Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled

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MrBugatii12 - 10 hours ago
They bouta get stoney bologna after this video
ariana the queen
ariana the queen - 11 hours ago
what would happen if Gordon went on im a celeb get me out of here
Butch Dicus
Butch Dicus - 11 hours ago
Definitely a new way to look at SPAM and eggs. Saturday mornings just got better. Thanks Gordon.
Mally’s Mama
Mally’s Mama - 11 hours ago
Ilovesesshomaru sama
Ilovesesshomaru sama - 11 hours ago
Is it just me or is he always making scrambled eggs these days? The undefeated king of scrambled eggs
dbassir87 - 11 hours ago
This is how I cook when I’m camping! I love this!
Jackie Boy
Jackie Boy - 11 hours ago
Gordon....is on METH. Promise you
AKATSUKI - 11 hours ago
Well I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow.
AsarMentu - 11 hours ago
Spam is gross!
isinox - 11 hours ago
love spam :)
John Ahn
John Ahn - 11 hours ago
Wheres the LAMB SAUCE!
JKuda - 11 hours ago
UHHHHHHH I’m hungry lol
u Trip659
u Trip659 - 11 hours ago
Them flies are all over that spam
GrimyLaLa - 11 hours ago
I think that shit is shit
L - 12 hours ago
Littletini - 12 hours ago
Got a Gordon Ramsay ad on a Gordon Ramsay vid

Vernon682 - 12 hours ago
We dine well here in Camelot! We eat ham and jam and spam a lot!
Travis - 12 hours ago
Some kid in my pre algebra class brought a packet of spam for a snack.... it made the entire room smell 🤢
Natalia Banana
Natalia Banana - 12 hours ago
Poor Justin oof
nt109 - 12 hours ago
You look tired Gordon, take a break.
Katherine Krueger
Katherine Krueger - 12 hours ago
stresses me out how fast he runs through the whole cooking process. he doesn't take a second to breath
SongsAndMixes - 12 hours ago
3:27 Creeper
Alpha White Male
Alpha White Male - 12 hours ago
Gordon u getting fat on me? Better lose the spam...
EMT urtrashh
EMT urtrashh - 12 hours ago
They should call them SPAMbled eggs
icychill105 - 12 hours ago
imagine having the balls to be on tinder while filming for chef ramsey
Glenn Whittaker
Glenn Whittaker - 13 hours ago
I want to go buy SPAM & cook it on my George Foreman & add it to my microwave scrambled eggs! 😋👍🏻👍🏻
Max Sorono
Max Sorono - 13 hours ago
"Any tinder matches?"
Saddest no I've ever heard.
Rene C
Rene C - 13 hours ago
Where's Gordon's Hollywood 🌟?
jacobmarlow2 - 13 hours ago
There should have been a close up shot of the scrambled eggs. We could barely see the damn dish!!
Dontneedusername - 13 hours ago
Ramsey was sweating like shower time
dx McChubby
dx McChubby - 13 hours ago
Spambled eggs
Rory Carter
Rory Carter - 13 hours ago
The fact that he didn’t wisk the eggs first triggers me
A. K
A. K - 13 hours ago
Thought ramsay said not to season eggs before scrambling....🤔
Dean Fukawa
Dean Fukawa - 13 hours ago
Heritage pork and house made pate....sounds yummy. Glad Gordon got to experience the aloha and beauty of Hana. Sheldon, you da bomb brah!
Killing Time Box - funny and my dogs video channel
You look great even when you're old.
ShinyRayquaza9 - 13 hours ago
Gordon is so wholesome when he's not yelling at horrible chefs lol
Clifford Roffel
Clifford Roffel - 13 hours ago
Spam is GROSS DISGUSTING GARBAGE that's not fit for Human Consumption It is made up of the Offal / Fat/Skin / Snouts and Arses/ Internal organs and Entrails all the stuff that normally would be thrown away. What we Canadians call DOG FOOD.🐕🐩 But I tried to feed it to my DOGS 🐕🐩 and they would not eat it. if a DOG won't eat it why would any Human being aren't you smarter then a DOG🐕🐩 P.S. Bon Appetite Chef Ramsey👌😁
Geraldine Duncan
Geraldine Duncan - 14 hours ago
you need to slow your ass down Garden and pick black people when they're in your show contests
Newty Boy
Newty Boy - 14 hours ago
Spambled eggs.
Aiden Remshard
Aiden Remshard - 14 hours ago
Guy: Hash is actually legal here in Hawaii
Gordon: Is it really? I didn't know!
Guy: Yea it's legal here...well some of that later
Bonjo Maddison Wonne
Bonjo Maddison Wonne - 14 hours ago
Pacific islanders love spam
Luis luga
Luis luga - 14 hours ago
Fire transparency between two concepts...... Tuff.... Wat can u cook up wit spam???... 😂🤣😂😂
smoll potato
smoll potato - 14 hours ago
Gordon is a chef brought down from heaven!!
Jiang Boxb
Jiang Boxb - 14 hours ago
This was fun!
