging people $400 for a 3 hour cooking session with no credentials to back it up....
Azar Draws
Azar Draws - 6 days ago
He's mean asf
Olly Andrew
Olly Andrew - 6 days ago
ik this bc my dad was the head chef
Olly Andrew
Olly Andrew - 6 days ago
he puts most of this on
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 6 days ago
After watching recent episodes I’ve started to hate Gordon Ramsay
Siluni Binanga
Siluni Binanga - 7 days ago
It's 2 in the morning 🤦🏽‍♀️I got to stop
Hood Glasses
Hood Glasses - 8 days ago
Anyone else notice that once he's done bitching out Colleen, who's on red team, he's shown storming out of the blue kitchen, and back into the red kitchen? The editors must be having a lot of fun on this show. Basically patching together stories with countless clips, continuity be damned!
Sandelsbanken - 9 days ago
School bullying is cool when you are celebrity chef
Mickey Manson
Mickey Manson - 11 days ago
He finally did this. He reads youtubr comments...
P C - 11 days ago
Colleen just kills me, she always looks so lost 😂😂
TheLMan101 - 12 days ago
Ramsey the kind of mf to say your water's dry and your ice is bland and you'd go "yes chef sorry chef"
Gringy BOI
Gringy BOI - 14 days ago
how is your name J
StormStar GD
StormStar GD - 14 days ago
5:02 top 10 Hell’s Kitchen cows
o c
o c - 14 days ago
Lacey no one cares
Dylan Lampman
Dylan Lampman - 16 days ago
To be fair to Colleen every time I have to repeat something my brain struggles more and more to say it
Vex - 16 days ago
hey, im joking you fuckin cow
LemonLemon Z
LemonLemon Z - 17 days ago
Oh wow... I thought this was a joke... but wow... Looks I have to do it
BFT Neelix
BFT Neelix - 6 days ago
Pasta water should have enough salt in it to taste like seawater, your pasta will turn out way better. And yes, that is a very basic thing taught in culinary school that any contestant on Hell's Kitchen who is vying for an executive position should know.
Takami22 - 17 days ago
Also when I cook spaghetti I always add a bit of salt into it right away. My dad taught me that, so I always do it myself. I never really questioned it or asked why, but I assumed it made the food taste better. Wasn't aware you could/should put olive oil into water as well? Interesting.
Lib Naus
Lib Naus - 4 days ago
Salt is for faster cooking and for a little flavor. While oil is not nessesary because it can sagy
Takami22 - 17 days ago
*Start the video*
*Girl walks over to customers and screams"


*Customers look shocked and confused*

GothicRaven blood
GothicRaven blood - 17 days ago
I love watching this show but I could never be on it and hold my fucking tongue if Gordon Ramsey was cussing me out 🤣🤣
ThisIsMyUsername - 17 days ago
I thought he drank water and said it wasn’t seasoned.
Brad Ting
Brad Ting - 17 days ago
Amateurs , you are supposed to season the air with salt , pepper , garlic powder , onion powder , pork bone broth and some coochie
Alex Traum
Alex Traum - 17 days ago
I hate Charlie
Stephanie IloveJacindaArdern
She got it the first three time,but can't get it the last time. 🤦‍♂️
Ernono Gaming
Ernono Gaming - 18 days ago
I don’t think Gordon should be yelling at everyone and saying rude things about them because it’s brings everyone down and makes people wanna give up and when someone gives up they stop trying
Hom Tolland
Hom Tolland - 18 days ago
Only Gordon has the authority to badmouth you for having unseasoned water
Adam H
Adam H - 18 days ago
Ramsay : I slept with your mum
Red Team : Yes chef.
Avory Savory
Avory Savory - 19 days ago
he’s not mean ... he just means business .
Niki Edmonds
Niki Edmonds - 20 days ago
I have no idea why Colleen came on this show lol and I think Chef Ramsay had an issue with her having a cooking school but couldn't really cook...he STAYED ripping her a new one lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂
Savannah Lewis
Savannah Lewis - 20 days ago
This shit is funny 😂
Erick Villegas
Erick Villegas - 20 days ago
"Four caesar salads chef, three shrimp one plain."
Timmy T
Timmy T - 20 days ago
Colleen reminds me of Karen
DarkDyllon - 20 days ago
i'm suprised he never asked Ben back concidering his attitute.
He takes responsibility and gets on it instantly, he had a good attitute.
GamerFreak 3110
GamerFreak 3110 - 21 day ago
after all these years we have Gordon saying the water is bland and tasteless.
peanutlego - 22 days ago
Would you do me a favor?
Yes Chef! :)
Fuck Off! Get Out!
Yes Chef! :'(
Vishva - 23 days ago
These clickbaits are getting out of control.
Cryst - 24 days ago
Mouse cop
Mouse cop - 24 days ago
*Not heating up plates*
Okay...is it THAT important?
*Not seasoning the eggs*
*Raw Salmon*
*Serving Gordon food and throwing up*
*Not seasoning the water*
It'S wOrSe ThAn I tHoUgHt!
Solcrim :D
Solcrim :D - 24 days ago
To a normal person, seasoned water just seems insane.
Lyken - 24 days ago
Always waiting for the moment when he yells at Ben.
Chad Brittain
Chad Brittain - 24 days ago
2:14 the come back of a life time
stargo - 25 days ago
He doesn't call women cows in the later episodes. Wonder what happened to make him stop.
D L - 27 days ago
Why do these people take this shit from this asshole, if somebody spoke to me like that it would not be good
stargo - 25 days ago
MParkinson - 27 days ago
coming up next
Gordon Ramsay complains that every atom in the universe isn't seasoned
uong sovannareach
uong sovannareach - 27 days ago
What season is this
stargo - 25 days ago
Lilsis716 - 28 days ago
When he said JP don't speak french he was going to catch these hands
Matteo Saramento
Matteo Saramento - 28 days ago
“I’m joking, you stupid cow.”
Good God that was savage 😂😭
Tamires Caron
Tamires Caron - 29 days ago
Gordon is just mad and angry at adult chefs that are incompetent, as any boss would in the kitchen. In other situations, with children in general he is pretty chill
Kayla Wolfie
Kayla Wolfie - 29 days ago
Did LA just say senior salad?
PUR3pheonix522 - Month ago
"I have no idea what's next, he's been making me yell" 😭😭😭😭
NerdyHippy - Month ago
"Arrogant vicious attack dog!" Says the one who takes the piss out of people.
McDoofus-Kun - Month ago
5:25 literally me
hart - Month ago
I feel like Gordon is really pissed at Colleen, if that's her name, cause she charges people $300 to teach them how to cook, and she doesn't even have a culinary background
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson - Month ago
They say the fish stinks from the head down & if Ramsey is out of control & totally stressed out, so is his kitchen.
But then again, it’s considered good entertainment in today’s culture.
TheIkaika777 - Month ago
Can you imagine how good this show would be if they actually had real chefs competing?
IAGT - Month ago
god. what a muppet.
Chris Abbott
Chris Abbott - Month ago
God: ill make oxygen
Ramsay: its fucking unseasoned
Kavindu Anthony Dionysius
One day .... one day... one damn day, we'll hear this god of a man say "the water is dry"
Chicken Dinner Gamer
Chicken Dinner Gamer - Month ago
I swear Colleen should be in jail. She's such a fraud.
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