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SSSniperWolf - 7 months ago
ya so I got sick after this 🤢
C X O K I E D X M O N .
My mom also has seliac
C X O K I E D X M O N .
S a d n e s s
Misty Carver
Misty Carver - 8 days ago
I feel sorry
Firecat-Fortnite - 12 days ago
Lala G.
Lala G. - 20 days ago
Maybe this is a sign.... My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch- 👁👄👁
Aleen Zubair
Aleen Zubair - 4 hours ago
Wait is sssniperwolf allergic to gluten
Megan Saaranen
Megan Saaranen - 7 hours ago
Ok so she eats Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, and a lot of other things with wheat. Also anyone notice how when she was doing that ‘day ina life of DVA’ she was earning gluten?
Kyra Tomlin
Kyra Tomlin - 7 hours ago
Larry james Ualesi
Larry james Ualesi - 21 hour ago
How in the WORLD 🌍 is there a sour patch kids cereal 🥣 😯
Sy sương Lầu
Sy sương Lầu - Day ago
I got luckky charm 🐩🐴🍀🌈
Jorge Blanco
Jorge Blanco - Day ago
Alana Hoffman
Alana Hoffman - Day ago
since when were there sour patch kids *cereal* ?!?!?!
Ava Welborn
Ava Welborn - 2 days ago
LiFe CeReAl ThAtS mAdE oF lIfE 🤣🤣🤪
Amber Updyke
Amber Updyke - 3 days ago
Boody os are a thing
Silas Barton
Silas Barton - 3 days ago
you think rasin brand is for boomers well in pre k thay made us eat pears and rasin bran i think rasin bran tast like nothing but weirs and pears are sand
Lil Krystal
Lil Krystal - 4 days ago
Gluten gives me sore tummy’s but I have it bc it doesn’t all the times ps in Australia sometimes we can have American candy lollie ( I’m an Aussie but I say candy ) and cereal so I love Reece’s cereal
Lil Krystal
Lil Krystal - 4 days ago
Wait were you an Aussie ( or visited before this video ) bc I don’t know if they have fruit loops and coco pops
Lalo Contreras
Lalo Contreras - 4 days ago
Booty O's are a real thing
Esther Kennedy
Esther Kennedy - 4 days ago
i was never allowed to eat that cereal. the sugarest cereal i was allowed was multi grain cheerios and my dad was still not sure about it.
Mya Tennessen
Mya Tennessen - 5 days ago
i luv da vanilla chex :p
Hami Fah
Hami Fah - 5 days ago
Why does lia's voice in low pitch sound like digital nexx's voice?
Sisi Imad
Sisi Imad - 6 days ago
Got it?
I love Pokemon
I love Pokemon - 6 days ago
I like rasin brand am i a boomer in to young
Pavlica Mariela
Pavlica Mariela - 6 days ago
My little brother: can I have that cereal?
(Points to “Oops all berries)
Me: Oops All Diabetes.
Rheanna Allen
Rheanna Allen - 6 days ago
I was dying from laughter when Digital said 'ohh they're not even hard'
Bristal Salazar
Bristal Salazar - 7 days ago
You should have used milk
Piper Isbel
Piper Isbel - 7 days ago
This reminads me of a time when I took frosted flakes and lucky charms and put them together and a few days after they put that in stores and showed my class and told them the story😂!I SHOULDEVE GOTTEN PAID!!!!
Sebastian Pawlik
Sebastian Pawlik - 7 days ago
She said she’s rich
Kevon McFarlane
Kevon McFarlane - 7 days ago
you have dia
Megan Elam
Megan Elam - 7 days ago
Hay one morning we wher eating coco puffs and we celede on joking that rhay wher rabbit droppings.🤣😓
Quinn_TEKing - 8 days ago
Sniper wolf:Drink milk STRAIGHT! from the cow!
DigitalNex:Not the special milk!
