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Jodi Trader
Jodi Trader - 14 minutes ago
Yes blending video PLEASE! Your the best! ♥️
Katelynn Dempsey
Katelynn Dempsey - 15 minutes ago
Welcome to the pore club😂
Andrea Arellano
Andrea Arellano - 16 minutes ago
Dude, everything worked amazing, it's just you who didn't
Lisa Shields
Lisa Shields - 31 minute ago
jenandmoAG - 31 minute ago
You need to try BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes! They are amazing!
Era Nixha
Era Nixha - 31 minute ago
you should try revolution palettes beacuse they are reeeeeally gooood
Melissa Meier
Melissa Meier - 42 minutes ago
I would love to see a blending video!
Angela Zogaria
Angela Zogaria - 43 minutes ago
Dr. Dennis gross peel pads and Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos are both great for pores 🙌🏻
Faye Joanne
Faye Joanne - 43 minutes ago
Shes been on Twitter everyday
naomi knori
naomi knori - 48 minutes ago
Andrea Fricano
Andrea Fricano - Hour ago
Itss Maryy
Itss Maryy - Hour ago
26:48 .... of course Morphe
Mandy B
Mandy B - Hour ago
Loved this video - your reviews are so informative!  Thank you xx
Ginger Communist Island
blending video would be great!!
Andrea Weir
Andrea Weir - Hour ago
The Peter Thomas Roth Irish moor mud cleanser helps with cleaning your pores
Jamie Rojas
Jamie Rojas - 2 hours ago
Lol her red ear is bugging me but side note yes the video on blending would be great!
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life - 2 hours ago
Girrrl, we always have the same taste haha I get it from u I swear.😂 I jus picked up another lash paradise the other day...it’s the best I’ve tried in awhile! I tried LUMINOSO cuz of u & it’s still my fave DS blush! Use it more than any of my expensive ones..My fave lashes in general are Ardell Faux MINK WISPIES!!! The best! Oh btw, I LOVE the wet n wild foundation! Omg it’s the best color match I’ve had for when I’m tanned! Love yaaa lots babe xoo lookin ahhhmazing hun❤️😘💋👑👑👑❤️✨💕✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Raymona Todacheenie
Raymona Todacheenie - 2 hours ago
GigiC216 - 3 hours ago
I love that little cartoon cat snarl that you make, it is sooooooooo bauuuuuute!!!!!
Laramie Miller
Laramie Miller - 3 hours ago
Please do a blending tutorial!! 😍
TheMurderShow - 3 hours ago
Your skin looks soOOOOO GOOD!!!
Друзья Friends
Друзья Friends - 3 hours ago
Dr. Pamela Chollet
Dr. Pamela Chollet - 3 hours ago
I love your face without makeup-your eyes are so clear-they are just beautiful!
Crysta Fayter
Crysta Fayter - 3 hours ago
love jaclyn but please be aware of the chemicals in the makeup she encourages all the time, and well basically most brands. For a good website to use cosdna.com and ewg.org will break them down for you. FOOD AND COSMETICS ARE THE DEATH OF US. STAY INFORMED. xoxo
Payal Bakshi
Payal Bakshi - 3 hours ago
What pencil brush does she use? Anyone please help.
Jordyn Ryleigh
Jordyn Ryleigh - 3 hours ago
Loved this video! happy you’re back💕
Aieliaria Abarca
Aieliaria Abarca - 4 hours ago
I swear I thought you were gone say “ swallow “ lol after the lip comment!
Jiggalicious27 - 4 hours ago
can you please do a video on your face skincare routine products you suggest to help with wrinkles,freckles, sun spots and to keep the face young looking. Thanks doll
Ashley Manno
Ashley Manno - 4 hours ago
I need the blending 101 video ASAP lol 😂... I was at ULTA yesterday to pick up some concealer. I heard like your name about 3 times within 15 mins of being there! Next time I go I will be picking up your palette! . Your awesome, keep your head up😘
Mat Truth
Mat Truth - 4 hours ago
Stem cells baby fetuses adrenochrome ambrosia research all these things I'll keep doing what you doing Blind
Lisa Rutter
Lisa Rutter - 4 hours ago
Please do a video on blending and cut creases🤞🙏 much love to you jacklyn!!!
Donata Laniyonu
Donata Laniyonu - 4 hours ago
I always use these lashes.
Jordan Simpson
Jordan Simpson - 5 hours ago
Ooh a blending video would be awesome!!
GlamwithTae - 5 hours ago
YES! Blending 101 please
Alexa Graham
Alexa Graham - 5 hours ago
Blending video
Kennedy B
Kennedy B - 5 hours ago
My two FAV drugstore products are The maybelline fit me matte + poreless foundation and revlon ultra hd matte lip color. Please do a blending video soon!!
