Joe Rogan Experience #1227 - Mike Tyson

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Steve Madrid
Steve Madrid - 12 hours ago
27:49 Fear
Skankhunt42 - 13 hours ago
The face tattoo has aged well. It’s awesome now
newest bear
newest bear - 14 hours ago
I can box better than him. When moving out.
sheircaun - 17 hours ago
1.8 Billion veiws WoW!!
Javier Calderon
Javier Calderon - 17 hours ago
Concept: Heavy Eyed Hitters- $60 2 hr smoke session then intro boxing class w Mike Tyson lol
j dub
j dub - 17 hours ago
Deontay wouldn't be able to land anything on Mike his defense was too good.
Johnny Roberts
Johnny Roberts - 19 hours ago
One of my favorite exchanges from this podcast:
Tom - “Wait, one other thing cuz I gotta run...”
Mike Tyson - “Where you goin’, man?”
Tom - “I gotta go meet the wife, man.”
Mike Tyson - “Oh yeah, that’ll do it to ya.”
Tom - “That’ll do it, um...”
justice 4 all
justice 4 all - 23 hours ago
11:30 is where i started dying
528 Freq
528 Freq - Day ago
Funny what guys make or call Famous. Fighting? Really? I don't get it. Kind of reminds me of what's wrong with the world today
Amber Soke
Amber Soke - Day ago
Everytime Mike says "Inconceivable".... all I think of is The Princess Bride!!!
john levendal
john levendal - Day ago
Really nice to see Mike so mellow and relaxed.
Bradford Sandlin
Bradford Sandlin - Day ago
Wow what a different so inspiring.
As Above So Below
As Above So Below - Day ago
This guy was the first man to cannibalize another man on international television!
Yet, still an icon to so many! Life is awesome.
Rod Gillanders
Rod Gillanders - Day ago
59 .00 timestsamp...ooooffft, a wee bit cringy..jus’ sayin....who are ya talkin about there JR...?
Rod Gillanders
Rod Gillanders - Day ago
Hmmmm....seems a bit like JR kinda wasted a great opportunity to listen to a humble world champ by bangin’ on about DMT etc.... from a former marihauna/ dmt /acid etc user... mike has been thru a lot,but worked hard for it all. Legend.
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron - Day ago
My peak crazy: in my underwear dry humping a pillow in my sleep. Mike Tyson peak crazy: in his underwear by his pool with a tiger on the chain.
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - Day ago
The term is called "Revisionist History" .
Hollywierd uses this all the time.
Andi Armstrong
Andi Armstrong - Day ago
52:08 Andi Armstrong 👊🏼
chat sheet get banged
Its funny how joe rogan tries to justify drugs being ok, mike is a dumbass too, yeah he is who is he and everyone loves him but if u think the stuff he talks about weed and doing some drugs is good then your a cocksucker. What makes tyson so stupid is the fact that he said he cant go a day without smoking weed if he doesnt he feels grumpy and moody, WELLL FUCKING HELL U DONT FEEL LIKE THAT BECAUSE U HAD A BAD DAY IN THE OFFICE YESTERDAY U FEEL LIKE THAT BECAUSE THE DRUGS ARE MAKING YOUR BODY REACT THAT WAY WHICH IS Y UR SUPPOSED TO STAY AWAY FROM IT NOT KEEP DOING IT, FUCKING DUMBASSES BOTH JOE AND MIKE. I love mike and joe but tryna justify doing drugs ona regular basis being good for u is a joke.
Arsh - Day ago
I love you Mike Tyson! At my gym when I hit the bag at night my trainers call me Tyson!
Ajax SlamGoody
Ajax SlamGoody - Day ago
That one guy...... your such an ass kisser....
J Mas
J Mas - 2 days ago
Tyson to me was like Michael Jordan. Growing up the to absolute great's no matter what was going on if Jordan was playing our Tyson was fighting that was it.
Jesse Costa
Jesse Costa - 2 days ago
I fucked my gf in high school before my baseball game.. I played like shit. Felt weak af
Ron Ackerman
Ron Ackerman - 2 days ago
Wife: Where are you?
Ron Ackerman
Ron Ackerman - 2 days ago
Anyone else want to see Mike get into the octagon? Pretty sure hed kill someone
Mortgage Financing
Mortgage Financing - 2 days ago
2 nut bars trying to figure out life....they need God
Jew Skates
Jew Skates - 2 days ago
Can you bring in micheal j white pleaseeeeeeeeeeee that dude is a genius I wanna know what goes through his head
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 2 days ago
Tyson is a genius. He is, not saying that to just say that.