Kpop Stan Heehee
Kpop Stan Heehee - 8 days ago
There is a lot of types of animal crunches like that gorilla crunch I literally love the panda crunches they taste like bad quality peanut butter but in a good way
Kpop Stan Heehee
Kpop Stan Heehee - 8 days ago
Bruh all I gotta say is that a peanut butter and chocolate cheerios is like the only cereal I like besides Froot Loops I am not a normal child I literally HATE lucky charms like just the thought of soggy marshmallows was a disgusting thought and then I tried it and just nO I like fruity and plain cereal I’m not a normal kid at all -_-
Alyssa Garrison
Alyssa Garrison - 8 days ago
Meh girl why just why you. Can't get sick i love chu
Riana chan
Riana chan - 8 days ago
She really done leggo her eggo
Jorja Hepton
Jorja Hepton - 8 days ago
Wait, Toast is made of Wheat and Wheat is Gluten so that means you can't eat Toast.
Jorja Hepton
Jorja Hepton - 8 days ago
Jayla Walters Cropp
Jayla Walters Cropp - 8 days ago
i know this might sound weird but i like soggy cereal
Eliza Rivera
Eliza Rivera - 9 days ago
Th for making this vid
Reacting with Kade
Reacting with Kade - 9 days ago
Booty ohs are already a cereal from WWE tagteam
Charlotte Balley
Charlotte Balley - 9 days ago
Estie De lange
Estie De lange - 9 days ago
From where are you
Crystal W
Crystal W - 10 days ago
I’ve noticed that every skirt she wore is soooooo short
Olivia Egebakken
Olivia Egebakken - 10 days ago
Lmao i have gluten too☆♡
Shadow Sketch
Shadow Sketch - 10 days ago
sssniper: time to add fruity pebbles
me: * eating fruity pebbles * it's meant to be
Mayor Tortoise
Mayor Tortoise - 10 days ago
She says I’ve never eaten Oreos before whilst the past sssniperwolf has eaten Oreos and pickles for the weird food combinations video
Some anime Girl OwO
Some anime Girl OwO - 11 days ago
Simon Mackenzie
Simon Mackenzie - 11 days ago
Lia is the alpha of the pack
Haylee Stanley
Haylee Stanley - 11 days ago
Why can’t you have gluten?🤔
BrycegamerOG - 11 days ago
“You get that for your boomer can’t make a boom boom” 😂 LOL 😂
Shoshana Katzeff
Shoshana Katzeff - 12 days ago
Darkside Dreams
Darkside Dreams - 12 days ago
Digital - would your brothers just sit in front of u and eat stuff u can’t have

Lia - no cause I would beat them
Mr Fluff
Mr Fluff - 12 days ago
0:35 that's my cats name >:(
Just some overlarge toad with internet access
Do that but add every single candy
Lolpuppy63 Aj
Lolpuppy63 Aj - 12 days ago
Will you do another strange food combinations video? My opinion would we Lemonade powder and pickle slices
gg xuxyraiy8xx8wyxyuxy
gg xuxyraiy8xx8wyxyuxy - 12 days ago
Me when I see this : hmm looks like heart disease
Nilda Yañez
Nilda Yañez - 12 days ago
What is gluten free
William Phoeuk
William Phoeuk - 13 days ago
when i die can people put meh bain in side a robot soo i live forever or someing?
grace akoi
grace akoi - 13 days ago
Sssniperwolf was sick! 😥😱😰😭🤢🤮😷🤒🤕😢😨🤯😬😫😓
Allyson Werking
Allyson Werking - 13 days ago
The drumstick cereal doesn’t taste like drumsticks. & gets this weird texture in milk. Soggy on the outside but crunchy on the inside. It legit has put me off the cereal since I put milk in it. I’m lactose in tolerant & I like cereal dry anyways. So trust me when I say u didn’t miss much. They also make a bag of just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms
Joziah Gonzalez
Joziah Gonzalez - 13 days ago
She had to put watee
NOLA blake Fleming
NOLA blake Fleming - 14 days ago
I am soooooo sorry sssniperwolf
Sara Fig
Sara Fig - 14 days ago
No, the Cheerios said:
*100% Whole Grain Oats* Girl
Galaxy Wolf_A
Galaxy Wolf_A - 14 days ago
God gurl
SunFlxwers Play
SunFlxwers Play - 14 days ago
Punar 28 8th lily
Punar 28 8th lily - 15 days ago
that would be disgusting
Caroline Truby
Caroline Truby - 15 days ago
u ar ok you taber
Tc Siega
Tc Siega - 15 days ago
Cow milk from him thst means...😛
Wuppo - 15 days ago
Anyone watching this after vanilla Chex are discontinued
Jayden Gantt
Jayden Gantt - 15 days ago
O get better
isabelle jones
isabelle jones - 15 days ago
you get all of those to eat
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith - 15 days ago
Me: u forgot honey but Cheerios
Everyone else: they suck who cares
Me: :(
Tallulah Harris
Tallulah Harris - 15 days ago
Oreo outs : oreots
Tallulah Harris
Tallulah Harris - 16 days ago
Im glad she didnt buy wheat bix😂😂
Ashes Yeet
Ashes Yeet - 16 days ago
Now I is hungry:(
Galaxy Wolf Gamer
Galaxy Wolf Gamer - 16 days ago
I feel like I am the only one that didn't know that she was from liverpool
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Lopez - 16 days ago
lia i why cant you eat gulten?
