Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled

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mak su
mak su - 52 minutes ago
Sorry Gordan his looks better🤪
that one guy c
that one guy c - Hour ago
They better be careful they don't run into any spam gangs oooh
DontShowMyNameonYoutube - 5 hours ago
7:07 How can you end with an omelette when you screw up scrambled eggs? In my experience it normally goes the other way where scrambled eggs start as an omelette that got screwed up.
Phey Mabait
Phey Mabait - 6 hours ago
Tortang Spam
Dino S
Dino S - 8 hours ago
the tits gordon
lightning2kidlat - Day ago
When Gordon was slicing the last piece of Spam, he threw that last part. For me I throw it in my mouth. 😂
ami universe
ami universe - Day ago
I thought they were making spam musubi but they started to cut it
Aidan S
Aidan S - Day ago
He’s so intense and the other dude is just so happy to meet him
April Langdon
April Langdon - Day ago
Gordon your an artist! 🎨
Scott Beal
Scott Beal - Day ago
Central Illinois chanel catfishing catch and cook! Have seen many of chef Ramsey's amazing videos. Do not collect the thought of one that has catfish involved. Correct me if im wrong.
You like peanut butter cup in the eggs?
TheCorn OfMyFloor
TheCorn OfMyFloor - Day ago
The US Government ilegally overthrew their monarchy but the native Hawaiians are not terribly mad because they got SPAM as a trade/subsidary. Spam is powerful stuff.
Kyosuke Machii
Kyosuke Machii - Day ago
Imao you can see he's reaIIy traumatized with hot ones
vjoucher jepoy
vjoucher jepoy - Day ago
made me hungry.. but i already ate dinner.. much love from 🇵🇭 chef! 🔥🔥🔥
Im Beast
Im Beast - Day ago
I eat hotdogs without cooking it.
Finanziell Unabhängig
Finanziell Unabhängig - 2 days ago
7:01 Even Gordon spill something.
Where'sTheSauce? - 2 days ago
So basically his slam is a head cheese then.
dude - 2 days ago
2k down?
Miggy Z
Miggy Z - 2 days ago
Camera man doesn't know that it's the cooking that's the point of the shoot. Or is he just busy texting on his phone.
a1seus - 2 days ago
i'd grow some weed in the back. a good smoke after breakfast
Phey Mabait
Phey Mabait - 6 hours ago
Puff Puff Pass ✌
Harold G.
Harold G. - 2 days ago
“Butter in...”
“Butter in..”
“In with my eggs.....”
Auprah Lineses
Auprah Lineses - 3 days ago
jesus he's so gray
Blood and Honor
Blood and Honor - 3 days ago
Spam is trash
chizkarr93 chiznak
chizkarr93 chiznak - 3 days ago
1:37 , Gordon, what did you do...?!
Average_chickennugget - 3 days ago
*justin needs to get the fuck off his phone*
Nathan Wemple
Nathan Wemple - 3 days ago
Reported for spam
Flockdra - 3 days ago
This is a true chef. Using cheap ingredients and making it magnificent.
Benedicto Sanchez
Benedicto Sanchez - 3 days ago
Its a scrambled egg for Gods sake🤦
Dylan Zambrano
Dylan Zambrano - 3 days ago
Yes finally real Hawaiian cuisine
Easy Linux
Easy Linux - 3 days ago
I hope Gordon is paying Justin well since they were busting his balls while he was filming. lol
Jovannie Momo
Jovannie Momo - 3 days ago
1:36 gordon throwing spam.
Anor - 3 days ago
Why isn't it called "Spambled Eggs"?
Orlando Sam
Orlando Sam - 3 days ago
bro he touched gordan ramsey spam skillet
martin F
martin F - 3 days ago
My respects to you chef Ramsay. What a great man, always up for learning new things. Very humble....
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 3 days ago
This tastes like Spam !.
River Kelly
River Kelly - 4 days ago
Tee Moo
Tee Moo - 4 days ago
Why is the video quilty so low
Lirza - 4 days ago
Spambeled eggs?
Daniel Hearn
Daniel Hearn - 4 days ago
No one:
No one at all:

Gordon: hE mAdE hIs OwN sPaM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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