I Was (Sort Of) A Kindergarten Rebel Ft. TimTom

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Lps Magic
Lps Magic - Hour ago
Tim Tom: Sailor Moon was DoPe
Emirichu: **Starts talking about drawing about Sailor Moon
Tim Tom: keep going
Zain s
Zain s - 17 hours ago
If you stop at just the right second, and I’m trying my best to get it but maybe it’s like 5:30 or 5:32 but on o stopes in-between her animation and it’s really disturbing
Pseudo Ego
Pseudo Ego - 20 hours ago
Are you me? Am I you? Is my mutable personality disorder more pronounced than I thought ? ô_Ô
James Wolf
James Wolf - 20 hours ago
When I was in kindergarten we had boys vs girls sticker wars marvel verses Disney princesses
Yesugen Khangai
Yesugen Khangai - Day ago
Me: * Breathes heavily* So what season are you in, in My hero academia....
Blue blood cell
Blue blood cell - Day ago
When I was in kindergarten, I was obsessed with 3 boys. I think I did not understand what love and crushes mean back then, I just liked to follow them around and annoy them each day. 😂😂😂
DimondCraftxox - 2 days ago
I quit nursery as I hated it! So I played and watched a show called Balamory (dunno if it’s spelt right) With my grandad and Nan and all I did was play all day and draw! DRAW ALOT! I just went threw all these old pictures presently when sorting out our art area and I
We found my old drawings and it was all princess and DANG I did a good drawing of Snow White!
Oh and I got told of a little in reception but PFFFT!
ryc Villafranca
ryc Villafranca - 2 days ago
Acting 101
Hufflepuff486 Slytherin
Tim Tom- Salor Moon was dope!
Emirchu- I’m not editing that out
Tim Tom- Dies in the inside😧😵
HaileyAnimates - 3 days ago
This totally feels like something I would pull off as a kid xD
GOLDENJUJU YT - 3 days ago
I threw a tantrum in kindergarten and kicked my teacher who was 8 months pregnant at the time in the shin becuase I couldn't have my mom there with me and got suspended for a week
Angel Emmy
Angel Emmy - 3 days ago
When I was in Kindergarten.....me and my bestie.....we're a bit NOT so nice to each other.....😂
Like once, she and me had a fight, but at that day we we're ACTUALLY....so we wanted to watch a movie (the little mermaid) at my house.
But since we had a fight, I was like : "NOPE, WE'RE NOT GONNA WATCH THE LITTLE MERMAID.....

We're gonna watch Frozen
Also, we always played Star Wars in kindergarten.
Guess who I was!?
Princess Lea!!
I was sooo happy!! Yeah, a princess,! Thats cool!!
And my bestie was .......
Princess Leas Unicorn 😂❤️
our family
our family - 5 days ago
Samee i was also a kindergarten rebel
Richa Trivedi
Richa Trivedi - 5 days ago
Well I was such a rebel , that in my playgroup ( it's kind of like kindergarten ) my teacher told me that I was suspended for a week ( caus I head-butted a kid in my class and kicked a few of them in the shin )
But now .... I suck at defending myself with my noodle armsss 😂
Lachness - 6 days ago
I told a story i lived on a houseboat based on my uncles boat but MUCH bigger and the teacher asked my mum after school how incredible it was that we lived on a houseboat. My mum was pretty confused.
SillyKitty Gacha
SillyKitty Gacha - 7 days ago
When i was in 3rd i uhhhhh used to uhhh draw on my test 😳😳😳
Chimtrish Loves
Chimtrish Loves - 8 days ago
teacher: no you don't

Mariana Jimenez
Mariana Jimenez - 9 days ago
Omg your kindergarten was like mine and I was also very trouble maker too lol
George Hudgins
George Hudgins - 9 days ago
i love your doodles (lol that teacher XD)
Priya Shiriku
Priya Shiriku - 10 days ago
*In kindergarten, I’d eat shoes.*
kensonjhenfrix yngoc
kensonjhenfrix yngoc - 10 days ago
My hero academia ppppppppppplllllllllllluuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllttttttttrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa
Teresa Perez
Teresa Perez - 10 days ago
Your teacher could also have gave you lined paper or blank paper
Akim Family
Akim Family - 11 days ago
I never knew sailermoon igsited
James Norton
James Norton - 11 days ago
Pause the video and go to 1:10

Mason Le
Mason Le - 11 days ago
Tim : you cant draw something that's not real

Me : *draws oc*
…..yes I can :>
Tatiana Itara
Tatiana Itara - 12 days ago
I vomited in the bathroom stall oof the YMCA and I told no one.... I choked on a strand of my hair
Romy van Schaik
Romy van Schaik - 12 days ago
2:35 Me when mom says "1 more video befrore bed"
Lexi Luv
Lexi Luv - 12 days ago
Abby Grisdale
Abby Grisdale - 12 days ago
i am 11
The Unicron Fans
The Unicron Fans - 12 days ago
NOPE Iam Not
Mooshy Swags
Mooshy Swags - 13 days ago
I always thought it was kindergarden not kindergarten
gachatacos :3
gachatacos :3 - 13 days ago
gachatacos :3
gachatacos :3 - 13 days ago
Why is this me
Gaurav Maharaj - Springdale PS (1438)
This is the same thing I do at school
I like your videos a lotttttt
Zoey Jones
Zoey Jones - 14 days ago

