I Was (Sort Of) A Kindergarten Rebel Ft. TimTom

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TimTom - 3 months ago
I trusted you. >:0
Inkie Pinkie 2
Inkie Pinkie 2 - 3 days ago
I’m the last reply I think hahaa
Levi Ancker
Levi Ancker - 20 days ago
togo Toruga
togo Toruga - 27 days ago
NTunicorns anmations and more
Bahahaha jk I love it too and I'm still a kid
Alejandra Santiago
Alejandra Santiago - Month ago
TimTom poor you
DragonRiders Life
DragonRiders Life - 9 hours ago
Hey TimTom
The Red Panda :3
The Red Panda :3 - 11 hours ago
Honestly, I was one of those kids who just spaced out in the middle of class.
Zulma Sanchez
Zulma Sanchez - 11 hours ago
Unxiorns are real
Riley O'Neal
Riley O'Neal - 12 hours ago
I’ve been a rebel sense kindergarten
Roan Leigh Perez
Roan Leigh Perez - 14 hours ago
0:08 is that balddyyyyyy?
gennybean ¿
gennybean ¿ - 17 hours ago
This reminds me when I was in kindergarten lmao, I started drawing a star-shaped wishing well and a big mansion and a fountain with unicorns and rainbows for fun during class, then one of my friends came up to me and was like "wowww, that's your place?" So then, long story short:
I am rich,
I have a singing bee
I have a mansion with golden window frames and doors,
A rainbow unicorn that acts like a bodyguard
And last but not least,
A star-shaped wishing well that I apparently got "stuck" in once and ended up in a parallel universe.
Thomas Whitfield
Thomas Whitfield - 17 hours ago
Alex Undertale oc
Alex Undertale oc - 21 hour ago
5 or old emi: MY KOKORO IS BROKORO
Lookatmyfaceyouwillloveittobadmynameissoshort D: M
"How do you come to school in the morning?"
I come to school anxious and expecting literal hell from every student in my class room.
Hunter Viers
Hunter Viers - Day ago
Hunter Viers
Hunter Viers - Day ago
As you being a teacher are you ever scared of someone shooting up the school?
Lunar Stars
Lunar Stars - Day ago
How do you even remember things so much????
Megan Dudley
Megan Dudley - Day ago
We had to write a poem about a tree in first grade and I wrote a really disturbing one (for a six year old) about owls and nighttime.
Koz - Day ago
I did exactly that in kindergarten which school did you go to!
Enrique Herrera
Enrique Herrera - Day ago
Omg I was a total brat in kindergarten, too!
Ok so, I had long nails. So after lunch we had free time and I had a friend for some reason he would always mess with me and he told me "oooooo! You have a boyfriend!'' and I was like "STOP!" So we were fighting until I was like "screw this." And I scratched him.
And I already knew I was in trouble so I went to a table in a corner and just put me head down.
The end!
Julie Adams
Julie Adams - Day ago
I am 7 years old, and i am a bada**
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera - Day ago
Yo why your teacher so sweaty about this journal though? 😂
INCREDA BAD - 2 days ago
Yes i was alive in the 90's best 2 years of my life🙄😤 #only90'skidswillunderstand
Flower boi Pinepelt
Flower boi Pinepelt - 2 days ago
I was today years old when I found out aot season 3 is out. I thought I was waiting for season 2 still??? Then again I watched season 1 4 years ago lol
Marie Nicole Coleus
Marie Nicole Coleus - 2 days ago
Nope I wasn't
LazyNatalie Owo
LazyNatalie Owo - 2 days ago
i think ur teacher was mad at u cuz u didnt told her where u keep the pink unicorn HMMMMM ?? XD
Pañ - 2 days ago
Omg gurl i get u My hero academia is da besst!!!!!
Felix33x Felix33x
Felix33x Felix33x - 2 days ago
Oh OK,just steal or words-no problem. Kindergarten-makes totally sense in English
I'm Grace!!!
I'm Grace!!! - 3 days ago
Lol I wasn't
Mc Woof
Mc Woof - 3 days ago
you had to be a *rebel* to sit on the teachers chair without him/her noticing >:3

