I Was (Sort Of) A Kindergarten Rebel Ft. TimTom

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TimTom - 5 months ago
I trusted you. >:0
Tea - 6 days ago
WH00PS (500th comment :D)
Anime Boy347
Anime Boy347 - 12 days ago
500th reply
xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx
xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx - 22 days ago
Dying XD
S H I M A - Month ago
Arjun - Month ago
luis garcia
luis garcia - 8 hours ago
I was sort of alive in the 90s i became self aware 99 was born 96
//Sniff Gaming\\
//Sniff Gaming\\ - 9 hours ago
At the end when I saw My Hero Academia I ran and grabbed my phone
That Child
That Child - 10 hours ago
Blue Fluffy Unicorn
Blue Fluffy Unicorn - 10 hours ago
MY HERO ACADEMIA IS THE BEST! its taking over my life.. help me😂
Samvsn Vsn
Samvsn Vsn - Day ago
Terri Jones
Terri Jones - Day ago
Sailor Tom
DiamondDiva xox
DiamondDiva xox - 2 days ago
I read the title wrong I though it said Tim Tam (Chocolate) but it actually said TimTom😂
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler - 2 days ago
*Who else saw the thumbnail and immediately started singing Kindergarten boyfriend*
Just me?
ARMY X MONBEBE - 2 days ago
Why did this teacher tried to stop a child’s creativity????? Like her drawing (that she clearly was attached to and was proud of, even at 5 years old) was not going to hurt anyone 😒
blanca Delgado
blanca Delgado - 2 days ago
Omg I did journal prompt in 1rst grrade
Project Echo
Project Echo - 2 days ago
Wait, Cat Dog still exists!
clay jack
clay jack - 2 days ago
Why do they make you write about boring stuff you actually did that early in elementary school? You have like 1 and a half years of memories at best and nothing interesting has happened yet. I remember having to write a true story about myself when I was 5, I couldn’t think of anything cool so I just wrote the plot to Pixar’s Cars but put myself in the story as like a racing fan. The teacher didn’t like it.
SSSCOD edits
SSSCOD edits - 2 days ago
Ohhh tim you like sailor moon
Rose *-*
Rose *-* - 2 days ago
I also ride a pink unicorn to school.
Gamerbros GM
Gamerbros GM - 2 days ago
Every I had ALWAYS has my drawing and sketches like all of them
S R - 2 days ago
You were smarter than me as a 5 year old than me now •-• funny how the world works
llama Is cute
llama Is cute - 2 days ago
Jeff Ramos
Jeff Ramos - 3 days ago
I reccomend
-castle swimmer
-small world
PitrusCitrus - 3 days ago
Theoneandonly33309 Wright
I was not alive in the 90s but I do love their cartoons ima get vrv right now
Gacha Lia
Gacha Lia - 4 days ago
You deserve more subs
En112 - 4 days ago
5 year old Emirichu on the thumbnail looks like Ena Ayase from Yotsuba
Gigi Alfano
Gigi Alfano - 4 days ago
Ben Beef
Ben Beef - 4 days ago
I wish I could take the cat bus instead of a normal bus 🚌 🐱 🚌
Jeanne Pixel
Jeanne Pixel - 4 days ago
I did that, too, as a kiddo
Kiwi Yoongi Kookie
Kiwi Yoongi Kookie - 4 days ago
"One bad year" hmmmmmmm what about George and his friends?
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie - 5 days ago
When I was 5 I went to vbs in a purple sparkly princess dress and proposed to my 19 year old class leader.... and he’s a youth pastor at my church now.so that’s fun
Rogelio Ruiz
Rogelio Ruiz - 5 days ago
I'm a 2000s kid I watched all those 90s shows
Todoroki_kun - 5 days ago
nexxy nene
nexxy nene - 5 days ago
my hero academia is a bomb
Nicolas Keimig
Nicolas Keimig - 5 days ago
Happy with P.O. boxes, like actual post office buildings better. ;)
Greeny314 - 5 days ago
E:I ride a pink unicorn
Me:kid your dreams are wrong there's no such thing as unicorns
E:but can I atleast draw sailor moon
Me:*goes back to desk searching for what sailor moon is* wtf what are your parents letting watch this
Me: *looks around* damn this dope
If I were a teacher this is me
Stormi Morris
Stormi Morris - 6 days ago
My hero is great
Waffles Death
Waffles Death - 6 days ago
sees the totoro cat bus

* screechs *
Nightshine 365
Nightshine 365 - 6 days ago
The Amaazing is one of ur patrons
CrazyGachagirl Games
CrazyGachagirl Games - 7 days ago
Does anyone else think that the guy looks like baldy?