= hey
Maxine Vang
Maxine Vang - 14 days ago
Arrik Haight
Arrik Haight - 14 days ago
Is the kindergarten teacher supposed to be Tiga from Fate/Stay?
Alistair Moriarty
Alistair Moriarty - 15 days ago
Can you collab with danplan? I wanna see
Gacha Pikachu
Gacha Pikachu - 15 days ago
yingyang jojo
yingyang jojo - 16 days ago
can i have one subscriber please
Rebekah Solomon
Rebekah Solomon - 17 days ago
5 year old Emily can draw better than 13 year old me😂😅😭
Aria DeWitt
Aria DeWitt - 17 days ago
Sailor Moon is awesome!!😎
Jarod Tang
Jarod Tang - 17 days ago
I do also wak with my mom
I’m not gonna ride the bus, I’m gonna ride a unicorns.
ToonCatYT - 17 days ago
In Kindergarten I just wanted to be Spider-Man ;(
Who else wanted to be there childhood superhero
may faco
may faco - 18 days ago
Who else know my hero academia and attack on titan if you know pls like👇
Am the queen Lol
Am the queen Lol - 19 days ago
Once in kindergarten some kid didn’t want to give me the markers and I told him that if he didn’t give me the marker I would cut his shirt .And he still didn’t give me the markers so I cutted his shirt.
krinkovakwarfare - 19 days ago
I remember drawing Johnny Bravo back in kinder. It was lit.
Lordofshrek 89
Lordofshrek 89 - 17 days ago
I made a drawing of Johnny bravo with an arrow. Aka the hunger games logo.
James Nayna
James Nayna - 20 days ago
“How do you go to school?” I TAKE THE BUS draws a unicorn* HMMM
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett - 20 days ago
Emily: ya bring the juice boxes
4 year old did you bring the money
Emily: I’ll give you 10 dollars 💵 for the juice boxes
4 year old: ok then
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer - 20 days ago
Maybe your kindergarten teacher was even more stupid than Little Emi 😂
Tiffany Jewell
Tiffany Jewell - 21 day ago
Man ur teacher hated u lol
Shiny Hunter A
Shiny Hunter A - 21 day ago
WTH 7.9K
Comments yesterday
7.2K today
prema chandran
prema chandran - 21 day ago
U say dumb little kid self.
U:what happened?
Me:i'm a kid😭😭😭😭
prema chandran
prema chandran - 21 day ago
No.really.i am a kid.

Emirichu watches my hero academia
UnicornGirl - 21 day ago
ononononoooo I was a kindergarten rebel.. trust me.
21tashan - 22 days ago
Sailor Moon was my first anime, then inuyasha, death note, Naruto. And I thought this is way better than cartoon cud u learn more than loony toon and Scooby doo. But I still had watch the kid morning show though but sailor Moon rule!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Corni Loewen
Corni Loewen - 22 days ago
Love it.
1819 P6B 06 CHIU HAU LAM
1819 P6B 06 CHIU HAU LAM - 23 days ago
You sound like Jaiden...
I love u both so much :DDD
Xx Bobba Tae xX
Xx Bobba Tae xX - 23 days ago
Omg! I had that journal for 2nd grade! But it was made of paper and we had to write 6 sentences on each page and on the back there was more sentences.😡
Shiny Hunter A
Shiny Hunter A - 23 days ago
Heres this comment in the 8K comments

Here’s a cookie 🍪
Trace Lou
Trace Lou - 23 days ago
Watch dragon crisis it is very entertaining
summer gies
summer gies - 23 days ago
Does anyone else think she should have done this with eroldstories?
Potato Lord
Potato Lord - 24 days ago
420 dislikes.
Daisy Vásquez
Daisy Vásquez - 11 days ago
Now 429
Kim Pascual
Kim Pascual - 25 days ago
I "accidentally" stabbed a kid will a pencil no joke that pencil was really sharp
Matthew Olson
Matthew Olson - 25 days ago
I just subscribed
Cara Homer
Cara Homer - 25 days ago
You can hear breathing in the bg! *SERIAL KILLER!*
Muhanad Ali
Muhanad Ali - 26 days ago
Alma Suljic
Alma Suljic - 26 days ago
I love m.h.a 😍😍😍
keonghingwong - 26 days ago
Do ft.tjtoon
Cooomicsss ‘R’ us
Cooomicsss ‘R’ us - 26 days ago
Yea ok dokie piece out
I have an shop called App Store
We got guns
We got everything
Cost 1 like
Morningstar Tucker
Morningstar Tucker - 27 days ago
7:29 30 day premium perks more like 30 day premium quirks 😂
potato - 27 days ago
My Hero Academia?
I avoided that for the longest time, I kept hearing how great it was but I wanted to finish the shows I was watching, and I didn't want to like it too much, or be disappointed. It was such a good idea and world, with a great set-up and it could have been so great!