Kennedy B
Kennedy B - 5 hours ago
Also the ecotools beauty blender is the best sponge!!!! It’s similar to the morphe sponge
Kelsey S
Kelsey S - 5 hours ago
14:30 Jaclyn preaching yessss
Enus Kazi
Enus Kazi - 5 hours ago
You have black hair!!!!!!!!!!💟😍
Taylor Myers
Taylor Myers - 5 hours ago
You should do a get ready with me ft your mom 😍😍
Jessica Salazar
Jessica Salazar - 5 hours ago
Hair care video pretty please 🥺
Taylor Coldwell
Taylor Coldwell - 5 hours ago
I have been watching Jaclyn from the very beginning and it makes me sad to see how far from genuine she has become :( I miss the humble, down to earth Jaclyn.
yvonne0024 - 5 hours ago
Girl I love you but you have become a little too stuck up!! Lol it's a little too much. And to be honest I'd rather see you do a Sephora hall because this isn't your vibe and you can tell it's super forced. You love high end and so then do it it's more you hun!!
Vas I.
Vas I. - 6 hours ago
Blending videooooo!!We need it
Fatima Zendejas
Fatima Zendejas - 6 hours ago
I HATE (and i can’t stress this enough) WHEN THEY HAVE FOUNDATION ON THEIR LIPS
Estaaa - 6 hours ago
Casey Lynn
Casey Lynn - 7 hours ago
Hi 💕 please film looks with the pro products...Santa gifted the good stuff🎄 After years of watching you and getting better at applying makeup...let’s get real and do current Glam! We know now what makeup to collect, you taught us well. 💄💋 I can’t seem to come up with looks but I got all the goods.... help😊
Inspiration on looks for mature skin ya know 30 plus😉 I got lots of products to use with Too faced, Kat von D, Morphe, ABH, Benefit, etc etc 🤟🏾
saharah johns
saharah johns - 7 hours ago
Yes blending video!!! I suck at blending and need all the help i can get! Like this up!
Lindsay Brooks-Shriver
Lindsay Brooks-Shriver - 7 hours ago
YAS on the blending video and any other tricks you have! As a makeup junkie, I always like hearing new tips!
JoElle Trammell
JoElle Trammell - 7 hours ago
Please do a blending a video!!!!
Andrea Stephenson
Andrea Stephenson - 7 hours ago
Yesss girl to the blending video! I just need to blend like the queen.
Morgane - 8 hours ago
yes for the blending 101 video
Nikki Scott
Nikki Scott - 8 hours ago
Yes add a blending video!!
Darby Bridges
Darby Bridges - 8 hours ago
yall so mad for no damn reason jesus
Aimee Poumirou
Aimee Poumirou - 9 hours ago
Blending 101. Nice
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann - 9 hours ago
Love that pixie highlight. One of my favorites!
ZOE RAPHAEL - 9 hours ago
girl why didn't you try ELF eyeshadows?? they are the best at the drugstore IMO. maybe try a full face of ELF! that'd be a good video to see you try!
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann - 9 hours ago
Yes! Blending 101!!! Please!!!
Lucy Bell
Lucy Bell - 10 hours ago
Why do they act like drugstore is bad like my makeup bag is mostly high end but the drugstore products I have are really good x
Danielle Mashriky
Danielle Mashriky - 10 hours ago
People have all of these expectations from their makeup because they see people’s photos on social media which are touched up and don’t look the same in real life but they expect that there makeup products make them look that way which is not realistic
Allison Clark
Allison Clark - 10 hours ago
I don’t know about anyone else but I am living for her hype! I feel like this is the real Jaclyn! She seems more relaxed & her self! I absolutely love it!
Delyshya Serafina
Delyshya Serafina - 11 hours ago
LOVEEEEEE THIS VIBE! The energy is just different here. Welcome back Jaclyn!!!!!
yeah whatever
yeah whatever - 11 hours ago
We love a hypocrite sister
Sarah-Jade Thorne
Sarah-Jade Thorne - 11 hours ago
Blending video please!
buket yalcin
buket yalcin - 12 hours ago
No girl I dont see any creases under your eyes thanks to your filter
Meas Ranysa
Meas Ranysa - 12 hours ago
Omg ! Did you say a Cambodia 🇰🇭 I’m Cambodian and I really wanted to meet you I’m 9 you inspire me so much I love you 😘❤️💕 and sorry I missed this video for a while because I’m having test and I needed to study !!! I love you
Ashleigh Dugan
Ashleigh Dugan - 12 hours ago
Would love to see the blending vid
Walaa Alhazmi
Walaa Alhazmi - 12 hours ago
Please do the 101 blending video 🙏🏻
JJ Dumaua
JJ Dumaua - 12 hours ago
Why is everyone hating on her :( she’s so cute and adorable :))
Lauren Konkiel
Lauren Konkiel - 12 hours ago
Hi Jaclyn, I still have your 1st eyeshadow palette from morphe and that is my all time favorite palette. I only use it for special occasions. 😍🥰
Hanne Hagerup
Hanne Hagerup - 12 hours ago
A good BHA (salicylic acid) is great for blackheads. Both Cosrx and Paula´s Choice do great ones. My favourite is Paula´s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA. I prefer the liquid, some prefer the gel. :) Those vacuum things or pore strips do way more damage than good!
ohheyitsmilai - 12 hours ago
Hey everyone! I am new to youtube and I would love for y'all to check me out! I have two videos uploaded and I'm trying to get to 100 subs by the end of this week!!! Please go check me out!