Bianca Ticciati
Bianca Ticciati - 7 days ago
My favorite video in the whole world of YouTube!!
Phoenix Entertains
Phoenix Entertains - 7 days ago
Its like all your videos are sponsered by vrv
Kennedy Bolton
Kennedy Bolton - 7 days ago
When I was In kindergarten (I call it a nursery because I’m a British bish) I broke my leg trying to impress my crush.
Walker 16170
Walker 16170 - 8 days ago
Tobias Cormier
Tobias Cormier - 8 days ago
Lol this was so funny. You guys being extra goofy made it way better
I'll eat Cake
I'll eat Cake - 8 days ago
TIM TOM GOT EXSPOSED HAHHA HA Ha HA HA HELP ME**can not breath then dies**
Little Artist
Little Artist - 8 days ago
I had journal time but I asked my teacher(because I love drawing)Can we draw pictures? My teacher said yes and I was like YASS I CAN DRAW ANIME 🤣(I was also obsessed with sailor moon now i’m like how did I like this?
Chloe Shannon
Chloe Shannon - 8 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks her teacher looks like bakugou's mom
minaclan - 8 days ago
The teacher kind of reminds me of Haruhi. Idk why.
penguin Galaxy person
penguin Galaxy person - 8 days ago
I had the notebook prompts too in kinder and one day we were supposed to draw ourselves as a teacher but I was like NOPE! And drew Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mercury because for some reason I was into Sailor Moon then (I was four around the time and it was like 2013 or something and no one else was into to it then)
AnimeGachaGal 21
AnimeGachaGal 21 - 9 days ago
Lol I loved sailor moon when I was sooo little XD
Tigre Sliger0
Tigre Sliger0 - 9 days ago
my friend loves my hero academia
lilli tomana
lilli tomana - 9 days ago
Omg 😲 MAN I'm totally subscribing ☺
1000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
I'm a rebel at home. My mom said I had to go to sleep at 8:00, I went to sleep at 8:02.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope - 9 days ago
Sailor was moon dope
Nope Nope
Nope Nope - 10 days ago
2:50 dat face tho
Haku - 10 days ago
My neighbor totoro at 1:37
bnha_broccoli_girl Petgirl
Silver Pearl 150 star
Silver Pearl 150 star - 10 days ago
Was I alive in the 90s? NO. I don't know why teachers do that instead of helping the kid understand (like they're supposed to) they just hate that kid. I think they do this because maybe that is not actually what they wanted their job to be or they just don't enjoy it. Really that person might be really nice they just don't like their job or whatever. So find a job that you actually like.
jbcm Ria
jbcm Ria - 10 days ago
In 7:15, i saw the show My Hero Academia and i freaked out because i was a fan of that show.
I was even addicted to it. I LOVE IT. I WATCH IT ON T.V. ON THE TIME OF 7:30 PM AND GUESS WHAT. THE WEEK OF TODAY IS NOTHING BUT THE SHOW WAS 'In Search of The Lost future'.
The characters i (just) know:
1. Midoriya Izuku
2. Uraraka Ochaco
3. Bakugou Katsuki
4. Todoroki Shouto
5. Mineta Minoru
6. Denki Kaminari
7. Aizawa Shouta
(And many more :) )
Jayleen Crespo
Jayleen Crespo - 10 days ago
Preschool - 1st garde I was a rebel and now I'm in 6th grade and I'm a teachers pet
Isaac Nilsson
Isaac Nilsson - 11 days ago
I have that exact type of composition book for my drawing book!
QueenTube Kawai
QueenTube Kawai - 11 days ago
This is me watching this video

Me at de beginning:I already am shipping
Me at the end:YUP DAY FLIRTING
Isabel Burtis
Isabel Burtis - 11 days ago
The Jabberwocky
The Jabberwocky - 11 days ago
**takes a swig**
That idiot lost her notebook and hasn’t been able to find it since...
Like my soul
**takes a swig**
Cat Lover
Cat Lover - 11 days ago
Traleb Anixter
Traleb Anixter - 11 days ago
Can someone please tell me what mysic was at the end of the video. I know its probably royalty free music but its hard to find and i keep hearing it everywhere
Micael Veiga
Micael Veiga - 11 days ago
Plus did you edit in the sailor moon?