I LOVE YOU BTW (you and Tim) 💕
Princess Mia
Princess Mia - 3 days ago
im 7ish and i can draw as good as u ; - ; . . .
Ember Draws
Ember Draws - 3 days ago
i wak with mom to scool
Sqkr_ XSilas
Sqkr_ XSilas - 3 days ago
Yes I was alive In the 90s I was born 1999 on December 30 on 11:59am
Super Ayaan
Super Ayaan - 3 days ago
Really! So you were a kindergarten redbull
francis R
francis R - 3 days ago
she should of drawn the magic school bus 🚌
Jocelynnn M
Jocelynnn M - 3 days ago
dangg she salty (her teacher)
[Heyyy_Sae ]
[Heyyy_Sae ] - 3 days ago
Omg I had one of those notebooks in second grade!
mandarin125 - 3 days ago
Tonari no totoro
Xxgacha gurl Aisha Xx
Xxgacha gurl Aisha Xx - 3 days ago
Sailor moon fans unite!!
Tell me if your a sub or a dub person
pet lover 101
pet lover 101 - 3 days ago
Sarah Yeppez
Sarah Yeppez - 4 days ago
no. i like my drawing! i take my pink unicorn 2 school!😂
lacey noll
lacey noll - 4 days ago
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows
Rebel_Coby - 4 days ago
my friend is 12 and he still likes sailor moon lel
diabolik wolfy_chan
diabolik wolfy_chan - 4 days ago
Sailer moon is dope
Emily Sweeney
Emily Sweeney - 4 days ago
0o0 my name is Emily
Char Fare
Char Fare - 4 days ago
Wow tim you look like my weird friends dad when this shows you in a salor moon clothes
Ex0gamer 2008
Ex0gamer 2008 - 4 days ago
itsRaining Cuties
itsRaining Cuties - 4 days ago
7:13 aaand that’s another sub for you.

Omg I just realized you and Shgurr *my 2 fav animators* watch My Hero Academia, so that was noice 👌👌👌
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla - 4 days ago
1:06 the page says: "I've completely destroyed my sleeping schedule and i'm unhappy with my art pls send help"
Madame cookiecake
Madame cookiecake - 4 days ago
Tim looks like baldi
Isela Benitez
Isela Benitez - 5 days ago
You know you can just erase the drawing
Sniper Plays
Sniper Plays - 5 days ago
I love your drawings, Emirichu hopefully I can become like uuuuuu OwO
MeFailsALot Reed
MeFailsALot Reed - 5 days ago
“We need to talk......WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR PINK UNICORN?????
Hobonuut Plays
Hobonuut Plays - 5 days ago
Janiah Rodriguez
Janiah Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Wow Emirichu you are just like me
Eve's world
Eve's world - 5 days ago
I love teen Titans and catdog those where my favorite when I was a child but they stopped airing when I was like 6
Alice Guo
Alice Guo - 5 days ago
Basïc_Shädows :p
Basïc_Shädows :p - 5 days ago
lol every time I draw on my old sketch book I always draw like transformation girls lol
Gacha Lover27
Gacha Lover27 - 5 days ago
It'sViviPenguino - 5 days ago
The gameing girl Albanese
Tofu The Bunny
Tofu The Bunny - 6 days ago
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - 6 days ago
"I've completely destroyed my sleeping schedule and I'm unhappy with my art pls send help" 😂😂😂😂
Sign/Sheldon the General Fangirl
“I’ve completely destroyed my sleeping schedule and I’m unhappy with my art pls send help”
Cee M
Cee M - 6 days ago
If you don’t wanna ride a school bus.....