Jackie McCoy
Jackie McCoy - 14 hours ago
I’ve watched Gordon’s scrambled eggs video until I perfected it myself:). Made it for my husband who said that was the best he’s ever had❤️. Ty Chef!!!
Eternal Perspective
Eternal Perspective - 14 hours ago
@10:03 Kip is that you?😂
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera - 14 hours ago
Some of the cameras needed to be focused on Gordon and not the background.
Jiang Boxb
Jiang Boxb - 14 hours ago
Hey, shout out to Hot Ones by Ramsay! Good show Bruce!
Jason King
Jason King - 14 hours ago
Gordon - I am somewhat interested in your take on scrambled eggs. They look more runny than I was raised on. I sort of like mine cooked the point of a bit of solidness - but not scorched. Not a chef myself, but I do make some tasty food haha. Have you ever made scrambled eggs by first frying up some bell pepper? You should give that a go - I found an old lady on Youtube that makes depression food - it is a divine combo. You want to fry the peppers until they are browned a bit, and then add the egg over it. I like to also add some button mushroom, onion, and a bit of simple salsa. Season with salt, pepper, and paprika. Give it a go!
knut - 15 hours ago
Dear Ramsay Channel sound guy: mic the mouths, not the knives. KTHX!
Test Account
Test Account - 15 hours ago
"downloaded that" gordon you boomer, you dont download a youtube video
Yaemyam P.
Yaemyam P. - 15 hours ago
Dizzy with camera
sweetbabe - 15 hours ago
Why does Gordon always seem like he trying to get the video done asap?
Clifton Cheng
Clifton Cheng - 15 hours ago
It feels like this Hawaiian chef may have cooked a better dish than Gordon.
Intense Hides
Intense Hides - 15 hours ago
Hey youtube gordon is stealing my recipe can u help me report him for stealing it xD
Logan Adams
Logan Adams - 15 hours ago
Gordon's eggs looked under cooked
Andrea - 15 hours ago
Should be called Spambled Eggs
Peter Kim
Peter Kim - 15 hours ago
Sad, at the big island and wish was in maui
Create Front
Create Front - 15 hours ago
Anyone else get a Gordon Ramsay commercial before Ramsay himself?
Space Man
Space Man - 15 hours ago
👨‍🍳 Bucket list item ~ Eat one thing cooked by Gordon Ramsey 👨‍🍳
someoneonlylol - 15 hours ago
More interactions between gordon and his camermen plz
ksteng15 - 16 hours ago
De-glaze with fucking sea water 🤣
Jaz Beats
Jaz Beats - 16 hours ago
the double dip 8.58 shit that's good ahaha
Adam Young
Adam Young - 16 hours ago
Hey, shout out to Hot Ones by Ramsay! Good show Bruce!
Evan O'Donnell1996
Evan O'Donnell1996 - 16 hours ago
Spambled eggs
siftr tals
siftr tals - 16 hours ago
PROJECT FROGMAN - 16 hours ago
gordon ramsey confirmed stoner
Hr_ 021
Hr_ 021 - 16 hours ago
U forgot the tortillas
Sandra - 16 hours ago
I like my scrambled eggs better - that’s like egg puree or mashed eggs.
248034607 - 16 hours ago
Gorden come to Canada and you can show me how you'd dress a Kodiak.
chaoskill 26
chaoskill 26 - 16 hours ago
Was he using a metal spoon in a nonstick pan?
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy - 16 hours ago
I didn’t know Gordon Ramsey knew what spam was🤔 learn something new every day
Sandra - 16 hours ago
Camera work isn’t my favorite - very shaky
Adrian Corday
Adrian Corday - 16 hours ago
Ramsey cooking in the ground lol some ppl can't make Sunday morning eggs in a kitchen and he's out here with a dirt cooking pit, eggs and spam lol
chaoskill 26
chaoskill 26 - 16 hours ago
I've seen other videos from him where he says dont salt it until it is cooked cause it breaks it down
Orlando Wells
Orlando Wells - 16 hours ago
I wish Gordon Ramsay and that Hawaiian brother were locked up with me when I was in jail for nine months and they were cook trustees making that type of spam in jail I wouldn't have hated spam to this day "DAMM YOU GORDON RAMSAY"!!!😁👍
Aaron Woodard
Aaron Woodard - 16 hours ago
SPAM was a staple growing up poor as hell in the South during the 70's and 80's. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I realized that SPAM saved western civilization from Nazi control. Now Gordan Ramsay is cooking with it. My life has come full circle!
J1 LDN - 17 hours ago
Why is Ramsey always rushing
FoodNetWorld - 17 hours ago
YEAH, put some cannabis in the SPAM and
you get real Spam Hash.
Patrick Ptomey
Patrick Ptomey - 17 hours ago
Like if Sheldon’s plate was better than Gordon’s.
Shane Todd
Shane Todd - 17 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay, you should be asking yourself what could be going on Tinder today. You are in Hawaii cooking spam. LOL
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