ChiCKeN LiTTle
ChiCKeN LiTTle - 16 days ago
Tony the trigger
Kaltos Oprenos
Kaltos Oprenos - 16 days ago
BoNe ApPlE tEeTh
Khloe (Anaya) Okeugo21
Khloe (Anaya) Okeugo21 - 16 days ago
I hate sour pach kids cereal it makes milk sour when milk gets sour you throw it out🤢🤮
Special Jimaya
Special Jimaya - 17 days ago
lia someone make booty o's btw
Austin Sipple
Austin Sipple - 17 days ago
i hate you but i love:) you
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - 17 days ago
You are soooooooo pretty
Dumisani Sithole
Dumisani Sithole - 17 days ago
Sniperwolf I fell your pain I am lactose that means I can't have ice cream chocolate chip cookies 😢 😫
SunnxyPxxeach - 17 days ago
Sssniperwolf why you liein you had frosted flakes 2 years ago and you said 10 years .-.
yo yo
yo yo - 18 days ago
Sssniperwolf just bought cereal for a whole year
Me:trying to use my cereal as less as possible
Ayanna Russell
Ayanna Russell - 18 days ago
capt'n crunch or capt'n crap
Ayanna Russell
Ayanna Russell - 18 days ago
lol but i still like them
SDC HLambert
SDC HLambert - 18 days ago
Cooookie criiisp my favorite! 🙃
Annalecia Samuels
Annalecia Samuels - 18 days ago
I love honey bunches of oats
GamerGoldLambo - 18 days ago
Wtf is gluten!?
Lifewith Liya
Lifewith Liya - 18 days ago
i littarally smelled the cocoa puffs i was like THATS ILEGALL
AppleLia:3 - 19 days ago
Hahaha I’m part Irish ☘️😂 but it doesn’t offend me ❤️
DerpyDarcy - 19 days ago
Arielle Fausto
Arielle Fausto - 19 days ago
oh i am 7
cassy green
cassy green - 19 days ago
Have you taste conflacks😋
Cherrÿ Pøtatø
Cherrÿ Pøtatø - 20 days ago
My favorite cereal is just Plain Cheerios
Karli Gray
Karli Gray - 20 days ago
It took more that 3 quarters of the video just put the cereal in the bowl
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark - 20 days ago
Hey send me some of that cereal sssniperwolf I love cereal😈😈😈
Luca Martinez
Luca Martinez - 20 days ago
lol sniper thinks she got it bad but i cant have any one if those cerials. Im not allowed to have artificial colors,flavors,or preservatives. it doesn't sound like much but trust me, it really is. tbh tho I don't get sick if I eat that stuff, I just basically get ADHD and get any easier. Soryy for spelling.
Claire Varner
Claire Varner - 20 days ago
Lia don’t fell bad I’m gluten free to
Jennifer Botta
Jennifer Botta - 20 days ago
Aren’t u gluten free
Monica Calhoun
Monica Calhoun - 20 days ago
Actually you are NOT alpha you are the alpha female aka beta female
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster - 20 days ago
I ate dog food when I was little but it actually tasted good lol
TheMystic Pyro
TheMystic Pyro - 21 day ago
I would have liked if you got some
“Overwatch never tasted so good”
Jaylen Champagne
Jaylen Champagne - 21 day ago
✨berry crackles✨
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