Sonya Macovei
Sonya Macovei - 6 days ago
Who else though that in ten thumbnail Tim Tom was baldi no one just me okay
JINCYJ - 6 days ago
Princess sama ka?
Dinosaur Sudio
Dinosaur Sudio - 6 days ago
Evangelina Teh Queen
Evangelina Teh Queen - 6 days ago
5:37 I don’t get paid enough to deal with you children
waffle chan
waffle chan - 6 days ago
Your so me!!! But i got in trouble poor me for drawing
Mine babies
Mine babies - 6 days ago
Who else checked that there were 12 pictures of a bus?
AliciaOnGacha Nya!
AliciaOnGacha Nya! - 6 days ago
I into sailor moon to
Derpy Dino
Derpy Dino - 6 days ago
SnowyHollow AJ
SnowyHollow AJ - 6 days ago
1:38 I Know where you got that from (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Mila Valenzuela
Mila Valenzuela - 6 days ago
Sailor moon was
komodoking175 - 6 days ago
How’d you get the jolly green giant to guest star?! He’s amazing!
Arwa Okite
Arwa Okite - 6 days ago
I have like 1 friend . School sucks (for me anyway)
Arwa Okite
Arwa Okite - 6 days ago
It so good at drawing! ( I feel so stupid saying th at because it's obvious)
Carrotbunny454 bunny
Carrotbunny454 bunny - 6 days ago
I recall back in Kindergarten I had this school journal, and it was greenish-Bluish? I also had this diary that was around the same color (I think ;-;) and everyday we took that journal home and wrote a story in it, then one kid would always be picked to read out loud, so I went home did ma' thing and took it to school, little did 5 year old me know that I took my Diary instead of my journal, and OF COURSE Of all days, I was picked to read. I can't live this down ;-;.
kriptic gaming
kriptic gaming - 6 days ago
One of sultan sketches videos title is falling in love with my best friend ft emirichu is that a coincidence??? PS I don’t know how to spell lol
Riley Lucky
Riley Lucky - 6 days ago
My hero acadamia is the best
Gacha Coaster
Gacha Coaster - 6 days ago
You call that a rebel. At kindergarten I refused to sleep and slithered around like a snake and drew on the floor with... *Broken Crayons*
JasonTheFurry - 6 days ago
I was also kind of a rebel. Like I got sent to the principals office sooooo much it was insane. Though I wish I was rebellious by drawing. Cause that would mean I would be good at drawing
K. C Rose bisexual
K. C Rose bisexual - 7 days ago
Psssst*pulls a sailor moon outfit out of her coat* tell me more or I release photos XD
•Kesha Animations•
•Kesha Animations• - 7 days ago
*that moment when you wanna watch bnha on vrv but its not available in your region.*
Marmeow Kitty
Marmeow Kitty - 7 days ago
omg the cat bus
Corinne B
Corinne B - 7 days ago
CATBUSSS!!!! Totoro
Maqaroon Weirdo
Maqaroon Weirdo - 7 days ago
We had journal prompts too but our teacher would make us write definitions too! It was hard for us 5 year old rebels and we would just complain lol.
Andrew Friday
Andrew Friday - 7 days ago
I was also into sailor moon. She says she never runs from a real fight. Runs from every fight
SpaceNoob Playz
SpaceNoob Playz - 7 days ago
Who doesn't like sailor moon
Cya L8r Alig8r
Cya L8r Alig8r - 7 days ago
Cya L8r Alig8r
Cya L8r Alig8r - 7 days ago
I’m like NO
ABDX Official
ABDX Official - 7 days ago
2:11 Oh ma gaw I just spit out my water XD lel!!!!
LauraMelle1995 - 7 days ago
This was all so funny, but I especially love the bit with the teacher complaining drinking alcohol 😂😂😂 that was hilarious
Vanilla Nilla
Vanilla Nilla - 7 days ago
1:40 totoro cat bus OwO
LPS love#1
LPS love#1 - 7 days ago
I love sailor moon
Beak Life
Beak Life - 7 days ago
TimTom:Sailor moon was dope

what the frig it was so much more than that +-+
wolf ex
wolf ex - 7 days ago
Mha is the best
septic sans
septic sans - 7 days ago
ps WATCH LOVE LIVE... n-nico nico please
septic sans
septic sans - 7 days ago
5 year old you looks like nico yazawa aka nico nico me
Ethitlan - 7 days ago
PS: I cried when s3 of My Hero Academia ended. Like if u love the anime.
c h i m m y
c h i m m y - 7 days ago
I farted in class in kindergarten and my teacher asked who farted and I didn’t tell her and the class went crazy 🤟
Lps Endless Light
Lps Endless Light - 7 days ago
But it’s true I do love unicorns they are my spirit animal!😃 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Lps Endless Light
Lps Endless Light - 7 days ago
Oh my goodness I sound so creepy 😐🤦‍♀️
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