Who has the Best PC at LTT??

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Anirudh Sharma
Anirudh Sharma - 9 hours ago
he has a cat. virgin for sure
Anirudh Sharma
Anirudh Sharma - 9 hours ago
2nd contender looks virgin asf
Anirudh Vijayaraman
Anirudh Vijayaraman - 16 hours ago
K, Warehouse manager man becomes one of my favourite LTT crew members, just because he plays civ, but that's an amazing rig tho.
leumgui - 17 hours ago
I’m glad to see that my PC is better than everey PC in this video
Lucas Bekele
Lucas Bekele - 21 hour ago
Is there a kid on xbox u recon
dr jay
dr jay - Day ago
like I would ever let my boss in my house. you all need to up your game and excuses. yeah, I know its manchild linus but the boss is a boss .only joking linus if you was my boss I would deffo let you in my house.
DirtyJokerz - Day ago
That 2nd guy needs to clean his stuff lmao that's gross.
Saim Muddassir
Saim Muddassir - Day ago
Linus never touch a single sock under a mans bead they're called cum socks do a reason
Aaron Ptak
Aaron Ptak - Day ago
Is that a VG248QE with the atrocious viewing angle?
noder mark
noder mark - Day ago
Adeptus mechanicus army. Good choice
FMO Nemesis
FMO Nemesis - Day ago
Tyler: 6:29
Also Tyler: 8:16
Anders Carlson
Anders Carlson - Day ago
So is it jakes moms house or not
Salted - Day ago
9:49 That is one fluffy cat.
Amir baloch
Amir baloch - Day ago
Ruglef - Day ago
I think we know why there’s a sock under the bed
Andrea Retherford
Andrea Retherford - Day ago
Tyler looks a little dead inside.
Jakob Hall
Jakob Hall - Day ago
Do this again but give them a completely better setup and clean it up and bring them in a week later and show them
Queen Silian
Queen Silian - Day ago
Linus can be a brat but it's always funny when he gets it back
Para Digm
Para Digm - Day ago
I have that exact same Saitek keyboard as Tyler, have had it since like 2005.. mines dirty as shit too
T - Day ago
Lmao the first kid living with his mom, balling out owning an M3 likely from that decal before a 4 monitor setup with awesome specs. Kid should work on getting out of mommys house if he has that budget. Can't believe hes not embarrassed to have this online for millions to see.
slugger - 2 days ago
7:49 oh my lord that is one icky mouse...I have the same one and its never got that dirty
Ahmed Halat
Ahmed Halat - 2 days ago
Wheres the video of painting Tyler's Home
Mitchell Boynton
Mitchell Boynton - 2 days ago
i was thinking in my head the entire time of watching this video:
"his house is probably messier with his children and pets"
DEUS EST MORTUUS - 2 days ago
Honestly, Linus has to be the coolest boss on the face of the Earth...
Linus, hire me and I’ll be bitch boy around the office. Not joking. Will work for minimum wage and will fly out from Ottawa to BC.
Shane Jabbari
Shane Jabbari - 2 days ago
OK YT algorithm, finally gonna watch it for u.🤦‍♂️
Obrad Mirkovic
Obrad Mirkovic - 2 days ago
CrayzRoo - 3 days ago
R.I.P my PC, I have a core i5 9400f, GeForce 1660Ti, 8Gb of ddr4 ram (1 stick), 512Gb of SSD and no I have no hard drives.....my hope is that you'll see this and ill one day be able to build a better computer with you and be able to meet you. but my dad will have to come because I'm only 16
clockwork orange
clockwork orange - 3 days ago
short story/manifesto tomato/tomato lol
Vercetti - 3 days ago
16:40 my general mood
xKarroll3Y - 3 days ago
4:02 The feeling when you still use this as your main monitor (︶︿︶)
jono biyo
jono biyo - 3 days ago
At 11:17 I thought Linus was talking to me, coz my name's also Jono. Ahahahah.. Btw, is Jono also Filipino?
jono biyo
jono biyo - 2 days ago
@bruNO so am i! Whoa!
bruNO - 2 days ago
yeah he is
Thomas Dell
Thomas Dell - 3 days ago
'one of those ps3's is running linux' what the fuck lol
TheSilentOreo2 - 3 days ago
"the viewing angle's so bad that i thought you had a privacy filter"
Mikal Caober
Mikal Caober - 4 days ago
10:07 "I believe it is a little spirit animal"
Linus: "You don't know what it is!"
- holds up a cat - "I thought it was a goat"
Carlo Jef Castro
Carlo Jef Castro - 4 days ago
sr aqua ッ
sr aqua ッ - 4 days ago
hmm i wonder what that sock is used for...