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal - 2 days ago
Thank you Joe Rogan
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal - 2 days ago
Thank you Mike Tyson.
Supreme Sentinel
Supreme Sentinel - 2 days ago
He said it was like a vampire bit him 😭😂
Neil Blööm
Neil Blööm - 3 days ago
Mike 'i did acid when i was 11' Tyson.
Legend ✌🙏🤘
Blue Boy
Blue Boy - 3 days ago
You don't get it Rogan Does Mike himself need the hassle of the movie Fuck it let him do what he want to do People need to hear it blah blah blah
Jason Gillum
Jason Gillum - 3 days ago
mike "of course i know who larry hagman is" tyson
Johnny Almager
Johnny Almager - 3 days ago
Mike: you know how when your mom gave you Alcohol and marijuana when you're little.
Joe: That never happened to me lol
Arron Nash
Arron Nash - 3 days ago
He's right about social media, it is mostly pretty stupid. All about the ego and getting 'likes' etc. For the longest time I avoided it. But eventually I gave in, only to make it easier to get some pussy.
Sa yan
Sa yan - 3 days ago
Mike Tyson the type of guy to interview Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Podcast
Altered Beast
Altered Beast - 3 days ago
"Fear is like a fire. It can cook your supper or burn your house down"
Dr Wenix
Dr Wenix - Day ago
exactly bro
Xotwod Ricky
Xotwod Ricky - 3 days ago
pineal connects u too ur roots as in ur families past and its only a small part but the dmt stimulates it to the max and ... yea. thats how i look at it
MegaRussell20 - 4 days ago
Never had coffee while having my cup of coffee lol cmon!!!
Aurel F
Aurel F - 4 days ago
Thank you Mike to make boxing a great sport to watch and practice /you shurley desirve a first place in a hall of fame /clearly
Larry Luahiwa
Larry Luahiwa - 4 days ago
Love you Mike!!
Big Javi
Big Javi - 4 days ago
ItS aLL GooD!.!
NorCalGenetics - 5 days ago
MIKE: "I realized that it is what it is" That is the moment of accepting reality.
Cojack - 5 days ago
Joe: Justin Bieber has girls jumping out of parachutes throwing pu**y at him.
Tyson: Poor Justin
Junkmail Junk-mail
Junkmail Junk-mail - 5 days ago
Rainbow Harvest
Rainbow Harvest - 5 days ago
I've never drank coffee either.
BroncoBillieBeastie - 5 days ago
Cus D'Amato and Kevin Rooney were Mike Tyson's real trainers. They cared about him as well. When Tyson went with Don King, he had bad trainers and, also, "yes" men.
John Bonh
John Bonh - 3 days ago
BroncoBillieBeastie Thanks captain obvious
BroncoBillieBeastie - 5 days ago
When Mike Tyson went with Don King, it was the end for him. His lifestyle became self destructive and his skills regressed tremendously, also.
isaiah wiggins
isaiah wiggins - 5 days ago
It's so weird he doesn't like fighting
Will Maguire
Will Maguire - 5 days ago
Best podcast evvvver
Hg Tudor
Hg Tudor - 5 days ago
Do you have sex
dhru325 - 5 days ago
Coffee’s hell of a drug. So much so that Mike never did it. 😂
B.A. Barrakus
B.A. Barrakus - 5 days ago
19:40 Tyson Laughing at getting a cop fired hahahaha
Samir dzLuxI
Samir dzLuxI - 5 days ago
I think it's so, funny that, Mike used to be this beast, but he is wise and super funny! Like him a lot!
HecTic Edits
HecTic Edits - 5 days ago
I got a psychedelic ad LMAO
Duncan Munhuweyi
Duncan Munhuweyi - 6 days ago
Iron Mike the interviewer! kkkk
Ryan Evilwood
Ryan Evilwood - 6 days ago
The boxing career is the least interesting thing about Mike Tyson.
Ryan Evilwood
Ryan Evilwood - 11 hours ago
@Steve Madrid ??? Your reply just doesn't make sense in reference to what I said. Sorry, better luck next time. 💀💀💀
Steve Madrid
Steve Madrid - 12 hours ago
Wrong.It's the ONLY reason he's famous.
Josiah Carby
Josiah Carby - 6 days ago
Bro his laugh
Kenny Westone
Kenny Westone - 6 days ago
Mike, one of them guys who gains his brain with his age.
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