Christiana Guevara
Christiana Guevara - 13 hours ago
I would love for you to do a blending video
Mariana Garcia
Mariana Garcia - 14 hours ago
Yes please blending video! 😊
gabbby kins
gabbby kins - 15 hours ago
PLEASE make a blending video! I need to know all your tips and tricks 😫
sothea phal
sothea phal - 15 hours ago
you said Cm=ambodia ????? its great
Apple Tan
Apple Tan - 15 hours ago
lol everybody should calm down. it is just makeup, it is NOT THAT DEEP.
Pudy Pebbles
Pudy Pebbles - 15 hours ago
Thank you. I did comment about waiting for this. I did appreciate this video. My eyes are huge so I need to wear nude lips as to not compete? So TY for the lipsticks. Also, the baking w Set & Smooth Fit Me, (I love Buttercup on Amazon). MAIN ISSUE: for me is? I need to find a cobalt/black eyeliner, Lancome's black-lapis gives my eyes a rash. HELP?
Emily Lee
Emily Lee - 15 hours ago
Blend video would be very helpful for beginners or those who need more educational videos, like myself. So I’d love to see one (: thank you
Apple Tan
Apple Tan - 15 hours ago
please Jaclyn, I need a bleeding 101 tutorial! It would be great to learn from someone who is pro cause i suck at bleeding :(
Melissa Hardy
Melissa Hardy - 15 hours ago
Charlotte Pizarro
Charlotte Pizarro - 15 hours ago
I really love the Milani eyeshadow quality. You need to tried more eyeshadow palette from Milani bby! ❤
Sarah Riley
Sarah Riley - 15 hours ago
Blending video yes please!!! And absolutely agree and love morphe eyeshadow, barely get any drugstore or high end eyeshadow anymore. The only product I really wanna try after this video are the lashes 🤷🏼‍♀️
Simon Alkenmayer
Simon Alkenmayer - 16 hours ago
Get a clarisonic for your pores and use a charcoal based mask.
Simon Alkenmayer
Simon Alkenmayer - 16 hours ago
I've never had the Makeup revolution concealer crease. The tarte does
Kisha Pittman
Kisha Pittman - 16 hours ago
Totally loving this bubbly personality!😍 I don’t understand how everyone is so annoyed. She’s just being herself and letting her goofy side out! It’s funny and adorable! I was laughing the whole time. I mean, honestly, people. You don’t HAVE to watch her videos. There are millions of people on YouTube and you take the time out of your day just to come and be negative? Just go watch something else, it REALLY is that simple.
Lauren Pixley
Lauren Pixley - 16 hours ago
Updated skincare routine? OR better yet, affordable skincare routine?? (Neutrogena, Mario Badescu, Clean & Clear, etc.)
Ina Mi
Ina Mi - 16 hours ago
I am so bad in blending, please Jacklyn teach me ♥️
sophisticatedmess - 16 hours ago
Your natural lip colour was actually better than the lipstick you used
sahar gh
sahar gh - 16 hours ago
Damn I’m not even a fan, but y’all are so fucking rude in the comment section, like who hurt y’all. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Patti - Cake
Patti - Cake - 16 hours ago
So..... basically, you don’t like any of the drug store products as much as their Morphe counterparts. Morphe is just the best. Literally, the best out of every brand, like ever. Got it.
Felicity Faulkner
Felicity Faulkner - 16 hours ago
The makeup revolution eyeshadow palette is bomb. I love it.
LaurenCreates - 17 hours ago
No wonder the most taste disgusting. You’re not supposed to eat makeup 😂😂
Alexis Austin
Alexis Austin - 17 hours ago
Felicity Faulkner
Felicity Faulkner - 17 hours ago
Please do a blending 101! Would die for it!
elitza lozada
elitza lozada - 17 hours ago
You’re beautiful with and without makeup, omg 🌷
Tiffany Jacobs
Tiffany Jacobs - 17 hours ago
Just discovered make-up like where have I been?????
But I would love to see how to blend 101......
Sonisa Un
Sonisa Un - 17 hours ago
jaclyn! come to visit cambodia with ur brother.. well if you have time :D but im sure you will like it !! and its good to take time off traveling . love love from cambodia
Kristina - 18 hours ago
I swear by the Aztec indian healing clay mask, it's a jar of powder and you mix a small amount with 1:1 water and apple cider vinagar and it literally gets so tight that you feel like your face is going to rip off but it cleans every single pore it's worth it!! I recommend it to anyone even if you have sensitive skin!
Hannah White
Hannah White - 18 hours ago
Can you do a video on like how you take care of your teeth? They’re perfect 😭
Regina Valdez
Regina Valdez - 18 hours ago
Yes Blending Video Please!!👏🏼😀🙏🏼
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