Rewtyuik - 5 days ago
is it just impossible to find a Lian-Li desk now?
Penrose - 5 days ago
All of this is so clishee
Alex Shikhanovich
Alex Shikhanovich - 5 days ago
I knew i was gonna find something stolen- *camera focuses on cat*
ColdShoulder - 5 days ago
Where did tyler get the human hair 😰
Devin Droddy
Devin Droddy - 5 days ago
2:22 I don't know if he understands the concept of connecting multiple devices to one dongle.
or maybe the dongle Logitech g uses isn't anything like unifying receiver. idfk
Xplicid - 5 days ago
Tyler has the face of “just fuckoff. Yesterday.”
Artix Synonyms
Artix Synonyms - 5 days ago
Bro he has a better pc than me and you call his bad I’m offended.
Devon Bauman
Devon Bauman - 5 days ago
5:59 Linus found his "secret sock"
laxinthe303 - 5 days ago
Linus touched my mans jizz sock.
GeoDozerGuy - 5 days ago
AtomTheReactive - 5 days ago
Part 2?
I D K - 6 days ago
What is that dog? Like the race
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 6 days ago
**Has an expensive 4k tv**
**Plays a 900p console in the tv**
WynWyn - 6 days ago
Me : *looks at my pc*
Pc: I can play minesweeper? maybe?
Me: *hugs pc*
DarkDimensionZ - 6 days ago
Mando Calrissian
Mando Calrissian - 6 days ago
i got a linus ad before this lol
Taag Taag
Taag Taag - 6 days ago
hold up THERES A TABLE-CASE? wow.
Itz Vibez
Itz Vibez - 6 days ago
My cats have the same cat tou
Itz Vibez
Itz Vibez - 6 days ago
whyjordie - 6 days ago
Why didn’t we get to see Linus’ setup??
Peter Koinzell
Peter Koinzell - 6 days ago
I thought they were gunna have monster pcs. i7? gtfo
PaladinReviews - 6 days ago
I love that thumbnail soo much idk y
Rat_ Salt
Rat_ Salt - 6 days ago
The moomin valley pictures!
Abdulwahab Jag
Abdulwahab Jag - 5 days ago
Rat_ Salt Okay then. Have a great day
Rat_ Salt
Rat_ Salt - 5 days ago
@Abdulwahab Jag Honestly I got no clue lol
Abdulwahab Jag
Abdulwahab Jag - 6 days ago
Jojo sucks in my opinion. Why do you like it? Please tell me. You might change my mind. And remain civil.
Eli Wark
Eli Wark - 7 days ago
5:50, Linus straight up pulled his but sock out from under the bed
Gamer 999
Gamer 999 - 7 days ago
i have an i9
Derek Eden
Derek Eden - 7 days ago
for a nerd, guy's kind of a prick to everyone...youtube fame went to his head eh
bicunisa - 7 days ago
Back when receiving an Intel was... exciting?
lýrics guy
lýrics guy - 7 days ago
No one
Linus employee : i bought this from work
Abdulwahab Jag
Abdulwahab Jag - 6 days ago
I don’t like this meme format
Phoenix - 7 days ago
on 1:45 and imagine the editor leaks the account
Charley Mullins
Charley Mullins - 7 days ago
5:50 Jizz sock
Trevor Marmalade
Trevor Marmalade - 7 days ago
Linus: Picks Up 'The Happy Sock'
Also Linus: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ADIL GAMING - 7 days ago
Who has a low end pc
BeaverG - 7 days ago
Literally NUNAVUT
Crafterzman - 8 days ago
he did not even point out the Calvin and Hobbes Complete collection books
AC-2-Shoes - 8 days ago
Linus turned into Hank Hill for like a second at the beginning
TyneEditing - 8 days ago
5:48 I thought Linus just found his secret sock then
Classis - 8 days ago
That "But because he has new puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" was like
boris sukoi
boris sukoi - 8 days ago
miniatures that arent warhammer are wack lol
Rubens Mateus
Rubens Mateus - 8 days ago
You guys that live in USA please tell me... would you pay 30 bucks in a WATER BOTTLE???? (14:02)
R Umlas
R Umlas - 9 days ago
Buahahaha seen these back in the day but now seeing it again in my recommended vids. Totally missed the turtleshoe the first time. lol
Mechanical Gamer
Mechanical Gamer - 9 days ago
At 14 41 mins there's a pic can i have it
Im Cardboard
Im Cardboard - 9 days ago
Imagine being able ro afford this
Ben Kim
Ben Kim - 9 days ago
Linus dropping stuffs even outside
Rob Disco
Rob Disco - 9 days ago
LMAO pawnshop = stolen
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