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Victoria S.
Victoria S. - 22 hours ago
Jaclyn- *applies several layers of concealer*
-3 minutes later-
Jaclyn- omg, it’s creasing!
Love her 😂
Jennifer Ludwig
Jennifer Ludwig - 2 days ago
Dont feel bad about hating a product bc EVERYYYYBODYYYY HATES YOUR LIPSTICK!!!
Jennifer Ludwig
Jennifer Ludwig - 2 days ago
The kickback in that eyeshadow isn't nearly as bad as your lipsticks😘
Jennifer Ludwig
Jennifer Ludwig - 2 days ago
How can anyone listen to this motor mouth for 30mins¬ need a Xanax after???😒
Letty Espinoza
Letty Espinoza - 2 days ago
Am I the only one that think she TALK TO MUCH!
Emily Barton
Emily Barton - 5 days ago
So beautiful 💗
Mema M3too8
Mema M3too8 - 6 days ago
Where are you girrrrrrrlllll!!!! I MISS YOUUUUU
Dominika Mokošová
Dominika Mokošová - 8 days ago
This is one sad, saaaad person
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott - 14 days ago
Girrrllll make a comeback! We know you can!! Just come back and be 100% transparent, so the haters can choke on their haterade. Just do it girl❤️I miss you!
Bbajj Jsuhsj
Bbajj Jsuhsj - 21 day ago
You’re not suppose to drink the spray
Kifter - 28 days ago
Fucking caked in makeup
Iqra Atif
Iqra Atif - 29 days ago
Maybeline products looks nice on u
U look superb
Harneet Binning
Harneet Binning - Month ago
you look sooo pretty!!
hthompson2001 - Month ago
Glam glow
Ybn Nahmir is da Best
Ybn Nahmir is da Best - Month ago
How much ear rings girl but it looks cute on you
Kenna Bynum
Kenna Bynum - Month ago
You can also use a face scrub. Preferably the FRESH SOY FACE SCRUB or the FRESH SUGAR FACE POLISH
morgan butler
morgan butler - Month ago
Burt’s bees pore scrub !!!! It’s soooo good 💗
Kaylie Kirk
Kaylie Kirk - Month ago
Rhinoplasty was honestly the best thing I’ve done. Didn’t even bruise and only took like 1 pain pill. Almost no pain girl!
Sophia Gabrielle
Sophia Gabrielle - Month ago
Her face is fucked up
Lotte Ritude
Lotte Ritude - Month ago
Kids! Don't do drugs!!!
Annie B.
Annie B. - Month ago
OMG, I have gay teddy bears too...no joke!! ❤️❤️
Arleth Jurado
Arleth Jurado - Month ago
People without acne talk about how much coverage foundations have but what are you tryna cover like are you tryna cover your perfections
Kassie Torres
Kassie Torres - Month ago
'i dont like complaining!'

*proceeds to complain throughout 90% of the video*
Abby Keller
Abby Keller - Month ago
I think people expect so much because of how expensive it can be.
Beatriz Ciancone
Beatriz Ciancone - Month ago
Ive had huge pores since I was a flipping teenager Fn genetics but let me tell you what helps I use a cucumber mask only in the areas where the pores are massive I use witch hazel as an astringent and I use real aloe from my aloe plant as my serum and it works miracles on my Shnoz for reals.
Natalie Hawthorne
Natalie Hawthorne - Month ago
*i love u in sweatpants*
lunagirl9898 - Month ago
Just found your videos... so fun! I subscribed and am looking forward to watching more :)
Makeupby_Bia - Month ago
Makeup revolution blush highlighter palette is amazing, their highlighter is most amazing
Makeupby_Bia - Month ago
My fav eye shadow is morphee
Makeupby_Bia - Month ago
OMG HER LIP colore is awesome i wudnt wear lipstick if i had colore to my lips
Makeupby_Bia - Month ago
Makeup revolution is great
Princessxthao - Month ago
The eyeshadows from nyx are really good tho 🤷🏻‍♀️
KaseyLynn Demarinis
KaseyLynn Demarinis - Month ago
🙏🏻I need a Blending 101 video pleaseee Jaclyn!🙏🏻
Megan Scime
Megan Scime - Month ago
I'm late but would LOVE a blending video, I am pretty good but can always listen to new tips
Ava Ramirez
Ava Ramirez - Month ago
Bob and Fred true gay icons 👏🏼
Kelby Kinkade
Kelby Kinkade - Month ago
Nobody: silent
Me: reaches for my grandmas cat...
The cat: 6:29
You will thank me later...
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson - 9 days ago
I couldn’t stop laughing when she did that random shit 🤣🤣🤣
why me
why me - Month ago
i'm so dead😂
Amelia -
Amelia - - Month ago
So many imaginary things
Madeleine Pyne
Madeleine Pyne - Month ago
Biore nose strips work so well
Ya you don’t understand the struggle of working with drug store makeup on a daily basis it’s easier for you because you have that good high end that don’t do all that shit.
Katilin Howard
Katilin Howard - Month ago
Omgg! Me and my best friend had same names with Bob and Fred but it would be her drawings. 😂😂
Savannah’s Vlogs
Savannah’s Vlogs - Month ago
6:28 had me dead😂
Beth Braun
Beth Braun - Month ago
No joke the absolute best shit I’ve ever used for my nose pores. Overnight results.
Cathy Nichols
Cathy Nichols - Month ago
Concealer. Try Jefree Star's new one. Love it Great things a happenin' all over the "Concealer World"🌎
Sabrina Cecilia
Sabrina Cecilia - Month ago
I’m literally cracked up out loud at 6:22
Sabrina Cecilia
Sabrina Cecilia - Month ago
She’s too funny 😂
Greta Hunt
Greta Hunt - Month ago
I'm a broke ass bitch and can't afford much and I don't like to support brands like Maybelline and L'Oréal as they refuse to go cruelty free and personally I've never been impressed with the little I've used from them. So anyways, I buy stuff from Sleek makeup, (I should add that I live in UK at the mo) and Makeup Revolution plus any other brands that are CF, preferably vegan and has a cheap price tag. Sleek eyeshadows are bomb, so creamy that they could be mistaken for cream shadows. And I quite like MR, I have the palette that Jaclyn was using and like 5 other ones in the same format. I never expected much from them bc they were so cheap and therefore was pleasantly surprised by them. I love the colours and basically I like them overall, I reach for them a lot.
But when you use higher end quality makeup like Jaclyn does, I can see how they would compare terribly to what she's used to. Morphe recently became available in UK so maybe some day soon I'll be able to get the JH pallette, it does look bomb!
Brooke Faye
Brooke Faye - Month ago
Alotta Fachyna
Alotta Fachyna - Month ago
Drop dead fred? 😂😂😂
Megan Gilhooly
Megan Gilhooly - Month ago
Pore Jaclyn.... Waits for laughter. I too have pore problems I found that using a chemical exfoliant (I used Sunday Riley lactic acid) cleaned them and helped close some up. Good luck on your nose journey mine has been rough... literally.
Anya Hintz
Anya Hintz - Month ago
I want your eyes. Your eyes are sooooo pretty
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