Sara Mohr
Sara Mohr - 11 days ago
My class does journal promtps as well but there harder.
noo. bay
noo. bay - 11 days ago
I use to draw a lot of entei when I was five
noo. bay
noo. bay - 11 days ago
Just put a h somewhere around there
Micael Veiga
Micael Veiga - 12 days ago
How are you so good at drawing like your better than my sister
Audrey Belle
Audrey Belle - 12 days ago
I didn't say anything but yeah you guys prop love sailor Moon
Alex The Lone Anim3 Alpha
0:03 Doesn't VRV nearly sponsors every single video that you make, Emily?
Floofy Ghost
Floofy Ghost - 13 days ago
"I ride my pink unicorn to school!"
Teacher: "N-no you don't" ;H;
Nicole Da Bunny
Nicole Da Bunny - 13 days ago
What if the teacher knew that she took the notebook?
Erin Gintz
Erin Gintz - 13 days ago
PLZ make a collab with JAIDEN ANIMATION
kpop lover
kpop lover - 13 days ago
Why does the teacher look like haruhi
Abby Hanson
Abby Hanson - 13 days ago
Izuku is mine gir1.I have a proplom with my hero acadamia
dourabbawinner - 13 days ago
The oldest bracket of kids born in the 90's will be 30 in 2020. I'm going to be honest. As a kid I never imagined I'd be nearly 30. Not like I thought I'd be dead by now, no, just that me being that age just didn't seem possible to me. I do recall thinking about it once on the bus to school and realizing in the year 2020 I'd be 30 and I remember my chest getting tight and hyperventilating a little bit.
Sparkle Gacha
Sparkle Gacha - 13 days ago
The teacher could've just give her a piece of paper an draw
Kaitlyn Savage
Kaitlyn Savage - 13 days ago
Were do u keep your pink unicorn emily
some guy
some guy - 13 days ago
6:15 this sounds like John Mulaney so much
Forest Guardian
Forest Guardian - 13 days ago
Hey Emily Are you Up to date on fairy tail final season? It's pretty damn good so far
Lily Beatenbough
Lily Beatenbough - 14 days ago
You should watch “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” if you haven’t already!
Baby Owls526
Baby Owls526 - 14 days ago
Your kindergarten is like my kindergarten lol
Luinatic •w•
Luinatic •w• - 14 days ago
It’s truly the best
SuggieOwl Gamez
SuggieOwl Gamez - 14 days ago
*Light is still into sailor moon*
panda but
panda but - 14 days ago
Ur bro is funny or whoevee it is but hes funny
Judy Chen
Judy Chen - 14 days ago
Have you watched the anime called kindergarten
Mariko Forgan
Mariko Forgan - 14 days ago
Karen Duran
Karen Duran - 14 days ago
i drawed like mario and splatoon characters in my childhood
PS Dragnea
PS Dragnea - 14 days ago
Hit or miss
Bob Bobbo
Bob Bobbo - 14 days ago
I swear to god VRV always sponsors you
Freya-rose Flood
Freya-rose Flood - 14 days ago
Salor Timothy
EonShuriken - 15 days ago
Teacher: *Goes to bar* GIVE ME A MARTINI.
Emma Kenny-Mallari
Emma Kenny-Mallari - 15 days ago
yeah, I can't really watch the rest of this until I watch a few episodes of sailor moon (I'm at 4:18) imma watch some sailor moon incase of spoilers. srry
ZEOX - 15 days ago
i still dont get why kindergarten is an english word tho
Suny Suncake
Suny Suncake - 15 days ago
I never really had a very big imagination till i was in like um.... 3rd or 4th grade (i still kinda dont)
Mikey T
Mikey T - 15 days ago
I was eating egg rolls when I was watching this
Cute Kwaii BonBon
Cute Kwaii BonBon - 15 days ago
1:39 totoro fans were u at
Ninja_potato2 - 15 days ago
I remember when i was 5, my kindergarten teacher told us to draw. I drew a green and pink dog and she asked me WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN A PINK DOG? And I said umm right here. And she hated me for the rest of the year.😂
Sam Je
Sam Je - 15 days ago
My brother always tell me that my Hero academia is the best but for me
... Itu don't really like it but i just wacht it
Hiratsu Okasu
Hiratsu Okasu - 15 days ago
pleasu watchu Bulood C It's a animu with bluud (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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