Could have been.

When I finally got around to watching it I was just so... underwhelmed. The first episode (oh yeh *spoilers* I guess?) set Deku up to some Hero Know-it-all(which he is) and some kind of mastermind, at least to me, which was why I was so disappointed when he received his power/quirk so early on. Now, I still watched past it in order to let it get back in my good books, and I found myself enjoying it a little bit, but not enough to keep watching, for those small moments were few and far between. Which is why I dislike the show itself, but love the Fandom and their AU's and OC's and comics etc. This may be because I fell so deep into fanfiction that I can't recognise good shows or books anymore. Or the just that the show wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean I 'hate' the show I just dislike it. I still have respect for the show, because without that, how would I be able to enjoy the fan creations?
Flor Perla
Flor Perla - 27 days ago
It is good
Yearly Dogs
Yearly Dogs - 28 days ago
MHA and AOT ARE MY FAVORITES and Tokyo Ghoul

I have crushes on 3 of those animes :'3
doodle noodle
doodle noodle - 28 days ago
Wait can't erase craonys
fufa family
fufa family - 28 days ago
I did the same thing in Kindergarten
AnimeLovers - 28 days ago
6:59 me: No I was dead
Wolfie chan
Wolfie chan - 28 days ago
I love how u refuse the teacher 😂
/AFellow Weirdo\
/AFellow Weirdo\ - 28 days ago
"What are your plans for the weekend?" Basic five year-old stuff? I would've been like, "uhhh i dun o pla withh meh toys ig?'
Aracely Ortiz
Aracely Ortiz - 29 days ago
Huh i thought that guy was baldi
Alicevl rios
Alicevl rios - 29 days ago
Tell truth everyone likes your art and like your art two as child I was drawing pit then kid is came up to me when drawing then kif said
Kid: That's very good art
Me: (Head: !!Oh shoot kid talking) U-Uh. Thank you
Rawr Usana
Rawr Usana - 29 days ago
can you watch this anime call 'The seven deadly sins?" :D Or if you have than never mind..heh
KK Draws
KK Draws - 29 days ago
My brother told me that once in kinder he held a kid down and beat the kid up, and he has no clue why he did it
Brooke T
Brooke T - 29 days ago
Ur art style makes me happy... ☺️
Safiya Gabr
Safiya Gabr - 29 days ago
Timtom:sailor moon was dope
me:who is this you speak of?
Mary Gwyneth Da-al
Mary Gwyneth Da-al - Month ago
When im in kindergarden im a mystery thing or idk well im 9 years old in march tho
Roger Kenneth Fajardo
Roger Kenneth Fajardo - Month ago
James' and Jaiden's counterpart.
FluffyDrawz :3
FluffyDrawz :3 - Month ago
When I was kindergarten I cut class
Now I'm in elementary I threatened boys and wrestles them

That's wat kids do right
Wolfycat Yt
Wolfycat Yt - 29 days ago
L-san WorkHard
L-san WorkHard - Month ago
Ave sailor moon >:3
Kawaii Moon
Kawaii Moon - Month ago
That kindergarden teacher is Haruka/Sailor Uranus and you're Usagi/Sailor Moon.
Lynkin Lovegood
Lynkin Lovegood - Month ago
Sailor Moon Was Dope
-Tim 2018
Joeyblondewolf2 - Month ago
That teacher was kinda a b****. You were always artistic and different and I bet she was just jealous of that.
Dragon Girl
Dragon Girl - Month ago
I never watched anime as a kid.... sadly
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson - Month ago
Rebel eh?
*hears the smash direct line release the rebellious spirit growing inside you to unleash a persona so many times*
_*Yuma Yastic*_
_*Yuma Yastic*_ - Month ago
6:23 When you teacher gives u more homework after u handed homework in 😔😔😔😔
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro - Month ago
Katlyn Rodifer
Katlyn Rodifer - Month ago
You should watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It's freaking awesome
Diddle Blackberry
Diddle Blackberry - Month ago
Omg I have the funniest story XD! So when I was like 3 or 4 it was lunch time and since I was really naughty they had to put me in a high chair and all the others were sitting down peacefully😂 And one of the teachers handed me a sandwich and I took the ham out of the sandwich and I through the bread at the teacher 😂
cloudy is cool
cloudy is cool - 2 days ago
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 6 days ago
Kacia Mourning
Kacia Mourning - Month ago
i was so short that this boy think still a toddler i was 6 years old dude there this one time i was in a party with friends this bitch call me kids i'm 13 years old bitch
Centipede is a Maniac
Centipede is a Maniac - Month ago
Hey i pretend to do that to
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